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OPINION: Doug Kmiec’s ‘Can a Catholic Support Him?’ Asks the Wrong Question Comments

Doug Kmiec asks the wrong question. The proper question is not “can” but “should”. The word “can” addresses the issue of capacity and ability. “Should” examines the morality of that choice, what is our duty? Continue Reading

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  1. Anne
    6 years ago

    Very, very well said! Mr. Kmiec is another now pseudo-Catholic (who had joined others like Kennedy, Biden, Pelosi, Casey, Jr.) who has or presently is selling his soul. Matilda said it is sad that Catholics do not get along together. To me, the true issue is that it is sad that some Catholics have thrown their faith out the door while remaining obstinate in front of their well as Catholic laity who truly cherish and work tirelessly to defend the Truths of their faith. The way I see it, once these Kmiecs/Bidens/Pelosi's, etc. of the world stop professing their faith accurately in spite of corrections by their bishops, they cease to be Catholic at heart. They have lost their credibility with me, and I will be joining with many others in the 40 days of prayer and fasting for this election (which begins this week)...and for these issues in particular.

  2. GPJ
    6 years ago

    Dear Matilda,
    God expects us to get a long. Is your idea that b/c all Catholics don't get along, then we shouldn't reproach others for taking of innocent life?

    Thanks goodness the Catholic Church isn't full of schisms and breaks the way the rest of Christiandom has separated into 10,000+ faith "traditions". Long live the one, holy and apostolic church.

  3. Bin
    6 years ago

    Hello Deacon Keith Fournier, this is an excellent article, though I haven't read the book written by Doug Kmiec, I think it is quite illogical (by any standards), that you would expect Mr. Obama to believe in reducing abortions or at least think that he might make some moves to reduce the abortions (however small they may be). This is all and only because of the funding and support he receives from Planned Parenthood.

    For such an organization, that has made abortion an industry, it is unthinkable to support someone who might endanger (by reducing the number of abortions) their industry. Thus whatever Mr. Obama and his supporters claim that it is an evil, which has to be reduced, is only a farce.

    Roe v/s Wade had spawned an industry (which previously was illegal and found very few takers). For any industry to survive (and flourish), it has to promote its business (in this case abortion). This is basic tenet of any industry.

    Thus when the number of abortions even after Roe v/s Wade were not much, it was the duty and responsibility of those in the industry to encourage people to have more abortions. Whatever apprehensions were there, had to be removed (degrading the unborn child to zygote and not human to partial human), condoms had to be promoted (for they know that it is not 100% secure and if there is a baby conceived, abort!), extra marital & pre marital sex had to be encouraged and promoted.

    They've even called the latter "freedom", when infact it is addiction and slavery, for a person who is a regular in these sins, will be unable to control it, for it is the nature of sin.

    This false sense of freedom was what was promised by the serpent - the devil, to Adam and Eve. This lie is still continued today.

    Plenty of times we think that we'd be smarter than Adam and Eve and not believe the serpent, when our actions are quite to the contrary, to the lies that are similarly perpetrated today.

    For Mr. Obama and his vested interest parties (Planned Parenthood), abortion is not only a cash-cow, but is the basis for enslavement.

    True freedom is something that they would abhor and fear (most of all), for it endangers their very existence.

    For such learned people like Doug Kmiec to fall for this, I think one possibility is what Fr. John Corapi says, is a spell. For there is no other genuine explanation.

    Even Hitler, if you examined his speeches, had filled his speeches with nothing concrete, but only emotion and that is similar to what Mr. Obama's speeches appear to me.

    Is history going to repeat itself? Has there been one too many abortions? Are the citizens of America under some evil spell?

    The real answer to all of the above, would be prayer. For there is nothing stronger in the world than prayer. We should not lose heart and give up, for that is what the devil wants. Pray unceasingly and with a sense that it is our brothers and sisters that are being misguided. The devil is a defeated enemy - JESUS has defeated him and JESUS will help us defeat him.

    GOD Bless!

  4. Ellen R Mooney
    6 years ago

    I am wondering when the Catholic bishops will, for pastoral reasons, take on Doug Kmiec the way they have re Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and other"cafeteria Catholics. "It is sad and worrying to see such good servants so misled and/or with the potential to make a negative difference in this important debate. The possibility of scandal also should not be taken lightly.

  5. teo
    6 years ago

    As noted in my post in response to Kmiec's article, abortion is an issue the Catholic Church as addressed. It's clear from church teachings that abortion is wrong. What is unclear is whether it is so wrong that a candidate who supports it cannot get our vote.

    Obama isn't perfect. But, he understands that over 4000 U.S. soldiers have died because our nation went to war in Iraq. This was a war of choice of the worst kind: pro-life president Bush said, essentially, "Iraqis you have 48 hours to get out of our country." I cannot imagine a more immoral act.

    The church also teaches us to care for the sick and the poor. Our president and many in his party have supported the gutting of social programs designed to assist the needy. Our faith teaches us that the death penalty is wrong in all instances. Our president has ensured that convicted criminals were executed if they faced the death penalty, even though he had the power to prevent their execution.

    As I said, Obama isn't perfect, but his views are far more in line with those of the Catholic faith than McCain's. I'll gladly vote for him.

  6. Matilda
    6 years ago

    Obama ought to say he's against abortion and all the other good stuff just like George Bush Jr. said, in order to get votes and make the people think were on a road to peace. Bush had all the power in congress at one point but was so obsessed with oil (money) in Iraq. It's sad to say that we don't get along with each other as Catholics. Charismatics,traditionalist, Latin rites and other rites, how can we expect the world to get along.

  7. Jacqueline Stutmann
    6 years ago

    It sure sounds like Mr. Kmiec has compromised his position because he has been bribed to do so. He was probably offered much money through the Obama Campaign to be in league with them to gain the Catholic vote. His abandonement of his previously unapologetic support for life signifies the corruption of money over faith.
    We must urgently pray for him and pray that until he returns to the fullness of truth, his talking to people at this point of his faith journey will be ineffectual upon his listeners.

  8. Deacon Keith Fournier
    6 years ago

    Dear Mike, I wish it would "get old". In fact, the "faith" tour has begun where Doug and others will attempt to persuade others to their decision. I must coninue to write. If your response was sufficient, I would be able to write more reflections and get more sleep. Thanks for writing.

  9. j
    6 years ago

    Has anyone ever noticed that the republican party looks alot like the nazi party? I mean if the democrats did this I assure you they'd be told by a few of our Church leaders. It seems to be OK for these so called pro lifes (repubublicans) to single themselves out from the rest of the world, but don't ever let democrats do this. The world is a multiculture place, the democrats are a multiculture group, but never has the republican party been a multiculture people, especially in these times. There are other voting options for this election. It's called independent.

  10. Mike
    6 years ago

    Ugh! This is getting so old. If a Catholic votes for Obama then he/she is in direct violation of one of the Church's highest teachings. If you vote for him you are no longer in-line with Catholic teachings. Do each of you need a schooling like Biden and Pelosie got. Give me a break!

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