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Douglas W. Kmiec: Democrats Steps Toward Honoring Life in Their Party Platform Comments

"Having drafted their platform, the Democrats should reopen doors that never should have been shut toward pro-life Democrats." says Doug Kmiec. Continue Reading

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  1. Bill Donahue
    6 years ago

    The Democratic Party and Senator Obama embrace abortion because to oppose it costs them votes. Bill Clinton tapped danced around the issue when his wife was running saying that very thing. They are the party of true cynics. To know that you are risking thousands of lives to gain votes. There is nothing idealistic in the support of abortion. The new Democratic Party has left me behind. I can no longer believe in or support the hypocracy that comes with supporting abortion. Attempts to make it acceptable or explain it away won't work. To do so aids the continuation of the threat to life. Senator Obama may have great "vision" but the devil is truly in the details here.

  2. Harold Olsen
    6 years ago

    The Democrats will never oppose abortion any more than they will same sex marriage. A few years ago Howard Dean made the claim that the Democrat party does not and never has support abortions or same sex marriage. This, of course is a lie and, in my opinion, just about everything they say is a lie. They know that both abortion and same sex marriage are wrong but continue to support them and pretend they don't and believe that we are too stupid to know the difference. As long as the Democrats support both they will never get my vote.

  3. David Sundrud
    6 years ago

    This article is unreal. You are trying to tell me that the man who has gone out of his way to remind us that he has a 100% rating from planned parenthood is somehow pro-life? Explain to me how endorsing the freedom of choice act, which requires that the states provide on demand abortion, is anything less than endorsing whole sale slaughter of the most innocent of victims. A vote for Obama is a vote for an increase in abortions.

    Even Hilary Clinton would be a better choice for a pro-life person and that is saying a lot.

    The author needs to seriously reexamine his faith if he thinks that Barak Obama is an acceptable person to vote for. Abortion is not an issue of relativism, either you support the premeditated murder of the unborn or you don't. There is never a case where it is somehow acceptable. In a world of grays this issue is 100% black and white.

  4. Harry
    6 years ago

    Is Obama's charm so overwhelming it can mesmerize Mr. Kmiec to the extent that he would urge us to abandon the effort to overturn Roe? It must. Otherwise there is no explanation for the muddle-headed hocus pocus emanating from Mr. Kmiec's brain.
    "Barak Obama is a different type of candidate". He's not! He tried to pretend he is different and new and messiah-like. He fooled many for a while, but we've all seen through him by now. Why hasn't Mr. Kmiec? Obama tries to make the old Democratic ploys look new ("safe, legal and rare", prenatal help, and, of course, the "prevention first" hoax), and Mr. Kmiec buys it, as if he hadn't been hearing those ploys for years now, and as if Obama had not already proven to be the most pro abortion cndidate ever. Kmiec says Obama is new and different in that he regards abortion as a moral question which only the woman can decide. That is NOT new or different. I've heard Hillary, Al Gore and other prominent committed pro aborts mouth that shiboleth ten years ago to soften the hard edge of the pro abortion image. The greatest soft sell that the Democrats are trying right now is to persuade pro lifers to abandon the effort to reverse Roe in return for vague, fuzzy promises to support adoption or provide more contraceptives to reduce the number of abortions - which we know is fallacious. What a coup they would score if they could swing that. Mr. Kmiec, arise from your Obama-induced hypnosis and recover the objectivity you once seemed to have. Until you do, may I suggest you are not in a position to represent pro life.

  5. Rita
    6 years ago

    The Christian Defense Coalition uncovers that at a July 17, 2007 Planned Parenthood Action Fund event, Senator Obama said, "Well, the first thing I'd do as president is, is sign the Freedom of Choice Act."

    I like you Doug Kmiec, but you are grasping at straws. PLEASE see the light. Obama is a baby killer, PERIOD.

  6. Mickey
    6 years ago

    Doug...all the Dems have done is suggest sex education augment their abortion-on-demand plan. We all know that sex education, particularly the liberal kind, does nothing to praise virtue and everything to tear down social and religious barriers to promiscuity.

    Making the "safe, legal, and rare" argument is exactly the same as drawing a line between slave states and free states. Either the embryo/fetus/baby is a human being and Constitutionally protected, or they are not...and the Church says they are.

    The Dems say the child is no different than an appendix that can be removed at will. Hogwash. the military vernacular, "you're pissing up a rope" on this one.

  7. Robert Stackpole, STD
    6 years ago

    Doug, there is a lot of good sense in this article, but two points you made really need to be challenged:

    (1) You stated that Obama's theory of government "puts the person at the center--not to have the government impose from top-down": I think one could fairly argue that given his opposition to parental choice in schooling, and the huge new regulatory bureaucracy he is proposing as part of his Health Care plan, his theory of government is to put the GOVERNMENT at the center, as the universal nanny to look after the good of the human person. He does not seem to have much place in his theory for the Catholic principle of "subsidiarity." Remember also that Obama supports federal Freedom of Choice act, a top-down attempt to impose abortion on demand on all the states.

    2. You wrote: "The Republicans are dug in on seeking the elusive 5th vote to overturn Roe....overturning Roe does nothing directly to save a life; it merely tosses the issue back to the states." C'mon, Doug: you know and I know that as soon as Roe is repealed, dozens of states will pass laws similar to South Dakota's anti-abortion law, and many lives of unborn children will thereby be saved.

    Again, you are certainly right to argue that being pro-life means more than just supporting anti-abortion laws: it means creating a condition of welcome for every new life conceived, including adequate adoption-option support, maternity leave provisions, etc. But are the Republicans leaving such things out of their platform? Let's wait and see.

  8. Ben Brinkman
    6 years ago

    Some please challenge this fraud. Honestly, how does he even show his face at Mass? Nothing he has mentioned here is a change at all from any pro-death Democratic position. No wonder he doesn't even try to debate, but submits his articles hoping nobody will notice.

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