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Opinion: Robert P. George on 'Obama's Abortion Extremism' Comments

Sen.Obama's views on life issues ranging from abortion to embryonic stem cell research mark him as not merely a pro-choice politician, but rather as the most extreme pro-abortion candidate to have ever run on a major party ticket. Continue Reading

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  1. RooForLife
    6 years ago

    Too bad for this writer. Many Catholics are coming to the conclusion that from a legal standpoint, the abortion war has been lost. Irretrievably.

    See this piece:

    With Obama set to crush McCain, and several Supreme Court judges set to retire, Roe v. Wade will never have a chance of being changed, much less overthrown.

    And the young people in this country are overwhelmingly pro-choice. (Continue to delude yourselves on that point if you wish.)

    But this issue is not about "life." It's about the social hegemony that you have lost, and will never get back.

    Newsweek DOES NOT speak for Catholics and there are alot of prolife people out there! Just because you say it is, does NOT make it so!

  2. KHanley
    6 years ago

    The abortion war is far from over. Unnoticed by most people and media, there is a small but steadily increasing number of Catholics who are starting to understand the lies and deception of contraception that create the support structure for abortion. Millions of Catholics have come to believe that contraception is necessary and prudent, otherwise the only other option is to end up with lots of unwanted children. Advancements in a scientific understanding of fertility have equipped many Catholic families with tools to postpone or welcome a pregnancy. Couples using these tools discuss every month whether to cooperate with God in bringing in a new life to this world. These tools have turned hearts and minds back to God and created a wonder and awe at the enormous love God has for us. Once more Catholics open their hearts to the truth, it will become more easy to dismantle the social structures of sin that now support abortion. All the Catholics in the US will more clearly understand what they can do each and every day to ensure that every human life is welcomed. At that point, I don't think this country would ever be able to stomach another liberal pro-abortion candidate or be willing to tolerate the weak actions of a "pro-life" candidate ever again. You want to see abortion gone forever? Call up your local diocese and ask for information on natural methods of birth control. Spread that wonderful news to others and you will see the most amazing transformation in our society!

  3. Jared
    6 years ago

    What choice are the unborn going to get?

  4. John W. Felter
    6 years ago

    I believe that the defeat of Sen Obama and Sen. Biden are crucial for America. It will be difficult because of the subtle and smooth Socratic method that he uses to convince millions that he will lead. Our freedoms will gradually erode including the most important freedom of life which will start with a baby's inocent life. We need to pray for his defeat

  5. Adrienne
    6 years ago

    With over 30 years of abortion on demand, we now have an exponentially greater number of women and families personally invested in the decision to abort a child. The guilt is now exponentially great. Their hearts are hardened. Unless people begin to feel remorse for the decisions they've made to abort an innocent life, what's to stop the continued genocide? Pray that God would be merciful and change hearts.

  6. what??
    6 years ago

    you lost me at "Bush Did his homework" about invading Iraq...obviously you're in a dream world about what happened...even his own people have come out about how he lied, how he coerced others to lie and how his first response to 9/11 was 'how can we get Iraq involved' the Frontline Special on it, hell, watch ANY documentary on what really happened....or, keep telling yourself it's all about Partiotism, Terrorism, Fear and Moral Values....same old song and dance to make sure the mindless Christians follow....

    Good luck, too bad the cold war ended, you would probably love to hate/fear Russia as well...or maybe you still do?

    btw...there are a ton of countries who 'mass murder'....stop pretending like we are doing this for 'moral reasons' otherwise, as yourself why we never helped in Darfur or Sudan...oh wait, they don't have oil and didn't embarrass Daddy Bush....that's right.

  7. KeepTheFaith
    6 years ago

    For those individuals who continue to condemn Bush in his fight to combat the Radical Islamics that are trying to not only destroy America but the world, I will pray for you. What most of us in this world want is peace and love -- isn't love the most used word by Jesus. Bush did all of his homework when making the decision whether or not to invade Iraq and Congress was given all of the documentation to review and make their decision which they decided was to give Bush the 'green light' to invade Iraq. This was not a decision that he took lightly and here is a man who prays to Jesus for strength in making such a decision. The Bush haters are just fools when they continue to harbor such hatred in their hearts. After all where is your outrage with the human rights violations that Sadaam Hussein was known for and has been factual accounted by the Documental Centre for Human Rights in Iraq in that Sadaam Hussein ordered over 600,000 civilian executions in Iraq. Human Rights Watch reports that in one operation alone,Saddam killed 100,000 Kurdish Iraqis. I guess you only voice such opposition when it is convenient for you not as a matter of principal. So, if you were President and your country was attacked by Islamic extremists and although Osama Bin Laden took responsibility for this action and you were fighting to locate and capture Bin Laden from Afghanistan but there also existed in the region another mass murderer who didn’t hesitate to kill his own people and wanted to see the destruction of Israel and America and world intelligence was informing you that that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and the capability to launch such weapons and he refused to cooperate with the United Nations, refused to sit down and have any dialogue as he was an egotistical dictator what would you have done as President. Continue to utilize the United Nations to launch such dialogue, utilize European allies or Middle Eastern allies for their assistance or be pro-active and realize that this just could not be tolerated and an ultimatum must be given to this individual. What did that individual do, laugh at the threat, continue to stonewall everyone as to what his country was really doing in trying to perfect development of weapons of mass destruction and the murdering of anyone in their country who disagreed with any of the Husseins. Not until President Bush decided that enough was enough and that he was not going to be a sitting duck waiting for that destructive weapon to hit the United States and its citizens. A very passionate man looked deep within his heart and with his advisors and the approval of the US Congress decided that Saddam Hussein needed to be brought to world justice. Would it be a long hard struggle? Yes, it would be. Has it been successful? Yes, finally the Iraqi people are rising above the dictatorship that once frightened them into complacency but it has not been without the sacrifice of many brave Americans (over 4,000) and Iraqi people who gave their lives for all of us and that many of us continue to keep in our prayers with great thankfulness for giving the ultimate sacrifice, their life, for their neighbor and their country.

    I'm really disgusted with what I am hearing from individuals especially with those who say that 'the right to life' argument is lost and we should just forget about it. I don't know about you but Jesus doesn't think like that -- nothing is ever lost -- we can make a difference in this world by teaching our children moral principles; what is morally right and what is morally wrong, not the 'anything goes' views of some. If you truly have been listening to Senator Obama I do hope that you have been hearing what the country will look like when Obama is President – abortion rights for all without parental notification if they are below a certain age and termination of a fetus up until its birth, government control of what health insurance you may have, energy and how much you can and cannot use, education and who should go to what colleges, and finances as to who is entitled to buy a home and who should just be happy with what they have in other words individuals will have almost no control – the government and Obama’s team will make all such decisions for us.

    The fight for presidency is not over as many of you would have us believe -- it is not over until the last vote is counted or in this case until the electoral majority is reached. I will continue to pray to God our Father, Jesus his Son, Our Blessed Mother, and all the angels and saints for their help in this battle and whatever is decided by the American people, I will live by their decision and continue to pray that God will protect us from so many of the unconscionable wrongs that I believe the Obama presidency will bring to the United States of America.

  8. RightlySo-toConcerned Catholic
    6 years ago

    How many lives were saved by us taking out Saddam? It's a fact that he had executed millions of Iraqis. What was our administration's "false witness"?
    Think of how how many good and decent human beings would have died as a result of NOT involving ourselves in "this senseless war". Far more lives are lost to abortion than will EVER be lost in this war. In regard to the death penalty - Obama campaigned for a week with Odinga in Kenya who promised Sharia law if elected and when he lost the election, supporters slaughtered hundreds if not thousands of Christians. Sounds to me like the death penalty is fine as long as it's Christians.

  9. Steve
    6 years ago

    To read an article that takes three pages to paint your vote for Obama as a vote of sin is laughable. Electing George Bush has caused more innocent lives being terminated. How many lives have been killed because the "Pro-Life" candidate was chosen in the last two elections?

  10. CatholicFirst
    6 years ago

    ConcernedCatholic, Obama is not against the death penalty, he is not against the Afghanistan War and his premature retreat in Iraq may result in the same situation that killed half the population of Cambodia.

    If you have proof that the administration bore false witness ( not screwed up with the rest of Congress ) I'd like to hear it, it could make a difference (I'd write somebody in).

    In the end the war is not senseless. Saddam was a animal and we are all better off without him. It does however fail the just war test and I was against it from the get go. However, I think we should leave in the most responsible way possible.

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