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Opinion: Robert P. George on 'Obama's Abortion Extremism' Comments

Sen.Obama's views on life issues ranging from abortion to embryonic stem cell research mark him as not merely a pro-choice politician, but rather as the most extreme pro-abortion candidate to have ever run on a major party ticket. Continue Reading

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  1. ahem
    6 years ago

    You're most certainly NOT a 'Concerned catholic'; you're one of those lousy astroturf obamabots sent out by Axelrod.

  2. M.
    6 years ago

    You article was good. Keep writing.

    Some say that religion and politics don't mix, but it does because the issue is treading too far, on our right to religious freedom, on our right to believe and practice the Catholic faith that Jesus founded, that the 5th Commandment specifically says that we must not kill. Requiring us to pay tax dollars to fund abortions, which is against our beliefs, is a direct violation of our freedom of religion, something that I thought we were all guaranteed under the constitution. I sure don't any of my dollars funding killing an innocent baby.

  3. ConcernedCatholic
    6 years ago

    Although I think it is certainly fair to criticize Obama for the way he has staunchly supported abortion rights, in other areas involving "respect for the sanctity of human life" he fares much better than our current leader and also his current campaign opponent.

    Obama has consistently opposed the death penalty, as have Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict, and he has staunchly opposed the war, which we were led into after our administration bore false witness to the American people about the rationale for it. Think about how many good and decent human beings have died as a result of this senseless war.

    So, why is it then, that voting records on these two other areas that involve the "respect for life" tend to be ignored by the more conservative members of the Catholic Church and Catholic media in general? Shouldn't we be consistent in our "pro-life" positions? Please help me understand this.

  4. Connie
    6 years ago

    Is Robert P. George a Republican ?

  5. CatholicFirst
    6 years ago

    Michael,you said; "Christ was kind. Christ was loving."

    Our Lord also said "See that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven."

  6. CatholicFirst
    6 years ago

    Max, you are probably right, an Obama election means the slaughter will continue for a generation, a good chance for my lifetime. I do feel the exhaustion and the frustration of twice coming so close and facing possibly failure again. It happened in 92 (I was younger then!)

    It amazes me how people can equate the insensitivity and even incompetence of Republicans with direct attacks on innocent human life. I am convinced that Obama is a bad man. His base in the primaries represented the far left of the Democratic Party, the people who stole my party in 1972. They were “selected” not “elected.” They are rabidly anti-Catholic, communists and look down working class values which is why the presidency has escaped them until a gifted candidate with a calculatedly thin resume came along. AFL-CIO chair George Meany called them out in 72. It is no coincidence that labor has suffered since the left assumed control of the party.

    In the end we are not called to be successful, but faithful, being Irish helps. We’ll keep fighting. And remember we are the ones having the kids!

  7. James
    6 years ago

    Michail---You are right Obama doesn't torture---He kills---He kills new born babies that may have survived an abortion!

  8. J. Bob
    6 years ago

    While there may be some disagreement about the current executive administration policies, they are not without precedent. In the abuse of executive power, one can look at the internment of US citizens, of Japanese descent, in WW2. How about WW2 letters censored, so they looked like a piece of cheese? One can make a stronger case for Judicial abuse of power in Judges making laws from the bench. The making of laws is supposed to be by the publicly elected legislative branch.

    As far as a pre-emptive war goes, a interesting note from the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner. Martti Ahtisaari, who watched Saddam Hussein’s close up, defended the U. S. invasion. He noted “Since I know that about a million people have been killed by the government of Iraq. I do not need to know much of those weapons of mass destruction” The best indication of Iraqi and US casualties is about 57,000. About 18 months of Saddam’s rule. If you go by body count, that is justification enough.

    One talks about torture, but what is it? How far does a country go to get information that will save the lives of it citizens? The interrogation methods used by this country are very mild compared to other countries in the world. Look at John McCann, where he was exposed to pain not for information, but to get him to embarrass the U.S. Perhaps one can provide a definition as to what torture is, before just tossing it out.

    And yes Jesus is kind and loving, but He is also just. Justice also demands satisfaction for wrongs committed, as Jesus stated “I was hungry and you gave me nothing”… “now depart from Me, You accursed.”

  9. Joseph Feiten, CPA, MBA
    6 years ago

    In short, Princeton Law Professor Robert George is warning us that Senator Obama is truly evil and unfit to be President of the United States.

  10. Michael
    6 years ago

    Christ was kind. Christ was loving. Frankly what matters about the party in power is it's view on human dignity, freedom, and division of wealth. Why the last? Because those who have it use it to enslave those who do not. I hope we all remember this when we vote, for much rides on the outcome. No candidate will pass all our personal tests. The question is, which is most like us? I hope the people don't cut off their noses to spite their faces. I will surely vote for Obama because the alternate party has proven itself to be the party of the devil. Obama does not torture (admittedly neither would McCain, but his party would, and the man is a tool of his party, as we all are.

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