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An Open Letter from the Supreme Knight to Senator Joseph Biden Comments

America's Catholic Bishops and other Leaders actively entered the public fray, initiated by Senator Joseph Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in setting the record straight on true Catholic teaching, especially with respect for life. Supreme Knight Carl Anderson made public his letter to Senator Joseph Biden. Continue Reading

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  1. chinedu akpa
    6 years ago

    If Joe Biden cannot categorically affirm and confess this fundamental catholic position on the right to life, he should cease to lay any claim to being catholic, just so that he will get catholic votes.He should together with his principal just run on their pro-choice convictions, but should note that ultimate judgment is not from the voters but from the giver of life Himself. the "choice" is clear!!!.

  2. oliviabern
    6 years ago

    If Politicians that claim to have good moral standards don't practice what they claim, we the voters should follow our conscience and vote for what are right moral issues. It seems that is hard to find in many politicians, when it comes to making high wages. High wages verses good morals.

    6 years ago

    Greatly impressed by this letter and so glad it was published in some of the major newspapers for all to read if they so chose to. As a mother of seven children the life issue is the defining issue for myself and I know I can say for my husband as well when it comes to any political candidate we vote for. I pray for the conversion of all people who ignore or just don't want to know the truth behind the culture of death so prevalent not only in or country but the whole world. Our late Holy Father Pope John Paul II made it clear that the life issue is the issue of our time period. I simply do not understand how people can be concerned with all the other issues on the table but side step the life issue and not realize if we as a culture do not value the unborn child in the womb then the fabric of our society will unravel as it has been over the years since roe v wade. Myself and my family continue to pray for the end of the culture of death in our country and around the world. I have very little respect persons who are elected to public office and say they are catholic and show such ignorance and hypocrisy about their Catholic faith.

  4. Ron Peplau
    6 years ago

    Joe Biden is not struggling with his conscience. He knows what he is doing and it is all about keeping power.

  5. Ron Peplau
    6 years ago

    Laypersons are speaking and priests should take notice. We are looking for strong leaders and are willing to follow if you do not falter. Joe Biden is not struggling with his conscience. He is thirsty for keeping his earthly power. As a fellow Knight, I believe that all Knights should take a pledge to destroy Roe vs Wade or leave the Knights. It's time to draw a line in the sand so to speak.

  6. Harold Olsen
    6 years ago

    I believe that that false Catholics like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Rudy Giuliani and others who support abortion and continue to take Holy Communion should either denounce their support of abortion publicly or be excommunicated. Priests who knowingly continue to give Communion to these false Catholics should be suspended.

  7. Franco Walls
    6 years ago

    In our time the distinction between good and evil is a clear one. Are you for those who cannot defend themselves? or against? I don't know where I read it, but I know it was somewhere; that God is forgiving, and that only by turning your back on God will you suffer without him. Lets just hope those who vote Pro-Abortion are paying attention to that fact.

  8. Bin
    6 years ago

    Dear James Mulligan,

    This is highly surprising and outright demeaning to claim that the Bible does not call for protecting life at all. If you believe that the Bible calls for protection of life, then you cannot have made that statement. The Bible (unlike our politicians) unequivocally support life and the protection of it.

    The same has been and will be the stand of the Catholic Church. If you believe that the Bible says, thou shall not kill, but believe that abortion is not killing, then I think you need to take check the evidence provided by medical science. Today it is even possible to view the baby in the womb and also see him/her resisting attempts to threaten him/her, just as any other human would do. If you cannot still understand this, I would strongly recommend that you visit such a facility, where you could view the child in the womb and see the reactions, to see first hand and believe.

    St. Thomas didn't believe till he saw, but when he did see, he believed. Thus I request you to see for yourself, do not go by word of mouth, see for yourself.

    You and me, we were once like that. There is no difference, the only difference being that now technology allows us to see that state of a human in never before vivid manner.

    Let us not turn GOD against us, by claiming that abortion is supported/ not opposed to, in the Bible. Because it is the Word of GOD and even a careless word against it, will be inviting the wrath of GOD (HE is not a liar and does not allow HIS Word to be twisted to mean something else).

    I thank the Carl A. Anderson, for taking this stand, may GOD bring your efforts to fruition and bless the Knights of Columbus.

    GOD Bless!

  9. E. Kopec
    6 years ago

    With all due respect, Mr. Mulligan, where do you get the notion that Roman Catholic Church moral teaching is somehow constricted by the "the settled moral view of the laity"? Are you referring to public opinion polls here? I don't believe Our Lord ever asked for a consensus or a vote before pronouncing a moral absolute, and neither is the Church He established for our salvation somehow constrained by what Mr. Gallup discovers.

  10. James Mulligan
    6 years ago

    The church does have a role in formulating moral norms. That role is limited by scripture, tradition, reason,the settled moral view of the laity and yes individual conscience. Here, the great majority of Catholics hold a different view on reproductive issues such as birth control and the conditions for abortion from that of this newspaper and the bishops quoted. No where in the second testimony is there discussion of a women's reproductive choices. The church has formulated positions , where there is no scripture to support the absolutionist position of the church on reproductive rights. The church once condemned a scientist for declaring that the sun not the earth was the center of the solar system. It took five hundred years for the church to reverse itself and apologies to that scientist. The church's propagander war against those who hold different views of reproductive matters is a scandal. This newspaper does no service to the church by lending itself to this political campaign. In any event, we are all in God's hands and God in his/her time will bring good from this issue

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