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Opinion: Bishop Martino is Right, ‘This is Madness People’ Comments

Bishop Martino understands that he is a Moral teacher of the faithful. He is called by virtue of his consecration to the Office of Bishop to protect the faithful from errant teaching. Continue Reading

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  1. ConcernedCatholic
    6 years ago

    No bishop or priest should be preaching politics from the pulpit, as Bishop Martino and others have done.
    It is a privilege in this country to have our churches receive tax-exempt status; we should not abuse that.

  2. Frank C
    6 years ago

    I sincerely believe that the Age of Grace is coming to a close and the Age Of Judgment has begun. That's not to say salvation is no longer available. But I believe God has a timetable and time has about run out of His tolerance of greed, lust and especially the government sanctioned murder of His creation. He is beginning to shake the earth and all that can fall will fall. Christians supporting political abortionists? A slippery slope to Hell. It should be screamed from the house tops!

  3. Lee Ann
    6 years ago

    I am so saddended by the fact that people just really don't understand the impact that it is going to have to have a pro-abortion candidate as president. I am shocked that ANYONE would think that the state of the economy is a bigger issue. go to and read the impact a pro-life president can have.

  4. Neil Miller
    6 years ago

    Abortion is the greatest evil of this day. It is the obligation of the Church to defend the innocent especially the unborn. This means we must be engaged in the political battle. If we read the stand of each candidate on abortion, it is very clear which candidate should be supported by Catholics! If we go further doesn't our constitution declare that all people have the right for life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness? Then why not the unborn? The Catholic Church only believes the same thing our Constitution declares! The Church and the government needs to protect the innocent and work for justice!

  5. Teresa
    6 years ago

    Is anyone else tired of having to tiptoe around this issue at church because of tax exempt issues? I wish the Church could just render unto Caesar what is Cesar's so that we can freely offer up to God what is rightfully His!

  6. Teresa
    6 years ago

    If Obama gets elected we still have the moral obligation to try to change his heart. If McCain gets elected we have a moral obligation to press him on issues that will help women keep their babies or make it easier to give them up for adoption. Our work will not be complete at the end of election day.

  7. Bill Sr.
    6 years ago

    In all my years as a Catholic (some 60 now) I understood that our first source of instruction regarding church teaching comes to us through our local pastor. And that his authority came from the area bishop who answers to the Pope. I’ve never heard of any change to that line of command. So when Bishop Martino sent out his letter to be read at all masses this was official “instruction” from the universal church for that diocese. Any further discussion of the issue was of no value except to clarify or promote the message. Conferences of bishops are usually to “discuss” and/or bring forth discussion on a variety of issues pertinent to the faith. The reports coming out of those sessions do not carry a papal seal as some may assume.

    The wildly avid supporter of Barack Obama, Doug Kmiec, even if we assume he is a doctor of dogma, should know this also is a “timeless teaching” of the church.

    When groups like Planned Parenthood who comes out from behind the curtain of conscience often to expound their curriculum of “education” for women regarding birth control they unconsciously refer to an unplanned pregnancy as a “crisis”. If this “patient” came in with a simple bone facture, bloody nose, chest cold, bee sting, or even trauma as a result of an auto accident it would hardly ever be considered a “crisis”. So what is it about a pregnancy that makes it a crisis?

    Simply said it’s because of the potential consequences of this kind of an “accident”. They know without saying it that there’s someone in addition to the patient involved here and needs to be considered in any treatment decision. That’s what! Unfortunately the other person has no ability to speak for themself and that is why the patient and PP have an unwelcome “crisis” on their hands. Of course, with Obama’s help and sparkling rhetoric, Doug and other Catholics who wish to avoid being called racist and/or consider that “other person” an infection of sorts, this whole thing boils down to a sort of catholic compassion comparable to confession of sin.

    Well, how many times should we allow a habitual murderer named Roe V. Wade the benefit of confession?

    A million abortions a year in the U.S. alone and Obama is not about to curtail any of it.

    Need we say more?

  8. Wes Lisitza
    6 years ago

    Remember, my brothers and sisters, that the devil's only strengths are doubt and fear. Do not lose faith in God, even if Obama becomes the president of the US. Donate to those institutions that work towards the ruin of the Culture of Death, and write it off in your taxes at the end of the year (that's two things that could bring you piece of mind). It is a shame that Doug Kmiec, and so many others, would choose to stand with one so blatantly Pro-Abortion. I recently read about the number of suicides rising in middle-aged women and teenage girls, and I instantly think of the psychological effects that unwanted and forced abortions can do to the mind.

    The Church that my fiancee has us going to (she's converting from the Baptist church of her own accord) is one with the most unforgivably Catholic mind set that I can know. It is beautiful to hear the voices of people petitioning for prayers of the unborn, the would-be parents of those unborn, and the executioners of the unborn, as it bears testament that beyond the protesters outside of the chancery (I live in Arlington, TX; a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth) there are those who know the faith, who practice the faith, and are willing to defend the faith. Let us not let Satan win the fight to divide us, either. Pray for the Catholics who have succumbed to the madness themselves, and let's pray that between the elections, the Church will be united in voice and actions, better informed, and better prepared.

  9. G.G.
    6 years ago

    My dear beloved Mother, who is in Heaven, had 12 children. 11 of us survived. It is too sad to imagine my life without my brothers and sisters. I thank God that she taught us that a child is born and put on this Earth because that is God's will. When a child is aborted it is Satan at work with our peoples madness. Thank you so much for posting this Deacon Fournier. I pray that my fellow Christian {Catholic} brothers and sisters will not vote for the candidate that supports abortion at any stage.I also praise God for Bishop Martino's courage and spiritual wisdom. More of our clergy should show the same courage and wisdom. We need more Bishops and Archbishops to speak out the truth that we Catholics were taught. If they do, more Catholics will listen and vote for the right candidate.

  10. Rev Fr John Trigilio, Jr, PhD
    6 years ago

    DEO GRATIAS for Bishop Martino. His bold and courageous words and actions are what a real shepherd does when his flock is in peril. The wolves of abortion are threatening the lives of unborn AND the salvation of voters and politicians alike. Better to risk rebuke, ridicule and worse than become a material cooperator in evil by not doing enough to stop this massacre. God has blessed the Church with phenomenal popes like JP2 and B16 and here in the US we have defenders of the faith in the likes of Chaput, Burke, Martino, et al.

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