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Bishop Vasa: Pro-Abortion Candidates are 'Disqualified' Comments

"Abortion needs to be in our country a defining issue and we ought not be afraid to make it a defining issue because when we do that we will have an end of abortion in this country." Continue Reading

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  1. Larry Burris
    6 years ago

    It is a woman's right to choose whether she wants or needs an abortion or not. There should be strict separation of Church and State. No religion has the right to force their views on Citizens. The Catholic Church has the right of worship, not the right to enter the political arena.

  2. Max
    6 years ago

    @ Cesar:Many of the comments on the subject of abortion are from those who seem slanted toward Obama and obviously have not read and been guided by the book "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship" (}

    Maybe no one wants or needs this kind of guidance to exercise their right to vote as they choose.

    Thomas Jefferson would deport all of you.

  3. Shan Gill
    6 years ago

    We must pray that J. Frantz's heart and mind are opened to the directives of the Holy Spirit.

  4. Marc L
    6 years ago

    Cesar--Perhaps people have read Faithful Citizenship, but nonetheless disagree.

    Why do so many Catholics find it appropriate to seek the imposition of their religious views (ie animation/life begins at conception) upon others who do not share those views? No one demands that Catholics seek abortions, or for that matter marry someone of the same gender.

    The election of a President who opposes abortion rights will not guarantee the end of abortions. Even if the whole Congress were comprised of Catholics and Evangelicals, there would still be millions of abortions in this country, conducted in abhorant circumstances.

    If we want to reduce the number of abortions, which we all should, we should be thinking more broadly about social policy. Why does Canada and Western Europe, with their similar societies and more liberal abortion laws, have lower abortion rates than the US? Could it have something to do with their more restrained market economies where the vast differential between rich and poor does not exist as it does in the US? Could it be that more liberal family leave polices, and access to universal health care make an unplanned pregnancy less of a financial disaster for a family on the edge, or a single woman? Republicans typically denigrate such suggestions as "socialist" or fling some similar epithet. But where are the facts that demonstrate the Republican Party will improve life for ordinary men, women, and children?

    And if we use the "thresher" analogy discussed elsewhere on this site, why would it be improper to eliminate in the first instance any politician (or political party) that has supported President Bush in his unprovoked war of aggression in Iraq? The war has cost thousands of American lives, tens of thousands of American wounded, and more Iraqi casualties by several orders. This war was likely illegal under international law, and assent to it was procured by deception--both of the American people and even of dissenting Republican politicians (Google Dick Armey, whose support was critical to the Bush Administration).

    So, there are reasons other than Obama-bias or ignorance that explain disagreement with the "pro-life" views expressed here--chief among them the likelihood that these views are costing lives.

    Warm Regards

  5. Cesar A. Tambolong
    6 years ago

    Many of the comments on the subject of abortion are from those who seem slanted toward Obama and obviously have not read
    and been guided by the book "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship" (

  6. Augusto U. Suarez
    6 years ago

    With McCain's pro-life stand (even if with condition) we have a chance of the overturn of "Roe v Wade"; whereas the chance with Obama is ZERO, zilch, nada!!

  7. J. Frantz
    6 years ago

    Once again, my church has placed everything on the abortion issue, leaving ALL the other issues which directly effect the daily lives of millions of people to be debated and decided sometime in the future. The abortion issue doesn't go away with the election of a candidate. We have had 8-years of a pro-life administration and nothing has changed. I cannot, and will not, in good conscience vote for someone simply because they are against abortion, but choose to support the taking of life in other areas, or make decisions which tend to favor one financial class of people over others. I'm beginning to think that my church doesn't truly care about all life, but instead are using the abortion issue to further a political agenda. Now I'm being told that my vote will affect my standing in my church. Once again, go figure.

  8. DS
    6 years ago

    Since Obama is pro-choice, and McCain supports abortion in cases of rape or incest, I guess as catholics our only choice is to vote the completely pro-life candidate: Alan Keyes. I'm pretty sure that he's running again, that's all the guy knows how to do is run for office. The other candidates are "disqualified," so you MUST write in Alan Keyes.

  9. aj
    6 years ago

    "I am beginning to believe that some people say they are prolife and they do nothing about it. Also, I donít think just because a vice-presidential candidate is prolife means anything about the actual administration of the presidential candidate. The president sets the policies, not his vice-president. So I am not factoring in the running-mates into my decision. But I am wondering do I just take the word of people running for office that they are prolife and will do something about it?

    You can look at the history of the Canidate and see if they have acted as a pro-life canidate. McCain has been consistantly pro-life. I know there has been some lies said about him on this issue, but I grew up in Arizona and still live here. He has been consistant with his voting record on this issue. If you looking into the voting record of the other canidate you will see he has been consistant in the other direction. There is a clear choice this election and their speeches have nothing to do with it.

    As for the running mate, you are right when you say it is the president that sets the agenda, not the vice-president; however the president usually works to set the vice-president up for a run at the White house. Considering the high profile of one of the VP canidates, I am confident that her opinion will have an influence if she makes it into office.

    As far as beating up the present administration, on some issues it has been fairly spineless, but lets not take away everything. He did put a ban on federal funding of embryonic research, and appointed a couple of conservative Supreme Justice as he promised. One action stopped the murder of life at its beginning stage of development while the other set the foundation to end the murder of babies in the womb.

    At least let us recognize these accomplishments before we turn our backs on him.



  10. steve perzan
    6 years ago

    Obama says that he is for abortion but says that knows that there are people who disagree with his position, but perhaps there is a common ground that all can agree on a way to reduce abortions through adoption and other options for women.

    In the ABC TV Interview with Sarah Palin she says that she is pro-life -- which I sincerely believe she is, but she said in that interview that she realizes that there are women who do not see it her way and that perhaps they can come to some agreement to form a culture of life and offer greater opportunities for options to adoption and other choices. So even though Obama and Palin are on exact opposites on this issue they both come to say that there must be a common ground on this issue where people can work together.

    Why doesn't the Catholic Church point that out? Although they start at different ends of the spectrum they end up at the same point!! So then you can vote for either ticket and hope for the same result. In addition Palin is for an exception for abortion in the case of the life of the mother -- that is against the Catholic Church position. One exception is as important as the other according to the Bishops in the seamless garment of life. In addition McCain is in favor of abortion in cases of rape and incest.

    Interestingly "rape" is as defined by the woman -- there is "date rape" and even according to the law "husband rape" if the woman did not want to have sex with her husband and he forced himself on her -- even in marriage so therefore she could ask for an abortion under McCain's plan -- so it is all very meaningless. In addition, in case of traditional criminal rape aren't they exactly the most vulnerable of "unwanted pregnancies?" So if you follow McCains logic he is for doing away with the most unwanted of pregnancies and maybe they are exactly the one's that God holds most in the palm of his hand because there is absolutely no one to protect them.

    Obama is the only one of those running who actually passed a bill that is in total agreement with the Bishop's position on Capital Punishment and he was against the pre-emptive strike policy of George Bush which is against the Church's Just War Theory.

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