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Guest Opinion: Fr. Jay Scott Newman in the Lion's Den Comments

As America descends further into decadence and decline, the lines will be drawn between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. Continue Reading

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  1. Bob
    6 years ago

    The idea that voting for Obama was sinful because Obama is pro-choice is preposterous. McCain is a supporter of the death penalty and is also a war hawk. These aren't pro-life characteristics.

    The woman who get's an abortion and the person who performs it are the sinners.

  2. Nola Leahy
    6 years ago

    I too am concerned and disheartened by those who call themselves Catholic, and yet do not accept the teachings of the Catholic Church. I would prefer a smaller church that continues to preach the truth with clarity and charity rather than have it watered down to satisfy a greater number of people. The Church was instituted by Christ - not by man. People need to remember that the Church is their means to salvation, not a means to an easy life on earth. There is no easy life on earth, I will pray for all Catholics that their hearts and minds be open to the beauty and truth of our Faith.

  3. Eddie Fong
    6 years ago

    God bless you Fr. Newman,

    I hope all priests stand for the Church as you did. In our Parish, we have a visiting priest who openly campaigned for Obama in his Homily. And the most scary part of him, he happen to be a director of a seminary in the Chicago area.

  4. Holly
    6 years ago

    I think he is right about the next 20 years. I think were lining up for the "2 camps" as Mother Angelica I believe said.
    The wheat and the chaff.
    The goats and the sheep.

    I hope we have the stamina to go after the one lost sheep for the 99. May God grant me patience for my brothers and sisters in these times.

    Love in Christ

  5. daniel anderson
    6 years ago

    Thank you for the article how do we justify our actions on judgment day?

  6. ERIK
    6 years ago

    Sadly I my community which prides itself on conservative Christian values I would have to say that the majority probably would support abortion . This is I feel something which the Church must take responsibility for. The Church is here to provide spiritual guidance and direction ,,not feminists or the State who have a different role As I have said and will continue to say ,until the Church instills, through love and kindness , the desire to obey the fist commandment then society will always be in error.Only true peace on earth will put mankind into harmony with God ,only then will we be acceptable to Him , this is the purpose and mission of the Church . Erik

    6 years ago

    Thank you father for keeping and explaining the Catholic faith to a fast detoriating world.

  8. Ellen
    6 years ago

    Father, I am glad to see this article. I sent along information to my family a few days before the election to let them know of Obama's stance on the Freedom of Choice Act, and I have to say I was suprised to get a similar response. Very few were in support of what I believed all Catholics should take to heart when it comes to a pro-life stance. I do hope the Catholic Church continues this fight and I pray for those priests who present the truth about those who lead our country. We always need more strong and outspoken leaders in our Church.

  9. Todd Aylard
    6 years ago

    Thank you for this brave article, Father. And thanks be to God for priests like Fr. Newman!

    It is so sad, how many in this country say they are Catholic, but think like the world thinks. I pray that God will give us all the grace to hear St. Paul, "Be not conformed to this world..." (Rom. 12:2).

  10. Bin
    6 years ago

    May GOD Be Praised By All, At All Times, Everywhere!

    Dear Father Dwight, I'd seen an episode of Journey Home when you were the guest, it was very enlightening.

    This predicament, has, as all predicaments, brought to the fore, more clearly, than ever, the understanding of Catholics, of their own Faith.

    Your classification of the responses you've received is very true, as is your assessment that in 20 yrs, there wouldn't be a non-Catholic 'Catholic', Catholics who prefer to remain non-Catholic by actions, but profess by words to be Catholic.

    That would be news for quite a few, including Madam Kennedy, who pronounced her own prediction, that in 40 yrs, there would be a woman pope, yeah sure! There would be a woman pope, not in the Catholic Church, rather in the Church of the fallen Catholics.

    Even inspite of the in-your-face evidence, of how media distorts the news, through their anti-Catholic lenses, people still choose to follow it.

    Media is something that, if people boycott it, it'll either get its acts straight or will shutdown completely.

    Is media, a necessary evil, I don't think so. Because media has played a very significant role in the decadence of the present day societies, by their portrayal (or should I say betrayal) of activities, that even a decade ago would have seemed to be consigned as morally reprehensible. Their support of such lifestyle has engendered the society with evils, that even permit such atrocities as abortion, as a right!

    Such a media is not worth the time we spend on it. It certainly isn't doing any good, and more importantly is helping distort societal values and thus destabilizing the society itself.

    I firmly believe that it is time that Catholics completely boycott media, till the time that they learn their lesson or till alternative Catholic Mainstream Media arises. The time is ripe for such an action. EWTN has done immeasurable good (it had weaned me from the slavery to movies), and continues to do so. But we need to have a mainstream media, that is not Anti-Catholic, but shows how Catholic a basic society is and how unCatholic societies have come to be.

    A very good comparison, indeed, is looking at the societies that are only a couple of decades apart.

    The effects of contraception are so evident, let us highlight the same.

    Let us not let down, its time for the offensive. Its time for the Catholic Mainstream Media Channels. May GOD, WHO raised up EWTN, from nothing, also raise up a Catholic Mainstream Media Channel, that would serve HIS people and also the society at large and thus help them to grow closer to HIM.

    We are called as Children of GOD, nothing less and we cannot give or become anything less.

    Let our actions reflect our status as Children of GOD.

    Lastly, I congratulate you and dear Fr. Newman, may GOD continue to bless you (for when we are weak, HE is strong) in your daily witness, that is often (even at times intentionally) distorted, reviled, rejected.

    GOD will strengthen you. Even if a thousand were to fall at my side, ten thousand at my right side, I will not fear, for GOD is with me (Ps. 91).

    GOD Bless!

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