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Cardinal Egan Corrects Speaker Nancy Pelosi Comments

“What the Speaker had to say... was utterly incredible in this day and age.” Continue Reading

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  1. Wes Lisitza
    6 years ago

    It never ceases to amaze me that in our nation, it is the belief that the "separation of church and state" implies keeping one's faith out of their decisions involving Washington and our laws. I watched a lawyer on Daystar once (it was before I got cable and became an EWTN addict), and he explained from a Christian historical standpoint, as well as having looked at proposals passed in the congress at the dawn of the nation, how the founding fathers saw the separation of church & state clause as a way of protecting the church of Christianity (the all inclusive protestant idea) from being controlled by the government. There wasn't anything about "you have to abandon your upbringing when representing the people" kind of stuff that many politicians do today.

    I agree with most people here. We American Catholics are on the verge of becoming a more outspoken, active voice in societal issues (as opposed to just a presidential visit to the pope once a term) if we stand united and informed together. The wayward Catholic politicians need to be reminded of their roots and how the church has always stood on issues that affect Catholics as well as all living things on this planet. I hope that a refusal to provide the Eucharist is a way of showing Nancy Pelosi the error of her stance, and to teach her how much more important her faith ought to be to her.

  2. Bill Gerst
    6 years ago

    CALLING ALL CATHOLICS, especially our Cardinals and Bishops

    I am writing with respect for our Cardinals, Bishops and priests, as Canon Law requires; but, I am also very very angry!

    I am grateful for Cardinal Egan and the handful of Bishops who have spoken out against Nancy Pelosi's LIES. But, we have hundreds of Bishops and most of them are "silent", a travesty at best!

    We are all clear that life begins at Conception and that Killing Babies is a Serious Sin, but how many of you know this?

    Way back when Bill Clinton was running for President, John Paul II issued a directive to all of the American Bishops, giving them Instructions (an Order really) to have our priests in every parish INFORM all of the faithful that....IT IS A SERIOUS SIN TO VOTE FOR A PRO-CHOICE POLITICIAN and to warn us all to NOT Vote for any politician who is openly Pro-Choice. John Paul II clearly explained that our Vote is "POWER" and, if we vote for a Pro-Choice politician, we are transferring our "Power" to him, knowing he will vote to continue Killing babies. John Paul II made it Crystal Clear that this was a Sin because we were bring literal accomplices to the Murder of these innocent babies, and that no other campaign issue was more serious than this.

    What did the Majority (over 90%) of the U.S. Bishops do about John Paul's Instructions? How do I say this politely? They "buried it", "ignored it", "threw it in the trash" and THEY SAID NOTHING ABOUT IT!

    The Reason was simple - most of the Bishops are Democrats and want the Democrats to win, SO, while they give "Lip Service" to being Pro-Life, the Bottom Line IS - they hid this Teaching from us so the Democrats would win.

    When it was Bush Sr. v Clinton, 66% of the Catholics voted for Pro-Choice Clinton; when it was Bob Dole (Pro-Life) v Clinton, 62% of the Catholics voted again for Pro-Choice Clinton. There is No Rocket Science in this - we Catholics put a Pro-Choice Clinton in the White House, where almost the first thing he did was put RU-486 into use across the Nation. RU-486, if you don't know it, is another abortifacient that KILLS BABIES!

    Some of you are wondering WHY Nancy Pelosi isn't formally Excommunicated - you might also legitimately ask, What about Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, John Kerry?, and a long list of other supposedly Catholic politicians, all of whom continue being Pro-Choice, while our Bishops DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!

    Do I have to spell it out, word for word? When Bishops don't tell us it is a Serious Sin to vote for a Pro-Choice politician, and those same Bishops do "nothing" about Excommunicating politicians who are OPENLY Pro-Choice, what you are seeing is Democrat Bishops protecting candidates they want to see get elected.

    Jesus had one apostle who stabbed Him in the back, Judas!

    And NOW, here in America, we are seeing 11 Bishops out of 12 doing exactly the same thing. Do the numbers. We have seen less than 1 Bishop out of 12 speak out against Nancy Pelosi and her LIES and the rest of our Bishops are being SILENT and DOING NOTHING about any of these politicians.

    Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom - where is that Wisdom in how the majority of our Bishops are acting?

    I am but one voice "crying out in the wilderness", but I beg all of you to start crying our with me.

    PRAISE the Cardinal and Bishops who are speaking up, BUT get on the case of all those who refuse to take any action against the Evil of Murdering Babies!

  3. Carlos
    6 years ago

    I agree with the Catholic Church that a precious life is born at conception. I also understand that Jesus gave power to Peter to loose or bound things on earth and that that is transmitted over the Holy Popes. However, I find that to "suggest" excommunication of anybody... or to even have the "idea" that somebody should not be allowed to receive the Holy Sacraments is something evil. Can you imagine this?? it's like saying: Go to Hell and you should not experience life... Who are we to deny anybody from the opportunity to live with Jesus... if we truly understand what this is then we should not "wish" evil to anybody. May God grant wisdom to the Catholic Authorities to take this decision because the impact goes beyond our senses... If we could only be as merciful as we want the Father to be to us... Let's allow God to do His job and to be the Final Judge of our actions
    Love in Christ, Carlos

  4. Esther Richardson
    6 years ago

    Thank You for respecting the life of the unborn. Nancy Pelosi should be excommunicated, how dare she call herself a Catholic she is a disgrace to the human race.

  5. Mary
    6 years ago

    From my understanding, as a person who legislates for procured abortion, she is automatically excommunicated. What Rick wants is a formal decree of excommunication from the Archbishop. Pray that the Archbishop of San Francisco acts: for the good of his soul and hers, and to prevent further scandal within his Archdiocese.

  6. kathy C
    6 years ago

    Before any politician takes a public stand in the name of the church they should have their facts straight. She sets women back 50 years with broad statements like that. i don't appreciate her use of the church for political barbs..shame on her.

  7. Judy Elliott
    6 years ago

    Thank you to all the religious leaders who have spoken our against abortion and in favor of life. But they must go one step further and actually publically demand that she recant her lie and live up to her position as Speaker of the House to protect ALL human life. If she refuses, then I believe that she should not be able to receive the Eucharist. Furthermore, I believe this outcry should continue from the four corners of these United States until there is no doubt in anyone's mind what the Catholic Church's stand is on abortion. I pray the Bishops of the United States will realize their responsibilities as leaders and teachers and not bury this scandal under the rocks of politics and silence as they did the most recent scandal we are all well aware of.

  8. Heidi
    6 years ago

    I was under the understanding that through her actions alone Pelosi (and others) in effect excommunicate themselves. Is this what Gerard is referring to in mentioning Canon 915?

  9. Jane
    6 years ago

    Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to the Catholic Church and it's teachings. She is the most powerful woman in the USA. Many none Catholics got the wrong message. She should come out and make a full apology to the Church and change her views. If she doesn't the Church should excommunicate her. The Church has to take a stand. There are many other religions she can go to. Senators Bidden, Kerry and Kennedy should be held accountable as well. 40 millions babies have been killed with their support. I am outraged and I'm not alone.


  10. James
    6 years ago

    She came out with a response a little while ago. More evidence that she thinks she is right and the Church is wrong. She has a passage from St. Augustine which doesn't support her earlier statement to Brokaw, and which acts as if Augustine were a higher authority than the Church.

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