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Opinion: Robert P. George on 'Obama's Abortion Extremism' Comments

Sen.Obama's views on life issues ranging from abortion to embryonic stem cell research mark him as not merely a pro-choice politician, but rather as the most extreme pro-abortion candidate to have ever run on a major party ticket. Continue Reading

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  1. Mike DJ
    6 years ago

    Obama can't be trusted to be sincerely moral in his decision-making process. Thus, he is not fit to even be in the Senate. He's world view is simply one I'm not comfortable with. Obama is a snake-oil salesman and millions are being duped.

  2. CatholicFirst
    6 years ago

    um, not really: (Is that Swedish?) Anyway it is obvious you do not agree with the Church teaching on abortion that human life is sacred and begins at conception. I do and will continue to fight for the rights of children.

    Tom, you said, "Sarah Palin who by the way is far from being fit to even run for senate." Palin is every bit as qualified or even more so than Obama. Is there a little sexism here?

    Reggie, you said, "Bush in 2004 and nothing has been done." How about Roberts and Alito. One more pro-life Justice and we will be on our way. How about the Mexico City policy? How about the partial birth abortion ban act?

  3. Eric
    6 years ago

    Over a million abortions every year, people; over a million innocent people dead. I'm sorry, but I think issues like the economy and even the war are incredibly small in light of this. The fact that abortion seems like "one issue among many" is just a further sign of your blindness - can you not see the gravity of the evil going on here?

  4. 6 years ago

    There is only one issue when life is on the pendulum; be it the life of a person at war, or the life of an unborn child, who is the absolutely most defenseless being on earth, who cannot even be protected against his or her own mother. I do not want to see my fellow Americans being slain and it is in our hands to stop it, just like we abolished slavery and we beat Hitler and his demonic practices. If Bush hasn't done anything, it's not my problem, but it is definitely my problem when it comes to choosing a candidate who is openly pro-abortion than one that is not. I do not want to stain my hands with innocent blood, no matter how bad the economy is. We cant forget Hitler was elected democratically because the economy wasn't going well blaming the fault on the Jews. His fellow Germans and the world witnessed some of the greatest atrocities of the XX century. What are we doing to end this new genocide and atrocity of our times of abortion? Why are we annihilating our future generations?

  5. David Houston
    6 years ago

    In the third presidential debate Senator Obama made the claim that he would ban Partial Birth abortions if protection was given with regards to the health of the mother. This is an empty argument since the baby is killed after it has been 90% delivered and only its head is still in the womb. The mother's health is not in jeopardy for that last second it takes to deliver the baby. He is just being dishonest. Take a look at this video which goes into detail of the procedure.

  6. Tom
    6 years ago

    Through partial birth is wrong it is one persons right to get an abortion and religion in this way should not interfere with the United States Government. We already have enough problems that need reform and the only one that will do this is Barack Obama Not John McCain and that Sarah Palin who by the way is far from being fit to even run for senate.

  7. Michael Lindow
    6 years ago

    Nobama! Favoring partial birth abortion and not siding with the unborn living child----No to Obama.

  8. Reggie
    6 years ago

    Still Catholic and voting for Obama. I find it amazing the lenght to which pro-life people will go to dispell a candidate using inferences and inuendo. COme on people and wake up. We voted for Bush in 2004 and nothing has been done. THe rublican party wants you to be one- issue people in an American Election and they have acomplished that among Catholic voters.

  9. um, not really....
    6 years ago

    Um, actually, if you look at McCain's record, it is very FAR from being firmly anti-abortion. Actually, he not only voted for Stem Cell Research, he also voted for abortion with circumstances, which in his views included rape, incest, mothers life in danger to name oddly, those are the same three Obama says are why we need to keep from it becoming an all or nothing issue. There are too many circumstances, much like murders, to make it an all or nothing...and both candidates are smart enough to see that.

    But really, the most amazing and confusing part is that the Right Wing will stand for things like:

    Smaller Government
    Hands off my Gun

    Yet, when it comes to abortion, they want Bigger Government and Hands on my body....

    And I assume you probably are very against Communism right? Guess what the Chinese are? Communists? Right?...guess what they do...they FORCE women to have abortions....that's right....because they have been given the POWER over a womans body....

    how does this relate? Ask yourself this...maybe all of us Lefties aren't fighting to keep abortion legal, maybe we understand that when you give the government POWER over your body....its not just power that you think is's power without we're not saying PRO choice because we want abortions, nobody wants abortions....we're saying YOU CAN'T give the government that kind of power, because one day 'my friend' it may swing the other way...and a government that enforces abortions...well, seems like then you'd be crying GOVERNMENT TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF MY BODY...sound familiar?

    It's the same argument with Gay CANNOT single out a specific group and change the constitution to uphold YOUR beliefs...if we did that, we'd be having to undo laws against forced segragation, interracial marriage, women voting...just to name a few....things that were also based on fear, hatred and ignorance.

    Keeping the government out of the way we live is not only good for the people you disagree with, it's also a safe guard for you as well.

    If you really want the government to decide these things...just think of how scared you will be when a President that you don't agree with, a pro choice, gun hating liberal, gets into office....are you going to hand over your gun and your pregnant daughter just because its the 'law'? ...or are you going to stand up and say...get's your hands off of my gun, off my daughter and out of my life?

    That's what we're talking about. Bring God into this all you want. Call it a moral issue...but at the end of the day, no government official is going to give a crap about what you believe, not only because you aren't in their voting district, but you're not even their religion...which brings up even more scary things to think about...we've only had one Catholic President, ever, so the Catholic 'agenda' may never be realized.

    Keep the Catholic agenda in the church and in your home....keep your nose out of every elses homes and churches...and most importantly, remember that Jesus preached to LOVE your neighbor, not bully them into your beliefs....for EVERY religion believes they are THE TRUE RELIGION, but they can't ALL be the one true religion...which means you're right or you're wrong....funny thing is, it doesn't make you any closer to being right by stating you have GOD on your does everyone else....and if you want to rely on your 'FAITH', go for it, but still, no one will know the truth until judgement matter how loud they scream here on earth.

    I pray every day that Obama wins, because I believe that we cannot throw away this earth and the lives on it for what the church calls 'the only issue.'

    If god had wanted us to only worry about the unborn child, then he would have stated that as such. If he wanted us to preserve ALL life, he would have stated THAT as such....oh wait, he did.

  10. rowie
    6 years ago

    I pray that all the babies that have been aborted move our fellow "human beings" to realize the "delusions" they are having!!! It is crystal for OBAMA means you support ABORTION as well...STOP justifying...Abortion is Murder and you cannot for any reason allow it to continue....It is just not right! Listen to your conscience when you ask yourselves....CAN I vote for somebody who is backing ABORTION...if you ignore the issue and start looking away...then you have compromised your beliefs. The only important issue here is the lives of innocent unborn babies...Is it right that they're right to life is removed? Is it right to take away any life? ONLY GOD has the right to decide that...not us.. We should not play as GOD!

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