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Doug Kmiec Reaffirms Endorsing Sen. Barack Obama Comments

"To some of my fellow Catholics, Senator Obama's answers on abortion make him categorically unacceptable. I understand that view, respect it, but find it prudentially the second-best answer in 2008." Continue Reading

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  1. jd
    6 years ago

    I encourage people to read the book "Can a Catholic Vote for Him?" to get more complete information.

    Hopefully,people will then be able to post comments that are not so full of hate and borderline abusive (which violates the terms of use for Catholic Online).

    To disagree without being so intolerant and judgmental is truly a sign of a Christian walking the walk.

  2. William H. Van Pelt, IV
    6 years ago

    Professor Kmiec,
    Your support of the most pro-abortion candidate in history is an affront to the Church's teaching on abortion. Your rationalization of the subject is delusional and gravely harmful to those who read but cannot discern.

    Bill Van Pelt, IV
    Houston, TX

  3. Chris
    6 years ago

    Obama is a radical pro-abortion politician. He is the worst I have seen - more so than Hilary Clinton. You must know that he is the preferred candidate by Planned Parenthood and all those who are pushing abortion. There is still a fight over this issue and I don't subscribe to Doug's defeatist attitude. Will we lay down and let the pro-abortion politicians pass things like FOCA (really important-see which will negate all the hard won pro-life legislation won in our country since Roe v. Wade. Apparently Doug doesn't know about this. If Obama becomes president he will sign it into law given the opportunity while McCain and Palin will not. Obama voted in favor of infanticide. His lack of respect for human life, on record, disqualifies him for any public office. Doug Kmiec does not reflect the magisterium of the Catholic Church's teaching. Read this Doug since you are a lay person and have obviously missed it: The following is a section from the Apostolic Exhortation Christifideles Laici (On the Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful in the Church and in the World) issued by Pope John Paul II on December 30, 1988. This passage stresses the call of the faithful to defend human life. Quote "The inviolability of the person which is a reflection of the absolute inviolability of God, finds its primary and fundamental expression in the inviolability of human life. Above all, the common outcry, which is justly made on behalf of human rights -- for example, the right to health, to home, to work, to family, to culture -- is false and illusory if the right to life, the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other personal rights, is not defended with maximum determination." I urge Doug and anyone else who might try to justify that social justice and peace issues trump the right to life consider this quote carefully and be convinced that it truly reflects our Church's teaching. Beside, the horrific number of 48 million abortions since Roe v. Wade eclipses in magnitude all the deaths of American soldiers in all American wars put together.

  4. Jorge
    6 years ago

    I beg Mr. Kmiec to confess his sinful acts and to R-E-P-E-N-T. He is bringing scandal into the church and leading many people astray, because of his position. My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, we are to live a life worthy of example to others; we are to reflect the Kingdom o f God. How is Mr. Kmiec a reflection of the kingdom of God? A true convicted, believing, true worshiping Catholic does not support abortion, no matter what.

    I truly do not believe that Mr. Kmiec, has had any convictions that there is true God and that He does truly exists, and that His only Son Jesus died for this Church, is this how he repays what Jesus did for him on the Cross? He is a wolf among sheep. I will pray for Mr. Kmiec.

  5. Nancy Hemminger
    6 years ago

    It is persons, like Kmiec, who are psudo-intellectuals, who try to make us believe that abortion can somehow be coated with legalese and we will swallow the premise that it is okay.

    Abortion is not okay and it is pitiful that people like Kmisec are in universities like Catholic U and Notre Dame, where young formative minds are influenced by persons, who are supposed to enlighten their students with knowledge that reflects our Catholic faith, morals and values.

    According to Kmiec, a bad economy is "threatening to human life." Too bad he doesn't understand that it is views like his that are the real scalpel in the hands of those who threaten the most innocent of human life.

    Kmiec is impressed with Obama's promise to America, which makes us our brother's and sister's keeper. Is killing our most innocent and frail brothers and sisters the way to be their "keeper?"

    What a contradiction for Kmiec to profess being Catholic. Is he related to Nancy Pelosi? Maybe some of these so-called Catholics need a refresher course in their faith. In the meantime, the lesson we all can learn is politicians and professors often do not have the correct answers. We need to think for ourselves and Obama and Kmiec definitely do NOT have my vote.

    Nancy Hemminger

  6. Jerome J
    6 years ago

    Neither candidate fully subscribes to the American bishops' "pro-life" position. It can be argued that Obama is further from it than McCain, when it come to abortion. But, McCain is further from other matters in their statement, which covers much more than abortion. Obama is much closer to the bishops when it comes to social justice, war and peace issues. Obama's position brings him closer than McCain to the spirit of the bishops' position. An additional matter for consideration is racism--an "intrisinsic evil." Any Catholic who votes against Obama because he is black--or who disgueses his or her vote by saying he isn't ready, when the real reason is race--is thus committing a grave sin.

  7. Robert Brian Beattie
    6 years ago

    Mr. Kmiec would have us believe that Sen. Obama has more realistic solutions to the abortion problem. Sen. Obama has said that his first action would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Might promises sometimes speak louder than speculations?

  8. Paul K
    6 years ago

    After expending all this energy in an attempt to prove reverence for life by making abortion illegal and it still continues ... will we finally, finally expend some actually doing something useful about it? Or will we puff out our chests in self righteous satisfaction and then push Caesar for harsher penalties for the crime? Does anyone get what it means to be Christian any more?

    The measure was set long ago ... "You shall know them by their fruits." Seriously

  9. Anon
    6 years ago

    I second Teo's comment on 20/9/08 what candidate's going to ensure more life is preserved both inside and outside the womb? God Bless America and the world as the US election's result impacts the world not just America. Peace

  10. Michael Pakaluk
    6 years ago

    He's just giving up -- probably worn out from past battles. He should just quietly step aside and not subvert others who haven't given up. Obama wants to lock in Roe permanently, as said in a 2007 speech to Planned Parenthood. Why can't all the good things Kmiec favors be done, regardless of whether Roe is overturned or not, or Obama elected or not? Kmiec favors throwing away something permanently for a short-term change which doesn't even require the election of Obama.

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