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Doug Kmiec – A Response to Deacon Keith Fournier Comments

“A Catholic cannot vote for a candidate who takes a position in favor of an intrinsic evil, such as abortion or racism, if the voter’s intent is to support that position." Continue Reading

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  1. +Anthony T Farr
    6 years ago

    Mr Kmiec needs to read the recent writings/letters of Archbishop Chaput, the Bishops of Kansas, and the many other bishops who have clearly shown that a Catholic can not in good conscience vote for a politician who supports abortion. There can be no proportionate reason that would allow a vote for Obama that would either be supported by the constant teaching of the Catholic Church from the earliest of times nor in any of the recent writings of the above Bishops as they responded to so called catholic politicians like Pelosi or Biden. Mr Kmiec does a great disservice to the discussion in the public forum and to faithful catholics by portraying his "opinions" as faithful to the authentic teachings of the Church.

  2. Dave S.
    6 years ago

    Before I get caught up in this fray, just tell me in concise terms what John McCain will do to prevent abortions? Isn't this the same promises we Catholics bought into during these last eight years of a "pro-life" administration. The bigger question is the Republican party using this to gain Catholic votes. Everything that helps reduce abortion helping pregnant moms, teaching parenting skills , health insurance for the poor has continued to be opposed by McCain and the Republicans. I say this as a registered Catholic Republican who is tired of empty promises. Let us begin to walk our talk!!

  3. Frank Niemiec
    6 years ago

    Enough of this sparring between the Deacon and the Professor. It is time for Prof. Kmiec's Bishop to bring him in for a talk and if he still cannot acknowledge that he is in error and is causing scandal, than that Bishop knows well what he is called to do to help Prof. Kmiec save his own soul and to cease leading Catholics astray.

  4. Sam
    6 years ago

    Obama is airing ads blasting McCain for opposing abortion, yet Kmiec continues to insist that pro-lifers should vote for Obama. Let's all pray for Professor Kmiec.

    6 years ago

    Ben, you are right on both counts...

    "There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia." Cardinal Ratzinger, 2004

    Kmiec the Apostate stands with Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, Sebelius, "Dr." Tiller and other left wing cafeteria Catholics!!!

    I stand with the Bishop of Rome, Deacon Fournier, John Paul the Great, Mother Teresa, John McCain and Sarah Palin.

  6. Molly
    6 years ago

    Here's what Father Richard John Neuhaus has to say about Doug Kmiec...

    "I do not know what has prompted Mr. Kmiec’s current advocacy, and I take him at his word that he has convinced himself that his position is consonant with being a faithful Catholic.

    The fact is, however, that, after all the tortured reasoning and misrepresentation of the positions of others, Doug Kmiec has put himself into the position of supporting for president a candidate whose track record and publicly stated views represent the extreme position of pro-abortion advocacy against the Church’s repeatedly stated teaching, at the highest level of magisterial authority, respecting the moral and political imperative to protect innocent human lives."

  7. John Connors
    6 years ago

    Doug Kmiec says he doubts whether he could explain to the unborn his position for the reasons why he chose One candidate over the other shows me clearly this man is not very honest. I would like to make the question a little more compassionate then for him. If someone was putting a gun to your head and saying you do not have a right to live and then pulls the trigger verses another alternative scene where someone is stealing your wallet and leaving you penniless, which scene would you prefer?
    Then be truly honest would you want to be one of the aborted or one of the survivors? It is very clear and simple please do not seek teaching and false beliefs which you only want to hear. Indeed the unborn in heaven no quite clearly the injustice done to them. They know who to vote for. Pro choice candidates are automatically disqualified for catholics.

  8. Henry Walls
    6 years ago

    Prof. Kmiec, thank you for expressing so eloquently the reasons I feel so compelled to vote for Senator Obama on November 4. For months now, my conscience has dictated loud and clear that I must vote for life, that I must vote for Barack Obama. I cannot imagine doing otherwise. I believe that I am choosing charity over greed, compassion over indifference, unity over division, and most definitely, truth over lies.

    I don't know how anyone could vote for John McCain and the 90% of the Republican agenda and philosophy he represents, and call himself or herself a Catholic. Because of the financial debacle brought down upon our heads by Bush/McCain policies, I'm thinking that voting for a Republican in 2008 might even be anti-American.

  9. Ben B.
    6 years ago

    Now Kmiec supports Roe? Now, according to Kmiec, Roe actually prevents abortions?

    What's with this truly ludicrous statement-"which is not only not reliably pro-life, but given the tragic example of international practice, might even facilitate in a radical state abortion mandates that because of the reversal would no longer be checked by the women’s individual autonomy right the Court articulated in Roe"

    So unless we have Roe the state is going to step in and force abortions? Pass me that looking glass, Alice.

  10. Ben B.
    6 years ago

    The Deacon closes his post with a quote from Mother Teresa. Kmiec closes his post with a quote from Barack Obama. That just about says it all.

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