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OPINION: Doug Kmiec’s ‘Can a Catholic Support Him?’ Asks the Wrong Question Comments

Doug Kmiec asks the wrong question. The proper question is not “can” but “should”. The word “can” addresses the issue of capacity and ability. “Should” examines the morality of that choice, what is our duty? Continue Reading

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  1. Wes Lisitza
    6 years ago

    Man, what a discussion! Considering how so many people are taking the political race so seriously, it's a wonder how their religion influences them.

    In another post, I stated that perhaps Doug Kmiec needs to read the Gospel of Life by Pope John Paul II again. Or maybe he should find a copy of what Pope Benedict XVI stated about abortion when he came to visit America back in April. I recognize that there are pressing issues in this election, some of which may affect the population, but most of it won't (I've done a lot of political work in the past, and I majored in a lot of it when I thought that was where I wanted to be). But truth be told, by advocating for a person who is staunchly against the protection of life in the womb, it is just as heinous as performing the deed yourself. Some people I've spoken to have tried to politicize the levels of abortion, challenging me with questions of "What if she was raped?", or "What if it came down to saving the life of the mother or the child?". What they don't understand is that it is never a child's fault for being the product of rape, and that even a child such as that has great potential to become what the world needs (just look up the life of Gerald Ford). Secondly, people who are advocating abortion never look at "intent". In situations of the potential death of a mother versus a child, there are various methods to handle child delivery, and it really has become non-existent. Aside from that, the situation differs from a teenager or young adult who uses abortion as a contraceptive. The intent of a woman who risks her life to give birth to her child is one of acceptance of life, not contraceptive.

    It's important to remember that before God made us in the womb, He knew us. If there are Catholics among us who are ignorant to what the Popes, Bishops, Priest, Nuns, Monks, and others who are faithful to the teaching of the Church are saying, then I say, let the Bible be what hangs over your head. All Catholic teaching is held up against Scripture as a Lithmus test, as well as by what Jesus Christ has taught us, and what the Apostles and their successors have held faithful to. Would you fashion yourself as the "New Pope" by justifying abortion? Good luck finding what ground you stand on.

  2. DS
    6 years ago

    Deacon Fournier-

    If you will not compromise on life issues, why not endorse Alan Keyes? (by the way I'm making a point here, I'm not arguing for Keyes) Isn't it a compromise on life issues to support a somewhat pro-life major party candidate because he has a chance to be elected (McCain) instead of a totally pro-life perennial candidate clown who has no chance of being elected(Keyes)?

    You often mention proportionality in regards to what is as important as life issues in an election. Does proportionality extend to the likelihood a candidate has to 1) get elected or 2) actually DO anything about life issues?


  3. Jackie
    6 years ago

    We need to elect a president whose administration will not be hostile to pro-life legislation.

    The Democratic party has been staunchly pro-abortion. There is no justifying supporting Obama...period. How can we stand by while the tiniest of Americans are all being snuffed out?! How horribly unpatriotic to say the least.

    I feel that God is withholding His blessing of prosperity from a nation that will not recognize the unborn child's personhood and right to be born over that of a mother's choice to kill her child. Not to mention the fact that we want to oust God from public life at every turn. We protect and promote homosexuality and all manner of indecency and will not protect the unborn in our laws.

    Do we expect God to just look the other way while we do these abominable things and expect His blessing at the same time? I feel all this financial crisis will turn around and change for the better once God's little ones are protected along with the family and common decency.

  4. CatholicFirst
    6 years ago

    Hey Matt, if you better change you mind about our current president. The abortion rate has dropped to a new low (HealthDay News). I guess you will need a new cover to vote for Obama, Sorry.

  5. Marty Lund
    6 years ago

    If you think that Barrack Obama's policies are in line with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church you are woefully misinformed. Look to the writings of Pious XII or John Paul II to see what they thought of politicians like Barrack Obama and their National Socialism.

    Just because we believe in Christian Charity and Human Rights doesn't mean we endorse a Massive Centralized Bureaucracy depriving everyone of their Liberty and Human Dignity. Subsidiarity is a Fundamental Pillar of Catholic Social Teachings that Barrack Obama, Doug Kmiec, and even Deacon Fournier turn a blind eye toward. They cheerfully endorse politicians and policies that view religion, family, community, and individual responsibility as "obsolete" in the New World Order of National Socialism.

    True Catholic Social Justice is found when "governance" by diverse, amoral, electoral bodies BY FORCE (yes, all the State and Federal powers are backed by the willingness to use force - deadly force - to control the person and property of individuals) is kept to an absolute bare minimum. Then the moral and free citizenry meet the needs of their brethren with personal compassion and dedication.

    If an issue isn't worth putting a gun to a man's head over it, it isn't worth electing a government official to put a gun to his head either.

    6 years ago


    I am confused. I never advocated silencing the Cardinals and Bishops. I am praying that they would be as forceful and emphatic in preaching the full message of Christ as they are in their statements on abortion. The Pope stated the Iraq war was unjust. If any pastoral letters were issued to the parishes to be read at all masses
    emphasizing same I never heard of them.

    [For some reason your comments on excommunication brought to mind a story out of Vatican II. There was discussion about the possibility of changing the teaching on birth control. The response of one Cardinal was "But what would we do about all the people we have already sent to Hell?"---Well, I thought it was funny at the time]

    Kiet Tran

    "45 million lives of the unborn against the 4,000."

    I was also thinking of tens of thousands conscious, innocent, human Iraqis.

    45 million is horrendous. Does that represent the world number over a certain time?, The U S number over time?


  7. Matt
    6 years ago

    Abortion will happen whether it is illegal or not. I am not going to throw my vote away to the Republicans on the notion that it makes me an abortionist to vote Democrat. If you voted for George W. Bush, are you responsible for the deaths, both innocent and guilty, that resulted from the war?

    I believe voting Democrat will provide more economic improvements for poor women which will result in fewer abortions.

  8. Nunzio
    6 years ago

    "if abortion isn't wrong, then nothing is wrong". Mother Teresa

    Don't call yourself a Christian, if you support a Pro-Abortion candidate.

  9. Kiet Tran
    6 years ago

    Teo wrote, "As I said, Obama isn't perfect, but his views are far more in line with those of the Catholic faith than McCain's. I'll gladly vote for him." and "But, he understands that over 4000 U.S. soldiers have died because our nation went to war in Iraq", I have a challenge for Teo.

    45 million lives of the unborn against the 4,000. Go figure.

    Yes, I sounds like a broken record on the numbers but folks just don't get it.

    SAVANNAH wrote, "I pray for more balance in the statements from our Cardinals and Bishops and as much emphasis placed on postbirth prolife as prebirth prolife. Where was their teaching on capital punishment before the 2000 election?" I have a challenge also. How can you balance 45 millions against a few hundreds death penalties? You just can't.

    Would someone stand up and do the math, please? Remember our world is full of the "seens" and "unseens." Don't let the "seens" overcome the "unseens". After all it is hard to see God from everyday life. You must look beyond. You must look beyond the body of a woman into her womb where life begins. It is all about life. Please let the babies live, first.

  10. Deacon Keith Fournier
    6 years ago

    Dear ben B

    Thank you for writing. I did not say that the Church "forbids" the death penalty. I have written elsewhere that the current opposition to the death penalty is based on a different moral ground that than the clear opposition to abortion. The Catechism is very clear however, as are the modern encyclicals, that because "bloodless means" are available, the death penalty is no longer justified.I have and love the Catechism, the encyclicals and the Compendium of the Social Doctrine and have studied them (and Moral Theology) for years. The only reason I say that is to dispel any implication that what I have written is not in keeping with the teaching of the Church.

    Now, if you meant that Doug Kmiec's result- the notion that voting for a candidate who clearly endorses the status quo on abortion (that killing children in the womb is somehow a "right") is acceptable in a proper moral analysis of a moral act- is wrong, than I agree with you. My purpose in writing this piece was to oppose his stand and expose just some of its flawed reasoning. I intend to do more as we get closer to this election. There is too much at stake.

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