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Evolution, not intelligent design, is fundamental Catholic teaching, Vatican Observatory director says Comments

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Catholic Online) -- Intelligent Design reduces and belittles Godís power and might, according to the director of the Vatican Observatory. Continue Reading

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  1. Catholic Dad
    2 years ago

    Actually THIS is what the Catholic Church really teaches about evolution:

  2. Chuck
    2 years ago

    Father makes blunt and firm statements. The problem with scientists making blunt statements regarding evolutionary science is that they shoot themselves in their own foot. When scientists, or writers of science proclaim that 'evolution' is a 'fact' they inadvertently bite the hand that feeds them. Saying a case is closed tends to shut down any funding for further research. Saying "I believe in evolution" discloses that that person knows very little regarding the study of or facts pertaining to the science of evolution as it exists today. When a serious minded person begins the journey of discovery by reading popular writers on evolution; Dawkins, Gould, Hauser, nauseum..and read the sections on Evolution in High School textbooks for themselves..they will come away with more questions than answers. In these volumes of text you will be faced with many occurrences of words and phrases like; "somehow", "in some yet unexplained miraculous way" by some unknown mechanism" , etc...etc... Wonderful writers waxing eloquent does not a scientific fact make. There would be no "God of the gaps" if there weren't so many gaps. Robust and large scale scientific discovery is not well funded and we are left with no answers to the logical idea of an original cause for one. You can imagine as many universes as you wish but you always end up facing a beginning. A beginning presupposes a beginner; an uncaused cause; a non-contingent contingency. That is logical. That is thinking scientifically. If you really want to understand evolution to be a fact you have to answer the question of biological 'mechanisms'. How did an early simple chemical become a molecule, or what was the forcer of change. What 'told' the simplest form of life to arrange itself into a complex and robust 'machine' and produce for itself a protective and complex cell 'wall'. What environmental 'sensors' were there to provide feedback to the core decision processor and how did these sensors develop and construct themselves without a set of instructions. Even the most basic of questions such as "what is' the survival 'instinct' and where did or does it reside and what were the mechanisms that created 'it' and how did the simple organism 'learn' and put into effect the mechanics of biological survival. Believing in 'evolution' is a non- sensical statement. Believing that evolutionary science will someday support a knowledge of evolutionary processes that is complete enough and robust enough to call this area of science 'fact' is an act of 'faith' at this point. If we shut down the funding for and interest in finding the answers to the most basic questions, then writers of evolutionary theory will always have to employ words and phrases such as "somehow" and "one possibility might be", etc.. It is a fact that there is mutation. That is fact. It is a fact that lifeforms are extremely complex, and the complexity of a single cell is mind boggling. The ID folks are simply asking the how questions before accepting conjecture as fact. That is the mark of a true scientist.

  3. Dan Welte
    2 years ago

    As far as evolution is concerned;

    I believe it to be perhaps the biggest hoax of our time. It is a shame that many are giving direction to its' following without seeing the problems that incurs. I used to believe in it myself. I have a Biology degree and background and evolution was taken for granted and other proofs that did not fit were simply thrown out. Being somewhat questioning and stubborn, I looked at these other proofs and have come to abandon evolution completely. The mere complexity of life even at the 'simple' cell level is mind-boggling. If you think that God threw it all up to chance and mutations, you have succumbed also. There is a thing termed irreducible complexity, whereby the removal or alteration of one part leads to the whole organism's destruction. So many details are required for an advancement to propagate, that chance does not allow on its own.

    That God created the universe and all life in it, is fundamental to Christian and Judaic beliefs. Genesis gives the overview. It is backed up by the psalmist. Even the New Testament points towards the 6-day creation of Genesis. Do we pick and choose what to believe of the sacred scriptures? I hope not. Details of the creation theory may be lacking, but that doesn't mean we throw it out to chance and mutations. True science will eventually lead to the truth. But today's 'science' is biased towards evolution, with little or no room for God. By faith, and many natural proofs I have been fortunate to see, I believe in Creation!


  4. cjelephant
    2 years ago

    Father Coyne has an interesting and deeply flawed take on this subject - he apparently thinks that since the majority of scientists agree that evolution is correct and ID is incorrect - that Catholicism must fall in line. Catholicism should not challenge evolution but accept it and make it fit into Catholic teaching.

    What exactly does science say about immaculate conception and virgin birth, Father Coyne?

    And how should Catholicism respond to scientific pronouncements on that subject?

  5. sean
    2 years ago

    As i agree with most of what is said here, i have to strongly disagree with the part that says God does not intervene. Well than please explain, Joan of Arch, Mosses, and Jesus himself. All miracles, Mary appearing around the world and while your at it, explain the splitting of the red sea too. Thanks, my 2 sense.

  6. Trevor Lefiles
    3 years ago

    Formally known as the pope and his interests in evolution goes, I have read almost all the articles on evolution done on the more than ten catholic sites, and they all say the same thing in common to Pope Pius's statements on evolution... 1) Polygenism is rejected by the Catholic Faith and anyone who supports it is in error.
    2) The soul should be known by ALL followers of Christ, that it is not made by material means, but instantly given to people by birth.
    3) Adam and Eve did not come from animals. IF I understand this correctly.
    But of course even Charles Darwin himself said that the human race was not poly genetically, but mono genetically from one race of parents. Therefore I agree totality that in comparative religions is involved that Christianity might be wrong if the following were found; being the animal link to the human, which would mean that maybe the ancient Indian religions would serve me better, even though they lack ever more in logical consistency.

  7. complexphenom
    3 years ago

    @spomer He's not just the director of the Vatican observatory, he's also a priest. And the article isn't mainly about matters of faith and morals, it's mainly about how God and our modern scientific understanding of the world (which has given us [via a discovery process] much of the technology which allows us to communicate to each other using these electronic devices on this thing called the web) can be reconciled. I believe Father Coyne did a good job of clarifying the roll of science w.r.t. God and of God w.r.t. science while emphasizing God's ultimate importance to our spiritual experience.

  8. M. L.
    3 years ago

    I'm glad to hear SOMEONE from the Catholic Church blow the whistle on Schonborn, who is a very dishonest man. He has close ties to the Discovery Institute, which is the driving force behind the I.D. movement, though he makes mention of this relationship when he remarks about I.D. (in fact, he falsely presents himself as someone with no personal stake in the I.D. movement). He is obviously part of the Discovery Institute's notorious 'wedge' strategy (which was leaked years ago) which is a plan to promote I.D. creationism and resist the teaching of evolution by stealth. It's no coincidence Schonborn's pro ID remarks came just 3 months after John Paul 2's death; what a snake.

  9. lourdu selvam
    3 years ago

    The article has cleared many of my doubts. God is the Creator of the universe. Evolution is the process which God Himself has used to create the universe. Bible is a spiritual history , which reveals God's messages.It helps us to grow spiritually.To know God we must read the Bible. To know the material world we must read books on science.

  10. spomer
    6 years ago


    The director of the Vatican observatory? Are you kidding me? That is like saying that the popes personal tailor is pro choice...WHO CARES? There are a lot of people working in the Vatican...but realistically only one who I care to "listen to" about matters of faith and morals. Sorry that infallible thing just sticks in my mind...bad obedient catholic...bad obedient catholic! Sorry my OCD is showing.

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