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Bishop Vasa: Pro-Abortion Candidates are 'Disqualified' Comments

"Abortion needs to be in our country a defining issue and we ought not be afraid to make it a defining issue because when we do that we will have an end of abortion in this country." Continue Reading

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  1. sharon
    6 years ago

    Thanks for the article about Bishop Vasa. It is great to finally see more and more Bishops come out and take a loud public stand against this evil in our country.

    Abortion is a lie and women have been given this lie and left to live with the horrors of what they have done once they finally realize that they have indeed killed their baby, which is not what they are being told when they go to get an abortion.

    Women, we need to stop this lie in our country. Let's stand up for the rights of our babies and let them be born. If anyone is in a situation that they can not afford their baby, then consider adoption. The shame in getting pregnant today is gone sadly enough so don't let that be a reason to cause you to abort your child.

    Give your child the same chance to live and breathe life and enjoy growing up and being a part of a great society just like you have been given.

    Women unite together against this evil and lets say no to abortion forever. That is true "freedom of choice."
    God Bless all babies and may they be given the "right to life, a "right to choose to live."

  2. Harold Olsen
    6 years ago

    The Conference may have determined that the only time it is okay to vote for a pro-abortion candidate is when both candidates are equally pro-abortion. That just amounts to voting for the lesser of two evils. Personally, I will vote for no candidate who is pro-abortion or who supports same sex marriage or civil unions. I feel that to vote for such a candidate, even if he/she is the lesser of two evils is to support abortion and same sex marriage. It's one of the reasons why I have a problems with John McCain. He may oppose abortion but he does not oppose same sex marriage. Now, he has not stated he supports it, but he has said that he thinks it should be up to the individual states. In other words, he may not say he support it but he does not oppose it either.

  3. DS
    6 years ago

    CCS, you said: "I think it's more likely that the Pope is offering an "out" in a situation in which a truly dangerous candidate is running. He knows about dangerous candidates from experience."

    You mean his former employer?

  4. aj
    6 years ago

    "So, if the republicans wait until the child is born and then let him starve? We should vote for them??"

    If the child is born, it is not the Republican party that will let the baby starve, nor is it the Democrat party that will feed the baby. It is not a party's responsibility, it is our responsibility as a people.

    If you stand by and let a baby starve because of what political party is in power, it is you that God will judge not the political party.

    Political parties do not relieve us of our personal responsibilities.

    I do not care what party is in office, I will not stand by and watch a new born baby starve, but I can not help feed a baby if the child is never given a chance to be born.

    I pray that every pre-born baby has a chance to have somebody help to feed him/her rather than to be murdered in the womb due to the possibility it may not have food if he/she is allowed to live.


  5. Brian
    6 years ago

    Can we also disqualify a pro-war candidate?

  6. AQuestion
    6 years ago

    I do have a bit of a question on this subject that I have wondered about. If a person says they are prolife, but I think they actually will not do anything that is of substance to reversing Roe v. Wade am I still inclined to vote for that person. I think of the last president of the U.S. He said he was prolife and there was some prolife issues out there for a little while, but in all, I have not seen much out of him in that area. I know some can say well it is the congresses fault, but he had 6 years (I think) with his party controlling both houses of congress.

    I am beginning to believe that some people say they are prolife and they do nothing about it. Also, I donít think just because a vice-presidential candidate is prolife means anything about the actual administration of the presidential candidate. The president sets the policies, not his vice-president. So I am not factoring in the running-mates into my decision. But I am wondering do I just take the word of people running for office that they are prolife and will do something about it?

    Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing ahead of time if someone is really prolife and that they will make any reasonable progress in that area. So I guess a simplified version of my question is this. If I think that a particular candidate will not actually advocate for prolife issues, even though they say they are prolife, in my conscience is he still a prolife candidate.

    I am not trying to rationalize for one particular candidate, but I am a first time voter, just turned 18, and I want to make a good conscience decision. I want my Catholic faith to be apart of that decision and all in all just want some direction with my concerns.

  7. CCS
    6 years ago

    Oh, BTW, RobertA, I forgot to mention... the KKK goes well beyond segregation - into terrorism and murder. Your argument needs to be that more babies are killed by abortion than by lynchings... not that those who were segregated were allowed to live. That is quite simply not true.

  8. CCS
    6 years ago

    You missed the point, RobertA. It was a hypothetical about "proportionate reason" addressed to a theologian (like one of the Bishops). It is asking for clarification. Bishop Vasa states that "proportionate reason" refers ONLY to an instance in which ALL the candidates are equally in favor of abortion. I frankly doubt that's the totality of what Pope Benedict meant. I think it's more likely that the Pope is offering an "out" in a situation in which a truly dangerous candidate is running. He knows about dangerous candidates from experience. He lived in Nazi Germany. What if a truly dangerous candidate said all the right words about abortion? Would that make said candidate acceptable? And for the record, I oppose abortion. Always have. Always will.

  9. Marie Therese Hocott
    6 years ago

    Thank you Ken Hopping for your excellent reflection. You should submit it for publication; it really is valuable as it put things in historical perspective as well as states the truth of evil so clearly.

  10. Bill
    6 years ago

    So, if the republicans wait until the child is born and then let him starve? We should vote for them??

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