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Vatican's Archbishop Burke, No Communion for Catholic Politicians who Support Abortion Comments

"A Catholic who publicly, and after admonition, supports pro-abortion legislation is not to receive Holy Communion and is not to be given Holy Communion." Continue Reading

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  1. Michael Kilgariff
    5 years ago

    "Niceness" is only a word. Kindness and humility are ancient words. Sadly they tend not to appear much in discourse amongst theologians.

  2. Fernando Anthony Villar
    5 years ago

    " Catholic " politicians and all
    Catholics that are pro-aborts, should be denied Holy Communion.

    I also blame the local Bishops for not speaking out loudly and often against abortion.

    54% of " catholics " voted for Obama although they knew that he is a pro-abort, I rest my case.

  3. Stephanie Zito
    5 years ago

    I fully agree with this article. "Fret not thyself because of the ungodly; neither be thou envious against evil doers. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and be withered even as the green herb.: Psalm 37:1-2 It just goes to show that only in Rome can we count on seeing things done properly. Unfortunately the American version of the Roman Catholic Church is not always consistent amongst "some" folks. Not only should politicians who support the very intrinsic evils of abortion, be denied the Holy Eucarist and excomunicated, but so should all those who voted for these politicians. When people stop taking God seriously, the consequences are extremely dark for eternity for those folks no matter who they are. Money and power won't buy anyone into the gates of heaven. "Oh let the wickedness of the ungodly come to an end; but guide thou the just" Psalm 7:9 I am tired and fed up with all those who choose spiritual blindness to justify their selfish agendas. Only God can help them when they start believing God is serious and supreme. "For thou art the God that hast no pleasure in wickedness; neither shall any evil dwell with thee. Such as be foolish shall not stand in thy sight; for thou hatest all them that work iniquity. Thou shalt destroy them that speak lies; the Lord will abhor both the bloodthirsty and deceitful man" Psalm 5:4-6

  4. Hopie
    5 years ago

    I heard today a New York City news program say that Nancy Pelosi is traveling to The Vatican to receive an award. Is this true? This is a woman that supports abortion in the U. S. and throughout the world. Nancy Pelosi should be denied Holy Communion, better yet she should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

  5. bob Jacobus
    5 years ago

    This article should be given to every diocese in the United States, so every Catholic knows that any politician who supports abortion is to be denied the privilege of receiving Holy Communion. Only through this article will the people realise that the Church is serious and its canon law is to be obeyed by everyone including our so called Catholic Politicians

  6. Catholicxvi
    5 years ago

    Reply to FuzzyR:

    A.) It does not matter whether you are a prochoice democrat or a prochoice republican, communion should be denied either way. That is what the bishop is saying.

    B.) There has not been a war that was declared to be totally unjust. We are told that we can determine whether or not the Iraq war is just or unjust. Also, capital punishment may be used during rare occasions, but it is hard to determine whether or not it is appropriate at all in the U.S. PJPII did not think so, but after watching some prison shows, I am not so sure.

    C.) There is some inconsistency between dioceses, but that is what the bishop is saying needs to be corrected.

    Both republicans, democrats, independents, etc. who are supporting these intrinsic should be refused immediately.


  7. hap
    5 years ago

    since pelosi is on her way to rome to visit the pope she should be denied Holy Communion publically, no excuses

  8. Chris
    5 years ago

    Canon Law 915 states that those who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion. That is what gives priest a right and duty to deny those who live in grave sin. As bad as being pro-choice is, some of these politicians have the gall to make fun of our doctrine, dismiss us as a bunch of archaic narrow-minded people and fund abortion rights groups to death while waving the first-amendment flag to dismiss our right for funding of pro-life causes. THEN, when a high-profile dignitary like the Pope shows up, with mountains of media around, these same politicians salivate, take front row at the church the Pope is saying mass at, and jump in to get communion knowing they will be filming it. And we are not supposed to say.Hey..where do you think you are going. If anything, the problem is not we're making too big a deal out of this but we have been way too complacent. Complacency has got us to the point of losing all our battles, half-empty churches, and Catholics who don't know hardly anything about the faith at all. Anyone with a genuine belief and love of the faith, will want whatever it takes to help their brothers and sisters, and those brothers and sisters who aren't catholic, to open their eyes to the Eucharist, to the Catholic Church and it's TRUTH, and maybe turn things around. I know I would be willing to get the message out, even if it is to enforce in people the great sanctity of the miracle of the Eucharist.

  9. John
    5 years ago

    I have to say that I think that this is an over-reaction to the problem. If people are receiving the Eucharist, that is between them and God. Now, personally I can live with God's justice to those who disgrace Him but the question is, can you? Naturally no one wants the host to go to anyone who shouldn't take it but I think its important to let God sort it out in the end. The only thing that can be done is to convince these people through speech and reason.

    Secondly, and I don't mean this to be disrespectful if it seems such. How much does complaining about pro-abortionist accomplish? Do you persuade them any? No. Frankly, I'm not pro-abortion but I don't think legislation can fix it.

  10. FuzzyR
    5 years ago

    The Church prohibits only pro-choice Democrats from receiving Communion. Republicans like Giuliani have never been denied the sacrament, even though many are pro-choice.

    Also, why is it that only divorced Catholics and Catholic politicians (Democrats) who are pro-choice are denied Communion, but not politicians who support capital punishment or an unjust war?

    It's fine for the Church to deny Communion to whomever, but there just seems to be some inconsistency.

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