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The Unintended Consequences of 'Same Sex Marriage' Comments

Regardless of what it is called, legal sanctioning of homosexual relationships creates a host of unintended consequences and constitutes a serious threat to religious liberty. Continue Reading

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  1. Leonard Fong Roka
    3 years ago

    Humanity is falling apart! We'd gone beyond Bibical teachings...Homos, are sick in the head and satanic control.

  2. Rick
    4 years ago


    It has been a pleasure, as always, to read the posts. Both sides so adamant that the other is wrong...yet both sound like children throwing tantrums. You go to a post looking for some insight and you come away with a post like this. Classy!!!

    It strikes me funny that those for same sex marriage try to reason with themselves, and quite frankly God, that their opinions are right. That somehow they can chose what pieces/words from scripture they want to justify their actions. Milf says, "I praise Jesus in all his glory because his message of peace, love, understanding and unconditional acceptance for all people trumps whatever the heck you fundamentalist wackos are trying to sell" or trumps whatever the heck Jesus said in another part of the bible? Foolish!

    Or deb says "There are much bigger "evils" in the world and commented on by the Bible that deserve attention more than this." Well, quite frankly I am glad the Catholic Church will stand up for something they believe in. Just because you haven't considered the fact that the church has commented and given quite a lot of attention to other "evils", shouldn't dismiss the fact that they also consider homosexuality "evil". Go figure, the church has maintained their same position for hundreds of years. Oh yeah, abomination can mean forbidden, unclean, exceptionally loathsome, hateful, sinful, wicked, or I guess that is where "evil" was implied. Kinda like murder...not really "evil" though is it?

    I am not Catholic, nor do I believe the Pope's ministry to be apostolic. However, I sure commend his ability to live a life that guides millions to live better lives, trying to following "all" of the teachings of Jesus. What the church has done for everyone in this country has been belittled, and quite frankly Holly you truly are out of line in your Pope comment. Oh yeah, and to think that you don't benefit from any churches tax status...I would maybe try and think for a minute before making such a delayed comment. Wouldn't it be fun to leave all of that up to the government. I don't think so.

    Big picture, I think there are a lot of people out there trying to do what they feel is good and right. Either on a religious aspect, trying to follow their Savior's teachings, or from a social aspect, standing up for the rights of a friend or humanity. Either way, criticizing another's views does not help the situation.

    Thanks for reading, yours truly,
    "some generic web surfer"

  3. Ben
    5 years ago

    Churches shouldn't get tax breaks for anything but what they do in charity anyway.

  4. Amanda
    5 years ago

    Miss Holly. You really need to get a grip on yourself. Saying the Pope is an idiot is totally uncalled for. Attacking someone's religion simply because you don't like that it opposes your lifestyle is wrong. People have their beliefs and that is something you need to learn in life. So be it, let us Catholics lose out tax status, but then, you will see us unite stronger than ever. Evil always thinks it can hit a mark and we will finally come bowing down to evil's feet and evil believes that it can hurt us enough that we will give in to its unjust ways. Guess what, one thing we all learned from God is that evil will try to win, and will play as dirty as it has to to do so. So we know we will have to face some hard ships and that we will be persecuted for standing by God's side. Guess what, when that happens, we know we're doing something right, because evil is trying it's damnest to wim.

  5. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Holly, although your point about homosexuals and intristic evils is good, your position on Catholicism and Catholics is much mistaken. A great deal of Catholics today focus not on the political wargrounds but on praising Gd and helping the poor in the world, which is a lot better than arguing back and forth over a silly issue like this.
    deb and especially Milf Biggenson, I agree.
    Jean Schneider: up until now, I admit I have not been a big fan of France, but now, it's starting to look pretty good.

  6. Holly
    5 years ago

    What is the definition of intrinsic evil? What is evil? Homosexuals are NEVER refered to as evil in the bible, abomination simply means against custom or ritual, how does that translate to evil? Maybe in the NIV it does since the translators made up their own rules. I love how you Catholics want to hold on to your ability to be bigots, and may I remind you that the pope is and has always been a flaming idiot. I hope all of you lose your tax status, none of you deserve it.

  7. Milf Biggenson
    5 years ago

    Yes, the world is changing, views are evolving, gay marriage is being accepted even though that goes against what the bible has taught us. However I praise Jesus in all his glory because his message of peace, love, understanding and unconditional acceptance for all people trumps whatever the heck you fundamentalist wackos are trying to sell. Keep your nose out of other people's business. If two people of the same-sex want to get married and share their lives together, what in God's great name gives YOU the right to decide for them? WHO ARE YOU? What have YOU done that is so awe-inspiring that we should listen to what you have to say on ANY subject? God sees what you are doing and I can only imagine he or she is unhappy with how you are so narrowly-focused on one minor issue. Take stock of your lives and repent!

  8. Katie
    5 years ago

    John Dean:
    And as a christian, I would ask homosexuals to stop pushing their agenda on the church and stop trying to force them to accept their immoral views. If they want to participate in the church, then they need to open their eyes and see the instrinsic evil this behavior is promoting. If they want to start a Church of Sodomy and call it Sodom and Gammora then so be it. In case you have not noticed...the church does not force people to do anything. They guide people to what would keep their souls from burning in hell. If people want to be immoral, then they are going to be, but they should not force immorality on those who choose to live a morral life. Secularism will be this country's downfall. When we forsake God, he will forsake us.

  9. Jean Schneider
    6 years ago

    Wouldn't it be best if we had a sort of dual system, as I understand exists in France? Civil contracts and/or religious marriage. That way legal enforcement would involve the civil contracts and religions would enforce their own rules on their adherents.

  10. Gene Ledbetter
    6 years ago

    Those who think in social terms alone may wonder why marriage should only take place between one man and one woman. The answer lies in biology: it is relations between one man and one woman that populate a society. To the extent that a society loses track of this point, it will eventually be replaced by another society that knows better.

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