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Douglas W. Kmiec: Democrats Steps Toward Honoring Life in Their Party Platform Comments

"Having drafted their platform, the Democrats should reopen doors that never should have been shut toward pro-life Democrats." says Doug Kmiec. Continue Reading

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  1. Marie
    6 years ago

    The new tactic of the pro-abortion left is to make the case that abortion is with us forever and that the pro-lifers need to shut up and accept it. Oh, and vote Democrat...

    Whether it's safe, legal or rare - Abortion is murder.

  2. father Joseph
    6 years ago

    Mr. Kmeic will write anything to soothe his conscience . . .it is easy to talk about pro-abort, pro-choice et alli rei - because he is alive and doing well. He is alive . . .making a judgment on a human who has no voice is about as coward as you can go. We honor people with courage, compassion and more love. Somewhere in the Democrat Party they just don't seem to get it . .as for Obama . .his situation in Chicago is enough to read what he is about. Everyone is being manipulated like a toy . .. we need to be a people aware of what is happening right now. Thanks for the time. Fr. Joseph

  3. Douglas Stanley Jr.
    6 years ago

    Truly sad how Kmiec sold out his principles to be in the embrace of The One.

  4. JimmyJoe
    6 years ago

    "For this reason, the Catholic position is "never" not "rare.""

    Good. Because this is right.

    "The Democrats are still well short of that..."

    "Well short" does not even begin to describe the Democratic position. This is disengenous. They are completely and fanatically PRO-abortion rights.

    "....but the impact of Senator Obama's search for common ground is evident."

    He isnt LOOKING for "common ground." The ONLY ground he regards as "common" is if you agree with HIM! Depending on his actual views at this particular point in time of course.... Heh. "Change change change"!!!

    "Obama's theory of government is to put the human person at the center"

    VERY good. And what, pray tell, do you call an UNborn person??? HOW on EARTH can his "born alive" position be squared with THIS??? I could comment further but see absolutely NO point.

    I used teach on the morality of abortion in Catholic HS, and if a HIGH school kid wrote this, he would get an immediate F for contradicting himself.

    In your case, Sir, it is an absolute SCANDAL that you support Obama.

  5. paul
    6 years ago

    You would think by now Doug Kmiec would give up on this little charade, but he continues to be oblivious to reality. He has been wooed by Obama's empty rhetoric, and continues to make the same ridiculous arguments over and over that Obama is some sort of "new" candidate. Meanwhile, Kmiec glosses over the fact that Obama is not only the pro-abortion candidate, he is the pro-infanticide candidate.

    Get over it Doug. President Obama will not appoint you to the bench no matter how much you shill for him.

  6. Kiet Tran
    6 years ago

    If Professor Kmeic believes changing abortion law in the US is not possible, what makes him think that changing pro-abortion stand within the Democrat party is possible? I wonder if Professor Kmeic is trying to justify his support for Obama. If so, he fails miserably.

    I think it is best that Professor Kmeic changes his position on Obama or simply just stay silence with his own agenda. How can one be pro-life and pro-Obama? Just like how can one be pro-abortion and Catholic? It just does not make sense no matter how you twist it. It is just wrong.

  7. Cletus J Tauer
    6 years ago

    “Barack Obama is a different type of candidate.” Yes he is a superb liar; so good that he believes his own misrepresentations. Even a child knows that Roe is an affirmation of abortion. In spite of the fact that the woman may be in a desperate state and unable to make any reasonable decision, Obama believes that only the mother can decide. I suppose then that only the robber can decide if he should steal the bank’s money, so we should not legislate against robbery? But then we haven’t done enough to ensure that, “ignorance or economics coerces a choice the robber would otherwise not make.” How simplistic and ignorant, and coming from a professor yet.

    Simply stated the real question is, is a fetus a person. If true must protect this person under the law. Obama has voted to withhold life supporting aid to fetuses accidentally born alive as a result of abortive actions. Can any rational person agree with that?

    Roe, like Dread Scott, is illogical and thus holds no authority; it must be reversed. Most rational people know this. Obama, a recipient of millions of dollars donated by Planned Parenthood and others has sold his soul to the devil on this and he seems unable to break away. May God help him to break the chains of this evil!

    If “Obama’s theory of government is to put the human person at the center” on abortion, why is it that he uses coercive federal power to accomplish it? Simple logic indicates that Roe does impose “top-down” force to give the mother the power to kill. Again a child can see this. And NO Pro-Life person believes that overturning Roe does something “directly to save a life”, but it will allow states to pass laws that limit or eliminate abortion in a particular state. My understanding is that Dread Scott did not eliminate slavery; it took years and a bloody war to accomplish that. Professor Kmiec seems to have missed the lecture on subsidiarity which would allow states to solve this issue. And certainly the fetus, a person, must be given a preferential option for life.

    Professor Kmiec, the goal is not to make it more likely that the so called “choice will be in favor of life”, but that every life will be treated with equal respect. Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion candidate in history and his election would cause irreparable harm to our nation. In so far as you aid his election, you will be complicit in this great evil; your conversion will be in my prayers daily.

  8. Donna Tepe
    6 years ago

    This article is very misleading. Mr. Obama voted against banning partial birth abortion. He would nominate very liberal, pro-choice men and women for any openings to the Supreme Court. The Democratic party is far from being pro-life in any way, shape or form. Pelosi among others are an example of this. A vote for Mr. Obama is a vote for death. We must always vote for life.

  9. Magdaleno Villegas
    6 years ago

    Sadly, Mr Kmiec you exhibit a an irrational bias against our free market economy and mischaracterise the position of conservatives who you lump under the label of "Republicans". There is no other country in the world that sends more aide and resources (monetary and human) to peoples in distress than the USA. There is no other country in the world who's poor is fat and use cell phones, and as a son of Mexican immigrants, who arrived here with only the clothes on their backs, I can tell you that if you going to be poor, this is the best country in the world to be poor in! Let's be honest and ask ourselves why this is? Now I thoroughly acknowledge that our system hasn't been perfect but there is no other system in the world that has created more opportunity for individuals and conversely created the resources to aid the world when in need.

    Mr. Kmiec, you fail to see Mr. Obama for what he really advocates and that is socialism. Perhaps because socialism as a economic philosophy has never gained any traction in this country it has morphed into something more palatable (sugar coated if you will for the naive)so that politically correct minded Americans wouldn't object. The current form of "Liberalism" which is the prevalent force guiding the Democratic party today is nothing more than repackaged socialism. Big Government solutions to all our problems will only lead to the government gaining too much power over our freedom and when Christianity is no longer tolerated it may be too late for real change.
    It is easy to see that Obama and the Democratic party is unquestionably supporting anti-life and big government measures. One only needs to see who their biggest contributors are. How do you reconcile the fact that NARAL and many other militantly pro-abortion, pro-choice groups are solidly in his corner? Enough with the charade, I pray that you will be able to see the chafe from the wheat soon!

  10. Paul
    6 years ago

    The article is truthful. I hope Democratic leaders are open to its suggestions. Sadly, the Republican party since 1980 has evolved into a party of hypocrites and liars. Most of their social policies regarding health care, education, war,fair and just employment wages, etc. are anti-catholic. Read Pope Leo XII's encyclical Rerum Novarum(not sure of my spelling here). Republican policies, local and national, are not in accord with Catholic social teaching. Also in Michigan, our former three-term Republican governor John Engler closed psychiatric hospitals resulting in thousands of mentally ill adults roaming our streets or filling our jails with those suffering from schizophrenia, manic-depression, and other illnesses often compounded by alcoholism, substance abuse, and homlesness. Ask anyone who has a child, brother, sister, cousin, close friend with mental illness in Michigan about the state of care here. It is at an all time low and horror stories abound. Republicans have claimed to be the pro-life party but their commitment to quality of life ends beyond birth until death, throughout childhood, adulthood, and old age.Life is hard under many Republican social policies and the economic greed that has prevailed in our country since start of trickle-down Reaganomics in 1981.

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