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EXCLUSIVE: Doug Kmiec on 'The Politics of Apostasy' Comments

"It wont help now that the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) has endorsed Obama over Clinton. This is an endorsement that is deeply troubling." Continue Reading

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  1. Scott Cline
    6 years ago

    I find it distressing that almost without exception, the comments on these pages are entirely negative of Prof. Kmiec's views. And not just disagreeing with him, but vehemently hate him as an individual.

    I understand the Hierarchy of Values - as does Prof. Kmiec. However, it clearly doesn't follow that the expressing of a single policy position (pro-choice, or even "pro-abortion" if you prefer) automatically eliminates the candidate from our consideration.

    Abortion is without doubt a grave moral evil. We all look forward to the day when the practice will no longer take place. Such a day won't come with the stroke of a pen, the passing of a law, or the election of a candidate. It is only possible when society itself is transformed so that it rejects the practice. It is delusional to think that a single yeah/nay at the voting booth absolves us from any particular moral evil. Votes cast for George Bush may indirectly kept pro-choice laws off the books. But those same votes haven't reduced the number of abortions in America - but did directly empower a president to continue to commit bloodshed for dubious reasons.

    Life is highest on our Hierarchy of Values. It is quite dubious to claim that lives of the unborn are worth more than lives lost is war, whether they be American lives or others. A candidate, or elected official, merely because of (Obama), or in spite of (McCain) their views, does not participate in individual acts of abortion. It is ludicrous to think that Obama's views on this issue and voters who vote for him actually are party to acts of abortion. However, it can be convincingly argued that our current president is directly responsible for the tens of thousands of deaths in Iraq. Votes for Bush, because his very hand causes death, has put those who voted for him in far greater moral peril, than any vote for a candidate/official who's stated position on abortion neither kills or saves the unborn.

    All the social conservatives who been elected by people who vote on only this one issue haven't done anything to stem the tide of abortions. And yet they have allowed many other evils to occur, both great and small. Prof. Kmiec sees this dilemma. A vote for conservative candidates neither saves children, the same as a vote for a liberal candidates kill them. Many issues are actually affected by our voting, abortion seems not one of them. It is proper to put the issue of life first, but it is entirely more proper to weight our ability to save lives or at the minimum, reduce those lost. It is Professor Kmiec's view that a vote for Obama affects more positive change, change that we seek, than a vote for the opposition.

    You can disagree with Prof. Kmiec, of course. But the argument that a vote for Obama damns you, is stupid, for a vote for Bush or McCain would equally damn you, and yet as stated above may in fact be more damning. Not voting is not an option, for it doesn't reduce the likelihood of either candidate getting elected. You must make an informed choice. Clearly, if only one candidate was pro-life, why wouldn't the Church endorse them? Because the Church, understands that abortion should not be the only issue on which to base votes. Plainly obvious.

  2. Mary
    6 years ago

    It boggles the mind that Catholic Online would publish Kmiec's misguided and inaccurate statements. Here's a tip for Kmiec: if all your good friends in the pro-life community are telling you that Obama is a mistake, maybe you should listen. There's the old story of the man who was told to evacuate from his house because of a flood. He said, "I'm not worried, the Lord will take care of me." Indeed, the flood waters rose. The man went to the roof of his house with his dog. He refused evacuation by rowboat. He refused evacuation by helicopter. His dog left the roof to swim for it, leaving the man alone. The man said, "I'm not worried, the Lord will take care of me." A short time later, the dog returned in a small raft amid the rising water... but the man let the raft go by. Finally, nature took its toll and the man drowned in the flood waters. At the pearly gates, the man encounters God and says, "Lord, how could you forget me? Why didn't you take care of me?" God says, "I did take care of you. All your neighbors and friends told you to leave. I sent a boat. I sent a helicopter. I even sent your dog back to you in a raft -- but you refused to get in!" So, as far as Mr. Kmiec, yes, he is being encouraged otherwise... I think Obama is a great deceiver. I'm sorry that a seemingly intelligent man like Mr. Kmiec would be taken in.

  3. Michele
    6 years ago

    I wonder how a Catholic who says he believes that life begins at conception can support a man who doesn't even believe life begins after birth in some cases.I am referencing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (see

    How can a Catholic who is pro-life support a man who is proud to be for partial birth abortion. (see Michelle Obama's fund raising letter

    Barak Obama's uplifting rhetoric never matches his actual life record. He says he wants to bring people together when his entire record and associations suggest someone who has chosen a very leftist point of view.

    While I am deeply troubled by your support of Obama just as the priest who denied you Holy Communion (I believe that the proper procedure wasn't applied and I realize that the priest probably should not have denied you Holy Communion.)

    But I cannot understand how you or any serious pro-lifer can think Obama will help curtail abortion when he promised NARAL that The first thing Id do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act, You can't seriously think that Obama will help the unborn - this man in fact makes a habit of high sounding almost Messianic rhetoric which is the opposite of who he really is or what his life points too. In fact the Messianic rhetoric is rather creepy - a reason in itself not to vote for him.

  4. Mike
    6 years ago

    Prof Kmiec's attempt to claim that Obama is not enthusiastically pro-abortion has been thoroughly debunked.

    But, as a Catholic in full, I also have grave concerns about Obama's consistent message that he believes he can immanentize the eschaton. I for one, prefer to leave that to the True Messiah.

  5. joanne
    6 years ago

    Obama has proven by his past actions that he is the candidate least open to defending the lives of the unborn. Rather than say anything to allow us to hope for a post-election change, he has promised Planned Parenthood supporters his "openness" and FIRST presidential actions on their behalf...So where is the confusion here? Obama is SINCERELY pro-death and has made so many promises regarding "reproductive rights" that if he were honest he would have to resign as president, if elected, in the case of a personal conversion.
    Therefore, it would not only be wrong, but ILLOGICAL to vote for him in the hopes that he will become pro-life.

  6. Mark
    6 years ago

    Kmiec's "explanation" of his endorsement of Obama inadequate and self-serving.

    It is true Catholic teaching allows consideration of other factors. However, the other factors that Kmiec lists he does so using the premise that Obama's positions are correct in relation to Catholic teaching. This is debatable. The reality of abortion is not debatable.

  7. Linda Allard
    6 years ago

    Obama has a 100% approval rating with Planned Parenthood. All of the babies blood is crying out for justice. And he wants to allow millions more? Wake up America before it is too late.

  8. Joe Cassar
    6 years ago

    Apparently the author did not get the news about Obama's plans for a "Freedom of Choice" Act if nominated President
    Perhaps he didn't know that Obama will only nominate pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices
    Or that Obama has a 100% approval rating from Planned Parenthood.
    Need I say more?

  9. Nicholas Miller
    6 years ago

    Prof. Kmiec's position is merely a recognition that in this fallen world, no candidate is perfect, and that as Christians we are called upon to weigh and balance a candidate's entire portfolio of views in seeking the greater good.

    Why is Obama's willingness to allow the individual woman and her doctor to decide if and when to terminate unborn life more blameworthy than a decision to engage in an unjust war that will certainly result in the termination of tens of thousands of existing innocent lives? Remember, the Pope was opposed to the invasion of Iraq, declaring that it did not meet just war standards.

    I for one applaud Prof. Kmiec's willingness to see beyond the single-issue focus on abortion that Republican spinsters have used to virtually blind the evangelical community to other, equally important issues of justice, fairness and life. His courage is remarkable as it is rare. I say this as someone who has not yet decided who to support, but am leaning towards McCain.

  10. Frank Niemiec
    6 years ago

    Professor Kmiec,
    Your actions speak louder than your words. The right to life is a non-negotiable issue. I too question the wisdom of Catholic Online in continuing to give you a venue. It was not convincing the first time around and it continues to be less so as we hear more from you. I will pray for you.

    Frank Niemiec

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