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An Open Letter from the Supreme Knight to Senator Joseph Biden Comments

America's Catholic Bishops and other Leaders actively entered the public fray, initiated by Senator Joseph Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in setting the record straight on true Catholic teaching, especially with respect for life. Supreme Knight Carl Anderson made public his letter to Senator Joseph Biden. Continue Reading

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  1. Jim Rose
    6 years ago

    Thank you Mr Anderson for your outstanding and succinct letter. It bolstered sagging spirits for sure out here in CA, where liberalism, formally known as Modernism, could infect a Pastor to such an extent that he could refer a parishoner to an article in the LA Times by a secular pro-life politicist, who proposed a rationale that one can vote against Pro Life platforms and a candidate like Obama, or Pelosi, or Biden?!? No direction to the Pope's words or any other Bishops teaching?!?...I have to add to your eloquent instruction to Patrick. First, I must agree with him when he says "'we' should open our eyes" ... "to do what the Christioan thing to do here is," especially if he is looking within. But! I adamently disagree that Jesus taught us to look past our brothers sins and leave them to God's judgement. Yikes!! This is patently false. Jesus taught "Woe" to those who fail to apprise their brother of his sin or wrong-doing, and allow him to lose his soul. We will suffer the greater portion of his condemnation.. He taugt that we will, in fact, insure our own salvation if we bring a sinner back, restoring him to the Truth and affecting his repentance in any way... Patrick, any others of like mind about this single issue, I extol to consider as Patrick wrote, what is the Christian thing to do? You are making a serious mistake in supporting anti-life positions and candidates, especially when there are clear alternatives; (espectially when ballots provide direct opposition to fight against legitimising abortion or a candidate or initiative that firmly opposes it). People are putting their very salvation and eternal life at dire risk when supporting other issues or groups of issues or candidates and not first and formost supporting Life. The absolute nature of Life trumps any other consideration prompting our support. Thank you for considering my deep concerns. God give us Life always and in all ways....

  2. Yebrail K. Brennan
    6 years ago

    As Fr. Frank Pavone has repeatedly pointed out over the years, the issue of life is not one issue among many, but the issue that undergirds all the others. If we do not protect the unborn, we are ultimately saying that their lives are of no value. If their lives have no value, where do we draw the line? If even one life can be treating as having no value, then no one is safe. That is why we must always defend life: the life we save could be our very own.

  3. Linda
    6 years ago

    To Patrick, Jesus judged. God judged. We are not making judgments, we are simply carrying out that which they have already judged; "Do not kill". However, when Jesus spoke those words, he was telling us that we are not to decide who would enter Heaven and who would enter hell. The Church is not doing that; She is simply telling us, and Biden as a member, that we are to uphold the truths of the Catholic Church, or not call ourselves Catholic. Yes, there are other issues, but all of them together do not weigh as heavily as the abortion issue. We are all bound to uphold the Catechism of the Cathoic Church, not just those under public scrutiny. I suggest you read the CCC where you will find the teachings about abortion, and how we are all called to live the faith. The killing of thousands of unborn Americans in their mother's womb EVERY DAY is not a human flaw, it is an abomination. Anyone defending it already stands before God in judgment. There should be nothing more important to you or any of us than to fight the shedding of innocent blood.. the blood of thousands a day.. more than all the wars put together. It is not possible to be "overly concerned" about ripping human flesh from a woman's womb.

    By the way, not only should all men who vote pro-abortion be expelled from the Knights, a pro-life group, but from the Holy Eucharist as well.

  4. Esther Santilo
    6 years ago

    God bless Carl Anderson and all prolifers!!! I totally agree with him.

  5. Patrick
    6 years ago

    Why is that when a Roman Catholic is in the spot light, he/she never seems to meet our standards, and inevitably is held to more scrutiny than anyone else? Because of this, we tend to ostracize these leaders rather than give them our utmost support in their times of need. Rather than backing a Roman Catholic who's opinion on an issue (although a very important one), we as a church are urging Catholics to support another candidate, who's platform contains much more of a threat to the well-being human life. In society today, I think we need to be careful not to be overly concerned with the needs of unborn children as far as to forget the needs of those who are born, living, and whose lives may be in jeopardy. That is not to say that issue of abortion should not be addressed. I think we need to open our eyes a little wider, let some more light in, and simply think about what is most important to us? We also need to think about what the Christian thing to do here is. Did Jesus not teach us in his parables "Judge not, lest ye be judged" and "For he who has not sinned, cast the stone"? Jesus' words. Isn't he the reason for what we do? Did he not teach us to look past each others human flaws and save judgment for his Father in Heaven?

  6. Frank Potochar
    6 years ago

    As a 4th degree Knight of Columbus. I believe that any Knight that is pro-life and supports same sex marriages should be expel from the Knights of Columbus. Its a disgrace to KOFC.

    6 years ago

    If the letter above from John O'Gorman is true it is very puzzling. This MUST be addressed and it ought to be addressed NOW. What is going on?

  8. Justin
    6 years ago

    Does Biden know the importance of the angel Gabriel? How he appeared to Mary to announce her conception of Jesus and the salvation of the world? And are his understandings of what a child is based on this important message to parents in the gospel "Whoever receives a child such as this receives me." - Jesus

    This NOT about pro-choice or Government! This is about a different authority, one that we and Biden hopefully adhere solely to, the Gospel message of God.

  9. John O'Gorman
    6 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    Carl Anderson’s open letter of 19/Sep/2008 to Sen. Joe Biden criticizing him for his support for Roe v. Wade - which has led to the death of 50 million innocent unborn children since 1973 - is most welcome and timely ( Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, also mentions the response of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to remarks by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    These politicians are only 2 of the 90 pro-abortion Catholics in Congress known to Anderson. There are also many other politicians at state and local level who are pro-abortion. Many politicians, members of the K of C, support abortion and same-sex marriage. These individuals have repeatedly been brought to the attention of Anderson and the K of C by many people, including myself. If Anderson and the K of C - the largest Catholic fraternal organization in the world - are to be taken seriously they must expel from their ranks the pro-abortion politicians and members.

    They must also expel from their ranks the 16 or more pro-homosexual K of C politicians in the Massachusetts State House who caused the defeat, on 14/June/2007, of the measure by 170,000 signatories to put traditional marriage on the ballot in November 2008. K of C politicians voted in July 2008 to repeal a 1913 law, thus allowing same-sex couples from all 50 states to marry in Massachusetts. Seven of these K of C politicians have the highest ratings from Planned Parenthood, the USA's biggest abortionists, who performed 289,000 abortions in 2006 (

    Yours Sincerely,

    John O’Gorman

  10. Amadeo Lazatin
    6 years ago

    They think there are more pro-choice people, than pro-life. Hope they are wrong. They love to be free to "murder", which is really not freedom at all.

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