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Intelligent Design belittles God, Vatican director says Comments

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Catholic Online) -- Intelligent Design reduces and belittles Gods power and might, according to the director of the Vatican Observatory. Continue Reading

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  1. fernando perazo
    3 years ago

    Science is the process of discovering the perfect ultimate design GOD has provided us. They dont believe GOD to pave way to promote their business. Their are some derivation scientist have publish which was re-modeled by incoming scientist. They cannot prove incarnation.

  2. JJ
    3 years ago

    Great Article. Much thanks to Blessed Pope John Paul II.

  3. David J. Cortes
    3 years ago

    It was a jolt to read that “Intelligent Design reduces and belittles God’s power and might,” this from no less a source than the Director of the Vatican Observatory, Fr. George V. Coyne, S.J. It may be that my concept of Intelligent Design (ID) is incorrect, but as understand it, ID means, at bottom, that God created the universe, and that evidence of this can be seen in the universe’s design and order. This is not a radically “fundamentalist” idea, like the Creationist’s taking Genesis literally. In fact, I thought it had always been basic to Catholicism that God left his fingerprints all over this universe that he gave us, and that one laudable aim of science was to discover them. One would assume very easily that an astronomer of the Vatican Observatory would do what he does largely for that precise reason — to see God’s own fingerprints in the ordered heavens.
    So it’s disturbing to read that to "see" God in an ordered universe is to “belittle” him. Fr. Coyne says that “Religious believers must move away from the notion of a dictator God, a Newtonian God who made the universe as a watch that ticks along regularly.” Why “must” we? Does science say that God did NOT make the universe? Or that the universe is not “a watch that ticks along regularly”? If so, then it is news to most theists, and Fr. Coyne should correct us with a fuller explication of his cosmology. If, on the other hand, the answers to these questions is “No” — that is, if God DID create an ordered universe — then why does his having done so make him “dictatorial”? I have the sneeking suspicion that Fr. Coyne just doesn’t like “dictators,” not even divine ones. He says we must instead view God "more as a parent or as one who speaks encouraging and sustaining words.” Hmmm. Interesting childhood. Well, . . . if my own father (Joseph S. Cortes, God bless his saintly soul) could be both a "dictator" and a loving, encouraging parent, I don’t see why God can’t. Indeed, by saying that the theory of Intelligent Design diminishes God into “an engineer who designs systems rather than a lover,” Fr. Coyne belittles lots of men in Cary, North Carolina, many of whom are both engineers AND lovers . . . of their wives, children, and fellow men.
    It would have been “nice” to see from the Vatican Observatory a confirmation that, yes, God did leave signs of Himself in this ordered, created universe. Instead, what we get is that we’re foolish to look for this, and that our ideas “belittle” our Creator. Fr. Coyne says that “To need God would be a very denial of God. God is not a response to a need.” Good grief! Basic Catholic theology teaches that God is the Ultimate Necessity, in the sense that everything in creation is dependent on him. To acknowledge one’s need for God is to affirm him, not deny him. And although God is not “a response to a need,” he IS necessary, and it denies him not one bit to say so. Why is it that when what Catholics most need is a conveyor of truth, we get a contrarian polemicist? By the way, have you heard the one about the Dominican and the Jesuit?

  4. pripperfush
    4 years ago

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  5. PasserBy
    4 years ago

    Here are a few words for Father Coyne and the Vatican from a Cambridge man who looked at this affair more than a few years ago:

    “The popular perception is that increased scientific knowledge inevitably closes the gaps in our understanding, and progressively removes any need for non-natural explanations. However, biology is a clear example – perhaps it is the only example – where our increased knowledge has served to widen the gap rather than close it. Success in uncovering the molecular mechanisms of biology … does not explain how biology (began). In fact, the more of molecular biology we uncover, the stronger does the case for (intelligent) design become.”

    David Swift, "Evolution Under the Microscope"

    Good day.

  6. Paul
    5 years ago

    This is a beautiful article. Fr. Coyne has brilliantly summed up how science and religion complement each other. Science does not negate faith, nor should religion need to suppress scientific progress. The Jesuits have shown that the two go hand in hand in building a better world.

  7. Nemo
    5 years ago


    He only meant that God doesn't intervene in the process of evolution.

  8. Yannick
    5 years ago

    "God does not intervene in creation"? "he merely encourages, nurtures, loves"? how about the incarnation? isn't that an intervention (the greatest at that)? He direct intervention in miraculous healing (miracle=the suspension of natural order) no intervention there? Thank God this jesuit is no theologian. Yes we should leave science to the scientist (word to the cardinal). But they (this jesuit scientist included)should also leave theology to the theologians. God does not intervene...what is he smoking????

  9. rastri
    5 years ago

    De la nada, como causa y efecto; y la consiguiente consecuencia de atrambas: nada sale.

    En el infinito Espacio de infita Luz iluminado y de infinita Vida poblado. Antes de este nuestro limitado Tiempo o Universo de oscuridad y d emuerte tuviera lugar:

    En el infinito Esapcio de Luz y de Vida; Donde el que mora es morador y morada:

    Del infinito principio esfrico como causa que es el Dios Padre Luz -foco cbico de luz de principio; Y del infinito fin como efecto que es el Dios Hijo Luz -foco cbico de fin: En infinita funcin copulativa istopica; Aparece el infinito medio centro
    Vida cbica Dios Espirittu Santo -cubo cbico de intermendio-

    Y en la parte de la parte de este infinito cubo-efrico de Luz y de Vida, -libre y responsablemente- retroyndose a la ley de su principio origen: apareci este nuestro Tiempo limitado o universo de oscuridad y de muerte.

  10. Pete
    6 years ago


    I sense a lot of serious hurt and pain. I'm sorry for what pain you feel the Church might have done to you or the lack of support its members might have given you when you needed it most. I'll be praying for peace in your soul. Don't give up on God and the Catholic Church, they haven't given up on you.

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