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OPINION: Doug Kmiec’s ‘Can a Catholic Support Him?’ Asks the Wrong Question Comments

Doug Kmiec asks the wrong question. The proper question is not “can” but “should”. The word “can” addresses the issue of capacity and ability. “Should” examines the morality of that choice, what is our duty? Continue Reading

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  1. Bin
    6 years ago

    Dear Savannah, all issues are not with the equal weight, there are priorities in issues.

    Similarly there are issues that are of grave consequence and which you do not have a choice of differing from the teachings of the Church. For instance, abortion is one such evil, which a Catholic cannot have different opinion from the teachings of the Church (that would entail automatic excommunication), but then there is another issue of death penalty, which is a evil no doubt, but the Church does not require Catholics to necessarily have the same opinion, that it is to be opposed. This is depending on the moral conscience of a person. I am very much against the death penalty, but even if I were to support it, I would not be calling upon myself automatic excommunication, unlike abortion (if I were to support abortion).

    I hope this would help clarify (at least to a certain extent), this is where the guidance of the Bishops are extremely important - because our spiritual well being (and material and physical also) is of prime importance to our dear Bishops. They are responsible for the same, as they have to stand before GOD and answer for our souls. Thus all calls to silence the Bishops (besides being utterly against freedom of speech) is against the principles of Catholic Church (they are answerable to GOD after all). It is also against religious freedom, as they are not allowed to perform their religious duties and responsibilities.

    Let us show our support to the Catholic Church and follow the guidance of our Bishops, to ensure that we vote as a Catholic and not a pagan.

    We also have a responsibility to pray for everyone, including those who do not see as we see, may GOD enlighten them.

    With Prayers,
    GOD Bless!

    6 years ago

    Ben B

    I oppose abortion but I must admit that the murder of fully conscious humans preys heavier on my mind. I have been led by my study of the New Covenant to consider War as the greatest sin of Christianity, which was founded after all, by the Prince of Peace. And please do not refer to Hitler. Christians had 1900 years to get it right before he came on the scene.

    The Iraq War is a tragedy not only because of the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents but because of the failure of we U.S. Christians to have the courage to follow the teaching of Christ, really trust in God, and demand better of our leaders, secular and spiritual.

  3. Tom
    6 years ago

    I strongly believe that the devil obscures truth, by attempting to advance clear arguments, that would lead one to vote for a Pro-abortion candidate like Obama. Don't fall for it. This is a black and white issue. Life begins at conception...period. Just because you feel the Church is inconsistent on some other life issues such as war or death penalty (which it hasn't been), it still isn't justification to vote for Obama. Satan is just tricking you. As the Pope stated, some issues supersede others in importance. Abortion has killed over 40 million innocent lives. John McCain may not be able to stop it tomorrow, but he can appoint a sensible judiciary which is a first step.

  4. Tom
    6 years ago

    OK: John McCain as president would be more likely to chose a pro-life justice than Obama. I think that is a concise answer to your question.

    And to Savannah, the Church has been against the death penalty since at least the 60's and the Pope and the Church officially opposed the Iraq War. Obama voted against the Infant Alive Bill which would have forced physicians to save aborted babies who survived the procedure. Even staunch abortionists hesitated on that one, As a Catholic you should not vote for this man.

  5. Ben B.
    6 years ago

    teo -
    I am against the death penalty for various reasons. But the Church does not forbid it in all cases. You ought to pick up a copy of the Cathechism. So many of the things you have written are completely incorrect.

    Finally, whoever it is who keeps talking about the "Seamless Garment." This was never an accepted teaching of the Church, but let's assume it was. Even Cardinal Bernadin did not equate abortion with other elements of the so-called seamless garment.

    Folks, you can be pro-choice if you want. You can vote for whomever you want. But you shouldn't lie or obscure the official position of the Church. There are lots of places to look that up, you might start by glancing at your Catechism.

  6. Dave S.
    6 years ago

    Before I get caught up in this fray, just tell me in concise terms what John McCain will do to prevent abortions? Isn't this the same promises we Catholics bought into during these last eight years of a "pro-life" administration. The bigger question is whether the Republican party using this to gain Catholic votes. Everything that helps reduce abortion helping pregnant moms, teaching parenting skills , health insurance for the poor has continued to be opposed by McCain and the Republicans. I say this as a registered Catholic Republican who is tired of empty promises. Let us begin to walk our talk!!

    6 years ago

    I pray for more balance in the statements from our Cardinals and Bishops and as much emphasis placed on postbirth prolife as prebirth prolife. Where was their teaching on capital punishment before the 2000 election? Where was their coordinated campaign to teach the immorality of an unjust war before we went into Iraq ? Where was their teaching regarding the immorality of the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents in Iraq before the 2004 campaign? And in this campaign, where is the teaching on the evil of racism, so deadly to the spirit and soul, which though largely hidden, is still prevalent, in our society?

    Our Cardinals and Bishops are our light on the hill but a forceful and unequivocal emphasis on a seamless garment of life wasn't there, isn't there, and there is not a glimmer of light that I see.

    Cardinal Bernadin, we miss you.


  8. jlnoth
    6 years ago

    Well said teo. Deacon, clearly you will not be able to vote for either candidate. If "Pro-Life" McCain believes that abortion is OK in cases of rape or incest, he obviously does not understand what Pro-Life is, aside from a cheap political tool (He was pandering so much at the Saddleback forum he totally lost his educated Christian supporters). Life begins at conception...except in cases of rape or incest. In that case life does not begin at conception. Huh? You can't be "more" Pro-Life than someone else. you are either Pro-Life or not. If you want to go down that road, look at who wants to actually bring the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions down and be "Pro-Life" after the baby is born by supporting social programs that encourage poverty stricken mothers (by far the majority of the clients of Planned Parenthood) to keep their babies. Oh yeah. You didn't let Kmeic get away with that, so how can you? Let's face it: Neither candidate is Pro-Life in the way the Catholic Church teaches. By the way if history has taught us at all we should know that you can't just change a law, you have to change the hearts and minds of people. Keep spewing your uninformed hatred and see how many hearts and minds get changes. remember the Pharisees.

  9. M
    6 years ago

    In response to GPJ. You must not have been around. God expects alot of things from us. First of all let's pull the plank out of our own Church first then help others. You must be blind to not see the corruption is in the Church not the world. We are the internal, they are the external. It comes from with inside. You guys have Bush, McCain and any other republican up for canonization just for saying the right things at the right time. Satan can tell some truth too in order to get you to fall the big fall. Look it up. Every other group is a team but us Christians. Football is a team, armies are a team, Muslims are a team, but Christians are divided thirty-five thousand different ways including Catholics in some participation. Let's not play holy unto others when we are struggling worse than them.

  10. Tom Kraft
    6 years ago

    It is amazing to me that any practicing Catholic would vote for Obama, particularly after his support of the "Infant Alive" bill which allows physicians to kill survivors of third term abortions. Catholics need to understand that protection of innocent life is first and foremost in out doctrine. To call Republicans "Nazis" is baffling to me, when the democratic support of abortion has murdered more innocents than the holocaust. Remember it was the Nazi's and the German people who stood by and did nothing while their neighbors were marched off to the death camps. Social policies do not trump murder of the innocents as an issue. In fact the welfare state enacted by the democrats in the 60's helped to destroy the family units of the poor by deemphasizing the need for a father in the home. And finally one could argue whether or not the war in Iraq was justified or not, however 30 million people are now free there, and we are fighting Al Quada on their soil and not on ours. I would encourage Obama supporting Catholics to Google information on Obama's support on "Infant Born Alive" bill, and read this information. Have an open mind, and I think that information alone should change your support for this candidate.

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