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'Jesus is a homo' Homosexuals Disrupt Church Service Comments

Using megaphones for amplification they shouted epithets at those entering the service such as “Jesus is a homo”. They also mockingly carried an upside down pink cross. Continue Reading

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  1. Sanford
    6 years ago

    Unfortunately, the time is coming when the tables will be turned. Prop 8 in California barely passed and I believe it won't be long before the scale tips towards the other side. As a country we have been very blessed and have enjoyed an amazing number of centuries of freedom of religion. Those days are beginning to disappear I am afraid and what we are witnessing is the beginning of the persecution of The Church in America.

    The gay community in this country has become very bold and I have seen a lot of anger from them in their demonstrations out here. Luckily this has not helped their cause asking for tolerance.

    Do as this article says at the bottom and write to the Attorney General Mike Cox. I did.

    And if you believe in keeping marriage between a man and a woman only, join at

    God Bless.

  2. Russ
    6 years ago

    Jesus is a "homo?" And here I thought he was married to Mary Magdalene all those years. And imagine this: What would have been the response by Muslims had this been done in a mosque? Look, folks, we need a lot of prayer and courage. As the prayer goes, "For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world."

  3. Kateri
    6 years ago

    The action being taken on behalf of this cause is wrong. Much of the activity being condoned is directing hate against religious people. This is evidence of religious hate. All Christians must now take action on any incident of hate. I think they are a hate group. Here is their site.

    Its a hate group attempting to use intimidation. I don't understand why there have not been any arrests. We need to stop this now.

    Elderly people in our churches should not have to be afraid during this attack against God.

    Holy Mary, grant us wisdom during this time.

  4. BIG D
    6 years ago

    I would say the gay community is far more tempted to irreligion than anyone; in the way the media has presented the world to us since childhood, any lack of parental guidance in the least can mean a sever disruption in faith, especially with all the negative encouragement that awaits to trap them. I know almost a dozen good gay Catholics, and if they sin in sexual acts, it is just as I am a sinner in anger. I think it is wrong to resent anyone for his or her sins, as we can be called equally guilty ourselves. However it is a shame such a large part of the community has been talked into feeling "oppressed" by religion. It's a sort of 'feel good' group belonging that ultimately does way less good than it seems at the time of excitement. This 'Bash Back' is ridiculous, and should be prayed for for enlightenment.

  5. rick
    6 years ago

    Commenters, These are abominations. Read the article. They basically broke into a church and defiled it. "Urban Fascism" isn't just a catchy phrase, it is what these "well-meaning" people are going to be putting into your church, your children's schools, your workplaces...

  6. Vince
    6 years ago

    It seems to me that the Gay Movement is more often than not less about gay rights and more about a radical agenda to destroy religious freedom in America. The goal, for many of the gay activists, is to paint God fearing Christians as anti-civil rights bigots and ultimately-- as criminals for violating the civil rights of gays by not supporting gay marriage, gay couple adoption, et cetera.

    Take a look at what is happening in CA. The gays are taking to the streets with a great deal of anger that often erupts into violence against those who successfully supported Prop 8.

    By no means, not all gays are radicals trying to force their private sexual orientation on others --- but there is a growing radical gay movement that poses a very real and effective legal threat to religious freedom in America.

    But gays aren't doing themselves any favors with the antics of groups like Bash Back. It will set their agenda back when ordinary Church going Americans, many of whom might be on the fence regarding Gay Marriage, are terrorized by gun toting Pink wearing radicals shouting blasphemous hate slogans in the sanctity of their local house of God, surrounded by dear friends and family -- and their young children.

  7. Mo
    6 years ago

    Unbelievable. And yet how much attention does this get? I've heard nothing until I searched online.

  8. Connie
    6 years ago

    "The are still humans, and still deserve the love of our church and of God. I can only imagine God's saddnes if we make homosexuals into modern lepers.

    TO JARED LEE...yes they are, but what about those who are members of that church? They did not deserve the guns going off in their parish, the vandalizing of their church and the taking over of their church because of those who feel they are soooo mistreated. Bill Donohue was right, this would have been all over the media if it was reversed. People are getting tired of having homosexuality and transvestism crammed down their throats. These people don't have to attend this church and should stay away. If people don't like what is being said in their church....LEAVE IT

  9. Francis Obiajulu
    6 years ago

    It's very sad to hear children of God, Children of God insulting his beloved son..Jesus Christ. When I read the article, all i could say was, Lord, Please forgive them for they know not what they do. Two wrongs never make a right, if these gay community feels threatened by Mt. Hope, a more friendly and decent approach could have been adopted. Any member of the group involved in any violent confrontation should be disciplined by the Law of course. We live in a civilized country. I just pray people of tempered minds and hearts can be involved in this matter so as not to escalate it to another level.

  10. Holly
    6 years ago

    I dont know if people are aware of this but Freedom isnt just doing what you want to it doing what you ought to do.

    We support Courage Apostolate and I thing people should go there with an open mind and check it out. This is what Jesus would want me to do.

    Im sure the people who did this like Father Harvey and the late Cardinal O'Connor who supported this work have and had worked very hard for this and I think we all should support it and Exodus. They must have been a little prophetic because obviously its needed now.

    No one is making anyone lepers.
    No one is hurting anyone and if they are it is we hope it is isolated incidents. Everyone should be PEACEFULLY stating their cases whatever they are. Oh yes correction go and click Courage Aposotlate because maybe a different website. Sorry folks.

    On another note how are we treating anyone without compassion if we have the Courage Apostolate?

    I think there is a Exodus Apostolate as well.

    God Bless everyone and PEACE.

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