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Opinion: Robert P. George on 'Obama's Abortion Extremism' Comments

Sen.Obama's views on life issues ranging from abortion to embryonic stem cell research mark him as not merely a pro-choice politician, but rather as the most extreme pro-abortion candidate to have ever run on a major party ticket. Continue Reading

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  1. Dalton
    6 years ago

    'No amount of good social policy, such as programs that feed the hungry and shelter the homeless- are vitally as important as they are-can make up for bad policies concerning the protection of life itself. Without the fundamental right to live, the right to not be killed, no other rights are meaningful.

    In fact, WITHOUT LIFE NO OTHER RIGHTS CAN EXIST. It is up to Catholic laypeople to participate directly in public life, helping to enact laws and policies that respect the lives of ALL, especially those who have no voice- unborn children,human embryos targeted for destructive research ,and those who are cognitively impaired, disabled, or dying. By speaking the truth about human live in live, we can help build a society that protects and respects EVERY human life, born and unborn, and better reflects our status as children of God'.- From the USCBB. Site :

  2. CatholicFirst
    6 years ago

    ConcernedCatholic, It just doesn't add up to 3700 murders each and every day.

  3. ConcernedCatholic
    6 years ago

    To Catholic First: My apologies for taking so long to respond to your post.

    I believe that Obama's views fit better with the ideals of Catholic Social Teaching.

    And I believe that, in spite of the abortion issue, that is why he has made significant gains among Catholic voters who previously voted for Bush.

    Refer to an article in the L.A. Times tha ran in the L.A. Times in March:


    Also, refer to the Catholic Office for Social Justice in St. Paul-Minneapolis to read the major themes of Catholic Social Teaching.

  4. James Etling
    6 years ago

    Wouldn't making abortion illegal mean that you support the state interfering with an individual's personal relationship with God?

    The most grating thing in my mind about this article is you actually think the Republican Party would dare overturn Roe v. Wade...their most effective "Get out the Vote" tool. In 36 years there have been 24 years of Republican presidents and a consistent 7 of 9 Supreme Court nominees at any one time that were made by Republicans. Suspend habeus corpus, allow warrantless wiretapping, give the courts the power to force an individual to sell his land if a greater common good could - not even would, but could - be achieved. All of that picking away at individual rights and no overturning of Roe v. Wade.

    Apparently, it's been a compelling enough argument to support their party to the point of this attack article. Please forgive me if I call you a fool, but taking the same bait every four years and expecting different results is a big waste of time. It will never be overturned as long as it gets your vote.

  5. um, not really
    6 years ago

    well, i've posted it 4 times now and it never comes up, not sure why exactly...either is was 'offensive' or 'too truthful', but we all know the church isn't about censoring, so it must be the former...but to be honest, if you're going to be willfully ignorant about the matter, what's the point? If you think she is amazing....great, vote for her and mccain, if you think the prolife issue is the only one worth voting for, good for you, keep it up.

    Tomorrow Obama will win and we will enter an era of actual Goodwill toward man...or should we call it GodWill toward man. You know, all that stuff you pray for about love and peace...we'll actually put it into action HERE ON EARTH...hope you recognize it when you see it, it's been a while.

    I could spout off the education stuff, I have four times already...she's had a total of 5 semesters in three different institutions...mccain graduated fourth from the bottom of his class...both obama and biden had PhD's and obama taught a class on the Constitution for ten years in University...but really, now that I have to choice to write it all out a fourth time for you to somehow find something wrong with it because it doesn't fit your way of seeing things, however your church has told you to interpret the bible THIS TIME AROUND...then what's the point?

    You can read, you used to be able to think for yourself....and you're still where you are, so chances are you're not going to ever open your mind to anything unless the church asks you to, and they're still using the same fear tactics from the iron age, so good luck there.

    Maybe I should put it in terms you'll understand.

    We'll geewhiz there, do what you need to go gosh golly, and let the socialists of the world do their thing, and gosh darnit, hopefully things will just work out, you let's go kill ourselves a moose! Let's bomb ourselves some Iranians. Let's help the rich companies, and you betcha it'll trickle down to joe six pack, but gosh darnit, let's make sure we say we're prolife, because you know what, it's what we need to say being God fearing folk ain't it?

    In a few months we'll be in an i guess I can say what all the right wingers like to spout off all the time


    see you in four years...when abortion becomes important to you again....or did you figure out a cause is a cause out of the election cycle as well yet?

  6. CatholicFirst
    6 years ago


    um, not really; Please explain why Obama is more qualified then Palin.

  7. Kathy Melsha
    6 years ago

    This is the most "right wing extremest view" I have ever read and I am ashamed that this is posed on a Catholic site. Mr. George get your facts straight

  8. Marietta Monday
    6 years ago

    I'm very concerned about Obama becoming president and taking back all the good that has been done while Bush presideed in office. It feels like there is less hope than usual and so much will need to be done by those of us who know what is right to make up for evil building in this country. Please continue to post informative articles on where our leaders stand so we can stay informed.

  9. Gary Korzan
    6 years ago

    It's time for Catholics to come back to the Church and denounce the pervasive liberalism destroying our country. This should be the message of every bishop and every priest. A person cannot be Catholic and support abortion. Catholicism isn't a democracy. The liberal influence has lead many Catholics to believe that what works best for them is the law they should follow, despite the Church's teachings.
    It's also time that the bishops and cardinals start cracking down on Catholic governmental officials that publicly support anti-Catholic policy. Excommunication has to be on the table. Where's the discipline?

  10. CatholicFirst
    6 years ago

    Ed Burke:

    Here are some of the pro-life Bush accomplishments.

    1) Appointed Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

    2) Re-instated the Mexico City Policy banning foreign aid for abortions, an executive order Clinton reversed during the Washington March for Life while our bishops were speaking.

    3) Signed the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act.

    4) Signed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban of 2003.

    5) Cut funds to the United Nations Population Fund for working with China's forced abortion program.

    6) Issued Executive Order banning the use of new lines of embryonic stem cells in federally funded experiments and vetoed legislation attempting to permit funding.

    7) Increased the tax credit for adoption related expenses

    8) Issued a federal regulation allowing states to include unborn children in the S-CHIP programs.

    9) Instructed U.S. delegates to the UN to state America does not regard anything in any document to establish any international right to abortion

    This is a step by step process, what good would a Constitutional Amendment do? It wouldn't even make it out of the House.

    Obama has promised that the very FIRST thing he will do is sign the Freedom of Choice Act which will destroy years of pro-life toil.

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