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Doug Kmiec Reaffirms Endorsing Sen. Barack Obama Comments

"To some of my fellow Catholics, Senator Obama's answers on abortion make him categorically unacceptable. I understand that view, respect it, but find it prudentially the second-best answer in 2008." Continue Reading

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  1. Jim Cubie
    6 years ago

    I hope that and evangelical Protestant's views are welcome at this site. I welcome the author's well reasoned arguments and decry the tone of those who disagree with him. Can't the issue be addressed without the tone of hatefulness?

  2. Michael
    6 years ago

    Above is a good read about this topic.

    In an earlier comment, it sounds as if there is confusion over Obama's reported support, or vote, against giving medical aid to a baby surviving abortion (and allowing he/she to die). If I recall correctly, the vote was when he was in the State Senate of Illinois, and I believe the bill was very similar (if not exact) to the bill introduced at the Federal level. Which would negate the argument that he was elected to the U.S. Senate "after" the vote. Regardless, his position is clear and Sen. Obama's position is clearly for death.

  3. Mike Liffrig
    6 years ago

    Doug, please don't use your position of authority to endorse a manipulative, unprincipled infanticide enthusiast.

  4. Justin Breck
    6 years ago

    I am an alum of Pepperdine University and am ashamed of the viewpoint offered by Professor Kmiec. It conveys an utterly naive concept of Democratic politics. It's called expediency Professor! As an attorney, he should know that the abortion issue lies in the hands of nine Justices who are appointed by one person (ah - that would the be the President - remember). I know the '80's might be hard for Doug to remember, but Reagan would turn over in his grave to hear that his once capable counsel had endorsed the most viciously liberal candidate for President the Democratic party has EVER fielded.

  5. Keith
    6 years ago

    God save us from the likes of false catholics such as Douglas Kmiec.

  6. ultra1000
    6 years ago

    Any Catholic that votes for any Democrat should be excommunicated from the church. Abortion is equal to murder. Supporting people like that should be grounds for excommunication. Obama and his supporters are sick human beings. The Catholic Church should be ashamed to allow Kennedy and Kerry and all other Catholic pro Abortion politicians into church. SHAME ON YOU.

  7. Barbara Maxwell
    6 years ago

    I am astounded that an intelligent man such as Doug Kmiec can share the reasoning that Obama has about "a woman's right to choose" to kill her own baby, even if the baby survives a botched abortion. A baby would be a 'problem' for a woman so killing the baby would solve that 'problem'?

    Why stop at babies in the womb? Has anyone ever had a 'problem' with a 2-year old?

    The real 'problem' is the seriously flawed reasoning of Kmiec and Obama and others of their ilk share. It deeply concerns me that so many people do not take the time to think the ‘choice’ issue through and will go with the crowd in order to be ‘fair’ to someone’s different belief about abortion.

    God help us, please!

  8. R.C.
    6 years ago

    Kmiec is an example of the reasonable person who bends over so far trying to be reasonable that he loses all access to reason.

    The reality is that a vote for Obama is a vote against an infallible, absolute, and top-importance Catholic teaching, justified only by the candidate being mildly preferable to his top opponent when judged by areas of Catholic teaching which are of lesser importance, heavily qualified, and not infallibly taught by the Magisterium.

    It is so, so tempting (have I not felt it myself?) to vote for a black man -- any black man! -- in order to pursue the noble goal of racial reconciliation. It is such an attractive notion that Kmiec and others are willing to vote for NARAL's favorite politician, sacrificing every principle for the sake of that dream.

    (Had Jesse Jackson won the nomination some years back, and had a snowball's chance, Kmiec might have been similarly tempted.)

    But it IS a temptation, "deceiving...the very elect." Let us pray Kmiec, and others, repent before they sin.

  9. Katrinka Yobotz
    6 years ago

    Obama has a long history of defending unrestricted abortion as a legislator and has stated that he would never want his two girls "punished with a baby" if they made the mistake of engaging in pre-marital sex. (

    The Illinois Senator even went so far as to vote against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which would have protected children who survived failed abortion attempts from infanticide. Obama argued that recognizing the rights of those children under the 14th amendment would lead to the equal protection of the unborn and thus endanger the legal footing of abortion.

    Sen. Obama has promised to make abortion a priority of his presidency, including the passage of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), legislation that would annihilate every single state law limiting or regulating abortion, including the federal ban on partial birth abortion. (

  10. Katrinka Yobotz
    6 years ago

    Kmiec proves that sometimes the more educated a person becomes, the more they are susceptible to such open-mindedness that their brains fall out.

    According to Kmiec, Obama says that the serious moral issue of abortion can only be resolved by the well informed mother.

    Kmiec acknowedges that we're talking about life and personhood. To understand the impact of what he is saying, replace the prenatal life in his argument, with human life at a different stage. Would Kmiec then also agree that:

    The serious moral issue of murder can only be resolved by the well informed perpetrator?

    Kmiec also says he doesn't think Obama is pro-abortion. What? Obama even supported infanticide! Kmiec has his open-minded head in the sand.

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