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EXCLUSIVE: Doug Kmiec on 'The Politics of Apostasy' Comments

"It won’t help now that the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) has endorsed Obama over Clinton. This is an endorsement that is deeply troubling." Continue Reading

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  1. ruth
    6 years ago

    Obama says to feed the poor,, feed our enemies, etc..... yet when his life long friend was living out of a friend's auto Barack refused to help him..LAST YEAR...Jesus said these go into eternal punishment...Matt 25-qualifies Barack to be a goat not a sheep..

  2. ruth
    6 years ago

    so you think Obama encourages love among the brethren.. what about the dead baby brothers from the abortionist murderous hands?? Obama is the dividing line that divides the 5 virgins who brought (holy ghost) oil with their lamps and the 5 foolish virgins who brought no (holy ghost oil) with their lamps... too bad since holy ghost is the sprit of truth that allows us to discern the Christ from antichrist, as is Obamessiah...Using Matthew 25 to try to sway real Christians was a bad mistake.. It merely clarified the truth of the 10 virgins....we are there now.

  3. Kevin Ryan
    6 years ago

    The NARAL endorsement would be "is deeply troubling" only if it weren't already completely unsurprising. Of course NARAL supports him - did you think they wouldn't? Do you think he doesn't welcome their support? If Obama does win I suspect the two years from now you will regret your current support.

  4. Ricardo San Patricio
    6 years ago

    Mr. Kimec,
    Your thinking leaves me baffeled and befuddeled. How can you possibly put the Pro-Life issue next to the environment, immigration or any other social injustice? The issue of abortion should occupy the first 1000 places of interest and the rest could be addressed AFTER the Right to Life issue is corrected. Right to Life demands ALL of our support. During the days of un-equal rights, no one placed a higher value on anything else...It was THE premiere issue. All other issues were secondary.

    I'll pray for you and I'll really, really, really (100 more reallies) pray for our country if your guy gets elected.

    Ricardo San Patricio

  5. Clara
    6 years ago

    As Catholics, it is morally wrong to support pro-choice candidates.

  6. shawna
    6 years ago

    None of the vehemently anti-Kmiec or anti-Obama commenters here seem to have considered the fact that putting an end to abortion goes SO much further than Roe v. Wade. This is a battle of hearts and minds. Obama has approached pro-life protesters at his rallies and spoken with them directly, has said very publicly that he understands and sympathizes with their positions, has pointed out publicly over and over that abortion is a moral issue, not just an economic or medical one. When was the last time there was a person who the pro-choice camps would listen to who would help them to understand that abortion is a moral evil? When will we have this chance again? In my mind, this will go a lot further toward changing hearts and minds than McCain's seemingly half-hearted, politically motivated "pro-life" position that will only continue to polarize the 2 sides of the debate. For the sake of the unborn, we must get off the see-saw and begin to talk to the pro-choice side. Only then will we make progress toward our goal of shifting from a culture of death to a culture of life.

  7. Colorado Mom
    6 years ago

    It is because of folks like Mr. Kmiec that I left the Catholic church. Anyone, such as Obama, who is radically pro-abortion, anti death penalty and pro gay marriage is unworthy of the presidency. And what happened to justice? The Catholic church used to support the death penalty. Why the do gooderism in the last few decades. Look to see what God's word, i.e. the bible says about capital punishment, don't take my word for it.

  8. Karen M.
    6 years ago

    Responding to Brother Kevin's point on immigration:

    A few years ago, my friend had a maid from Mexico, who worked in US for 3 years. She saved every penny she made. She got pregnant and had the baby in the US. She told my friend "everything is free in the US", including pre-natal care, delivery, post-natal care, diapers, formula, vaccinations, etc. When the baby was 1, the maid returned to Mexico, with all the money she had saved and lived off the fruits of her labor for almost two years. She decided not to work in Mexico because the pay was beneath her. Almost every penny earned in the US was poured into the Mexican economy. Well, the girl got pregnant again, and decided to return to the US to have the second child, "because it's free" and to work again, since she was out of money. She explained to my friend that she couldn't stay in Mexico and have the baby because it costs money to have a baby in Mexico. So, she's back in the US, broke, with one child and pregnant with another, looking for work and "free services". She plans on having the baby, working for a few years, saving every penny, and then returning to Mexico to live off the fruits. We have serious immigration issues to deal with in our country. I don't think Kmiec or Obama understand this.

  9. Brother Kevin
    6 years ago

    It's very simple - you can't be a Catholic in good standing and vote for a candidate who favors abortion.

    It's a non-negotiable issue.

    Obama even favors partial-birth abortion. There has never been a candidate more unsuited to be President than Barak Obama. You cannot tax a person or a society into prosperity. You cannot claim to support the Constitution and the rule of law and associate with known criminals and have the support of terrorist organizations.

    While the war in Iraq was and is costly, freeing millions of people from the atrocities of Saddam Hussein is nevertheless a good thing. This war, like every war entered into by the United States, has been waged according to the tenets of the Geneva Conventions. Sadly, the terrorists do not share our sensibilities in that regard.

    Americans, through the right to own property, are far and away the most responsible stewards of the environment on the planet. Take a look at abominable conditions in Russia and China if you think otherwise. There, it's not uncommon for industrial waste to be dumped directly into freshwater streams and lakes and all manner of solid debris to be dumped wherever it's convenient.

    As for the tax code, 95% of the taxes collected are paid by a tiny fraction of the population while most of the poor are not taxed at all, yet they receive more entitlements than any other human beings in history. If you want to put people out of work, simply raise the minimum wage.

    As for his slam against America's immigration policies, Mr. Kmeic is so far off base that I hardly know where to begin. The laws on the books are not even being enforced so Mr. Kmeic has nothing to complain about. In the second place, I wonder where Mr. Kmeic gets the idea that America can possibly absorb the hundreds of millions of people who would, if they could, get to our shores? We can't even absorb one million people a year.
    Google "immigration, gumballs" for a short video.

    Mr. Kmeic really needs to inform himself on the issues before he signs his name to something and posting it on the internet.

  10. Paul F McCann
    6 years ago

    What I cannot believe is the hypocrasy of the players in this game.

    We, as Catholics, are pro-life... all life.

    The problem is we are completely inconsistant in our application of this principle.

    When I hear of a conservative denied communion for their support of the death penalty, or their support of the elimination of welfare, then I will know that my church has acheived just a bit of consistency.

    Fortunately, I can keep my politics and religion seperate... for if I could not, I would not be able to vote as there is not a single candidate I could support... every one of 'em has at least one position counter to the teachings of my religion.

    And therein lies the main issue...

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