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Global Warming

US Congress is working on legislation to address global warming – what would you like to see included?

Catholic Online Editors note: Catholic Online is a place for people from all over the world to engage with one another and to find information on topics that interest them. This is not an endorsement. We are not siding with any candidate or party -- in general or for the 2008 USA elections. We're hopeful that people from all perspectives will realize the great insights that the Catholic community can have, and will turn to us for future input and discussions.

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Joseph March 25, 2010 13:32:57
I believe as a strong Catholic that the issue of global warming is only another liberal agenda through political persuasion and guilt that will consequently place another burden on the people of this nation. Higher gas prices proposed in the liberal so-called “fixes” will hurt struggling families, in trying times, to make it paycheck to paycheck. Politicians are caught up in the craze of the green movement and are using political and not scientific data findings. These reports are biased and outmoded. The two goals of the political agenda on global climate that Barack Obama, Al Gore and other liberals alike don’t want us to know are actually staring us in the face at pointblank. One they are looking for control over human activity in order to do something heroic and two, they are looking for some extra cash to bulk up their pockets while we pay the price. This is completely unethical and doesn’t prove else wise.

Robin March 23, 2010 08:50:02
Al Gore has made billions on something that God created in the first place it is called WEATHER. We have been scammed and its time for all involved with fake science and Al Gore's team to be tried for their ponzi scheme. Time to wake up.

Mike March 22, 2010 11:47:20
I agree that we should be good stewards of our planet and protect our natural resources. However, I do not believe that global warming is a problem. The planet has been warming since the last "Ice Age". Indications are that the planet was actually warmer 1,000 years ago, and has not warmed up during the last 10 years. I think the free market will take care of any polution/global warming. As prices for hydrocarbons increase, and the prices for alternative energy sources decrease; there will be a point at which people will naturally, and voluntarily switch to the less expensive energy source. Actually, the cost per kilowatt hour of electricity generated is cheapest when the electricity is generated by using clean nuclear power to generate the electricity. According to the scientist that started "GreenPeace", the cost per kilowatt hour of electricity from a nuclear plant is around 3 cents compared to over 10 cents from a windmill that is unpredictable...because the wind doesn't always blow. We don't need any laws that restrict businesses and the economy from growing and producing jobs in the name of "saving the environment". The biggest responsibility of an organization that promotes "Social Justice" is to help create jobs for more people so the people can take care of themselves and be productive citizens on Earth, until they are called to the next life.

Jerry March 19, 2010 11:41:06
Because CO2 is essential to life and because the "science" used by the IPCC has been debunked, and because this bill will result in higher hidden taxes to all Americans, and because this bill will be a jobs killer, Congress needs to send this bill to the trash heap of history!

Steve March 18, 2010 11:36:49
Global warming is a cover-up. The ice sheets are melting from underneath by the volcanoes under the ice cap in Antarctica, this is why a shrimp was seen under the ice this week. The Earth's rotation is speeding up with each of these large earthquakes heating the earth's crust. Haiti's quake pushed part of the island up and the next quake will most likely push part of the island of Hispaniola into the Puerto Rico Trench, causing a tsunami in the Atlantic and another quake off of Mexico's west coast and a Pacific tsunami. The world needs to begin to get ready. With all of the unemployed in the world we have the manpower. Let's show the Lord that we can pull together during this time of Tribulation. March 18, 2010 10:34:33
If it is happening---it is God's will. Otherwise, it's just another tactic to raise taxes and get got the people all riled up over nothing.

veronica March 18, 2010 10:23:43
Talk about False Doctrine Global Warming Ephesians 4:14

David March 17, 2010 12:28:46
The temperatures have abated over the past ten years. This is cyclical. I remember winters much like the last 2 in the early 1970's and 1990's. The earth cools and warms to balance itself as it was a perfect creation by God. There is no validated science behind Man-made global warming. Geologists have shown the earth has cooled and warmed over millions of years as the earth land masses shifted to its current construct (well before SUV's and 6 billion people). Follow the Money to the fraud. Al Gore was worth $3-$5M when he left office and is now worth ~$100M. This is the largest scam ever perpetrated on the world, perpetuated by a few elitist scientist that manipulated the data to fit their social control desires. They are deconstructing belief in God and replacing this with worship of the Earth. We should always be aware of our use of the environmental resources. Conservation should not be akin to religion nor should it trump humanity.

Jill March 16, 2010 10:05:19
I do not believe in global warming.

Manuel March 12, 2010 12:08:18
How old is the planet and since when have we been keeping records of global temperatures? Who and how decides a couple of degrees, more or less, is good or bad for the environment? Who are the people behind the green movement? What is the magnitude of their investments in this new forms of energy. How much will it cost us, the average Joe? Will our energy bills go down or up? What has been the outcome of this experiment in Spain? Are the people better off now than they were before? How many "green" jobs have been created? How many regular jobs were lost? Why not try one single pilot-plan for 10 years in one of our States - California for example - and see how it works before making it a National plan? What is the hurry? Will the planet be dead in 10 years? Do we have the technology to fly a 747 jet on solar?

Chris March 10, 2010 11:19:41
Global Warming is just another way for the elected officials to make money, control the masses, and push agendas. They do not care about the earth, the people, or God. If we as individuals take care of what God has blessed us with, respect and love him, He will continue to love and bless us. Thank you lord for all your blessings.

John March 8, 2010 16:57:27
Drop the entire discussion. There is no problem as climate change has been going on since time began. Get to work on things we can have some influence over.

Brian March 6, 2010 12:01:58
I absolutely agree with Kirstens statement that I just read below. However, aside from prayer, we could also be more mindful of the Earth we live on. God put us here as caretakers of the Earth and we are not doing a great job. You can blame the govt., but in the end we all can do small things that matter, and let God himself judge us on our actions, as will be done inevitably. The government is a mess thanks to Repubs and Dems alike, but in the meantime let's stop littering, stop driving so much when you don't have to (walking feels better, really!), plant a garden and/or a tree (they both will help in giving off good oxygen and the gargen will produce good fruits and veggies for better health for us all). No matter what you do,just remember, it is the little things matter. May the Lord be with you all.

Wil March 6, 2010 11:38:21
Global warning is a straw dog based on bad science and manipulated politically to serve the hidden agenda of "one-world" socialism. Our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated by its proponents everywhere from the classroom to the mall. If freedom-loving people don't push back then it will become the new religion.

Kathy March 5, 2010 13:36:27
The only thing that should be included is that it is not going to be addressed at all. Okay, maybe just remind everybody to use the common sense that God gave them and to not litter, period. We have important things to address and I think that all of this talk about global warming is distracting us from the things that matter.

Angela March 5, 2010 05:15:01
The whole Global Warming is just a big hoax and just another way for government to get more money. People are not God. It's bad enough that we have doctors trying to play God by killing thousands of babies every second every day. If we are Catholic Christians, we should be focusing on trying to support life, especially for the unborn who haven't experienced it. Government doesn't need anymore money especially now with the mess they have gotten our country in. So why go and believe in this when there are other problems bigger than this one. Yeah, us, humans can be wasteful at times, but I don't see anything happening to reduce the waste that the government is always talking about.

Mike March 4, 2010 18:55:37
As I read through some of the comments below, it seems to me those who disagree with man made global warming seem to be giving logical explanations of their opinions. Those who support the theories of global warming seem to be more concerned with discrediting opposing voices as "partisan" rather than explaining their own viewpoints.

David March 4, 2010 04:36:21
Like Arlene has said...The climate will change, has changed since the planet's existence, and we will be spectators. Follow the money. Follow the facts.The so-called "warming" was debunked. Move on.

Arlene March 3, 2010 09:03:07
I personally feel that climate is cyclical and has nothing to do with carbon foot prints. Unfortunately there is alot of money to be made by the alarmist that are pushing this hoax on the rest of us. If the cap and trade bill passes we are going to be paying very high gas bills. We have enough control by the government we need less control and more common sense. With every bill thats passed we lose more of our freedom, and our rights come from God not the government.

robert March 2, 2010 13:16:41
Personally, I would just like to see people start working together to solve this problem. I am not sure why exactly so many people are offended by Climate Change, but I am guessing that it is simply to forward their own partisan interests at the expense of the our future.

Kirsten February 28, 2010 18:09:04
I have a degree in geology. One of the papers I had to write was re-creating a paleo-environment based on the fossil record. (Yes, geologist can do that.) So I politely correct the mis-informed person who thinks we only have 150 yrs of climate data. Maybe 150 years of human recorded data but we have MILLIONS of years of recorded temps in our rocks. Any credible geologist will tell you human caused global warming is a hoax. The earth is a dynamic planet. Our global temps are always in flux and always will be. If we want to survive as a human race we need to learn how to live with that dynamic system rather than against it. So, in conclusion. Yes, there may be such a thing as global warming but, I assure you, there is next to nothing we can do about it except pray.

Tom February 23, 2010 15:32:28
I believe that there is global warming and cooling. It is a natural cycle that continues to happen as example there were no factories or automobiles to start the last Ice age or the warming trend that melted it.All of the mass hysteria about this is money driven by all those who profit by it and those who are duped by the deceivers.

Bernard February 23, 2010 10:36:56
A baby step is better then no step at all

Jenny February 22, 2010 12:15:46
While we have responsibility to be good stewards of this earth, we also have the responsibility to be good stewards to our fellow human beings. I have long been concerned with the faulty data of the global warming proponents, and often wondered why the big push? Looking back to the Clinton administration and the Cairo conference where they were pushing "population control through the regulation of birth," (an euphamism for abortion) which the Muslim community and Pope John Paul II rejected, it seems that the logical conclusions are to limit people - literally! In the years since, my concern has not been alleviated but increased, especially as they try to force their "solutions" more and more. I fully believe that we need to fully REJECT any attempt at legislation of any type until the data is conclusive and all stages of life will be respected and protected.

Larry February 17, 2010 11:40:06
It's a hoax! We are wasting billions and billions of dollars in a hoax. Use your brain and and do your own research. That's right research.

Tim February 17, 2010 07:29:21
Recently as two weeks ago, Phil Jones of the UN IPCC report and university of east anglia (climategate central) admitted... ADMITTED! that there has been no statistically significant global warming since 1995. This is the same as Bernie Madoff admitting he "swiped some people's cash." You have been hoaxed if you believe in AGW! Why would God make a planet so fragile that a bunch of SUV's could raise the temperature? (And if man's pollution causes global warming, how do you explain the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warming Period when there was no industrialization?)

Bernard February 16, 2010 10:26:40
Last Sunday's gospel reading from St Luke 6"17, 20-26 "Blessed are you when people hate you.....denounce your name as evil..their ancestors treated the prophets in the same way. But woe to you who are rich...when they speak well of you, for their ancestors treated the false prophets in this way." Wake up world!!!

bill February 15, 2010 05:22:08

Paul February 14, 2010 14:02:11
Unfortunately, as much as we try to bury our heads in the sand, humans do contribute to climate change. In fact, the reason we even care about climate change is because it impacts us and will impact us more and more down the road. Science has demonstrated a strong correlation between the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in England through present day and an increase in global temperatures. The carbon released by the burning of fossil fuels offsets the balance of the carbon naturally released from the oceans and other sources. Man may only contribute a fraction of the carbon, but he contributes enough to offset that balance. The world will be challenged by rising temperatures in certain areas and perhaps colder ones in other areas. Still, that does not mean we must give up. Challenges will always face us and we have yet to see the worst of this, but man must always try to do better and we can. It may take decades, a century, countless trillions of dollars - not to mention the famine and perhaps big storms - but we can develop sustainable, clean energy. We have no other choice. Civilization rests on this. The sad part is that it is the developing world that will be hit the hardest by climate change. We owe it not only to our children and grand children, but those who may bear the immediate brunt of warming temps to act now. God willing, we can do it.

joanne February 11, 2010 07:56:26
The entire "climate change" hysteria is predicated on the statistical data that someone somewhere may have generated. the only problem is that no one has enough real data to make the case for climate anything. the earth is 4.5 billion years old. we have less than 150 years of weather data. in order for statistics in any discipline to be meaningful, you need at least 50% of the population involved. 50% of 4.5 billion would be over 2.2 billion years of records on the weather. we don't even have 1% of the data necessary to make assumptions about what's normal for planet earth. it's ridiculous to discuss it and it is NOT science. someone is seeking power, and this shill game is their means.

Betty February 10, 2010 13:55:23
I think global warming is a waste of money. I have read from some really smart people that this is a hoax and that it will be centuries before anything really happens. I think God is showing them as well what he thinks of their ideas on the subject by bringing all the snow and blizzards this year. It is just another waste of my money that I work so hard for.

Donald February 9, 2010 19:33:21
I do not know about this crisis of global warming. All I know this winter is that I have been FREEZING, and it has been a long cold winter.

Mary February 6, 2010 19:33:41
There is nothing factual about Global Warming – it is a very hotly debated issue. The debate is not necessarily that the planet was warming but that we humans were causing and could prevent it – rather egotistical don’t you think? Ironically, there is now much evidence (besides the extremely cold temperatures this winter) that the earth is cooling and additional facts from climategate. So the alarmists are changing the name to Climate Change. Don’t state things as fact unless they are facts!! Please see the enclosed article “The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam”. Did you know the CFC light bulbs which are energy efficient contain mercury and are considered hazardous waste - we may save energy but will we then be polluting our ground water and surface waters? Corn biofuel has been found to have the same if not greater carbon footprint then fossil fuels. This was steamrolled into on the guise of helping the planet. However, the increase of corn used for fuels made a significant decrease available for food and hindered the poor. Also, the increase from large scale corn production increases ground water depletion, soil erosion, and pesticides polluting streams. Solar Panels - create hazardous wastes in the manufacturing and disposal as well as use huge amounts of fossil fuels to build. Minor tightening of regulations will push the industries to find alternatives - which would allow time to see the negative impacts of the alternatives and work out the kinks more appropriately. Of course it will be difficult for cost effective alternatives to be invented if it's not cost effective for someone to take the chance. If they will be bombarded with taxes and have no chance of making millions invention will be stifled.

Tom February 6, 2010 04:37:48
"What are your thoughts on 'global warming'?" Oh, you mean ClimateGate? Does anyone reading this know about the hackers who caught climate "scientists" falsifying data to support the notion that the earth is cooling? Why? As a vehicle to usher in world government via the U.N. To answer the question then, I think nothing of global warming because the earth is actually cooling. The alternative press (though one must be very discerning as there are a lot of wacky people/ideas out there) is a gold-mine, which is why Jay Rockefeller wants it heavily monitored and controlled. Imagine that...

flossie February 4, 2010 11:03:41
Man is destroying man and no one is listening to Put an end to pollution in our cities Let everyone come together and again I repeat listen to the pope's warning. A man sooo close to God, Pope Benedict to tell us about the gobal warning. people listen to the "TRUTH"

tony February 3, 2010 07:54:03
As Catholics we should be good stewards of God's creation. I feel global warming issue needs much more study before we can say that global warming is a scientific reality then we need to be cautious in making any claim that is true.

angelus February 2, 2010 21:40:48
Global warming is a greed of human life. This is partial issues to strengthen hegemony from Superpower Countries toward another countries.

John February 1, 2010 18:59:54
Global Warming is a Hoax. Al Gore is Cashin' In.

Robin February 1, 2010 02:01:21
Human activity has virtually no affect on Global temps.

Patrick January 26, 2010 20:23:20
God controls all things, it is Man who uses it to their own advantage or at least they think so. As it always turns out to be a long range plan of GOD anyway. Just a month ago, all the fools gathered to speak about nothing while the cold weather over loomed the conference. Yes there will be all types of changes taking place,as stated in the last book of the bible. Wake up world! Your punishment is upon you!

Frederick January 25, 2010 20:02:11
Global Warming is not a MAN-MADE disaster as described by our politicians! But, having dumbed-down the youth and adults of our society for the past 40 or 50 years in our so-called "schools of higher education" to the point of grown adults not having enough brains to come in out of the rain, it is no wonder we have succumbed to the illusions of a utopia if we would just get in touch with our more sensitive side and sing Cumbija. When are we going to stand on our own two feet, that God gave us, and tell these so-called elite politicians to take a long walk off a short pier? Oh, by the way, the entire solar system is warmer! Must be those space probes we've been sending out into space for research. Let's can NASA and move back into caves and suck our thumbs!

Theresa January 25, 2010 10:54:13
There is no global warming, its the normal cycles of the earth. We just hit the peak of a hot cycle and temperatures should go down slowly in the coming years. The term "global warming" was used by liberals to scare everyone and put more money in their pockets.

Karen January 24, 2010 17:30:08
Global warming is a scam. They don't care about the earth. They just want to get rich off of everybody else back. If it was so bad, they wouldn't let you harm the world for a price. GOD is in control.

Carl January 22, 2010 19:12:27
Global warming and cooling is a megacyclical reality. However, every human being should strive to be good stewards of natural resources. So, for those who believe this, just do so. God asks us to do this much.

paul January 21, 2010 04:40:00
money pit that's a hoax.

john January 19, 2010 07:48:17
what global warming? How vain can we be to think that we could have such an effect on God's universe!

Jim January 18, 2010 15:36:32
I don't know about global warming, but I do know that our Creator is the one in charge. I believe that when it comes time to change the climate, He's the one that will make it happen, and all other references will be set aside. We can't make it cool by not using the resources God gave us, and we can't make it rain or dry no matter what we do. It is in my opinion arrogant to assume that we somehow matter in atmospheric management, what we need to do is get on our knees and pray for the courage and strength to accept God's will now and forever.

Nick January 17, 2010 22:26:58
I do believe that the earth warms and cools, some glaciers are melting, while others are growing; I find it pretentious to believe that man is controlling the Earth to the extent that the "Government" says we are...

Michael January 12, 2010 20:15:47
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in that order…the US Congress should focus on getting the LIFE issues corrected and leave the climate to God. I remember newspapers and magazines in the mid 1970’s talking about the new ice age caused by CO2, now its global warming caused by CO2. If CO2 is established as a problem, then the next push will be to eliminate to the “over” population that produces too much CO2. Very different from “be fruitful and multiply.” Congress should read Wisdom 13:8-9 and work on issues of LIFE not DEATH.

steve January 8, 2010 02:24:40
I read online somewhere that a scientist said there is a difference between weather and climate. The temperatures have been cooling for the past ten years, is that weather or climate? I thought it was funny that when the Obama was in Copenhagan for the climate summit that DC got barried in snow, and Texas had their first white Christmas in decades.

Michael January 7, 2010 04:58:56
As a Christian people of God.i suggest that in time of Election we have to chose a person or a candidates for a president who willing to share his life to the people who need his help and to become honest to responsibility not only in face of the people but most especially in the face of God.

Roger January 6, 2010 22:20:24
I think that global warming, if it exists, is natural and NOT man made. Glacier Bay has been receding for 300 years.

Osasumwen January 1, 2010 22:36:16
The originators of this unbelievable scam should be monitored closely, they are selfish and greedy,who do they want to fool?

Abad January 1, 2010 15:49:00
Rich and Patrick thank you for your wise comments. I cannot believe how many people have commented that they do not believe in Global Warming. Where do they get their information from? Has Al Gore become their new Galileo?

Rich January 1, 2010 09:59:53
The United States government is one of the last countries to accept and deal with this problem. We should be supporting the scientific community in it's research and educating the population to some real possibilities for the future of our children and grand-children. Just because some of us may not live to see the devastation, does not mean we are not responsible for making sacrifices and being informed and prepared. This is not a political game. In reading these posts with their fear of government tirades, and polarizing speeches here, I question how much time many people are actually spending in personal awareness of the situation and in prayer for unbiased enlightenment.

Patrick January 1, 2010 06:02:45
I have been a devout Catholic throughout all of my 59 years; why do we not trust our senses? Being Catholic does mean being anti-science, and I truly believe we need to listen to scientist's perspective and not necessarily the politician's perception of reality.

John December 31, 2009 21:48:07
I don't believe it.

Railton December 28, 2009 15:12:42
Glaciers have been melting since they extended below Kentucky!

Brother December 27, 2009 07:57:04
Global warming is a good idea but it should be done with careful planning and understanding . Research should be done to first introduce the idea of such an plan . Generating heat manually could produce flooding and other hazards such as mud slides and possible extinction of the human race . So , with the right supervision it could be done . Brother Andre Lovett Council 332 .

Joanne December 23, 2009 13:58:43
The only thing that's heating up is Congress! Somebody needs to throw ice water on them to cool them off before they destroy us with their attempts to control us. I pray to God to help humanity and purge us of these shameless and selfish lying politicians.

Mark December 23, 2009 13:46:41
It is a SCAM!

Jean December 23, 2009 03:56:34
I want to see children being born safeguarded. I also want us to look at this in the natural way. In a commonsense way to.

Daniel December 21, 2009 22:32:19
Anthropogenic Global Warming is a myth. Climate change is a reality and nothing to be concerned about. There are scientists like Dr Richard Lindzen who try to enlighten the world as to the truth but it seems the masses prefer to listen to the fear mongers who have a political agenda that cares nothing about truth. Lord Christopher Monkton is another fearless leader who is trying to enlighten the ignorant. You can study this issue by simply browsing the web and it is not too difficult to figure out. I pray God will humble our arrogant politicians. I pray that those scientists who know the truth will start protesting this false propaganda even at the cost of their jobs. Is there no integrity left out there? We lay people have no voice, if the scientists who are the authority in this field allow the politicians to manipulate the science then these same scientists will be held accountable before God. Unfortunately we get the leaders we deserve. I say we better wake up or suffer the consequences of our willful ignorance!

Tonya December 21, 2009 18:21:09
I am not a scientist, but I don't think it matters because they can't agree either. What I do know is that God created a beautiful Earth for us and we are not treating it with the respect that we should. We are polluting, wasting and killing this beautiful creation. We do need to do a better job to protect our resources, recycle and not destroy the gift we were given.

Richard December 21, 2009 10:36:39
Man can not change the climate. It heats and cools over the ages weather we are present or not. What we can do is be good custodians and keep the planet clean.

Bob December 21, 2009 08:02:51
Many Catholics sold their soul to the devil voting for politicians who vote to fund abortions for poor babies. These same politicians will support the false science of global warming and we will be wondering why people of limited means are cold in their homes because the cost of energy has skyrocketed.

David December 20, 2009 07:15:19
It's all a joke. Al Gore is a joke. Stop wasting our time and money.

Edward December 19, 2009 12:31:10
We are being enslaved and deprived by phony "science". If Al Gore wanted to improve his credibility on this topic, he should leave the KP BOD's and stop shamelessly monetizing off this fad. We are at risk of being completely controlled (see communism) by a rouge government that doesn't respect it's own people. The most powerful country in the world is being destroyed from within by people who hate hard working Americans. Global re-distribution of wealth (the real objective here) is a disgusting farce that will NOT help those in will only enrich the few elitists who control all the wealth...I pray God intervenes and prevents this madness before we are all destroyed.

cornelius December 16, 2009 18:02:12
global warming

Richard December 13, 2009 22:03:11
During a great flood a man took refuge on the roof of his house. There he prayed fervently that God would save him. After 2 days a boat came past and offered to take him to safety. He thanked the oarsmen and told them that God would save him and they left. He continued to pray. The next day a helicopter flew overhead and the pilot offered to take him to safety. He told the pilot that God would save him. After the fourth day the flood waters covered him and he drowned. When he appeared before God he asked why God had not saved him. You silly man God said, I sent a boat and a helicopter to save you. Why did you refuse their help. We need to remember that every action we take has a reaction, if I remember my physics correctly it is an equal and opposite reaction. Whether global warming is solely a naturally occurring event or there is a man made element to it, it will change the world we live in and we need to take action. It seems to me a humble catholic that the unbridled use of fossil fuels and deforestation must have some effect on the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. God has given us the world to care for and to enjoy its fruits. So let carry out our duty to God and take care. I read with some concern the comments about being "red" and "liberal", I am not an American, I am an Australian and enjoy the freedom that a liberal catholic education brought to me. Let us all care for our earth and our fellow human beings.

Lyle December 11, 2009 13:47:10
I think its a farce. I think a group of people are using this climate change hoax in an attempt to gain control of the earth's resources and people. The science is not conclusive. I think nature (Sun & volcanic activity)have more direct input into climate change than man. I do think we should use God's gifts wisely. Beside I would rather put my faith in God than man's science.

Ed December 10, 2009 20:09:34
Global warming was the furthest thing from our minds here in the midwest today. True leaders lead by example. Tell Al Gore to give me a call when he leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

Matt December 10, 2009 18:51:41
Dear Catholic, If you choose not to post my "dissenting view" then The Truth does not live here and I will not return. -Matt

Matt December 10, 2009 18:43:05
Actually, Jim, the Sun is not static by any measure, nor the center of the Universe (try solar system) but I thoroughly enjoyed reading you scientific proof.

JIM December 10, 2009 06:21:26
We hear a lot about the causes of global warming but why is it that scientists still cannot agree? We have several elements: the sun, and the earth, the orbit and the earth's axis. The movement of the sun is static, it is the center of the universe and it doesn't move. The sun hasn't gotten any hotter or colder than it is now. The earth orbits around the sun. The orbit doesn't change since it takes 365 1/4 days for the earth to orbit the sun. For my example, think of the orbit as a two lane highway. The earth rotates on an axis and takes 24 hours to complete the rotation. If the three elements above are constant, how does an ice age occur ? Can an outside force cause the earth to deviate from its orbit? For instance an extremely large meteorite ricochets off the the earth and moves the earth out of its normal orbit to the outer limit of the orbit away from the sun. Moving close to the outside of the orbit path would cause the earth to freeze. However, the pull of the orbit would come into play and bring the earth back into its normal orbit . Over time, this pull which brings the earth back to normal orbit would also move the earth closer to the sun and over time the ice would melt. In the 1970's , scientists were predicting the earth was on the verge of another ice age. If they had looked at the four elements they couldn't make that prediction. The sun doesn't move or get any cooler, the earth is in its normal orbit and the earth is still rotating on its axis. Now we look at the same elements today and scientist cannot agree on global warming. Has the sun gotten any hotter? No. Has the earths orbit changed? No. Does the earth still rotate on its axis? yes. If the earth isn't moving to the inner edge of its orbit, toward the sun, then the earth isn't getting warmer . Increasing CO2 doesn't increase warming. The atmosphere cannot heat the oceans, because it does not have enough heat capacity. The claimed 0.6°C increase in atmospheric temperature is not significant for heating the oceans I am not a scientist, nor an environmentalist, I am just an average person who is confused that so many well educated scientists cannot agree on this subject.

david December 9, 2009 18:16:55
I would like them to rip it to shreds, and enter the real world. The whole thing is a Hoax. So is the Federal government.

Daniel December 9, 2009 18:11:15
Anthropogenic global warming is a myth. The world is changing naturally as always.

Sarah December 9, 2009 16:09:18
There has never been a "consensus" in the scientific community on the climate issue although the leftist media will try to make you believe this. From the arguments I've read "global warming" is at best overblown neurotic narcissism and at worst is a deliberate hoax. Considering the amount of money Al Gore will and already has made on this I'm thinking it's the latter. (this all done while he dashes around on his private carbon spewing jet) This is a movement by socialist/communists who are trying to knock the USA down to everyone elses level. I agree with Pam from 12/1/09 - Catholics need to connect the dots between the Liberals Agenda and realise where it's leading us.

mickey December 9, 2009 04:03:10
Don't impose anything that will put a financial burden on the public. We already have laws on the books to regulate pollution and we don't need any more. The global warming is a scare tactic being used for a "certain few" in order to "scam" money out of us citizens and to line the "certain few" greedy pockets. Enough is enough, we're not buying into this "stuff".

Jim December 9, 2009 01:41:11
Al Gore and his religious followers are like watermelons. Green on the outside, and Red on the inside.

Dan December 7, 2009 18:22:47
Some scientist say were heading for another ice age so I say we need all the global warming we can get.

Bill December 6, 2009 11:35:36
It used to be that people everywhere could take steps on their own to protect the environment, whether it was air pollution, water pollution, land and nature conservation, etc. Now, we're told that problems are "global" and that we can't do anything without a new "global governance" and a new global ethic: the Earth Charter. Global warming as it is currently being defined is nothing more than a ploy for a small group of people to gain global power.

john December 6, 2009 11:28:53
a honest debate that everyone can watch and or listen between the two factions....i'll bet that the global warming crowd wont show up...any bets?

DE December 5, 2009 19:36:19
For the Global Warming i must plant a lot of Trees and buying the goods that not producing the hit...

Irene December 2, 2009 21:59:32
I never believed in Global Warming and never trusted Al Gore. I believe he should go to jail and be sued for every dime he has for misleading our great country and children. I believe every text book should be redacted from the lies and new text books written( no charge) at all levels of educations by the publishers. Congress should pass laws ASAP to have hearing into this matter ASAP to protect great companies and citizens. AMEN

Joe December 2, 2009 12:26:28
1.Why should we trust a Congress that consists largely of lawyers to understand, much less address, so called man-made global warming? 2. Meteorologists cannot accurately predict the next days temperatures. Science cannot explain the current cooling trend, nor the past warming/cooling but expect us to believe CO2 (natural and required) can be controlled thus controlling the climate?

Pam December 1, 2009 04:31:05
There is NO GLOBAL WARMING !!!!!! This is all about the government wanting full control and taxing us to death. The leaders of the Catholic church had better wake up and Stop funding the liberals agenda (abortion, same-sex marriage, socialism, basically evil)WWJD

Ramir November 30, 2009 05:17:26
I do believe that there has nothing to do with the crisis that has already occur since they are also one of the sources of global warming. but if they will truly concern of the issue, they should start it now....

KEVIN November 28, 2009 07:04:48
I believe this is going to be used to raid the U.S.Treasury.Educating people in responsible behavior may be appropriate,but legislating would not.The science is unsettled,and the responses are becoming partisan.Let's learn and act correctly together.

Michael November 27, 2009 10:44:49
Surely, Our leaders in their infinite wisdom, have something better to do.

Kathleen November 27, 2009 09:11:53
What I would like to see included is a broader spectrum of scientists. Science never has 100% agreement, and any reputable scientist who did not want to concur with global warming was marginalized...the present form is another tact to transfer the wealth into the hands of the globalists.

Gus November 26, 2009 21:46:55
Money, Power and control. I have have hope we can stop the madness. Don't be silent when you have a chance to refute the alarmists.

Jacob November 25, 2009 15:56:31
God gave humanity all of the earth to protect. He gave us brother and sister animals to look after, as well as Brother Sun, Sister Moon and Mother Earth. Is it not our duty to respect and honor and indeed protect all of our fellow creations? It's one thing to cut down a tree to make a table, but when you clear an entire forest with complete disregard to God's divine beauty... that's wrong. It's one thing to kill a pig for food, but when you mercilessly slaughter thousands of animals in vein... that's wrong. We are hurting the great gift that is our Earth, and out of respect for what God has given us WE MUST stop global warming. And is it really that hard to recycle, to turn lights off when they're not in use and to unplug you microwave and toaster when you don't need them?

Carol November 24, 2009 08:11:49
There's nothing to think about! There is NO Global Warming occurring at this time. In fact, even the PC Morons have stopped referring to Global Warming. The new "in" word is "Climate Change"--genuine Climate Change never ceases. Personally I suspect that we are headed into a Polar Shift. Whatever. The Global Warming Liars need to Sit Dow, Shut Up & Stop wasting our money.

Greg November 23, 2009 14:22:25
I've never believed that GLOBAL WARMING theory. I remember in the 70's there was big uproar over GLOBAL FREEZING.... didn't happen. The earth goes through cycles and this scare tactic is just that... a roos to mobilize people to react and line the pockets of the politicians as well as the PC Hollywood crowd.

Bill November 22, 2009 05:14:12
I believe that global warming is a hoax just for the democrats to gain more power over the people we are loosing our freedom in America and we must stand up to the politicians or face the destruction of our way of life. Our government corrupt and we need to throw these idiots out of office before it is to late.

Marcello November 20, 2009 13:50:04
I went to college in the mid eighties and when I took Geology I was taught that the earth has a self correcting atmosphere that explains the multiple Ice Ages we have experienced over time for which there is a well documented geological record. The undisputed geological fact, not theory, of Ice Ages with supporting evidence from the geological record confirms that climates will change over the very long term but that the earths atmosphere adapts and self corrects so that Ice Ages expand and recede in a cyclical fashion. Ice Ages and the self correcting nature of the earth's atmosphere are perfectly consistent with the way God would have created the world. Why is it that no one in the scientific, geologic, or climatology community talks about the hard record on Ice Ages any more? Personally, I prefer to put my faith and trust in God the creator over fickle scientist community.

Ed November 19, 2009 18:38:04
I think the mass fear and global hysteria created by the politicians, liberal news media and fat people (Al Gore)who have profited from promoting this sham, on global warming is unwarranted. I think it is wrong for governments to impose themselves on its citizens to think the only way to handle global warming (if there is such a thing and I believe it is not proven to be, let alone caused by man)by taxing their citizens. This whole process has given rise to governments to make slavery of their citizens, taking more freedom from them, simply to exercise more control over their people. I think any attempt for international treaty on this issue should be defeated hands down.

Bill November 18, 2009 13:46:08
Global warming is one of the greatest scams played on mankind. The proponents of warming use the example of endangerment of the polar bears as an example of what is happening as a result of the warming trend when in fact the earth's population of the polar bear is growing very rapidly. If the earth is warming it is only a natural occurrence which has been repeated many times in geologic past. The outcry is sure making millions for Al Gore and he ought to be investigated for this outrage.

Paul November 15, 2009 17:04:25
Global warming is based on bad science starting with the original Mann "hockey stick", which started this hysteria and which ALL now agree was incorrect. Temperatures have NOT warmed in the past 11 years. We are in the midst of one of the coolest years in recent memory. The IPCC report was written by 53 scientists.Many more scientists (and an ever increasing number of them)now voice their opposition or skepticism. With all due respect to Mark and those like him, the science is not at all solid. Far from it. For the US to adopt the insanity of a "cap and trade" bill, would be equivalent to useless unilateral disarmament as China, India and other major players have made it clear they will not respond in kind... although they would love us to proceed on this legislative self-demoliition. That being said, we should use American Ingenuity and drive which has served us so well for over 200 years and work towards a sound scientifically based plan for alternative Energy and energy independence.

Stacey November 13, 2009 23:30:50
I do not believe that our environment is being affected to the degree the alarmist are speaking of. I some times think , if when we bomb China many years ago , if that didn't destroy our planet, nothing will.

marisa November 13, 2009 18:47:39
We are the care takers of the earth God has created. God created this glorious place for us and we should take care of it an love it as we should all of Gods gifts. Global warming is hurting the earth and all of God creatures and we should do our best to stop it in the name of the Lord.

Jennifer November 12, 2009 13:54:57
I trust in a Divine Creator that put this world in motion and promised it would not end till he comes again. Therefore, I do not worry about the global warming and I feel that people who do are just using it as a way to make a One World Order which is a sign that our Savior Jesus Christ will soon come and save us from these alarmists. There is no such thing as Global Warming. STOP THE LIES!

Brian November 12, 2009 04:11:49
Do not adopt policies that financially harm Americans that the rest of the world won't also adopt. Some of the proposals are extreme and will cost a significant amount of money.

Mark November 9, 2009 06:35:20
The science is solid. Human activity is promoting global climate changes. Are we in a 'cycle' of ice ages and solar flares. Yes. But that doesn't rule out the fact we have immense power to change our planet, whether via hydrogen bombs, huge dams, or tiny little greenhouse gases. I draw an analogy that we are doing to our souls through sin, and what we are doing to our planet through poor stewardship. Have you ever seen pictures from China. They completely neglect the environment - its disgusting. Probably like things were in America and Europe before the EPA and EU equivalent forced us to clean up our mess. But like any other child who has to be told to clean up his room, years later we are reaping some great environmental benefits.

Jim November 7, 2009 12:16:55
There was a farmer from Iowa standing in the middle of his corn field. A traveling geologist came walking by, and the farmer asked the geologist where all the big rocks came from that were in the middle of his corn field. The geologist said that the glaciers brought them. The farmer was puzzled and asked the geologist "where the glaciers went"? The geologist said,"back getting more rocks". Sorry Al Gore, the glaciers will return. It's all a big cycle. Jim

Adone November 7, 2009 07:04:09
Hello everyone. I have been told that Global Warming is a natural occurrence throughout the history of earth evolution. Just like the 'ice-ages', which form from time to time. The question is,Why did God so created the earth, in such a way to produce these natural phenomenons, from time-span to time-span? What was on Gods mind then is the same as it is now. His reasoning and His creations are immeasurable. No-one knows for sure why He created the world so to be. We know this much. In one hand God gives and with the other hand God takes. God rewards and God punishes. This present global warming is an Act of God, and the outcome of it all will bring forth goodness and destruction. Goodness as in the form of peace to the world, which has been due from the time of Cane and Able. Destruction as in the form of evil, removing the bad things on earth, to make way for His Sons wishes to be amongst His people. God is a loving God. Trust must be inside you, to believe all that was spoken by Jesus in the Gospel. A true son of God remains faithful, no matter what God plans of earthly global environments He sets forth. The evolution of creation is a powerful gift from God to man. God is still in the process to evolutionize man to his likeness. This global warming is part of this change that man must undertake, in order to change ever so slightly, era after era, moulding man closer to His Will of thought. Many millions of years from now, mans body, evolutionized to suit to live not only on this planet earth, but distant Galaxies, with neighboring offspring's of the human race. Everything is possible with God. The most important part to remember is that God gave each a soul and this soul never changes. Mans evolution has changed but the soul has not. It remains the same since the time of Adam and Eve. And so forth, enjoy the bounty God has set before us. Live each day as there was no tomorrow. Pray to our Living God, to His Son Jesus, our true Brother, who came to show us the way to eternal life. To His Mother Mary, our most loving protector for humanity. The rosary is a powerful tool, evolving man into the likeness of God. To be in Gods presents, is to know a little of God and His plans for humanity. This Global Warming is set before us. Think of it as a means to clean-up this world from harm to the Soul. "What profits a man to gain the entire world and in the process to loose his soul." God is giving us a heads-up. First seek the kingdom of God, then all the rest will be given. Meanwhile, the answers will come to help man to survive this changing environment of earth. We must change within, before we can change the out side world. The Spiritual Evolution of man is in the process, along side the Environment Evolution of the world. This is only the beginning of what is to come, the plans of Gods Holy Will. I hope my answer to this Global Warming, does not offend anyone. I hope we can all do our part to help in any way fit to reduce this global warming affect. Keep in mind our children and their children, the changes they must face to survive, to live in harmony with all aspects of the human race. May The love of Jesus and Mary, burn in our hearts. May God be kind and gentle with all He Wills. Amen. Adone A. Gubert. There is much more than meets the eyes of the beholder.

CarlosPanda November 6, 2009 00:28:30
Don't believe that our world end 'in a fake' on 12/21/2012. Instead, let God, Jesus and us heal, safeguard, save, protect, renew and regenerate our world by 12/21/2012. Keep praying constantly to God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Virgin Mary and angels.

Donna November 3, 2009 14:23:51
If the current course of our country continues, we won't have to worry about global warming. We're self-destructing as I type this.

Pam November 2, 2009 08:18:25
Do away with global warming and the over consumption of the world's resources by a few people and God will take care of the abortion laws.

SK October 28, 2009 21:23:59
we are at a point in human history and technology that allows us to know we can address this. St Thomas Aquinas pointed us in the direction of science and knowledge. why on earth would we continue to live in the age of candles (fossil fuels), when we have the light bulb (solar, wind. lithium) ? i myself have installed a tank less water heater. and am looking at other ways of ecological stewardship. i want my government to continue offering incentives.

John October 25, 2009 04:12:46
Climate change has been happening since Day One. Follow the money trail, Al Gore and his apostles are making millions off of bad science. I am old enough to remember the first Earth Day. Global cooling was the problem then. There is a saying in geology, "the present is the key to the past", or "the past is the key to the future". I ask all the people who believe that man is the cause of climate change to answer this question. What started, and ended the Mini-Ice Age? I am a professional geologist with 30+ years of studying the earths past, rocks, fossils, continental drift, etc. Pope Al Gore is in it for the money, and control. P.S. There is less CO2 in the atmosphere now then during the time of the last glaciers.

Frank October 23, 2009 13:52:35
It is a natural occurrence of the earth

zach October 22, 2009 13:22:47
From what I've understood, this issue of global warming is an effort to create a pseudo-religious feeling about saving the earth. It is a religion that is filling the vacuum of God's presence in people's lives who reject God and reason. I believe we should definitely clean up our home (earth) and be much better at "tending of the garden", but this ideology, this blaming mankind for global warming, is a key to opening a door that will lead to greater abuses of every human's dignity and the right to a good life. I believe that if people were able to respect themselves as a being created in the image of God, then they would also look to their environment and be a better steward. The more that man is blamed, i fear, the more the poor will be subjugated and demoralized, taxed and layed off. The human's rights will be further reduced, each person judged based on his utility and this country will lose her sovereignty. Maybe that's what this is all about in the end. God be with us all..

dan October 20, 2009 18:31:20
global warming does not exist too many so called experts have used false or incomplete data to prove their theories and discount hard evidence that proves otherwise

Elizabeth October 20, 2009 08:07:06
Global warming is one of the largest threats we face on this planet. As stewards of God's creation we should be dedicating ourselves to any initiative that helps to slow this process and protect the resources of the earth. There is far too much excessive consumption and not enough care given to the fair and equitable distribution of the earths resources.

josseph October 18, 2009 12:06:14
Do away with all abortion laws! God will take care of global warming!!!

eric October 17, 2009 16:24:56
I think that it in no way is directed toward good stewardship of the planet. Al Gore flys around in jets with I hear several houses being heated and cooled loaded with cars trucks etc, preaching on the topic. Makes me wonder. On the contrary I think they are saying that men are powerful enough that they are going to change the planet as they feverishly try to rid Holy God from the United States (see ACLU)and around the world. I would like to see an alternative to combustion engines, oil etc. New methods of power that are not yet ready by the way. In no way do I believe the Global Warming Lie. It is part of an agenda based in my opinion on the use of this fear tactics is a lust for power made easy by the immoral culture (I am part of it, praying to change by the way) a US education system devoutly trying to defile our children parents that advocated their jobs (and I blame parents equally with not fighting enough) Schools teach sex and miss reading, writing arithmetic and God as well as our Judaic Christian founded Country as well. Geography might be nice to learn as well. Test scores and a dumbed down citizenry dont lie(look at my spelling) As I said man wants to believe he can change the world without God and be in control. Be the authors instead of the readers that we really are. If any politician were serious about this issue a good start would be eliminate toll booths and other traffic snarls that wasted millions of gallons of fuel I would think. Look at Rt 95 in MD. The Government and many outside feed on power and when I was a boy the big story was 'Ice age coming' and 'No oil by the year 2000'. The real issue is that many today want God gone and want us to relay on man alone and his power to change massive events. Question if the glaciers are melting because of global warming where is the one that helped shape Cape Cod it melted thousands of years ago? The earth heats up cools down. How about the Ozone hole? What happened to that story. While I am at it State Trooper prescence on the highways is a good thing (all those tickets and people flying toward the windshield at the sight of a hidden patrol unit.)but how about some show up time in say Camden NJ i.e. and make it safe for the children of that community to actually live there.. Man should always be a good steward of course. Global Warming well no I dont thinks so its a big lie brought to you by the folks that are obsessed about turtle eggs and not what the call fetuses that are really you guessed it human beings babies possibly more important then turtle eggs!!! Global slaughter is killing children (ABORTION) that is so fixating many hearts in the US and letting other wide spread slaughter go on in Africa etc is really what worries me. Hey I am no saint. I am a sinner in need of Christs blood to wash me daily. I think if we can look at the source of this issue together and work on other important things with the same effort that they put forth we can allow the Lord to save us from the really serious warming after our bodies assume room temperature. By the way the word fetus I hear its Latin for offspring. Like and animal not a human nice way to help defile ourselves in word and make it easier to kill the innocent. But Global warming is a higher priorty I suppose...........NOT!!

Kris October 16, 2009 06:49:18
P.S.~ Of COURSE we should take care of our environment---recycle, adjust our thermostats to reasonable temperatures, etc. I even believe littering is immoral. If you want your own property to be a sty, that's your choice as a free American. But to treat the world, including our waterways, as a garbage can shows a callous, selfish attitude to the rest of us. God provided us with a beautiful, wondrous world and resources like coal and oil that He intended for our use. Yes, we need to be judicious in taking care of what's been given to us, but when extremists turn Environmentalism into a quasi-religion, their priorities have become skewed and misguided and I, and I suspect thousands and thousands of others, just tune out their rantings like noise pollution.

Kris October 15, 2009 17:47:28
It's hard to believe the debate goes on! Google "International Conference on Climate Change" and settle the matter for yourselves once and for all. One of the scientists who attended the gathering (Arthur Robinson) initiated a petition that was signed by over 32,000 US scientists- 10,000 of whom are doctors. ALL of them rejected the idea that global warming has caused a crisis situation. They also deny that climate change is caused mostly by people. Are you going to believe over 30,000 scientists---or Al "My House Has a HUGE Carbon Footprint" Gore? The argument needs to end here, as does the whole bogus "Cap and Trade" issue!

Stephanie October 12, 2009 16:21:36
just because some people from the democratic party are trying to stop global warming does not mean that it doesn't exist. it IS happening. I do trust God in everything that relates to it, but you are crazy to think that we are not doing significant damage to our planet. And even though I trust God in the matter that does not mean that I can go on and pollute the planet and treat it badly!

L October 11, 2009 08:05:13
There is no global warming! What do you think happened to all the water that covered the earth during the great flood? God proved to us the Great Flood happened by leaving behind the ark. (This is for the non believers.) God had to put the water somewhere! We know the earth was covered in ice and that it has been melting for a long time. Well the ice is still melting and has been melting since the great flood. God has told us there will be no islands when the world comes to an end. Who are you going to believe some uneducated x-vice president who doesn't believe in God or GOD?

clint October 8, 2009 06:55:47
funding a research on how to make extraction hydrogen from water cheaper and use of hydrogen as fuel.

Steven October 8, 2009 06:41:37
We are in a cooling period. Check the science, not the news. But to hear the media explain it you would think we are in trouble. Global warming is a hoax and we are arrogant to think we have anything to do with the earth warming OR cooling.

mae October 7, 2009 13:23:39
nancy poloci and joe biden ad al gore are a disgrace to the catholic faith.

Helmut October 6, 2009 07:00:58
Having moved from Southern California to Northern Europe I can´t say the weather has been improving. It´s pretty cold out here, especially in the winter, early spring and in fall. The summer´s been alright this year...

jack October 5, 2009 12:25:19
I would like to see nothing , and the bill eliminated,,,,The warmists and Climate Fixers are perpetrating the biggest scam next to Bernie Maddoff..The Climate Changes because of that giant flaming orb, volcanoes and oceans and what goes on under the earths crust.. Humanity , not so much

Kitney October 5, 2009 07:20:49
Scripture tells us, we should be good stewards to the earth, and we should... BUT; Global warming is another scare tactic to gain control over capitalism to bring America into a socialist government. This administration is quickly taking our freedom and will tax us to nothing but complete reliance on their government. Marxism. If that isn't scarey enough...know they hate Christanity even more. Oh, and is anyone interested in getting the swine flu shot?

Pam October 3, 2009 04:47:23
The question that we need to be asking is, do we want the government again to be controlling our lives and taking yet more of our tax dollars, in the name of keeping our environment clean. The government doesn't know how to take our money and do want they say they are going to do. I am all for keeping the environment clean, but keep it away from the government. This world that we live in is very,very large and I don't for one minute believe that man can destroy it, however I believe that God can and he isn't very happy with us so the real question is are we willing to defend OUR LORD and the UNBORN. Think about that !!

Terri October 3, 2009 03:49:21
Global warming is nothing more than a money making scheme, a brain child of Al Gore. That being said, I believe that we need to respect the environment and do whatever necessary to keep out world clean, but "global warming" per say is the biggest scam the world has ever seen.

Scott October 2, 2009 11:29:04
Bulbajer, No!!! They don't tell you the whole story. What they aren't telling you is that glaciers have been much smaller than they are right now in years past and that while some are receding others are getting bigger or thicker. They only tell you half truths about what is really happening. How do you explain the several ice-ages that we have had. The world is on a cycle that spans thousands of years. The world had also been much much warmer than it is right now when there were no humans to influence it.

Scott October 2, 2009 11:22:04
I believe that Global Warming is a myth created by liberals that want to push an agenda. These are the same people screaming back in the 70's that stated we were falling into another ice-age. Although I believe we should be as clean as possible as a people, I also believe that the world is in a cycle of warming and cooling trends that no human can control. Scientists say that we peaked in 1998 and are now seeing a cooling trend. Now you see the left calling it climent change instead of global warming. They will make up stuff just to fit their agenda or political views.

Bulbajer September 30, 2009 15:23:49
YES!!! It is interesting that many say here that global warming is a myth, but why then are the ocean temps rising and the glaciers disappearing? Even if made man-made global warming is a myth, it's a good idea to cut pollution anyway.

Bud September 30, 2009 08:14:41
Global warming is just another big government lie. What's new?

Gerald September 25, 2009 15:53:51
I believe it is a big lie. The collective scientific community does not believe this is a issue. I submit that a lot of people have and continue to forward a lie for personal gain. Twenty years ago, we heard nothing about climate change. Now, one indifferent to it, is viewed as a criminal, so to speak.

JACKFISH September 25, 2009 11:53:24
cyclical climate change,,, That giant flaming orb , volcanoes, oceans and what goes on UNDER the crust cause variations in the climate,,, Man , Not so much .... spend the millions in the Cap and Tax on social concerns

Peggy September 23, 2009 08:19:39
We must all do our part to have clean air and climate as individuals and countries. Ignoring change on land, sea and air that pollute our planet is not right.

Scott September 21, 2009 09:51:08
As a geologist I have studied past environments. Earth's climate is cyclic (warm times and cold times). C02 concentrations in the past were tremendously much higher than today (over 10,000 ppm vs around 300 ppm today) way before the industrial revolution. The models do not account for the greatest green house gas (water vapor) nor any negative feedback. We are now going into a cooling phase for at least the next 30 years. Al Gore and the other warming alarmists I hope are just not informed and are listening to people who are out for political reasons.

Bub September 19, 2009 01:05:42
Man made global warming is a giant scam...

kory September 18, 2009 12:23:37
I would like to see a carbon tax, it would be the first piece of legislation on the matter which truly addresses the undeniable fact that the resources used up and mistreated were given to us all to share. Those who despoil the most must make the most restitution. It forces us to pay the costs of our decisions now rather than pass the cost to our children.

Marion September 17, 2009 18:05:04
Nothing. There is no such thing occurring. It is simply Nature repeating itself...history and research into the past shows that it is nothing man has done to bring it on--it is a political farce and our tax money should not be spent this way.

John September 17, 2009 18:00:56
I am strenuously in favor of significant legislation to both regulate CO2 as a greenhouse gas and reduce US greenhouse gas output dramatically (80%) in the next 30-50 years. In order to do that, we must first enact deep cuts in electricity generation by coal and natural gas, which currently accounts for about 90-95%. Secondly, the real challenge lies in changing our transportation and heating industry from oil-based fuels like jet fuel, propane, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil among others to non food fiber-based fuels and electricity. As a result, the US would see a shortage of raw material (oil) for plastics manufacturing

Dan September 16, 2009 22:05:24
The science supporting the idea of global warming is weak, but the politics enabling the ideas is very strong and likely insurmountable. It is easy to dispense with the science - Is it possible to forecast the weather two weeks hence? But you are asked to believe the same highly complex system can be forecast not only 100 years into the future but continuously over the coming 100 years. The difference between linear and nonlinear systems explains why no such forecasts are credible.

joseph September 14, 2009 21:49:41
global warming enables the perpetual victimhood of those too arrogant to recognize that we are not gods.

Peggy September 14, 2009 12:43:02
We should take care of the environment regardless of whether the "global warming" theory is valid or not. We should do it because it is the right thing to do. That's all.

Paul September 11, 2009 10:48:27
Global warming is a massive scam by the global power elite to help usher in a one world government.

Patrick September 10, 2009 18:11:05
Unlike so many of my brothers and sisters in the Church I do find the threat of global warming to be credible. The most reputable scientific organizations of both the United States and of the various nations of the world have issued corporate statements calling global warming a real threat, and calling for real measures to mitigate against this problem. These organizations include the American National Academy of Science and the Royal Society, which has been in existence longer than the United States. Prudence dictates that we should bring into being non fossil fuel power sources. Government action to do so is needed.

Fred September 10, 2009 10:03:19
If the planet does get warmer as in the far past ie. during the Carboniforus Period more trees will grow as the CO2 level increases thus balancing the system. If cold were a good thing for life why aren't there animals in the Antartic? Why do birds fly south in the winter if ice is so great? It is only about limiting the USA's global dominance. Limit the energy available and you can't defend yourself. Weapons work on energy release and that protects us.

Gene September 7, 2009 19:23:51
There should be NO legislation at all! The rouse of global warming is just a way to make government bigger and get more taxes. God is in control not any of us. Government did not have to "fix" the Ice Age.

Fr. September 6, 2009 22:34:37
Radical thinking and radical action is required to face problem of global warming. Returning to the nature and returning to God is the only answer, I think.

Donald September 6, 2009 19:50:19
Do not give My freedom to U.N., Man can try to Kill the world but God made it Look at the truth. The lie is man trying to save it without God. Go to the Bible read it before your vote, as was be for.

Scott September 6, 2009 06:14:50
I would like for us to move on to things that truly matter and put this fairy tale to bed.

Steven September 3, 2009 09:19:24
Nothing. Global Warming is a bunch of bull. Weather patterns come an go. Man is awfully arrogant if he thinks he has anything to do with the weather. In 10 more years people will not even give this kook fringe idea any credence.

Quincy September 1, 2009 13:46:39
Terra Firma is heating up. More hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters will occur in the future. Believers in God, continuing to pray we must!! Global warming is real, in my opinion. Hot climates are getting hotter and cold climates are getting colder. The earth has a way of taking care of any situation it faces. Science and God always work hand-in-hand I think. Will human life still be around to see how global warming ends? God Bless All Readers.

James August 31, 2009 18:20:42
I would like the US Congress to stick to the affairs of men. "Global Warming" is a hoax. The average temperature in the US has decreased over the last 20 years. The audacity of hoping that we men are powerful enough to be as gods defies reason.

Nelson August 31, 2009 13:36:44
Though possible, it is more likely serving as a great world need that only a great world effort can solve. A motivator for the masses. Open eyes can see many more likely motivators. They can be in the form of people,nature,beliefs and so on, but always an enemy to rally against. Or enemy we are helpless against unless we hop aboard the global ark. This is only a possibility that looks very likely to me. Global warming or cooling seems to fit the previous cycles which indicate we are in for a very slow and long cooling into the next ice age(100,000 year cycle). The relative CO2 content of our atmoshere is so low it's hard to convince me of "global warming". Then again over a period of I think 1000 years if my memory seves me, at the current rate of CO2 emissions we will be reaching toxic levels. This is a real factual problem that we have real time to deal with. Threats to mankind and even the life that we share the earth with are worth rallying for. We should be able to solve problems without creating dangerous "kings" or empowering elite's to rule over people they don't even understand. I notice that we never have time to understand our problems, just time to react. We people need to stop thinking like a mob and start thinking.

Hugh August 30, 2009 05:07:34
Most Global warming is due to natural cycles. The rest is hot air from Washington.

Peter August 28, 2009 03:57:27
A postscript: Global warming is in the Book of Revelation. It is the 4th plague of the end-times (the sun will scorch the earth). Look it up folks! God is in control, not man!!

Peter August 28, 2009 03:46:25
The real cause of global warming is not man-made carbon dioxide, (about .038 percent of the atmosphere) but a phenomena known in ancient times as the "Precession of The Equinoxes". Buildings (Egyptian pyramids, Mayan temples, etc.) aligned to the stars were found to be 1 degree out of alignment after 72 years. Today we know this is caused by the wobble of the Earth's axis. Reflect on the cause of winter and summer, caused by the tilt of the axis. If the poles were straight up-and-down, there would not be seasonal change. Climate change is just a longer variation of this. In fact, the North pole will not always point to the North star! Plato divided this 26 thousand year (actually 25,920 or 360 times 72)cycle into the 12 Ages of Man. December 21, 2012 will be the first day of the Age of Aquarius. A study of ice core samples (going back 400,000 years) from Antarctica 25 years ago backs this up. As the Earth warms over a period of 21 thousand years, carbon dioxide levels slowly increase, and then stop as the Earth begins to cool-off again. It is a purely natural cycle and the cause of ice ages (the last one was 15,000 years ago). We can expect another 6,000 years of global warming. The best solution so far, is the proposal to build a "space umbrella" (actually tiny lenses)to moderate the drastic effects of this global phenomena. You won't learn this in college, it took me many years of research to piece this together. Wikipedia has an article about the "Precession" but leaves much to be desired.

Jeremy August 27, 2009 09:29:31
Global warming is perhaps a misnomer and that is why so many people disagree on whether or not it's real. What they should call it is global pollution. We should stop polluting as much as we are and use the law to set limits so that technology is financially driven (by penalties for exceeding said limits). Global warming, if it exists, is a byproduct of global pollution. It's only a subset of the real problem. Global pollution, other than just warming the Earth... kills off entire species of God's creation, makes water undrinkable, causes disease that kills people, and so on. So, why not be concerned about global pollution, instead of just one symptom of the real problem, global warming?

Aaron August 26, 2009 20:52:00
It appears to me that man-made global warming is a genuine phenomenon. Fortunately, it also appears that practical solutions (not this carbon trading nonsense) are being developed by science and will be implemented in the near future. I would like to express my disappointment and sadness toward all those who have shown disdain and contempt for the environmental cause. This natural world and all the plants and animals within it are a marvelous gift and blessing for all the human race. Indeed, all of creation itself can be rightfully be called a miracle, and its multitude of beauty points back to the grace, eloquence, and wisdom of its Maker in more ways than can be named. Yes, God gave this world to us for our use, but implied in that gift was the notion that we would be its stewards and take good care of it, because we do have dominion over it, and why would we trash such a wonderful gift? Why would we return such a loving gesture from God Almighty with such disregard?

Jennifer August 24, 2009 14:04:35
I think as humans we should take care of all of the gifts God has given us, including this planet. However, I think it is a very arrogant notion to think that we a mere creatures can possibly destroy God's plan for this planet.

Andre August 21, 2009 05:18:47
In touch to our belief, I thing God's is exactly the same in many region and religion. It just our destiny and fortune to get various humanity life on the earth. We have to be a good person and obey His command. We must have a kind pure heart to love our God and each other in any circumstances.

Imre August 19, 2009 15:35:07
I don't think there such a phenomenon as "global warming". There are long run cycles in the climate of the Earth caused by anomalies in the radiation of the Sun. These cycles are periods of three or more centuries when the climate gets excessively warmer or colder. The way it is referred to by the media in the notion of "global warming" is one of the modern myths.

John August 18, 2009 12:00:06
I want to see a REAL debate on this issue. So much new information has come out that raises legitimate questions about mans influence on climate change. And more and more scientists are becoming skeptical of the claims made by the government.

Collin August 16, 2009 08:46:00
We as humans have done something to the environment. Whether you believe in global warming or not, whether you are a liberal or a conservative you must admit that we are destroying this planet with emissions and pollution.

Daniel August 16, 2009 06:31:33
Follow the money and who gains. Global warming is phony.

steve August 16, 2009 01:55:30
I have been watching this forum for a while now and have posted my thoughts as well. How can we unite and organize ourselves to stand against these silly and costly agendas that the current administration is trying to force on us. I don't think that the global warming agenda or the health care agenda has anything to do with the government caring about us. I think it has everything to do with control. They want all the control and power they can get. Power must be the most addictive drug there is. I am not sure what all the answers are but I think it is time to start more, "doing" and less talking. If there seems to be some interest on how to organize something I will put my email up

Ben August 13, 2009 19:53:29
I came across a Environmentalist website saying that you should "consider your carbon footprint" if having a third child. I plan on having more than that. Some Environmentalists even want forced abortions like they have in China. Might I also point out that in the British Isles (The UK and Ireland) wine used to be in large production during the Middle Ages. Then came the Little Ice Age and since then have been become beer producing.

Albert August 10, 2009 08:48:01
1000 years ago the Vikings were farming in GREENLAND. How green is Greenland today? Perhaps we should read more history and use our common sense.

Abad August 9, 2009 22:23:12
I am looking at a lot of people that don't believe that global warming doesn't exist. Is this something that the pope doesn't believe in as well. Can someone indicate this too me?

Jill August 9, 2009 11:46:01
Wow. How utterly arrogant to imagine that humans, who have existed on Earth as Homo sapiens for a mere 120,000 years, are capable of producing climate change on a planet that has existed for roughly 4.5 billion years! As a child in the 1970's, I recall being terrified of news reports heralding the advent a new Ice Age. And now, a mere 30 years later, we are in the throes of man-made global warming? Hardly. Global change occurs slowly, as science has shown. Have Al Gore and his minions never heard of geologic time? However, having said that, I do believe that humans need to be good stewards of the Earth and its bounty, and avoid wasting natural resources.

Ken August 3, 2009 14:40:25
I think global warming is a myth. I think people should conserve energy because energy is a gift from God and it is a sin to waste God's gifts to mankind. The weather is not something that humans can significantly impact or control.

Carol August 2, 2009 22:17:59
OH! PLEASE! Al Gore has the I.Q. of a bowl of soup. There's NOTHING to discuss here! This is all a big manipulation campaign to provide a rationale for the first Communist World Council Meetings. Their a pack of Bilderbergers & worse. Would it not be wonderful to seize them all in their big meeting auditorium, mark "666" on their foreheads & then turn them loose, so that all of the world will see who they serve--the big pack of LIARS. Just like their Master--THE Liar!

Frank August 2, 2009 17:18:56
I believe it is a natural cycle the earth goes through. We are just speeding it up.What caused the ice to thaw out many years ago? There was no cars,planes,factories etc. This is just another game these people play in D.C. to gain votes. They would sell their mother down the drain just to get elected. They care about global warming like i care about the man in the moon.

Greg August 2, 2009 17:06:19
Global Warming is a farce. Made up by people who want to expand Government. I think the Ice age is on the way...Actually, The other thing people never talk about, if a change in Climate is man made, God already knows, and who made man,God is in control, nothing to worry about!

rosalie July 31, 2009 19:04:38
Climate is cyclical-what goes around will come around again.

James July 31, 2009 02:29:20
The fact of the matter is that the 2008 - 2009 years have seen record lows set around the world. Temperature decline for the last ten years have forced even the U.N. to decide to postpone Global Warming for maybe another 10 years. If you want to understand whats happening with the Global Warming community, just find who has a vested interest in it, follow the money.

Richard July 28, 2009 10:29:40
The World is given by God to Mankind to enjoy and safeguard it.God is very much in Nature and the consequences of damaging it is a direct attack on the Creator of this Universe so it is we who are responsible to face its disastrous effects.

Joseph July 24, 2009 18:57:30
I just would like for the US Congress to include on the legislation it is working on a phrase that "the only global warming as some self-interest groups are saying is coming from the 'Sun' in our Universe" period.

BUD July 24, 2009 07:18:53
The only real global warming is coming from all of the hot air emitted by the Congress.

Cardinal July 20, 2009 16:42:13
I suggested to the White House to construct gigantic heat absorbers that would absorb energy and heat from the atmosphere and convert it into power for the creation of electricity. Then we could use all this extra heat for something useful. Also I suggested that we fill the sea with vegetation to produce oxygen for the atmosphere. Beyond that, prayer never hurt! We must pray for the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the Earth, every day. Also the use of solar energy would be a good idea. Solar panels, which also absorb heat, could be put on the tops of buildings around the world. If we could only do this, we would have an endless supply of energy, without affecting the pollution levels of the planet. I suggest that the Catholic Church give money to the Solar Living Institute, of which I was a paying member last year. Then they could develop better and more effective solar panels for worldwide use.

margaret July 19, 2009 19:45:15
global warming is a big hoax! just like selling indulgences..the only ones to benefit are GE,NBC,and Al Gore. The American people who have worked the hardest will be penalized. China and India are exempt! It is a sham, a disgrace.

Carol July 19, 2009 06:27:57
Global Warming is one of many Big Lies of the Islamic takeover of America.

Dan July 18, 2009 11:47:15
global warming is a not happening on any long term basis and not for any reason man is responsible. Only 2% of the atmosphere is carbon and 3.4& is CO2 and 3.4% of that is man made maybe please talk to the scientist. And even if there is global warming we cannot do anything to stop it; further, to have a cooling we must have a warming. The temp has not dropped or risen any more than a third of a degree in the last 100 years.

Ryan July 16, 2009 16:31:41
If Al Gore supports it, it's probably inaccurate, incorrect, and a complete distortion of the truth (if not an outright falsification).

Barbara July 15, 2009 16:53:15
I don't recall a commandment or a beatitude that indicates our part or responsibility to saving this planet. God made the world, the trees, ocean, sky, flowers, birds, sun, moon, etc. He will take care of those things. He gave us laws to follow including loving our neighbor, forgiving, cloth & feed the poor, no killing (which includes no abortions),etc. If we do as He commanded He will take care of the environmental incidentals. We should keep out of His business and just follow His commands.

dugie! July 15, 2009 01:37:16
I think that this Global warming has a lot to do with the One World Government and the coming of the Anti Christ, I know we are not far off from a Global Government and a One World False religion, I believe true followers in Christ will be killed and that the Mark of the beast will be a literal mark that will be put on satans children to buy or sell, its coming soon!

Dave July 14, 2009 20:31:24
Jesus burned fossil fuels, expelled co2 and methane gas(I'm pretty sure). If these Libs had been in power back then they would have sent the shepherd a bill taxing him for the the "emmissions" from his flock.

Dave July 14, 2009 20:20:19
Man made global warming is a political hoax. It is yet another attack on freedom and liberty from knifing anti-capitalist socialists. The liberal elites have long worked in conjunction with the scientific academics whereas both groups have much to gain, namely wealth and power from the taxpayers. Both the satanist politicians and the satanist academic are using emotion and bad science to influence the populace. They believe they can make better lifestyle decisions for all of us than we can make for ourselves. I have no interest in following this mostly athiestic/agnostic crowd. They have made global warming their religion and in doing so are blind to the truth in liberty and freedom. So there.

Melanie July 14, 2009 12:38:00
Global a lie..we have had the coolest summer in a long time!!!...I hope that they use the money for other things like jobs and getting the country back on track

Bob July 13, 2009 15:12:37
What is the optimum temperature? How is that determined? What solid evidence is there that indicates that man has had or could have any direct/indirect effect on global climate change? Why is the weather channel founders assertion that there is indeed no valid scientific evidence in support of "man made" global warming not being taken seriously? CO2, better stop exhaling now!?

Richard July 13, 2009 14:54:39
I think global warming is phony. Global warming is an idea made up by socialists to have a world government. The socialist democrats in USA want to create soviet style government where the state tells everyone what to do and how to do it. Obama wants to run General Motors,the banking industry and control the whole financial system. Obama and the Democrats will destroy AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT today with high unemployment and high energy prices.

Katherine July 11, 2009 11:38:20
MAN MADE global warming is a whole lot of hype brought on and stirred up by Al Gore, the results of which are filling his bank account and those of some Senators and Representatives who are pushing this false science on us. Any global warming OR cooling is a natural fluctuation that has been occurring since God created the Earth. He is in charge and doing just fine without politicians thinking they can do better.

Louise July 9, 2009 10:25:22
I believe that it is a lie straight out of the pit of hell. The spirit of the anti-christ has been loosened and if we do not get on our knees and repent what we see happening here in our country will only intensify.

Bruno July 8, 2009 14:00:20
If we truly look at the science of man-made global warming, there is “NO” exact science to man-made global warming because this is a “theory” that is man-made by Al Gore. Man-made global warming “has been an accepted fact by most of the scientific community.” But, what they don’t tell you is that most of the so called, “scientific community” are political pundits and are not scientists. Those that are scientists have been paid off to agree with Al Gores’ “theory.” As far as the science of man-made global warming the science tells us that about every 1500 years the earth cools or heats up and this is done naturally and that is a “fact.” The Catholic Church in the USA should be ashamed for promoting the man-made global warming / green movement. This is another way the governments of the world including ours control our civil and economic liberties. God help these corrupt leaders of our country and stop them before America becomes another third world nation. For further truth go to: and

Chris July 3, 2009 15:03:11
What global warming?! Thirty years ago they were worried about global cooling! And now, as I sit here in Pennsylvania, this week we've had temps way below our normal average for this time of year. Apparently along much of the eastern US the weather has also frequently been chilly, cloudy and/or rainy. Hardly the hot, humid summers we've had in the past. Why Al Gore and his followers get so much clout is beyond me. Perhaps it's this push for Cap and Trade, yet another disaster waiting to happen. Why have 30,000 scientists - 10,000 of whom are doctors in their fields- signed a petition that disputes the concept of global warming? (Check Weather comes in cycles. Yes, we can all afford to be more environmentally conscious and responsible. But we can take reasonable steps and let God do the rest. He's in charge, thank---- well, God!

Steve July 2, 2009 11:58:11
Consider the Poor, The Families struggling in this economy. Listen to what the Pope says about implementing new laws without considering the most vunerable. Pray alot.

Bill July 2, 2009 06:01:03
An early dismissal, say right after the opening prayer for guidance.

Wanda July 1, 2009 13:02:32
I believe their is climate fluctuations, totally normal for the earth throughout history. Some indications are that it is actually cooling some. The ideas saying it is all from carbon emissions are not totally correct. Man is again trying to predict what he really can not. Carbon taxes etc is just another effort to get more money from the middle class who can not afford any more put upon it. Let the rich, who use more fuel etc than the middle or poor class pay for a change.

Andrew June 26, 2009 14:58:22
I believe it is important to take care of our planet as responsible and intelligent stewards, however, I am not interested in what Nancy Pelosi or Al Gore have to say about it. If we are serious about taking care of the planet then those hypocrites need to change their own lifestyles before preaching to me how to change mine.

Travis June 24, 2009 21:45:43
I don't see why we get so worked up over something so stupid. If you want to save the environment, there are thousands of nastier things out there than CO2, a gas humans make with every breath they take. And that is assuming that man-made global warming is true (which I have serious doubts about). Washington should keep it's fingers out of this mess (if that is even possible with our current representatives).

JOHN June 23, 2009 15:06:08
We have no way to measure or determine what impact humans have had on gobal warming. The taxation we face to offset carbon foot prints is not going to change anything,the environment is in natural change and it is presumptuous for us to assume that we will tax our way to changing the current pattern, which by the way is actually cooling.

gene June 21, 2009 09:05:13
Global warming / mayble God is trying to tell us something Like how many baby do we USA kill a day and we do notthing about it. 4000 baby dead everyday. Mayble GOD has send us answers but we kill it.

Robert June 19, 2009 18:41:30
I'm amazed as I read the comments already submitted. As I study, I can see how the "Group Think" concept establishes itself. Global warning has been an accepted fact by most of the scientific community. The affects are very obvious even by the unscientific mind,( the melting of the polar ice caps for example ). The cause is the actual debate. The factors that some contend that cause global warming by humans are also the the causes of most of the pollution we have. God created man to care for the earth and the rest of his creation.By naming all of the creatures, he put them in our care. By reducing our ego and increasing our service to God we will naturally do the things that will reduce pollution and reduce any effect we may have on global warming, natural or artificial. I would like to see more regulation on fossil fuel burners and increased funding for cleaner forms of energy.

Brian June 18, 2009 20:08:58
Global warming, I think not. Global Pollution,Now thats something to talk about.Tell people how much that bottle of spring water is going to cost in ten or twenty years,show them the chances of it being as healthy to drink then as it is today. I'll bet that will get them thinking.

ken June 18, 2009 16:15:39
Global warming is caused by the sun not by humans or industry. We are beginning to experience global cooling but the MSM and zealots will not recognize this until they ruin the economy and throw us into a major depression.

MarkV June 17, 2009 18:18:55
My greatest concern as a Catholic is not if it is true or not, but that it seems to be the secular world's new religion. I have seen odes and dances and 'prayers' to the earth, forgiveness asked of the earth, and a request to live in harmony with the earth. THIS IS HERESY!!! Why as Catholics we give any of this credence from a religious point of view is utterly beyond me!

Christian June 11, 2009 20:23:51

Bob June 3, 2009 14:17:09
It's all a hoax and the stupidest thing in the world taking valuable time and money away from much more important issues.

Doug May 26, 2009 05:44:13
Certain steps seem prudent, such as recycling, cleaner coal burning, wind power and reforestation, but we don't need to burden people with more and more expenses. The whole concept can't simply be scare tactics aimed at making money for certain people. Al Gore has made millions and won a Nobel Peace Prize and we still are certain we have global warming. We need to error on the side of safety,fore sure, without a huge expense to the tax payers. Simply put, let's use logic and common sense aimed at preserving the world God created for us for people today and future generations to come.

Chuck May 24, 2009 20:35:53
Global Warming is another scheme to get more tax money out of us and to control our lives. The Earth cools and warms at different times. It would be very arrogant of us to think we could control the weather to such a great degree.

PAUL May 23, 2009 19:42:04
Google LIMNIC ERUPTION - CO2 has an SG. greater than air. Thus it cannot rise into the atmosphere - so why a carbon tax? To make lots of money is why.

Alan May 22, 2009 08:20:26
Please the science doesn't support this nonsense. I prefer to make up my own mind and I see no truth is this at all. Gore wants to make money from this. We are carbon based humans. No truth in this.

Bryan May 21, 2009 06:36:46
I firmly do not believe that there is global warming. I do believe that we should take care of the earth God created. God created man and woman and all the animals and said that his creation was good. How can global warming be happening because of what we exhale, if God created us and called his creation good? Also for those scare mongers saying we are doomed because of global warming, God will not destroy the earth again, read Genesis. Good Luck and bless to all who have faith.

Jane May 20, 2009 23:57:42
It's a scam to tax and control us

Joy May 18, 2009 17:27:58
Yes the world is warming. Probably due to BOTH a natural cycle and more importantly pollution due to man. The point of it all is that we do have the power to slow this process and conserve the lives of many creatures in the world that are effected by climate change. It is also about time that we take advantage of our knowledge and find cleaner ways to produce energy. If there are better CLEANER ways to do things in this world, isn't that for the best for everyone and everything?

Abad May 18, 2009 16:59:09
The Lancet is a prestigious publication. They wrote a report regarding global warming. It is called "Managing the health effects of climate change". There are other reports as well. Hopefully you will find them credible.

Michael May 18, 2009 12:36:26
Ask Al Gore to sell his big home. That would be a start.

Kim May 17, 2009 22:35:16
I believe that global warming, if the globe is actually warming, is a cyclical occurrence that is not caused by human interference. Nor can it be solved by human solutions such as driving different, or fewer cars. I believe the warming scare is just another way for the leftist scaremongers to control people and confiscate their hard-earned money.

Abad May 16, 2009 05:38:42
Dan, you are absolutely right. Unfortunately I don't think it's an accident. What I find shocking is that in going throughout these comments most people do not believe climate change is caused by man's disregard for teh environment by burning more and more fossil fuel.

Dan May 14, 2009 11:47:44
I am disturbed by the question and the two photos accompanying the question. If the question is what do Catholics think about climate change then why would you have politicians (and only democrats) on the banner? Is Catholic Online seeking answers only from those who agree or disagree with Democratic politicians' view of climate change or is Catholic Online looking to really answer the question as to what Catholics think about climate change? It seems to me this is entirely too provocative and elicits the majority of climate denier comments I read here. Maybe Catholic Online should have put pictures of the Pope or the US Bishops who are saying we need to take care of God's gift of creation because it is what our faith calls us to do and because of the impacts of environmental degradation, including climate change, has on poor people in the US and around the world. At he very least, they could have put up John McCain or former Senator John Warner next to Nancy Pelosi or Al Gore as they have also supported strong climate change legislation. See: to learn more.

Jim May 10, 2009 05:55:52
As it turns out, the overall climate has been cooling off sonce 2002. While the exact mechanism has not been completely determined yet, there is a direct relationship between global temperatures and sunspot activity. The sun ended an unusually active sunspot cycle and has gone very quiet. Additionally, the so-called consensus among scientists on global warming is simply not true.

jim May 10, 2009 05:02:11
As a professional geologist I find it very frustrating to even talk to the average person about climate change. Most people have never even taking one earth science class in college yet claim to be experts in the area. There is no global thermostat, for the last 5.5 billion years the temps change and the continents move. If you divide the earth into two classes, one greenhouse earth where there are no glaciers, and icehouse earth where there are some glaciers, in the last 600 million years the earth has only had an icehouse classification 15% of the time. We are just coming out of a mini-iceage and we could expect the temps to be rising. But overall the temps have been falling over the last 100 million years. Global warming has become a religion to their believers. I just ask that people not get their facts from 30 second sound bites on the national news channels.

alex May 9, 2009 13:05:19
Just to add to my comment above, which focused more on the dissent in the scientific community, lets actually think for a moment about where the anthropogenic theory comes from. This 'theory' has evolved from lots of different circumstances within the last 20 years, its not simply scientists looking at increased mean surface temperatures and trying to find out the cause. There is a lot of other factors contributing to the 'consensus' Christian Orders article Environmental Evolution is a good place to start. ( There are very disturbing forces at work here.

steve May 9, 2009 12:28:09
I wonder if global warming agenda was started to create a need or market for a whole new series of products. After all Gore created the internet and look what that turned into. I wonder what types of things he is invested in and how long he has been invested in them. Wonder how we could find this out. If he is fully invested in these green tech companies and has been before they were cool to be involved with. wow could he and others like him play us all for fools?

robert May 7, 2009 20:57:30
I think passing the kyoto agreement would be a good first step. But what they really need is the help of people willing to sacrifice themselves and people admit that global warming is real.

Bill May 7, 2009 06:31:15
Manmade global warming is a crock and a pretext to seize power and diminish individual liberties. The US Congress should cease wasting the taxpayers money through its endless deliberations and bloviations.

Collin May 5, 2009 19:16:17
I believe it is important to take care of the earth God has provided. It is sad though that something so important that it becomes a game and an excuse to gain money. Sadly I fear it is the same for a lot of political issues on both sides, Republican and Democrat. Politics is something we should be knowledgeable about, but not consumed by.

John May 4, 2009 18:18:36
proof that it is caused by man and proof that if it is, something can be done about it. Then see who is making money from global warming.

Beatriz May 4, 2009 10:41:03
I do not believe in Global warming, but it is not an excuse for the extreme waste in this country. One day we will have to answer God what we have done with nature.

Joe April 29, 2009 19:31:06
I Love the Earth and all Creation and would do my best to keep life and Earth pure. But anything that Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi say I interpret as lies and a political game with peoples minds for their political gain.

Scott April 28, 2009 06:07:36
Global warming is another hoax used by politicians to remove our freedoms and get more money. As a chemical engineer, the data is not there to support this "theory". The earth has been thermally cycling over time forever and will continue. The fact that we can now measure these cycles without historical backup is naive at best. Let God take care of it. He would not have put the resources there if the earths cycles could not handle it. The ocean is an amazing carbon dioxide filter. In fact, water vapor causes atmospheric warming over 10 times more than carbon dioxide based on lab tests. In the real world, the water vapor forms a cloud layer that cools things off. The laboratory rarely reflects reality. Mathematical models used to "predict" the future are pathetic at best. Basing tomorrows weather on a forecaster is bad enough. Basing the weather 10 years from now is frivolity. Live your life according to God's plans. Live gently by all means. But keep these "out for a dollar" politicians unemployed.

Joanne April 27, 2009 17:19:13
Check this round-up of links to articles about what appears to be a global warming hoax. The top link (at the time I am writing this) with the date of 4/27 called "Democrats Protecting Gore's Global Warming Lies" is of particular interest because it happened just last week in WASHINGTON, DC. A leading authority from the UK who has presented significant and conclusive evidence that there is NO global warming was was invited by the Energy and Commerce Committee to speak to Congress alongside of Al Gore on Friday. It didn't happen. He was met at the airport and told that the House Democrats refused to have him appear. Imagine that! They were so afraid that he would humiliate Gore. I heard this person address the incident on the radio and then discuss his research and the impact he has had on his own country as well as others. Go to the link I pointed out and then just go down the line and read others. You will really laugh at some of the predictions that were made decades ago about what life on earth would be like. Obviously they were WAY wrong. And still the government wants to keep us scared and submissive. Now that's NOT funny.

pete April 25, 2009 09:35:39
As a geologist with some familiarity with this issue ,I would say , climate is and will be in a state of flux. That is what the climate has always done and will do in the future. So please tell your children that they will not be fried or burned to a crisp in the near or distant future.

abad April 24, 2009 20:48:19
Here is an interesting response by Al Gore regarding his interests in global warming. The video is from ( It is called "Al Gore to Marsha Blackburn_If You Think It's About Greed, You Don't Know Me".

abad April 24, 2009 20:40:25
When I mentioned that the Catholic Church found it's Galileo, I meant that they found it through Al Gore.

Abad April 24, 2009 15:54:47
I have not totally looked at all the global warming doubters but it seemed like alot. It looks like the catholic church found it's Galileo. If you look at the Herald Tribune Article the title "Industry Ignored Its Scientists on Climate" you will see that even the industry's scientists agreed that the buildup of CO2 from us cannot be denied as a cause for global warming. If you take a look at the CNN article ( Title: "Exxon linked to climate change pay out" you will see that Exxon is paying scientists $10,000 to refute global warming. What I can't understand is why the Pope would call people who care about how the accumulation of global warming gasses would severely effect the earth, as "extremists". What purpose can that serve other than to have faithful catholics doubt that global warming doesn't exist and that its an unsound practice. This is what the industry wants. If man is too small to effect the earth then we shouldn't worry that we were affecting the Ozone or we shouldn't worry about the effects of a nuclear war on the earth because those two things wouldn't affect the earth wouldn't it. Please free your minds to this reality. I can understand about having faith but once good people of faith are being dragged into another "Weapons of Mass Destruction" road. Then it will be too late because you can't bring back such a temperature gain. Catholics, you are being used. Think with your faith but also with your brain.

Miriam April 23, 2009 05:24:18
I think global warming is the effect of the sins of men...greed, lust for power, lust for luxury in life, irresponsibility, abuse to the wealth God has given to name a few.

Joanne April 22, 2009 10:54:02
Just like everything else that's going on now, we're are being manipulated for political gain. I AM frightened but it has nothing to do with global warming, which I believe to be a hoax. We are being deluged with propaganda from the media and government and it is increasingly difficult to find the truth.

John April 22, 2009 07:19:58
I'm very skeptical, especially when leaders say that the debate is over. There are still many questions that have not been answered, such as the sun's effect on the heating and cooling of the planet, which to me, seems like it would have a greater effect than man. So many of Gore's claims in his movie have been disproven, yet, the environmentalists act as if they haven't. More and more scientists are coming to the realization that the planet goes through cycles and that humans have little, if any, effect on changing climate.

Rick April 21, 2009 17:09:13
I have a basic understanding of both sides of the issue. I find it quite ironic that 25-30 years ago, the issue was global cooling, now it is warming. Regardless of whether it is real or not, we certainly have a moral responsibility to serve as effective stewards of the earth's resources. The facts have been hijacked by the media and distorted and abused for political gain.

Maurice April 21, 2009 10:58:23
Global warming is a hoax and a world class "con" being executed to near perfection. The "green" movement is nothing more than a greedy group who seek wealth by scaring people into accepting their moronic assumptions. Besides, I know that most greenhouse gases are from the breath of greenies, their lobbyists, and their political friends. Really, how can you believe dimwit fools like Al Gore?

Grace April 20, 2009 14:39:06
I believe that global warming is a myth created by people who want power and believe that man is all powerful.

Kathy April 17, 2009 18:15:11
My husband is a natural history photographer. He has been at this job for over twenty years. He has worked closely with experts in every field, biologists, geologists, and many other scientists who have worked for decades themselves studying and researching in their fields. They have no agenda and are not motivated by political parties or money. They have an interest in what they do and study and learn about it over years. We have heard overwhelmingly by people who have nothing to gain by sharing the information they have discovered, that the earth is indeed in trouble. Animals of every species are in decline. Satellite photography has shown the melting glaciers and ice-caps over the last several years at rates that have never been seen before. It is true that the earth's climate does fluctuate over time, but NEVER at such accelerated rates. Ice core studies show this. How can the billions of people on this planet and their activities NOT affect it? It is only logical. Global warming is a misnomer. Climate change is the correct term and we are bound to see it more and more. We traveled to Antarctica in February. It is about the most beautiful place on earth. I was overcome by God's work there. I pray that it will be there, as it is now for my progeny to see.

Craig April 12, 2009 14:47:46
Global warming is nothing more than a front for those wishing to impose a globalist political agenda on the world. This agenda will ultimately result in the freedoms that our forefathers worked tirelessly to provide for each of us to be swept aside by socialists, marxists, and communists. The people pushing this agenda are liars and frauds. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is complicit in this deception, and is doing nothing to expose it for what it is.

George April 9, 2009 15:14:52
It is an excuse to reduce the world's population by denying technology.

Megan April 9, 2009 07:22:57
Revelation 8:7, Revelation 16.8

Adam April 7, 2009 08:53:22
The evidence is only overwhelming when you read one side of the story. I urge you to do more research on this issue and read both sides of the story. You will find that not all scientists agree on this issue and many point to the fact that the planet is cooling. Global warming is a myth. There are just as many predictive models out there that show the seas are dropping as they show them rising. I agree that all of this is Gods plan, it isn't a man made phenomena. Again, I beg you all to read both sides of the debate and don't harden yourself to the fact that you could be wrong.

Megan April 7, 2009 07:13:56
Unfortunately for those saying it is a lie, I am sorry. If it was, the antarctic wouldn't be melting, and the islands wouldn't be covering over with water. There wouldn't be famines, people dying from skin cancers, earth quakes that are ever increasing. If you disagree you are disagreeing with the book of REVELATION. God put a protective layer around the earth known as the ozone. All would be fine if the earth contained no sin, but with people are selfish and sinful and are cutting down the trees, which cleans the air (for brand new shiny furniture etc.) And more pollutants are being put into the cavity surrounding the earth (fancy cars and jet planes to take your anywhere on Holidays). So it is going to heat up. Why???? because we are changing the status of the environment which is causing the climate to change. Is it caused by humans??? absolutely, it all began many years ago in a garden called Eden. The beginning of the decline of the earth and the human race. I am sorry if you disagree, go take it up with the creator. He said Don't, and they did. So now we wait for the return of our Lord to save us from this planet and eternal damnation.

megan April 7, 2009 06:52:26
Stop buying new furniture, lessens the cutting down of rain forests. Replant what has been cut down. If we all stopped driving cars etc. But that isnt going to happen. People are selfish, they care more for material things. How they look and how they appear to others. Unfortunately greed is going to kill the planet. Even God knows it can't be saved, he has already planned a new earth. I think just do what is right with God, we can't do much to change greed and lust in others eyes. Even in our own eyes, we make mistakes. We know what is about to happen it is written in Revelation. But all will work out for good in the end.

barb April 7, 2009 01:30:02
WE should not argue about who's right or wrong. No one can prove anything beyond a doubt The joke is on the people. Politicians dont have a clue about science or the economy. They are only interested in "taking advantage of a crisis" or where this none they create one. Talk about pride! One political party uses war to boost the economy. Heaven forbid they would ever agree on anything so the other party creates their own way to manipulate our money. While "the little people" are busy squabbling about it, they are giving themselves 10% raises, patting themselves on the back and laughing all the way to the offshore banks. Oh the folly of it all! We are such silly, greedy creatures. When the TRUTH is revealed we'll probably discover that the dandelions we so disdain were the cure for cancer and the child we aborted died with the answer.

marcie April 6, 2009 15:39:43
I think it is a hoax and they should stop spending so much on something we have no guide over. Many things we can do something about, like abortion, gay marriage proposals, and Notre Dame!

Joe April 3, 2009 12:51:46
Whomever the other Joe is, that wrote this, "There's too much hot air in Washington DC and it's spreading around the world. That's the only real global warming taking place." it wasn't me ... I had the previous post about measurements in the ice shelf. I think something that's important to remember here is that just because some of you out there don't like Al Gore, that's fine, but just because you don't like him doesn't mean that there is no truth to the issue of whether global warming is occurring ... that is faulty logic. I think that Carl has summed things up correctly.

Travis April 3, 2009 10:34:38
Global warming is a myth. Its the liberal religion.

Carl April 2, 2009 13:09:17
Overwhelming evidence of accelerated global warming is a scientific fact. It is not politics, it is not religion, it is a truth. We must remember that any truth has the reflection of God in it, for God is Truth. We will be accountable for the actions that we take in light of the truths we come to understand in this life. And unfortunately, it may be our grand kids that have to deal with our inaction and ignorance on this issue. Pray yes. But act as well.

Adam April 2, 2009 09:54:15
This is a hoax. Of course the climate changes, that's what planets do. This is not caused by man. It's a scare tactic used to keep the environment clean. I say go back to Woodsie Owl! We don't need to terrify people into living cleaner.

RON April 1, 2009 23:14:17
I feel that global warming is a lie, back when i was in high school they were saying we are heading for another ice age that was between 1981-1985. God is in control he is not going to destroy the earth until he is ready, The government is using this to scare us so they can control and tax us more. my faith is in God and his truths not the government.

Margaret April 1, 2009 16:56:07
I am certain there are climate changes taking place on our planet, but I don't feel it is something that hasn't happened time and time again in the natural evolution of the universe. God did not create us to have us stay inert. We are ever changing as is our galaxy and we are to be prepared to accept the changes and adjust to them. However the fuss that the politicians are making is nothing but political rhetoric. They are trying to divert attention from the important issues of life so we won't spend our time and intellect discerning that most of them are fakes and thieves more interested in lining their pockets than truly solving the ills of the world.

Joe March 31, 2009 19:14:53
There's too much hot air in Washington DC and it's spreading around the world. That's the only real global warming taking place.

Chuck March 29, 2009 17:52:58
Our air and water are far cleaner now than they were 30 years ago. When was the last time you saw LA covered in smog, or the river in New York City on fire. There has always been climate change. Like Joe F, I remember the global cooling alarms in the 70's. The politicians want to tax Carbon emissions. They don't give a hoot about fixing the "problem". Even if you are a believer in this hoo, who decides who gets to be an emitter and who doesn't? Simple! Everybody can, if they just purchase offsets from..... Al Gore.

Anton March 26, 2009 14:48:46
Global warming is endangering the entire planet. Congress and the President must do all they can to prevent it, including mandatory reduction of carbon emissions.

Carl March 26, 2009 10:20:40
This issue is caused by NATURE not by humans and if we continue to think that can add or detract from the happenings of the acts of nature is ridiculous. Spot this nonsense now before we spend endless amounts of our tax dollars (which we do not have) on this matter.

jthorns March 23, 2009 15:40:50
Global warming is political in nature. It is not about the future well being of the human person. It is about the new monetary value of petroleum products, if wind power and electricity take its place. And until the monetary value of wind mills and electricity increase to the point in which the upper crust of society is satisfied, oil and coal is what will be used. Converting to an alternate power source is fine [never was it said in Scripture or Oral Tradition that 'man must use oil for a power source]but the grande scale of the 'Gore Warning' is just an insult to man' fundamental common sense. I mean "let's change our energy source because man is affecting the earths climate so drastically that it will have adverse effects on the future human race, Al is warning you and everyone must listen and respond!" Oh yeah, but on the other hand the secular prophets say, " I have a right to choose and if I want to abort my child than I will and who are you to judge me? What is wrong with ripping out my baby limb by limb while he or she is alive in their mothers womb?--- And, paying for it and demanding it as my right!" Yeah, that's rational. I mean that is good sound reasoning. Mutilate the children that get passed the synthetic contraception and demand this right to be available to all major countries in the world [who are having less and less children all the time] and at the same time save the human race from extinction by changing to an alternate power source. [This is the epitome of political logic...]

Julia March 21, 2009 13:28:03
The entire Global warming thing is a lie. It has been concocted by that Al Gore, for his monetary gain, and mostly to control the American citizens. Humans cannot destroy what they did not and could not create.

JoeF March 21, 2009 07:17:55
I am 75. A few years back we were starting an ice age. Now we have invented global warming. I have already heard some scientists indicating That global warming is ended and we are going back to the ice age approach. I don't think us little people have any thing to do with or control of the climate.

Alick March 20, 2009 07:24:16
Bless you Joe, look out your window, it's the first day of spring and it's snowing in NY. Global warming is a computer Program, Global COOLING is a fact. Try this site It is 80% fact with links to the articles and only 20% opinion. Skip the opinions, there is enough fact for everyone.

Joe March 17, 2009 22:16:34
When scientists measure the ice shelf's in places like Greenland and Antarctica and the amount of ice is substantially less than what it has been, and parts of the Arctic that used to be covered in permafrost now are thawing, I don't know how anyone could say global warming isn't occurring ... although I'm not surprised to read some of the interesting comments here, as this web site is prone to a lot of malarkey. The real issue is not whether global warming is or isn't occurring, it is whether it is a man-made phenomenon or not?

Georgina March 17, 2009 16:41:52
The truth! There is no Global warming!. Gore has "attempted" to deceit with his nonsense, non-factual movie, which is obviously finally unraveling. It is all tied up to the liberal, radical environmentalists, who want us to live as "they" see fit. The Czech President has it right (interestingly, no liberal media even covered this climate change conference that just took place in NY last week -only NewsMax and Fox News - I wonder why???? Most people do not even know this climate change conference took place and of the many opposing views. Again, I wonder why????)

solution March 17, 2009 00:44:52
ok...Simple experiment.... 2 plants, outside to receive the suns rays, under a clear glass cover (with air holes for oxygen) 1 plant stays undisturbed, save a daily water feeding.... the other plant, gets a hose from the exhaust of my 91 honda civic for 4 hours each day on top of daily water....... After 1 month, which one do you think will be the healthiest???? Now try the experiment and try to tell yourself that we are not affecting the world around us (plants, animals, ozone etc.) cheers

michael March 16, 2009 17:51:47
is it global warming or climate change also i hear not all scientists agree so how can the lay man make an contribution to the debate .

Jay March 15, 2009 10:35:00
What should be included? What has not already been included? The problem is that it is used as a bully pulpit to make everyone socialist. Global Warming Does not exist! This is evident from the renaming to Climate Change. It is easier to make claims that are both true and absurd. The earth has been through 6 ice ages in its history. This is from the same scientists that came we are causing the current global warming. However, we are in the first 100 years of a warming cycle that is following a mini ice age. The same scientists making this claim. They ignore their own previous "scientific" work and make claims that support their political agenda. So, what do I want to see? NOTHING, I want the bill killed in Congress. Call your Congressmen and tell them to vote no, do not let this bill pass.

Lynn March 15, 2009 07:40:17
Please let the climate alone, take care of problems you can hardly take care of, the earth has it ups and downs and those depend on heat or cold. If this didn't take place we would still be living with very large human eating animals. One group of science says we are heating and the other side says oh no we are cooling, so if they do not know how can the common human no any different. And it must be hard on Al Gore that every move this year was closed down because of cold weather and SNOW Let God take care of the earth he has done a great job so far.

Pam March 15, 2009 04:19:30
The earth is continually changing. I believe that the lawmakers are looking for yet another way to tax us. Enough already!!!!!!

steve March 11, 2009 16:35:05
There is so much yelling and complaining going on is the world today, so much chaos. So much fear, so little faith. we could be considerated backward if we think that we can't hurt our planet by the thins we do. I also think that we could be considered arrogant to think we can kill the earth by the things we do. If what is done in China affects our atmosphere as much as what is done in the USA, then why should we have the CO2 tax. Wont that just send factories to other countries that don't have the tax. There have been entire industries chased out of this country because of taxes. Imagine that, the freest country in the world being taxed right out of work. hmmmmmm, but we wont have global warming caused by co2. Too bad we can regulate solar flares. or can we?

Pam March 11, 2009 12:25:55
I believe that there is "Climate Change" which is a naturally occurring cycle and is not caused by man. I think we are going to be taxed to no end for a reason that is non-existent. What the money should be spent on is better bridges, levies, and damns that will work when natural weather disasters occur. Since this is a natural occurring cycle we can only prepare for what comes with this cycle. We can always do better things for environment, but we have to be realistic to what we can afford and gradually keep improving energy efficiency and other forms of energy. Think of the wasteful spending that is going to occur with this unproven theory of "Global Warming" that could have been spent on issues that have been proven and are in need of that money.

Joseph March 10, 2009 11:10:11
The issue of "global warming" is not one which is scientifically based. In fact, there are numerous scientific authorities that state global warming is a political error. The issue is not up for scientific debate. It is an issue that has a political agenda written all over it.

Bill March 10, 2009 06:38:53
I don’t know too much about global worming, however I do know what I see every day when I am driving down the street or the highway. Could it be that we Americans are lazy people and so eager to blame large corporate business about the way they are pulling the air and the water that we are so lazy to realize that we to are polluters and in the worse way. What about the trash we throw on the ground in our cities, and in our country side roads, and along the shores of lakes and streams. It’s no longer America the beautiful but has instead become the America the filthy. What we need to do first is to clean up America the cities, and our country side. As far as global warming goes the experts and I am referring to the science departments they are the experts if they can’t get it together then how should we. We the citizens of this planet earth depends on their assessment to whether or not we as a people of earth creating global warming. Until they can come up with a majority opinion then how can we as a people know if we are creating global worming, and leave the politics out of the equation? If the science experts suggest that we are then we need to put a stop to it immediately. However that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t correct things now to prevent it from happening in the future. It is your children who will become the guardian’s of earth.

Lauren March 9, 2009 23:07:47
God has made the earth so wonderfully that even when there is a mishap -- like a forest fire -- that something new arises from that event. So, I believe that global warming is in fact bad science gone wild because of politicians and because of those who hate capitalism and all that capitalism has done positively for our world. As a science major, I know what good science is ... and Al Gore is not a good scientist!

jojen March 7, 2009 21:14:45
Global warming is the abnormal contigency in which abnormal state of heat is experienced on earth due to the distruction of the ozone layer which protects the earth from the direct heat of the sun. consequently, it is the accumulation the chemical properties particulary the Co2 which dominantly incluenced the distruction of the natural state of nature... WHO IS RESPONSIBLE OF THIS? AND WHO WILL MAKE A REMEDY FOR THIS? WE HUMAN BEING! I am calling the attention of everyone of us to make our own constuctive contributions in regard on this issue because we are responsible of this. Let us heal the wounded body of our mother earth!

Stephen March 7, 2009 15:05:41
On the one hand, this is a phenomena that appears to be borne out by objective evidence. And yet there is really no objective way to quantify the contribution made by human activity. Even so, it seems prudent to develop sources of energy less damaging to the environment. Having said this, I must add that a good deal of the force behind this movement reflects a sort of Gia, earth-centered creed that in a sense has marginalized the Christian concept of humanity as a spiritual entity in its own right, not merely a part of an overall biological process.

H. March 5, 2009 20:50:08
The opposite of al gore. Very good web site. Nick

debbie March 5, 2009 13:15:34
Instead of making this question political, an us against them kind of thing , why not see it as an opportunity to invent new and useful industry? Good old American ingenuity should be alive and well in this climate of poor economic times. To take care of the earth God gave us should not be Democrat or Republican. Try to think only of the subject at hand. Not all the other stuff we disagree about. Abortionists may agree with you about a whole host of other subjects. Things are not just black and white. Sometimes the grays are interesting.

Rose March 5, 2009 13:03:43
I believe it is a sham. It is a way for Washington to tax us more at our expense. There has never been such a bitter winter in all the 50 years living in my home. How can they explain The Sahara Dessert? At one time people lived/occupied that land. There were no cars, no industry, no pollution then!

debbie March 5, 2009 12:45:34
I would like to see big industry stop getting a pass on the amount of pollution they emit into our air,water, etc. Giving them a pass doesn't mean there is less gunk in the air. If we really want to clean up the air that is the first place I'd start. Then I'd move on to alternative fuels. Some are renewable which means we don't have to replant every year. Let the big oil companies go. They have too much power over our economy. People have been coming up with energy efficient fuel and methods for years but were squashed by big oil. They don't have our best interest at heart.

David March 2, 2009 16:18:38
1. Global Worming theorists say increased CO2, carbon dioxide,in the atmosphere causes an increase in the earth's temperature. CO2 is a natural compound in the atmosphere that is in the exhaled breath of all animals and is a necessary "food" for plants. The CO2 percentage in the atmosphere from the beginning of measurements has been about .0035 or 0.35% with only 2/10,000 change in the last century. 2. The atmospheric and ground temperatures of the earth have risen and fallen over the last hundred plus years, and some correlation has been made to huge volcanic eruptions that spewed dust into the atmosphere that lingered for a year. Neither the media nor any publication I know of has provided a plausible scientific explanation of how CO2 could cause any solar energy reflection or absorption of the solar energy. The GW proponents appear to blame CO2 for a normal phenomenon simply because it has increased only 2 parts in ten thousand of the atmosphere (about a 5% increase in CO2). They ignore that CO2 is a food for plants that a 5% increase will increase plant growth and make the world greener. The scientists the GW proponents must be "political" not physical and "chemical" scientists. Notice that since the election there has been a big reduction in the GW ranting. David H Horne, Chemical Engineer

Katie March 2, 2009 12:30:14
I can see that this Catholic website is a right wing think tank. Most of the answers sound so simple and angry. No matter what proof is out there most of you would turn your heads the other way. It really is a shame.

Frank March 2, 2009 10:27:49
Although I believe that we should be faithful stewards of and to God's creation(s), I'm too am very skeptical of the man made global warming theory. For every scientist that says it's for real, another will dispute it. This science isn't settled. Best regards, Frank

Julie March 2, 2009 09:37:31
Taking care of the planet is a GOOD idea.

Jeff March 2, 2009 07:52:56
Man made global warming is a lie from the father of lies and his followers. It's a money grab, it's stealing, it's that simple. Thank you. Jeff

David February 27, 2009 23:10:16
Global Warming is a Hoax and a pseudo-religion. Climate change is real. The climate is always changing and will continue to change despite mans activities. The Volcano currently erupting in Japan is spewing more carbon dioxide and other toxins and solids into the atmosphere than all of mans activities over this last century. It is absolute arrogance to believe that man is causing climate change. But there is money and power in promoting the agenda, so go figure.

Lars February 24, 2009 10:22:02
Start doing something of substance and delay the ethereal.

John February 23, 2009 15:13:13
to the other capitalized John, you are right, according to real science, and to the non-capitalized, you are brainwashed by the media. do some research from National Geographic and the Weather Channel

John February 23, 2009 15:10:16
There is no proof that humans caused global warming, let alone that it exists. Most proven or likely evidence shows that it does exist, but it is a natural cycle beyond human control. The one thing I can say for a fact is that Al Gore is a hypocrite. He gets money, attention, and a Nobel Prize for "raising global warming awareness", and he has a mansion with 3X the carbon emissions of a normal house, and two gas-guzzling limos. If global warming is our fault like Gore says, then he is a significant contributor.

Katie February 23, 2009 11:43:29
Mark - The congress did deregulation. The market screwed up. Companies already proved they can't regulate themselves.

Katie February 23, 2009 11:32:23
Steve - all I know is if a woman is pregnant she needs to stay away from fish, especially fish that feeds on other fish.

Mark February 23, 2009 11:10:49
I would like to see Congress do as little as possible, perhaps even do nothing. Any time the Government tries to "help", they screw it up. If the Government can't resist, then they should concentrate on incentives which coax the market in a cleaner direction without prescribing the precise fix.

henry February 22, 2009 23:02:52
all those scientists who say it is a fraud. including the president of the Czech Republic who wants to debate Al Gore.

Carl February 22, 2009 09:01:14
According to some new stats that I recently read the polar caps have actually gained more ice this year than in any year since 1979, regardless though, as Christians I believe that it is our duty to protect our planet as we were instructed to do by God. We only get one planet so it is only common sense to take care of it for ourselves and future generations.It starts with us.

michael February 21, 2009 13:35:26
i think global warming is a myth but i think it would be better to keep gods world clean.

steve February 21, 2009 11:09:55
Katie, We most always be proactive in defense of our environment and world as a whole. We also need to humbly pray for discernment between the things that we can change and can't. I wonder if global warming caused by CO2 is theory or fact. We can be pretty certain of were the Mercury is coming from and need to take action and enforce accountability for it. Until then, Mercury is usually found in the belly fat of fish, not in the meat of the fish smaller fish it is along the back bones.

Jackie February 20, 2009 13:14:04
We are concerned about a 1 degree increase in temperature while we are poisoning the earth and every living thing with pollution? First things first--let's get real with mercury and PCB's and the sorry condition of our oceans.

Katie February 20, 2009 09:20:05
I had a Catholic Education, taught CCD when my son was in grade school. This web site sounds more like an Evangelical Mega Church website than a Catholic website. The Catholic schools did at one time teach science. Some of the these opinions are way way out there. Next thing you know we will be having snake handlers in our parishes.

Corey February 20, 2009 08:53:48
Throughout the history of the Earth temperatures have risen and fallen.

Mary February 20, 2009 06:50:26
Global Warming is a farce and a scam! There is great danger here of the government overreaching (what else is new?). We must keep a close watch on this.

Katie February 19, 2009 12:24:10
This must be a Rush Limbaugh right wing thinking tank. We can't even eat fish in most of rivers and lakes because of the high mercury. What is the problem with saving our planet that God gave us to protect. When my son was about 5 or 6 we were watching a movie about the Book of Genesis and I asked him what he thought about the Garden of Eden. He said that the Garden of Eden is still there but no one is pure enough to see it.

Jason February 19, 2009 07:02:59
If a government wanted to control everything that you do and your entire livelihood they couldn't pick a better molecule to manage than Carbon Dioxide. Every living thing expels CO2, almost every source of energy expels CO2, everything you own or use expelled CO2 in its manufacture, every land use decision has a CO2 consequence, and as I type this and as you read this you and I are expelling CO2. So if you or a government decide that CO2, a completely natural molecule, is a 'bad' molecule, you convince yourself that you are justified in limiting or eliminating every life and work process on the planet. Central Planning based on a Communist Utopia failed in the Soviet Union. Central Planning based on faulty climate models and weak theories will fail the entire world. Any honest student of natural and human history will see that the Earth has warmed and cooled throughout its history, it will continue to do so regardless of our actions.

florencio February 17, 2009 11:57:25
On Jan.2009 over 600 scientest and climatologist met to form statement aginst Climate warming. basical they stated thet Global warming is a meada driven lie and a scandle to real science... where was the coverage by the meadea? No where!! They also stated that natural occuring CO2 out stripped the amount produced by fossal fuel, and if all fossal fuel around the world were stopped it would amount to less a 10ths of a percent %.

john February 16, 2009 23:25:47

John February 16, 2009 17:31:01
Stop the legislation. There is no man made global warming. The earth warms and cools by itself. How else do you explain ice ages and the end of ice ages. Global warming is being used as an excuse to gain power and control over populations. Eventualy the only outcome will be statements by governmental powers that global warming can not be slowed unless some of us mainly the old the weak kill themselves for the environment in order to stop global warming because there is just too many people in the world and by killing themselves they will be saving earth.

Garren February 16, 2009 16:17:34
I do not believe in Global Warming.

Al February 15, 2009 15:59:51
Everything on earth begins with Life. Without life the environment does not matter.

steve February 14, 2009 17:22:01
Wasn't there just a meeting with the top, what was it 600 some, climate change scientist. They agreed that it is a cycle and that we are actually heading to another cool down? I wish I could remember were I read this, has anybody else heard of this? Also I was told that Al Gore is on a 24 hour suicide watch, the polar ice caps are freezing over again.

Paul February 13, 2009 14:34:47
I do not understand why I see so much hate in the answers to this question. Of people of god why are we attacking this idea. Even if you do not believe all of the data(and I assume none of you did look at the data) one could argue that perhaps we all could do something to better the earth. Why is abortion always our number one topic? Should we not be caring about the world around us? SO2 released will always make acid rain which will always destroy the land and crops. Countries like China will continue to destroy the environment around them....Overtime will not the destruction of the environment kill more people than abortion? Why can we as Catholics focus on more than one subject. To the outside world all Catholics care about is abortion, we vote on abortion, abortion this, abortion that....We need to wake up and get involved in all issues that could destroy life. Abortion rights is a fight we can do now, but environmental rights is something we need to do to ensure there is a future. So as a faith lets become less one dimensional or we will always keep shrinking in the world and drive more and more people away from the faith.

alex February 13, 2009 11:53:35
I think what is important, maybe above emotions, is to highlight this 'scientific' propaganda that the science being AGW is 'settled' and that their is a consensus. This seems not to be the case and any search through the internet will reveal a most definite descent among the scientific community. What is startling also is that the pro-AGW wing seems intent on smearing and deriding anyone who dares question the origins of the observable climate change, rather than genuine, honest debate. It seems clear also that more and more scientists are speaking out on their opposition to AGW. I would urge anyone interested in the current theories, and they are theories, about climate change, to look at both sides of the argument. Steve Mcintyre's site Climate Audit is a good place to start, but be warned, unfortunately for the AGW crowd, its full of scientists talking scientifically...

Albert February 12, 2009 18:41:10
It is an arrogant power grab to control population and eradicate liberty and life as we know it to be an inalienable right endowed by our Creator. It is absurd to think that carbon dioxide is considered a pollutant. Every human being will be required to control his or her breathing. This would be hilarious if it were not so sadly serious. In the early 1970's the wacky environmentalists were warning of global cooling but you did not find politicians or the population falling for opinions based on theories or models. Now we are taken in so easily because many of these wackos are politicians. When you believe in nothing you will believe in anything. Thank you to the 56% of CINOs who voted for the Obama and his allys. The Climate Change religion will be their way of controlling every aspect of our lives. And this age of darkness too shall pass as the Truth remains the same as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen.

leopoldo February 12, 2009 14:01:15
People from all the over the world to look at online. They are catholic to take note.

Danny February 12, 2009 07:38:34
Unbelievable. Data! Data! Data! Data is information collected about the relationships between interactive systems and how they affect one another. You can collect data from just about any relationship. We have disciplines that collect data about the relationships between our planets ecological, biological and physiological systems... Unfortunately they do not agree with your hypothesis if it can be called one. You can probably go to every corner of the world and from the many projects that are studying this phenomenon global warming will without a shadow of a doubt will become a reality to you. We can stick our heads in the sand all we want and lean on hear say and conjecture but I am going to rely on the science God invested man with and in my little corner of the world make it a better place. Time magazine is not data, Al Gore flying in jets is not data because you say or in ignorance feel or think it's a hoax is not data. Data is for example the results you get from your blood work when you go to the doctor. It informs you of the different levels of cholesterol, sugar, blood platelets and so on... By the way the bible supports apocalyptic ecological, biological and physiological changes in the end times. All you have to do there is open up to the book of revelation. What more authority do you need.

Patrick February 11, 2009 06:21:38
Bad science, another example of a desired conclusion determining the outcome. Research fostered by a greedy desire to obtain large bucks!

Abad February 9, 2009 14:26:33
I can understand the belief of the anti-abortion movement but are you sure that you don't believe in global warming because you don't believe in the science or is it that you detest the left so much that any idea from then is not credible. If you can actually believe that man cannot change the earth because we are too small to have such a big effect then isn't that the same as saying that a virus cannot affect the body to cause you irreperative damage to your body just because the Virus is so small. Of course mankind can change the earth. Try thinking about a nuclear war and what effect that would have on the climate, think about the bioweapons that we have that would destroy the living beings on this earth and that would create massive sicknesses and affecting the food chain systems throughout the earth. Continue running your large cars without a care in the world for what God has provided us. The earth is like our bodies that is a dynamic healing body. The more unnatural things you do to it the more it accumulates and causes sickness and unfortunately irreparable harm. Why are you so afraid and bothered by people who are concerned about the planet. They are concerned about your water/the air/the plants/animals. They might not have the same belief on abortion as u do but I think we can find good commonality in which we can agree upon.

Steven February 8, 2009 07:50:40
I feel that the whole Global Warming thing is a Hoax. People can no more tell what the weather and climate will be next week. These so called experts say the earth is warming and just 10 years ago Time Magazine had a story on how the Earth is going to have another ice age. Mean while Al Gore is selling Carbon Credits and riding around in jets that he says is adding to the problems. This is nothing more then a way to hurt Capitalism. Al Gore is a phony.

Robert February 6, 2009 08:08:57
I would like to see limited or no regulations on so called "Global Warming". The earth cools and warms naturally in cycles, how else can you explain the ice age ending? There was of course no industry, no influence by man to bring about climate change that melted the ice age. Man is foolish to thing himself able to change the climate and it is foolish to put faith in the religion of earth adoration, nature worship and the bishops of science who seek to impose their doctrine of the myth of global warming. P.S. I'm in Connecticut freezing my backside off so tell me please where is the global warming. Wake up and use your God given intellect and free will for the sake of Christ.

Ramona February 5, 2009 06:32:11

John February 1, 2009 18:00:33
Only in Gores head!!

tom January 31, 2009 18:44:09
come to my state and tell us there global warming. tell the people living on the street. AL Gore how much have you made on this?

Glenn January 31, 2009 16:56:42
Hoax !

Brad January 31, 2009 12:02:20
Global Warming is real and sadly, if it was part of a conservative platform, most posters below would march in lock-step with their party (liberals would be crying that it was not real). It is sad that we have politicized EVERYTHING. Aren't we to be stewards of God's kingdom? It's okay to be pro-life and pro-environmentalism.

Jennifer January 29, 2009 20:19:28
Global Warming has been a great little money maker for Al Gore. What a crock!

John January 29, 2009 00:45:19
Because evidence suggests that Earth is actually in a cooling cycle the term "Global Warming" has been replaced with the term "Climate Change" by the alarmists.

MICHAEL January 27, 2009 13:06:18

John January 27, 2009 10:55:40
Global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the same political party our church seems to agree with on abortion. In other words the majority of Catholics voted for abortion with the blessings of the American bishops because global warming, immigration, government health care and abortion all come from the Democrats. The American bishops have failed God and his church and that simple fact that 54% of Catholics voted pro-abortion is the proof. Now "global warming" is the bishops concern, not the 1.2 million human beings aborted here each year. Science has already disproved this politically driven myth yet the bishops have again taken a political side with the evil doers. Why does "global warming" sit so low in the list of people concerns? Because it is not accepted as FACT! Yet the Catholic bishops side with the abortion party to help destroy America's capitalistic freedom. Why? Because the bishops want their "social justice" agenda to move along, regardless if 1.2 million babies die. Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are good Christians in the bishops minds. Nancy Pelosi explained Catholic theology on meet the press. Her bishop allows her to receive communion because he endorses and supports her views as do most of America's bishops. Save for a rare few The American Catholic bishops are an evil and corrupt band cowards and I serve as an Extraordinary Minister, RCIA team member and on my parish council. Global warming and the USCCB are both huge frauds.

Anthony January 27, 2009 04:34:08
Global warming is nothing more than a farce to keep American citizens under Federal control through the use of fear tactics and the suggestion that government has the answer to all our problems. In reality, government IS the problem and the cause of them, as well. I have not seen the government put their hands to anything that would later become successful. Free market and a return to God are the solution.

Chris January 27, 2009 03:45:23
It is based on junk science and proponents have lulled many, even church leaders, into believing we are the primary cause of natural global warming. It is a political tactic to cause fear in people in order to get them to surrender their liberty so that government may have more control of their lives. The sun is the primary, proven by scientific data, to be the cause of natural global warming. Why is it when the Earth warmed up a fraction of a degree so did Mars and other outlying planets? Are we going to regulate the Sun? 650 scientists recently signed a letter sent to the UN saying man-made global warming is a hoax. People wake up, check the facts before falling for the propaganda tactic they are using, which the Nazi's used, tell a lie repeatedly and the masses will come to believe its the truth.

Jeremy January 25, 2009 21:36:17
Global Warming is the worst crises the world has faced since Y2K!!!! J/K Global Warming might very well be real, but come on don't buy in to this whole Marxist conspiracy of the big oil companies scheming to destroy the world. I was watching NOVA the other night. Arnold Schwarzenegger was talking about how he was building a huge wind farm in eastern California but the environmentalist armada, who were complaining about the lack of renewable energy in California, were at the same time blocking the creation of power lines to bring the electricity to the people of California. Tell me if these people aren't part of the problem. I think most energy in this country would come from clean, safe nuclear energy today if it wasn't for those same people.

Collin January 24, 2009 19:30:32
Yes there is global warming. He as humans and children of God are the stewards of the Earth and should take this responsibility more seriously.

jim January 24, 2009 11:18:53
Any study of history shows that it is a fraud. It is a liberals arrogance to place man as the sole cause of global warming. There is warming, yes, but it occurs every 1500 years or so.

Charles January 23, 2009 11:00:49
I have a question. Hey Al, What is the perfect temperature? LOL With one volcano eruption, Earth itself put 500 x the amount of "Green House Gases" that we put into the atmosphere in one year.

Mary January 23, 2009 01:01:50
It's nothing but a UN-driven effort to increase taxes, stifle capitalism and scare people into giving up their freedoms. Remember, a time will come when 'even the elect would be deceived'. We live in a time of much deception, the children of God must be vigilant, wise and discerning. Earth worship in all its forms is a false religion.

Paul January 22, 2009 10:33:22

Matthew January 21, 2009 19:36:20
Science states that the Earth was once covered in ice. Is it not then possible that the poles are simply the last remaining ice? Wouldn't it then make sense that the melting of the ice would accelerate toward the end of the melting? Also, wouldn't it make sense that the water in the sea would become more warm, and the air would be more humid? If the air is more humid, would there not be more rain? If there is more rain, isn't it possible that the desert areas might be less and that the dry soil, inland lakes, rivers, and underground water sources might be replenished? Perhaps it should be called Global Thawing. In Al Gore's movie, there was an example of an island that was suddenly submerged by the rising tides. One island? Is it possible that water rose in just one place of the ocean? Or is it more likely that the island was sinking?

Paul January 20, 2009 17:02:57
I believe in global climate change, its called spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Fred January 20, 2009 11:33:01
I guess Al knows where the global warming is hiding, maybe at the equator. I'm in Michigan and it's zero degrees and minus. Al, please send me some global warming tomorrow.

Zdzislaw January 15, 2009 13:06:36
Nothing. The issue of global warming is not understood sufficiently to pass any legislation on the matter other than to support more research. Whether natural, or man-made, or most likely both, it may not at all be deleterious. On the contrary, a warmer planet may be a better, wetter and more fertile world, in which the Sahara desert may become green and full of lakes again, as it used to be 7,600 years ago. Right now, it doesn't look like the planet is warming at all. It hasn't, as a matter of fact, since 1998.

bill January 14, 2009 04:39:56
We should pray for all those involved in this awful fraud. They are selling their souls for the proverbial "mess of pottage".

William January 13, 2009 08:18:25
This should be abandon. It is only a ploy to gain more government intervention at the tax payer's expense. Global warming is required. Without it, we would not be here. The real question is whether man's activities adversely affect the climate. From what we are not able to prove the theory on man's impact to climate change. We should address stewardship of the planet not some scheme to gain government control and thereby create government jobs at tax payer expense.

Mike January 13, 2009 06:24:02
Temperatures have been cooling for eight plus years now. The Icecaps coverage is back to 1979 levels when Time magazine was calling for the next ice age. Climate change is a sham and carbon credit are the payoff for the scam. More scientists are coming out everyday against it. It is only the media and certain politicians that continue to try and dupe us into more taxes. Wake up

Jim January 4, 2009 18:58:38
Believe it Dave. To think that humans can have this kind of effect on our climate is arrogance. The facts are the earths temperature has peaked and the last few years have been cooler. Look at the record cold and snows this year alone-both hemispheres. Antarctica had record ice last year. The global warming scare is a ploy by Al Gore and the left to get us to change our way of living.

Dave January 2, 2009 18:17:18
I cannot believe what 'Steve' and 'Thomas' said... they need to reexamine their facts. Global warming is real and our world's ecology is changing. The change is most likely related to the actions of humans. Fear mongering...c'mon 'Thomas'. The only fear mongering is the type that the Bush administration was promulgating in trying to keep real science from people and trying to hide global warming. 'steve', faith does not mean simply accepting what is around you. Sometimes, faith demands action (even if it be small ones) to act justly. You see our world struggling...its important to take action to protect it. The Vatican continues to make strong statements on this issue. Please go to and enter the key phrase "global warming" and see what our Church has to say about it.

steve December 30, 2008 02:35:17
The power of fear is real, insurance companies are masters of this, and it seems the media in general and the government are learning quickly. It is almost like they are trying to scare us into depending on them to educate us and save us from.... ourselves, like the average person isn't smart enough to take care of themselves and their own family. Because of the warming we are finding evidence of civilizations that were buried under ice. Maybe we aren't causing the warming, maybe it is a cycle. God calls us to be good stewards, but he also calls us to have faith. Faith and fear can't live at the same time in one soul. I think we are being pinched, sold into a new industry with fear, I will recycle because it is wasteful not to. I will turn off the lights because it is wasteful not to, its a good steward thing.

Thomas December 30, 2008 01:16:04
Historically, the earth has always been in a constant state of flux. I believe the whole "Global Warming Scare" phenomenon is a ploy to control the world while filling the pockets of the "Scare Mongers". This is an attempt to bring the Earth to its knees under the "god of fear". Pantheism is being forced upon the world. It all seems rather apocalyptic considering all the other monstrosities which have been loosed upon the world. Time to watch and pray so that our souls are not preyed upon.

Robert December 26, 2008 19:49:36
The polar ice caps are shrinking, which has opened the previously unnavigable "Northwest Passage". Glaciers are retreating, and ice sheets are breaking up, threatening shipping lanes. At the same time, droughts are becoming more severe and frequent. Call it what you will, but accept that something is happening. It is foolish to ignore objective science; not everyone has an agenda.

Bill December 26, 2008 14:00:25
Actually, the U.S. Congress can do very little if anything to affect the "global" temperature one way or the other. And it seems to me they should know this. Get real!! They should skip this petty project and go right on by to the bigger issue, "Universal" heath care! At least here in America where they will get the funds to attempt it. This will be enough to keep them busy for a year or two provided they don't go back to fighting among themselves which they seem to love doing.

Glenn December 22, 2008 13:54:36
It is a little cold here is sunny San Diego. Matter of fact it is twice a wet as normal. I think it is Global Wetness.

david December 19, 2008 19:15:24
Congress is a joke. They wring their hands over something with no merit, such as global warming---Just follow the money. They permit the invasion of a perfectly good environment, such as the womb, to destroy.---just follow the money. David

Valerie December 17, 2008 23:17:05
I believe God created a living earth. It is not static, it changes. We had global warming 1,000's of years ago. Then the earth cooled off. We even had a year with no summer in the not so distant past. If the earth is warming it is because we are coming out of a global cooling period. If you do your own research and not swallow Gore's statistics then you will discover his lies. God gave us our brains to think with. Use them!

BILL December 16, 2008 05:05:45

Yves December 15, 2008 23:48:53
Global warming is a scam for the new economy. Why do you think a thief and liar like Al Gore is pushing this? Now this speck of a human is even saying that the global cooling of the past few years, is because of global warming(what is this idiot talking about). These men are trying to enslave us with taxes and political correctness. If this was such a big problem they would have to stop production of useless junk now, we don't need half this made in China stuff anyways!! GOD bless.

Will December 11, 2008 16:50:34
If u watch "An Inconvineint Truth" by Al Gore u will see why global warming is such a large problem.

Glenn December 10, 2008 19:07:38
I do not think that global warming is caused by man. I feel that it is just one more way for the idiot politicians to reach into our pockets and remove more coin.

John December 10, 2008 12:40:17
Like the "New Ice Age" of the 1970s, this load of BS shall pass! UN Blowback: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims Study: Half of warming due to Sun! –Sea Levels Fail to Rise? - Warming Fears in 'Dustbin of History'

daniel December 8, 2008 03:51:28
I am waiting for the ice age we were told about in the 70s. After that comes and goes then I might believe in global warming right now I don't. Daniel

Paul December 5, 2008 07:37:12
A perfect LEFTIST attempt to control, more money and weak minds.

Robert December 1, 2008 09:37:07
I believe climate change has occurred since the beginning of time. It was the reason we moved out of Africa, following the animals as they followed the plants that flourished where there was adequate rain, etc.

Bob November 29, 2008 10:49:10
Global warming is the biggest farce since the days of P.T. Barnum ("A sucker is born every minute.") I live in western Pennsylvania where the temperatures should be in the mid-40s at this time (November). In mid-November we're digging out of a foot of snow; daytime temperatures for the rest of the month haven't been out of the 30s since then. I'd like to fill the pants of Al Gore and his legion of followers with all the snow that I had to shovel off a 30-yard long driveway. Followers of Gore and company who spread this myth probably live in warm climates and base their theory on usual hot days for them. And what if we do "cool" down the temperatures? Will that make it so much better that I'll be shoveling out my driveway in September? Will we have to go back to driving six-miles-to-the-gallon autos to heat up the climate again? Who caused the Earth to heat up and stop The Ice Age of long ago? Maybe the dinosaurs kicked into overdrive by gorging on vegatation and "blasted" it away with their "digestive winds". My English cousins tell me they hardly get much snow in the winter, yet anytime you see a Christmas story of olden days, there's always snow-covered scenery there. Nature has cycles just like anything else. It's Nature's way of balancing life just like human's go through times of peace and war. Now there's a more important problem to work on! In a twist of the old commercial: "Don't fool around with Mother Nature."

Fred November 26, 2008 07:10:24
When in the middle of winter and the temperature is 20 deg below zero, I wonder why congress hasn't passed legislation to mandate the generation of additional tons of CO2 (food for plants) to increase global warming. It a great thought but I don't think we can make that much CO2.

Lucille November 25, 2008 22:26:29
Natural climate changes need to be looked at closely and truthfully. There is not evidence that global warming is man-made. History shows the earth's climate changing many times. Perhaps we need to realize we are part of something bigger--like God and the Universe! Earth will pass away.

Prof. November 25, 2008 06:03:05
NO SUCH THING. Evidence is that the solar flux and geomagnetic index is at an all time low and the sun is now cooling to a new ice age. Prof.Lee Jones G6XCJ Physics and Geomagnetism.

Holly November 24, 2008 16:58:37
Recorded by Atheists no less at Famtima 1917. The Sun danced and looked as if it were falling from the sky right after a blistering rain storm and people were dry. I believe its been reported that John Paul II saw the Miracle of the Sun as well and I believe that Pius the XII also. Hmmmm could it be God telling us something. Is He in control? I dont have any doubts about this one. So if you ask me as a laywomen and fairly intelligent with no convictions towards superstition--Global Warming is small next to God dont you think? My money is on God no matter what happens to any of us. Trust and Do not be Afraid (Jesus and John Paul II.) We can do our part though as best we can. Thats all the Good Lord expects of us. SO if you ask me controlling the sun WOW AND AWESOME IS HIS NAME.

Jerry November 21, 2008 17:11:38
The problem has been stated and the people should write prayers from the depths of the their minds eye as to how beautiful God has made the planet in all his glory, thoughtfulness and attention to detail. a picture is worth a thousand words if you can describe the detail of a tree with less, then you must have painted it.

nino November 21, 2008 04:05:07
well any way its just a matter of taking care of mother nature, it's not yet too late! come on my dear people...

steve November 19, 2008 03:06:14
They can't accurately predict tomorrows weather, how can they be so confident as to what the climate will be in the future?

Melanie November 17, 2008 15:40:06
"Global Warming" is a made-up leftist myth designed to scare our country into subverting and turning over our sovereignty to the U.N. and give power and control over our lives to the elitist liberals.

Tyler November 17, 2008 13:55:23
I really don't care about global warming, honestly we can't do anything about so why worry over it. Maybe global warming is God hugging us all a little closer!

Greg November 15, 2008 19:03:45
We MUST look at all the facts. I would rather make sure we spend billions of dollars on a way to help the Earth if we really have a problem. Right now we are only being told half of the story and being duped by people who want to make buck off of this and unfortunately the POLITBURO media has fallen hook line and sinker.

Ron November 14, 2008 10:29:26
I do not believe in global warming. The greatest cathedrals in Europe were built when the temperatures were warmer than they are now. Also, Greenland was really green at one time and the Viking had a settlement there. I believe that sun spots are primarily responsible. For more read the book, Unstoppable Global Warming.

Kayden November 11, 2008 07:27:10
I don't know. It depends on who you are and I am just a student.

Paul November 8, 2008 16:41:09
The sun's sunspot activity is decreasing, we are slowly entering an iceage. please stop drinking the liberals "libation".

Miguel November 7, 2008 13:52:22
Global Warming is real and it has occurred many times in the past. So has Global Cooling. Anyone remember ICE AGES? Does man have a role? I think he has a very small input. Just the other day, I read where fossils of ancient aligators were found in northern Canada. Aligators being cold blooded, that region of Northen Canada must have been like Florida is today. If we follow the likes of Al Gore and others, the only effect that would have on us is to impose heavy taxes to repair something that occurs naturally and normally 99% of the time. Mr. SUN, our source of light and heat, goes through cycles where it warms up or cools down on its own. Science Historians should remind us of the "Mini Ice Age" where the River Thames in London froze over. This was associated with the SUN's low Sunspot activity. Ignorance of History and Science in these matters is a most expensive commodity. This is different from dirty air, but then again, recall a volcano in Asia some 150 years ago, spewed so much ash that that year was known as "the year without a summer." And within two years the air cleaned up on itsd own. In other words, lets act prudently rather than rashly.

Antonio November 3, 2008 20:38:54
Well, I can´t beleive it. Global warming is real. When I went to the US to study one semester, I was impressed because all the buildings where closed and so the ligths and air condition were on the hole day. I was impressed because there were big cars and people travel long distances from their home to the work. Also because the food was like artifitial and always packed. I understand that for you that could be normal, but that waste of energy combined with the biggest industry of the world, makes you the #1 polluted country. In my country we are feeling the impact of global warming... the mountain that I see from my window everyday, used to have ice the hole year and today thats not the case. Sorry for my English

Mrs. November 2, 2008 10:48:00
Here in Ireland I was kinda looking forward to some "warming"! It so didn't happen.

Anne October 30, 2008 18:39:12
Try talking to most of us here in Canada or in the North Eastern US when the winter temperatures get down to -35C. I think the whole "global warming" theory is part of the capital sin of Pride - if Al Gore and his cohorts get their way, then they and their descendants will shout "See we saved the earth ". We need more prayer and a good dose of common sense injected in to these people.

Jared October 30, 2008 07:06:53
I thought the idea of being a good steward meant that we are to look after things, wouldn't you assume that we then have a modicrum of blame when we do nothing? If we are to be stewards, doesn't that mean that things CAN go wrong? Otherwise why be charged to look out for things? Even if it isn't real, what is the harm in conservation? I realize we aren't perfect, but why would anyone just ignorantly pass off the possibility? Are we not to be tested?

sophia October 28, 2008 18:44:09
The President of Iran wishes to bring about Armageddon and the UN wishes to change the Earths climate,both of which intend to unravel time and The Work of God,though neither of which can be forced by the hand of Man. There exists today past works which though not hidden remain unseen by all. These remnants of past events must remain untouched by the ravenous greed of mankind just as you would guard a precious stone found within a field of desolation....The weather changes from season to season, even a child is aware of this and as children you may enjoy the rain and the sun,but,these things are given to you by The Hand of God as well and as such should be sufficient to your liking,in this day,and in this time....The United Nations must understand that the greatest Pearl within the field"IS The Word of God" and though your days are numbered on Earth,His Word will remain forever,as you will forever remain His most loved creation. Peace unto you all.

Eric October 27, 2008 20:53:01
Al Gore is money hungry!

Roger October 27, 2008 04:01:51
We can be good stewards of the earth without falling for a ridiculous scam. If US Congress is working on legislation to address global warming then they will go down in history as buffoons who are wasting time, money & resources on a hoax which is wearing thin. Simply put, mankind does not control the weather. Environmental extremism is an example of paganism wherein creation is worshiped instead of the Creator along with mankind being deceived about the realm of the Creator.

bernard October 26, 2008 05:29:52
no such thing as people causing global warming.

samantha October 23, 2008 12:41:43
help the world

Michael October 15, 2008 19:00:05
I would like to see a balanced approach. While there is some evidence that the earth is warming, there is no evidence that this is out of the range of normal variation that the earth has experienced in terms of geologic time. No one wants dirty air, water, etc., but we should balance the standards so that we don't chase after a unrealistic standard.

Tom October 15, 2008 13:27:06
- Recent high resolution analysis of ice core samples show that a rise in global temperatures precedes a rise in CO2. As the Earth warms up the ocean produces more CO2. - IPCC computer models indicate there should be a "hot spot" at around 10 kM above the equator. Measurements from radiosondes (weather balloons) indicate NO HOT whatsoever. - Satalite measurements indicate global warming stopped since 1991 and we may be going into a cooling trend. - Recent Arctic ice pack melt is most likely caused by massive underwater volcanoes. - Antarctic ice pack is growing. - There's a new theory that global warming is actually caused by a lack of cloud cover. Cosmic rays enter the Earth's atmosphere and have a cloud seeding effect. When sun spot activity rises cosmic rays are deflected from entering our atmosphere, and so there is less cloud cover and an increase in global temperatures. Please search for David Evans, a former greenhouse effect advocate, and arctic ice melt for more information.

Tim October 13, 2008 22:20:39
I have no more money for them to steal to pay for their lie!!! By the way didn't we just have a very cool summer this year?

Jimmy October 13, 2008 18:57:43
Most of the greenhouse gasses which cause the troposphere to warm are produced naturally in the form of water vapor. The human factor accounts for less than 5 % of greenhouse gasses. I think that the world is getting warmer but not to a point where anything we did to cause or contain it would make much of a difference. I think our youth who care so much about our environment would also learn about our economy and how important it is to your quality of life. A little lesson in ethics would also behoove all of us. I know we can stop some of the hot air in Washington next month. That is one greenhouse gas that we can control.

David October 11, 2008 14:01:53
First of all I do not believe in Global Warming. However I do believe in a clean environment, clean water, air and soil for all of us to enjoy. I think Global Warming is being used to make Some people billions of dollars like Al Gore. I'm not saying he personally is making Billions but he is making millions. But the environment has not become cleaner even though people like Al Gore are trying to make it so. We also cannot Stop all progress like Energy production just to appease Al Gore and his followers. We have serious issues and are in need of serious leadership in this county to combat the liberal environmental agenda. So far I have seen no leader appear. Lets clean the environment but not stop energy production and the progress of our great country.

Robert October 10, 2008 07:17:20
Revelation 20:10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. Al Gore is in for one "Hell" of a surprise !

Ryan October 9, 2008 12:18:59
I know that global warming is a propaganda machine and uses scare tactics to intimidate people into falling for a farce. The earth has and will continue to go through natural cycles of warming and cooling. And there is nothing that we can do about that.

Mark October 7, 2008 03:51:06
I sincerely hope the government enacts effective legislation to combat global warming. The majority of peer reviewed journals on the subject agree that it is a reality - it would be folly for humanity to not react.

Dean October 6, 2008 20:01:03
God is in complete control, he controls the weather also. I am confident of his love for us and do not fear from Global Warming.

orville October 3, 2008 01:17:04
Global warming as what I have known is very hazardous to man. Perhaps, it will be the cost of the future destruction.Primarily, I believe that the wrong use of man's mind and pride are the root causes of this problem. Firmly, the only way for our safety is to pray to GOD and ask for guidance and intercession of our holy MOTHER MARY.

AndyO September 29, 2008 07:52:11
Dear fellow inhabitants Global warming may be real however the cause and effect of global warning has been hijacked and politicized by politicians for the purpose of greed and power. There is no science just a consensus of scientists who say there is global warming. Since when does consensus over ride true science. Before anyone debates this issue they should understand the meaning of science, versus consensus of scientists. I am 52 years old southern Californian and when I was a youth I lived through day after day with my lungs hurting when I drew deep breaths because of smog. I remember days when you could not see the local mountains less than 5 miles away day after day because of smog. The scientific consensus of the day stated we were creating a new ice age because the earth was cooling, because smog created an umbrella effect shading the rays of the sun. In 40 years the scientific consensus has gone from ice age to global warming? With my limited amount of science background, I am a engineer by profession I use reason to come to this conclusion: The last 20 years of my life I have seen the same mountains with blue skies almost every day because of the awareness of the cause of smog and its effect on the environment and most of all the health effect on us. Southern California has become a healthier place to live, clean air ect... because of the changes to arrest pollution emmissions. The by product being cleaner blue sky thus reducing the umbrella effect and allowing the rays of the sun naturally to warm up our planet. The planet is healing itself with the help of us being environmentally conscience. I do not want for us to return to the days of the umbrella effect that is far more harmful than the suns natural effect on the earth. My final thought on the so called global warming is a natural effect to being environmentally conscience. This is not science this is just my reasoning based on 40 years of being aware of causes and effect on nature. We do not need politicians to hijack this great advancement to promote hysteria to the uninformed or unreasonable. Thank you. Peace AndyO

bill September 28, 2008 10:08:30
I really don't believe in global warming, all things are held together by god himself, nothing takes place with out his approval so why should we as Christians not trust in his wisdom? we don,t always understand something as in the way of job, but we know all things work out unto them that trust in the lord and not to our own wisdom.

Ted September 24, 2008 08:48:05
Global warming is a reality. I believe from reading scientific analysis that it is both a natural and a man-made phenomenon that urgently and seriously needs to be addressed. While man isn't entirely responsible for global changes we have certainly added to them and have aggravated the delicate balance of nature because of our extensive and ever growing use of fossil fuels and their emissions. It is a global concern an must be addressed on a global scale.

Debbie September 20, 2008 09:24:51
It sucks. Someone or somebody should do something about it before the animals like the polar bears and other animals go into extinct. I hate to see any animal die because of no food. Lately I've seen pics of Alaska, Antarctica plus others and in 1994 I was in Alaska there was alot of snow and ice. Now, there isn't as much snow and ice like there was in 1994. It's sad. I think congress should actually do something about global warming. Stopping the factories that are giving off pollutants could stop the global warming and polluting the air could also stop the smog which is bad to breathe.

Patricia September 16, 2008 04:14:13
I think congress should actually do nothing. I don't believe that global climate change is caused by nor can be stopped by mankind. We should always be stewards of the earth as God intended but to think that we can somehow change the natural changes that occur is absurd. All the policy ideas that politicians have will do nothing but increase taxes and create a financial burden on the people of this world.

Nunzio September 12, 2008 10:47:32
Manmade global warming is one of the biggest hoax of the 21st century. It's really a ploy for global government and controlling the world economies (especially America's). The same socialists were trying to scare us with a "nuclear freeze" in the 70's. You won't see the jet-flying liberals cutting back on their lifestyles. The use of fossil fuels for now, is vital to help the third world out of poverty.

Daniel September 10, 2008 04:13:06
Is anyone communicating the positives of global warming? Global warming is becoming synonymous with negativity.

Ileana September 9, 2008 19:22:08
I would like the propaganda concerning global warming to end. Every country has a responsibility to to be a steward of God's creation, not just the United States. Why haven't see seen both sides of the opinions? Why is the face of global warming Al Gore? Where is true science?

hohn September 8, 2008 17:32:05
I do not believe in global warming or cooling is man made, it is only natural weather variations and man should not monkey around with mother nature.

Devon September 8, 2008 06:05:42
Human-driven global warming is real, and a threat to the lives and well-being of millions world wide. No reputable scientific organization denies the reality of this threat, only those with an economic/political agenda. Governments must act immediately to curtail the emission of greenhouse gases and provide incentives for the development of alternatives to fossil-fuel energy sources.

CATHERINE September 4, 2008 11:17:01
GLOBAL WARMING: PROPAGANDA CREATED TO ENSURE MORE GOVERMENT CONTROL AND MORE MONEY INTO "THE ELITE" CLASS OF PERSONS WHO GAINS A FINANCIAL PROFIT. I believe that the concern of Global Warming is one sided. We hear certain scientist say yes...where is the other side? Or does the whole science community of the world agree, that the earth is melting away? Global warming sounds more like a theory then fact. But then again our country bases it's decsion alot on theory instead of facts. Take for example Evolution over Creation. Evolution, is a theory, but is accepted as truth in our schools and our society, and Creation, which is truth, can not be taught, nor mentioned in our society??? What's that all about. I believe in the earth's cycles. We are in one of those cycles right now. God is in charge, not man or governments. Come out into the sunshine of my country non-urban life. Walk in my forest of trees and see my fields of corn, and know that God is good...I am a steward of this land. And I will continue to be so. Take responsibilty for where you are and thank God for all this. He is in Control!

Karren August 29, 2008 12:20:17
I do believe we may have some global climate changes, but we have had changes in our climate for thousands of years; this may be a period of warmness that we are going through. It's great that we are addressing the climate fluctuations by conserving trees, etc., but I don't believe it's necessary to send out "Chicken Little" warnings. After a while of the "sky is falling" rhetoric, who will believe any truths about climate warming or cooling?

Tom August 25, 2008 04:22:49
We should all be good stewards of the earth. We all have a duty to care for our part of the planet. However if there really is global warming, I don't believe it is man who is causing it. It may be cyclical and also a natural process. What I do know is that there are many politicians who want to use this to control our lives and create new taxes eg. the carbon tax. Another way to reduce our freedoms!

jon August 24, 2008 22:24:21
watch the film "the day after tomorrow" and you will learn a lot from that film. specially what the government must do.

Zachary August 23, 2008 19:47:51
Global warming is not created by humans, but is a natural cycle. It has happened before, and will always continue. What about the great glaciers that covered much of our continent during the Ice Age? They retreated, just as the Arctic ice retreats today, yet their retreat was not created by man burning fuel (it happened BEFORE CARS!!!) Since the Dark Ages, our planet has experienced a Little Ice Age, which we are now coming out of, and entering into a warmer stage in the cycle. The great thing about human beings is that we adapt to not just some, but EVERY, climate type, and we WILL adapt to any change in climate. Please don't buy into the false religion of Man Made Global Warming. We must take care of God's Earth, but we must leave only to God the things that we do not understand, and indeed, all things.

BILL August 21, 2008 05:15:04

Ed August 19, 2008 12:06:16
The evidence of vanishing polar ice, and retreating glaciers are sufficient to accept the Global warming Problem for fact, and caused by human activity. If that was not enough the mere reality of the tons and tons of filth belched into the thin atmosphere that sustains life on this planet, that has been going on for the last 150 years in a strong concern. Add to that the decimation of forests, especially tropical and sub-trobical rain forest by burning to make way for human habitation, and farming and you have to be a complete fool to not see who it can create global warming. Ocean pollution is another major problem, and the massive floating plastic that covers a huge portion of ocean in the Pacific is enough wonder how God can not regret turning His magnificent creation over to humanity.

Thomas August 15, 2008 14:08:00
By the way, who are the leaders? Who leads NASA? Do they have an economic agenda? Who verifies their interpretation and presentation of THEIR facts? Again, I do NOT WANT TO BE A LEMMING!! Except if it is to the credible leadership of Jesus Christ, Lord of Lord, King of Kings!!!

Tom August 15, 2008 14:04:35
My relatives are from the Show-Me State. Show-Me that man really, really, really caused global warming. When secular men like Al Gore hammer this one theme home to panic people, I worry. I worry that mankind will become lemmings and follow our ignorant Godless leaders off the cliff. Panic the masses and herd them????

Keith August 14, 2008 21:45:40
Global warming (if there is such a thing) is caused by the sun, so men can legislate all they want, and they'll not affect a natural phenomenon, that has occurred many times.

As others have said, the Church teaches that we are to be good stewards of the earth. That is the best we can do. Of course, large corporations don't care about that.

All this propaganda regarding man-made global warming is part of a scheme, to eventually place us all in a third-world status, but the logical (and evil) conclusion is to drastically reduce the earth's human population, by whatever means (abortion, contraception, wars, genocide, promoting ill health, etc).

Ann-Marie August 13, 2008 18:43:27
We should be kind to the earth; protecting it from pollution, but Global warming is a cyclical phenomena and here way before cars and jets.

Fran August 13, 2008 13:23:21
Regardless of whether or not our earth is warming-which it's obvious with the polar ice caps melting and the crazy storms increasing all over-we are NOT being good stewards of the earth that God gave us. We are all called to do out part, no matter how little, if that means replace old light bulbs with energy efficient ones or turning our heat down a few degrees in the winter, maybe growing our own garden, recycling, bringing our own bags to the grocery store...the list goes on. You don't have to have money to be a better steward and the earth was a gift, and can be taken away if we mis-treat it.

Rafael August 6, 2008 10:21:06
Global Warming propaganda is a Communist misinformation and Pope Benedict XVI was very clear about that. The Antichrist Obama and his Pro-Abortion Communist Gestapo will CHANGE USA into USSA - United Socialist States of America.

Mick August 5, 2008 20:44:53
Global Warming is certainly not a hoax and nor is it theory - it is fact based on evidence, hard evidence. The science is there for all to see. Check out the NASA links for more information at: Additional information from a 2 mile long ice core is available from Scientific American: Global Warming and Climate Change is real, first, get use to the idea and stop misinterpreting the science. Second, it is indeed God's intention that we should be stewards of creation. We have a duty to respect nature, not abuse it. The whole health of our planet depends on the way we respond to our natural environment. Finally, the two main greenhouse gasses are carbon dioxide and methane - gasses mankind has been pumping into the atmosphere since the late 1800s. Any suggestion that mankind is not responsible is begging the question big time!

Greg August 5, 2008 14:47:14
global warming caused by pollution-pollution caused by greed-greed is sinful. Therefore sin causes global warming.

walter August 3, 2008 10:44:13
Just a worldly cycle. do believe in keeping world clean. People are trying to change what bible says that fire will end the world for judgment day.

mary August 2, 2008 16:48:08
Global 'warming' is just one more symptom of a very basic human condition, ie sinfulness or our rebellion against god's command to be good stewards of he earth. I would like to see very stringent restrictions of greenhouse gasses and our emergence by example as a world leader in the areas of conservation of our environment...since we didn't sign the kyoto protocol we should now exceed its requirements as an example to the world.

ricky July 30, 2008 20:05:13
god made the man so that his creation will be protected, but we destroy it, we cannot blame GOD because we ourselves are the destroyer.

ricky July 30, 2008 20:03:24
god made the man so that his creation will be protected, but we destroy it, we cannot blame GOD because we ourselves are the destroyer.

Joel July 28, 2008 12:13:09
It's an unusually cool summer so far here in Southern California. I guess the bunch of Marxists will have to call it 'Climate Change' this year.

Joel July 28, 2008 12:06:10
Global Warming is a ploy for global taxation and a redistribution of U.S. wealth and economic power.

Lucille July 26, 2008 23:53:00
If congress wants to address global warming they must first 'practice what they preach', and stop adding to the problem. I believe we could all be better stewards of the earth, and that needs to be taught, but not on this platform, a platform where environmentalist are trying to control everything and everyone. These same people, including Al Gore and speaker of the house, are both pro-abortion--anti-people, yet say they care about the earth. Something is wrong with this picture. NOPE. This is not the way we as Catholics need to approach a better answer to stewardship. We need to repent and follow Jesus, loving one another and the good things God has provided for us. I do not think politicians have the answers for this world's woes.

Lucille July 26, 2008 23:47:42
If congress wants to address global warming they must first 'practice what they preach', and stop adding to the problem. I believe we could all be better stewards of the earth, and that needs to be taught, but not on this platform, a platform where environmentalist are trying to control everything and everyone. These same people, including Al Gore and speaker of the house, are both pro-abortion--anti-people, yet say they care about the earth. Something is wrong with this picture. NOPE. This is not the way we as Catholics need to approach a better answer to stewardship. We need to repent and follow Jesus, loving one another and the good things God has provided for us. I do not think politicians have the answers for this world's woes.

j July 26, 2008 06:38:53
When Mr. Gore proclaimed he invented the internet. well..I do not believe in global warming either.

Rick July 23, 2008 10:24:55
I would like the Congress to not address global warming. There is no way to change the powere of the sun, so I do not feel we should address a problem which does not exist, namely "man-made" global warming. This is a good push for the Socialist/Communist movements

Albert July 22, 2008 17:51:48
I believe global warming is a hoax when claimed to be resulting from carbon emissions or human activity, it remains an assertion only developed by computer models and theoretical calculations. It has not been proven based on actual scientific evidence. However new data and scientific research continues and may very well prove that carbon emissions or human activity is an insignificant cause of global warming. It would be prudent to allow further progress with authentic scientific research since we only have up to 30 years of tracting with the past 9 years of serious study on this issue. When necessary and through God's grace mans' innovation, creativity, inventions will adapt. Remember when governments make ill informed decisions that form legislation the damage effects everyone and cannot be fixed easily or in most cases not for generations. As opposed to when Mr. Smith down the street makes a bad decision it only effects him. Our Heavenly Father borned us in His image and blessed us as stewards of this wonderful planet we call earth. It is absurd to think that the carbon dioxide every human naturally exhales has a damaging effect to our well being and planet.

Robin July 22, 2008 00:21:28
The number of people with closed minds boggles mine. There is plenty of scientific evidence that global warming IS caused by human activity. The number of scientists submitting evidence to support the case is much higher than the the few jokers in denial who get paid off to stir up the so-called debate. Wake up, people. Take responsibility for your world. How can you think you can continue to take from and defile our planet before it will give up?

Dave July 21, 2008 23:30:34
Man-made global warming is a politically driven hoax with no good scientific evidence. There is a good reason that Al Gore does not debate the subject. I think our focus should be on something we do have control over and that is the blatant pollution of natural resources such as dumping vast amounts of waste into rivers and oceans. That is where we can be better stewards of the earth as God intended.

Nathan July 20, 2008 19:51:29
Man-made global warming is a hoax supported by scientists looking for government grants and politicians hoping to appeal to the liberal masses. Who brought the last ice ages to a close? It certainly wasn't our SUVs.

Tracie July 20, 2008 13:41:04
I am more concerned about the preservation of humans in a healthy society that supports life - rather than supporting the environment at further cost to human life.

John July 18, 2008 06:31:51
Nothing. Global warming is the biggest ruse that has ever been pulled on the people of this to communism\socialism\fascism. Pollution is an issue, but global warming\climate change is another phony argument by which totalitarianists are trying to ply their grossly stupid ideology of "government know best what's good for you". If global warming supporters were so honest about their convictions, then how come I've never once seen a demonstration against Russia or China for the amount of pollution they spew into the atmosphere? They produce far more pollution than the U.S. does...yet we never hear of any complaints against their regimes on this issue. Oh, that's right, the U.N. claims the U.S. is the worst offender. Problem is I don't believe anything the U.N. says, or does these days because I often see news reports of Chinese walking around their horribly polluted infested cities with masks on (don't see that in the U.S. - except LA - which is run by left wing liberals). What about Russia drilling at will in ecologically fragile areas of their country and the North Pole? Nothing... not one demonstration...not one word of opposition. Proof that the global warming argument is a farce conjured up by socialists. This doesn't mean pollution isn't an is, but we should not take an idiotic approach towards designing a solution to this problem.

Buz July 17, 2008 08:29:04
I think it has no basis for its argument and I think its a scam to redistribute the wealth of Americans to other world economies, and line the pockets of politicians (Al Gore), corrupt governments, and scientists.

Kevin July 16, 2008 17:51:41
The earth's temp. has not increased since 1998. the climate has changed + or - through out History. Global warming as presented by those in Washington is a scam.

Theresa July 11, 2008 10:44:34
As a biologist (and a Catholic) I have to tell you that there are many studies of the effects of climate change on species range changes. These studies aren't done to prove or disprove global warming debates, but they monitor the movements of wildlife..Please look into the real science before making up your mind on this issue. I don't think God wants us to "leave it to Him." God left it to us! He gave us His creation and asked us to be stewards of it. We caused species extinctions/extirpations because of our own desires (i.e., passenger pigeons, wolves, other predators, etc.. And if we don't care for our resources given to us by God, how will we answer to Him for that? Why do we have a problem living sustainable? What is so bad about reducing our wasteful ways? Didn't Jesus live with a remarkably small "footprint"? Aren't we supposed to live simply like He did?

Brian July 10, 2008 09:09:24
The presumption that man is causing global warming is a hoax; there is no real scientifc evidence to support this concept. There are however "scientists" dependent on federal funding who claim global warming is man made, but there are many scientists who disagree with this "theory". This has been politicized by the likes of Al Gore. His sources and methods to reach his conclusions are bad science.

Tom July 9, 2008 21:08:01
Global warming is unsubstantiated junk science that historically appeals to emotions rather than to intellect. That said, alternative non-carbon energy forms msut be developed and current technology enabled (ie nuclear power). A move to electric cars is moot without the electricity to power them. Intelligent heads need to be found in government leadership, but this is unlikely.

jake July 9, 2008 06:45:01
a load of junk.

frank July 8, 2008 16:03:46
it is a natural cycle the earth is going through. Don't believe al gore.

Rudy July 8, 2008 10:58:57
Nothing, there is no global warming; it is a great big hoax perpetrated by the global elite to trick ill informed people into fear and giving up money and freedom.

Brian July 3, 2008 13:18:51
I would like the church to stay away from the issue at this point. I believe that the church should promote responsible use of resources, but the global warming issue is not supported by the facts as strongly as it needs to be for there to be action on it by the church.

Frank June 30, 2008 13:13:57
It is a natural warming of the earth.

Jack June 29, 2008 07:12:21
If you listen to Mr. Al Gore and his followers, we are destroying the world by driving our SUVs. I understand that there are more scientists that are debunking his theory then there are standing up for it. We can make our planet “dirty”, by not taking care of it, and this is wrong. But we are not causing a global warming. I tell people, and some get upset with me when I say that, “God created the world, God will destroy it. And when He does destroy the world, it won’t be because we are driving SUVs and polluting the atmosphere, but because we are polluting the morels of our society”. Mr. Gore and his band of followers are among those who are polluting the morels of our society. Abortion, gay rights, embryonic stem cell research and other legislation that are against God’s commandments will be the cause of the end of our world as we know it. If you look at what Mr. Gore stands for, in respect of morels, his record shows that he is pro-immoral.

Jim June 25, 2008 15:38:20
The only global warming I would like to see is the warming to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Give me a break, this is another ploy to distract us from what is really important, which is our soul's destiny to be with our Creator in Heaven for eternity. As St. Francis de Sales said when I was a child I thought that my toys were important, but when I became an adult I looked back on that notion for what it was; "child's play".

Let's keep the main thing the main thing which is eternity!

Oh yes, I forgot we are not allowed to mention a specific diety in Congress! Just tell Congress to keep up the good work for Satan.

Nicholas June 25, 2008 11:25:45
Politically motivated. God knows what to do.

Dennis June 23, 2008 12:42:22
This is a "liberal smoke screen" to keep people from looking at the REAL sins that are rampant in our nation. Here is just one of many facts about global warming in my book The Plague Of Liberalism.

"But I think that some even newer data puts this issue to rest. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has reported that almost all the allegedly “lost” ice has come back. An NOAA report shows that ice levels which had shrunk from 5 million square miles in January 2007 to just 1.5 million square miles in October, are almost back to their original levels. And a Feb.18 report in the London Daily Express showed that there is nearly a third more ice in Antarctica than usual. Also, the photo of the polar bears clinging on to a melting iceberg, that was meant to tug at our hearts and which was offered as proof of the need to fight climate change and has been used by former Vice President Al Gore during his "Inconvenient Truth" lectures about mankind’s alleged impact on the global climate, was taken in August when melting is normal. And actually the polar bear population has soared in recent years. And the winter of 2007-2008 was one of the worst on record in many parts of the Earth, including in China, which saw its worst winter in 50 years and where many died as a result."

David June 23, 2008 08:53:50
It is not the place of Congress to "deal" with "global warming". In the first place, it is not caused primarily by the activity of Man, but mainly by cyclical solar radiation issues, which have been charted by scientists for many decades, and which also have been shrinking the polar ice caps of Mars in recent years. (Shall Congress address that issue as well?) This activity is now leading us into a cooling cycle, such as we had in the late 1950's when ignorant fearmongers were warning of a new global ice age (I remember hearing these rumors as a child). In the second place, Congress has no constitutional authority to be trying to regulate the "environment, nor has it the competence.

Man can and does affect the environment. Like war, violent weather is a punishment of man for his sins, permitted by the Creator of man and the Author of weather. He may do it directly or indirectly. Sin causes societal disorders that cause people to demand oppressive laws to protect them from having done to them what they might do to others if given a chance. Such laws usually lead to collective (state) ownership of land, resulting in poor stewardship, depletion, and desert formation, among other calamities. We cannot know to what extent the activities of men can cause such things, but we can know that a Christian Social Order based on the Ten Commandments (the Source and Definition of the Rights of God and of Man) and the Golden Rule would produce a world that would require fewer laws, and provide greater freedom, respect for Man's life, liberty, property and other rights, and prosperity as well. We start by reforming our own lives in imitation of Christ. Don't expect President Bush (or McCain or Obama) or Congress to fix what is wrong. They are part of the problem, not the solution. Louis has it right. God knows what He Is doing. If we want to know what He is doing, we need to follow Him, as He invited us.

Louis June 22, 2008 15:48:00

Mary June 22, 2008 10:52:37
It's just an issue the Democrats think they can take advantage of to win the Whitehouse. From everything I can understand, the science just doesn't support it.

daniel June 21, 2008 12:59:34

John June 17, 2008 11:44:37
More domestic drilling for oil! The "problem" of Global Warming is a hoax, just like the "problem" of the looming Global Freezing hoax of the 1970's.

Dan June 14, 2008 07:07:51
The science behind "global warming" and its causes is far from settled. I would urge the United States Congress to proceed with an abundance of caution. Not the pell mell rush to pass any kind of legislation as they did with the ethanol debacle. I believe that if we were able to follow the likely monetary gainers in this tableau it would cerainly go along way to answering the "settled" science.

Roger June 13, 2008 06:18:16
It's a hoax.

bill June 12, 2008 10:03:31
I believe in global warming, and cooling. I also believe that the Left is not interested in any debate on this issue (or any issue) and is only concerned with shoving their conclusions down our throat.

Jason June 10, 2008 21:17:38
Haven't scientists found that we are actually in a period of global cooling? "Global warming" is just another front for the socialists/communists who want more power. Our government is getting too involved in areas where they shouldn't be. It is becoming less and less "of the people, for the people, by the people."

Charles June 3, 2008 07:12:27
Man can not cause global warming. This is the biggest fraud made to the people of thw world. They are commonist types that want to controll everybody life from birth(if they allow you to) and death. The world has warmed before, see history books about the Vikings, the north pole was warm so was greenland. If we create the climate, they we could damage it.

David June 3, 2008 05:51:04
We humans truly do not help the situation of "Global Warming", but we give ourselves way too much credit for things that happen in temperature variances on this planet. In the 1950's and 60's there were fear of a new ice age because global temperatures were on average 6 degrees cooler than normal.

The earth has always gone through cooling and warming periods, and if we look back far enough, scientists have found evidence of there not being any form of ice caps on the planet.

A volcanic eruption alone can change the entire globe's temperature in a matter of hours, and leave repercussions that lasts decades. Let us as humans get over ourselves and realize that we are not God.

Sam May 30, 2008 14:07:33
Here's some much needed COMMON SENSE and REASONING on the subjest of Global Warming ? The World has frozen over and melted ... EVEN much warmer than now many times before kind man walked on this Earth or drove a SUV we well know. We also know that Sun and Water account for 97 % of our Temps.

We know that our breath as do all things on earth make CO.2. And it keeps grass green and Tree's healthy.

The Earth is estimated to be 60 Million years old and the Universe is over a Trillion Light in size we know so far. We also know that MARS has no CO.2 and the temps are not effected since they stay steady.

{So} The insane IDEA that man kind can change our Temps 1 degree is moronic and those still believe in Global warming also still believe Al Gore "InVented" the Enter Net.

Carla May 28, 2008 13:50:00
Global warming ? How about global cooling, tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones and earthquakes and volcanoes, they are getting more pronounced. It's probably an earth cycle of transition. I don't want to be carboned taxed to death. I say Gore should not profit from this at all.

jerry May 28, 2008 07:43:04
Three Government web sits, claim the earth cooled off one degree last year. Go to NASA web site enter cycle 25. Then go to national geographic on cable watch sun force. The sun is greater than any man made global warming. NASA can go back thousands of years in solar sun spots history. This effects little ice ages by the amount of uv rays.

The sun during little ice age had very little sun spots. Will our climate started the same thing last year, dropping the whole earth one degree. If this cooling is the same this year, We are in a Al Gore little ice age.

Bazza May 26, 2008 15:35:55
There is more "Global Warming" caused by the hot air coming out of Al Gore's mouth and all the other socialists/collectivists and media knobheads than there is cased by the actions of mankind. NO ONE is more of an environmentalist than I am: I live in the Houma, Louisiana area and hunt, fish and keep a small plot to grow veggies. I see every time I am on a bayou or in the woods or a marsh hunting or fishing the beauty of God's creation. We are called by God to be stewards of this great gift, and not be intimidated or hoodwinked by the socialists and the leftists.

Bernie May 20, 2008 21:20:04
Global Warming can be likened to the Population Explosion scare of my college years. God Fear is all that this world needs. Luckily, God is not just All Justice but also All Merciful. Let us just clean up our act and our part of this world. Let us also count our blessing. Ergo, why is Greenland all ice?

Denise May 20, 2008 13:53:54
I get see red each and everytime I see ANYTHING about being 'green'. I'm not a scientist--and I don't play one on TV--but this is utterly ridiculous! Come on people--get back into your scriptures! Man knows NOT the day or the hour. This is a world-emcompassing power grab. We are to be good stewards of this earth--but you sell short our Creator to believe that we (Remember man that you are dust...) could possibly create such havoc in our universe. Fools gold.

Note to must be the life of the party...YIKES!

sandi May 19, 2008 20:21:32
Cristina - Daniel is right - the hoax was perpetrated by al gore - and as far as thousands of scientists "colluding" - they rake in big grants for their "studies" - it keeps them in the money - and by the way - thousands more well respected scientists have stated that the manmade global warming fear has no basis.

sandi May 19, 2008 20:17:24
It will be the middle class and poor who will suffer at the hands of congress - no one sacrifices more than us - we hang our clothes on the line to airdry - we ride buses or bikes to work because we cannot afford cars - we do not have air conditioners - those who seek to pass bogus legislation are the true violaters - global warming is a hoax being pulled on the world to allow others to bask in selfinduced glory

Jeremy May 19, 2008 12:43:27
I am not Catholic nor do I wish to be. I do have an uncanny abillity to forsee things as well as peoples sins. I suppose you could say I know the hearts of men. Here are a few bits of information. Global warming will only get worse as natural cycles have been awakened that will compound the problems with greenhouse gasses. Famine, Flood, Fire, and war will be daily occurences. There will come a time where people slaughter one another for resources as basic as water. Disease will envelope the Globe so yes the Revelations are upon the world. Legislation will not help prevent the end of days.

Debbie May 19, 2008 00:35:14
Yes, I agree that we are facing the Global Warming at this time. I have a suggestion that we choose to reduce on using Air Conditioner in every place, avoid to build more malls and high rise building. Increase to plant the trees around our home areas and roads. Try the best thing to save our planet. We are entering the Revelations applied.Keep faith that Our Lord value of our effort to protect His Creation. In other words, let him to show His Power into our world. We will see who is greedy and who is keep faith on Him.

Jen May 11, 2008 22:07:10
I stand with those who question the assumptions and "science" behind the theory. I am afraid it is all about politics and power. What irks me most (reminds me of militant atheistic evolutionists), is they are dismissive of scientific evidence that would allow reasonable people to is another sacred cow for the "gate keepers" and elites in this country and around the world. They try to make people who disagree look like fools.

Bob May 11, 2008 10:18:16
For centuries, the world has warmed and cooled. Earth has had ice age after ice age, yet warming ended these ice ages. No machines, no manmade pollutants, no cars, no carbon spewing devices thousands of years prior to the industrial revolution yet the earth still warmed. So man did not cause these global warmings. What makes you fools think anything is differant now? Besides, what do you want now? Global cooling? Another ice age? Nah, just social control of every freedom man now has.

Ernesto May 9, 2008 13:42:52
I don't feel hot. Do you?

jerry May 9, 2008 07:51:10
The people who founded nature worship travel around the world. term like Mother earth and terms. From the dust of thousands of years ago. What is in common with this worship. People are second place to nature worship. Go back millions of years to massive cool downs. One is the South Pole was tropical in climate. A massive cool down set in. Tons of snow fell on top of the tropic plants.

If you dig under the glaciers of the South Pole you will find tropical plants.

The earth fell one degree over the whole world last year.This started with the sun exploding and now the earth is turning colder.

In the last little ice age it a started with a lot of rain. If the world trys to predict global warming or cooling. Like rolling dice, you may end up with a set of box cars.

thomas May 8, 2008 16:47:14
Drill. Refine. Grow. Be fruitful and multiply.

Thomas May 8, 2008 16:44:28
Drill the oil we have, refine more oil, search for more oil. Stop subsidizing food for fuel, which starves poor people. THEN look for alternative fuel. US production: 1984, 9 million barrels. 2008, 5 million barrels. WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM.

Ed May 5, 2008 12:51:42
More study to prove that global warming exists.

cristina May 5, 2008 11:20:25
A hoax is defined as "an act intended to deceive or trick". Can you explain to me why thousands of respectable scientists from countless different universities, research institutes, NASA, etc have (according to you) colluded to create this fraud? How are they exactly benefiting? because, you must concede the point that frauds have a goal. In other words, cui bono? Who benefits from this elaborate international conspiracy?

Your proposition is simply ridiculous. To me, to just blurt out a statement like yours (oh and the ALL CAPS) without any supporting evidence or rational, is well, NOT WISE.

daniel May 4, 2008 07:03:45

cristina May 2, 2008 08:13:52
I find amazing that so many of the respondents dismiss global warming as 'bad science'. It is not, please face it. It is the result of international collaboration of scientists, space agencies and universities. It is of an extreme arrogance and ignorance to dismiss it. It is also dangerous. Whether you subscribe to religious ideas or not, it is clear that we humans are in charge of this planet and bear responsibility for providing an unselfish stewardship. If you believe God gave us this home, why would you refuse to take care of it?

Mike May 1, 2008 16:26:04
NOTHING!! Global warming is not man-made in the first place. Moderation, take care of our planet but stay away from AGW.

jackie April 30, 2008 10:13:28
I too do not believe in the so called global warming theory! But I also believe we all should do any and every thing we can to conserve. Key word "Moderation"

John April 23, 2008 09:24:22
The global warming issue is a farce. Not only should there be no legislation, but some scientists should have their degrees revoked for spreading such 'junk' science.

Steve April 21, 2008 21:53:52
- Global warming stopped in 1998. Since then, there as been a cooling trend. This shows a negative correlation with CO2. - Solar cycle was shown by Danish researchers to have a stronger correlation with global temperature than CO2. They predicted the current decrease in global temperature based on solar cycles. Every computer "model" that "proves" CO2 causes global warming has failed to predict. In science, we when a model fails to predict, it is rejected. - The Red Chinese Army will be trillions of dollars richer should we enact this legislation. - Remember the Budhist Nun scandal some 10 years or so ago? Who got caught with $100,000 of Red Chinese Army money? Al Gore. - CO2 doesn't cause the warming. Most likely it has to do with cosmic rays. - We didn't even cause the CO2. The ice core data shows tha the CO2 is caused by the warming, not the other way around. The physics is such that a warmer earth favors a shift in equilbrium from carbonate rock to ocean CO2, and from ocean CO2 to the atmosphere. CO2 released from carbonate rock is sequestered carbon, just like that from fossile fuels. - We don't even know if the warming is a bad thing. The earth was warmer during the medieval period, and Europe prospered.

meb April 21, 2008 05:34:12
let us learn to simplify things....lets start from our homes... conserve and preserve what is left around...plant more tress around vacant yard,plant flowers ,segregate garbages ,recycle....try avoiding use of plastics,stop buying more unuseful gadgets.....learn to live simplier not buy the products from companies who claim that they are concern with GW but in actuality is one of the contributor to the GW...hey wake up! not just let your mouth speak but do something is your time to home....

robert April 20, 2008 22:13:43
stay away from this un left wing plot to get world governance. not valid science.

Herm April 18, 2008 13:00:16
Global warming is a natural condition that Al Gore wants to blame on human beings. He is a non scientist who thinks he is one. Hundreds of scientists have spoken about the truth of global warming. God bless

Dan April 15, 2008 08:23:54
Ii would like the Congress to slow down and examine the Science behind the claims. The exagerated claims as to the real extent of the warming cycle and the hyped effects on the globe should give everyone pause. The solution to a problem is in a deliberate and measured response. The first deliberate step should to verify the hypothesis.

Harold April 14, 2008 12:57:59
I believe the concept of global warming is a myth. Back in the 1970's the cry was about global cooling. We were having unusually cold temperature and the so-called environmentalists were screaming that the world would be ending in about 10 or 20 years because the world is heading to another ice age. Then the temperatures went the other way and the global cooling crowd began saying that when they called it global cooling they misspoke and meant to say global warming and denied saying anything about going into another ice age. Man does less to the ozone than nature does. Plus, the ozone is constantly repairing itself. There is no global warming or global cooling just people like Al Gore who make things up and have no idea what they are talking about.

John April 13, 2008 14:06:58
To all those who do not believe that man can control the climate:

When you look at satellite photos where smoke stacks can be seen pouring out dirt into the atmosphere, a smart person would think about how many of these there are, how many tens of thousands of other plants pouring out unseen gasses, and how many automobiles cover the earth pouring out exhaust 24/7. These are chemistry experiments in climate modification. If you look at other satellite photos, you can actually see how thin the atmosphere is. And we live in a thinner strip of atmosphere at the bottom of that.

We don't get heat from the sun. If we did, as we climbed higher in the atmosphere, closer to the sun than the ground, it would get warmer. It doesn't. The temperature of the sky outside a jet is about 50 degrees below zero. We get light from the sun, some of which warms the earth when it hits. You feel this when you walk across asphalt on a very sunny day. All that junk that we put into the atmosphere 24/7, worldwide, blocks the light that bounces off the earth so it can't escape back to space. When it hits the ground again, it creates more heat. That's called the greenhouse effect; and that's how green houses work, to get warmer.

And that's only part of the problem. God gave you all brains. Don't read a 2000 year old book to get the work of modern man. Read a more recent one. Get your inspiration and love from that old book, but it's like that old joke: A man was stuck on a roof after a flood. He knew God would save him. The storm got worse and a man in a boat came by, but he said,"God will save me, I don't need your boat." It got worse again and a helicopter came to rescue him. He said, "God will save me, I don't need your helicopter." And the storm got worse and he drowned. He met God and asked, "God, why did you let me die. Why didn't you save me?" God replied, "I sent you a boat and a helicopter, what more help did you need?"

Have you ever thought that God may be sending us a sign that we need to help ourselves right now?

Justin April 13, 2008 09:48:33
The issue in the Global Warming debate is not whether or not the earth;s temperature is rising or not... That is fact. The issue is whether man is causing the warming. Sure CO2 can cause the earth to warm, that's basic science, so can water vapor. But I do not believe that man can cause the catastrophic death of the earth! Al Gore has no science behind his "global warming!" The truth is that there are so many real crisis' like abortion, death penalty, hunger, poverty, than this hoax called man made global warming.

John April 13, 2008 08:26:13
NOTHING!! Global warming is not man-made in the first place. Secondly, China and India are causing far more problems that we would be able to counter. We need to listen to the calmer heads in this contrived whirlwind that is designed to make money for "the chosen few" at the expense of the majority of hard working people in the world. Stop Global Whining!!!

Veryl April 12, 2008 07:34:27
Grandstanding to keep Gore and Hollywood supporters names in the news where they would otherwise slip off in a faint history. No supportive science. Where they point at ice caps melting there are other places more frozen or that have had snow for the first time etc.etc. They are hipocrit's consuming more energy in their mansions than all of us together.

Ryan April 7, 2008 13:03:38
The science does not back it, the consenus has proven to be non-existent further more professors are threatened to teach global warming, including some of my own. For Catholics, we must look to true environmental policy not new 'green' marketing and look to the Bible. Gore is no more than a false prophet of a false 'green' religion and we cannot tolerate is Hitler-style preaching in our schools and to our children. Please take a stand against this!

Michael April 7, 2008 11:01:58
Just another scam for the political elite to suck more taxes out of us. Jesus said there will be a new heaven and earth. Globalist sceme one world dictatorship by anti-christ.

Eddie April 6, 2008 09:51:39
Anything we can do to protect our given gift of the environment is good stuff. Climate Change is just on part of the future we leave for our children. We use to be able to clam in the shallow waters near my home. Now people wouldn't eat a clam from these waters if we were even allowed to dig for them.

Environmental Impact is real regardless of political affiliation.

Every bit counts!

Dan April 4, 2008 02:32:26
It's a scam.

bean March 25, 2008 12:52:26
I believe slowly we are heading for global warming which I believe will lead to an ice age , either way .cleaning up our act in what ever way the earth is heading is a good thing . The earth is billions of years old and our weather is unusual at this time -- for in the big picture it is a known fact that our earth is usually in ice .. for the last maybe 5 thousand years or more we have had good weather ---scientists have study the ice in Arctic and found that earth is having some warm weather in the last 5 thousand years , but at any time it could turn around as short as in 10 years ,they have discovered we could just slip into earths natural weather which is ice .. why should we add to what most likely will eventually happen here .. everyone get a grip , I have kids I don't want them to have to deal with this---- which we did nothing about global warming --some believe leads to an ice age ..and the earths history has been in ice more then not . the future is unknown but if I could change how humans have dumped on the world I would do what ever to help stop it

Michael March 25, 2008 12:33:52
I believe in being a good Sheppard of the Earth but the idea that humans can influence the global climate is bunk and has nothing to do with pollution. Those that buy these ideas have never driven across country or traveled across the Pacific Ocean on a ship and seen the enormity of the Earth. Seeing how big this planet really is and then seeing how small a pocket of air around a metropolitan area really is and how is clears right up as soon as you get out of the city you will see that the Earth fixes itself, be it air or sea. In 1992, Mount Pinatubo exploded in the Philippines and scientist said the amount of green house gases that were expelled during that eruption was equal to all the green house gases produced by man made pollution since the beginning of the industrial revolution (1825). Consider that was one volcanic eruption and there are volcanoes all over the Earth that have been erupting since the dawn of time. Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has been erupting continuously since 1972 and no one is complaining about the green house gases that is expelling. Of course there is nothing that any one can do about Kilauea but it is also not necessary. I do not advocate being obtuse about pollution. I remember when I was a kid and the rivers, lakes and streams in the US and around the world were intensely polluted and needed to be addressed. We did that and now the rivers and streams are looking pretty good. I love to hunt and fish and that is pretty important to me. I just don't believe in alarmism or junk science.

Colin March 24, 2008 23:28:54
BRING ON THE HEAT!!!!! I loved Al Gore's comedy movie!!!

In simplist form heat is good for the earth. Check any physical geography science text book. Without heat there would be no trees, rain, snow, glaciation, etc. Heat creates plant life. Heat produces rain. Heat produces snow... YES SNOW, and yes through all that heat, rain, and snow it produces glaciation.

Human impact to global warming is absolutely minimal. The amount of 'greenhouse gases' produced by humans including the industrial revolution is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount that the eruption of Mt. St. Helens emitted. Just one of the many volcano eruptions that happens each year.

Human nature wants to control everything and give reason to everything. The earth is billions of years old and most studies are only a couple of hundred years old. When will man realize how truly small we are??

I firmly agree we need to look after our planet and find the best ways to be eco friendly, but to create hysteria is rediculous. All of us will be 'dust' and the earth will still march on.

I'll see you all on the beach and in the snow :) My eternal love to my lord!!

Dave March 23, 2008 23:16:41
GW is dead. See your gas bill and believe.

Matt March 23, 2008 10:53:31
I think global climate change is one of the defining political issues of our faith. We are called to be good shepherds of our temples, whether they be our bodies, or our parishes and communities or our planet. We must leave God's creation better than we've found it. Not doing so only favors certain powerful corporations and other interests, to the detriment of this and all future generations of God's people.

Julia March 22, 2008 11:59:11
These remarks remind me of how Galileo's ideas were first received, and how he was condemned by our Church. Wouldn't it be better to open our minds, listen to scientists, and help protect the world that is God's wonderful gift to humankind?

Richard March 20, 2008 22:44:09
Global warming it's only been the coldest winter in 300 hundred years. And they call it warming! Al Gore and all the others would love your money in higher tax's and energy cost. Man can't change the weather that much that the world would change. It's all about $$$$. Talk about pure hysteria. But people are falling for it, that the worst thing Thanks big Al.

lydia March 20, 2008 12:23:07
Global warming- The last great hope of those who want to destroy capitalism.

fred March 17, 2008 11:53:57
This winter I was looking for that global warming and you can never find it when you want it.

bonne March 15, 2008 05:48:45
Man doesn't and isn't capable to control climate. It is the Eternal One, Who controls the heat and the cold (Hiob 37). Alleging, that we, humans, could stop global warming is blasphemy. Or alleging that we, humans could stop either global cooling, whatever comes first. The last verse of Hiob 37 applies for Al Gore and his howlers.

Keith March 11, 2008 22:16:41
Global warming is a bunch of BS. The U.N. is already trying to get funding for something that doesn't exist. They are looking in the trillion area.

Joe March 11, 2008 16:38:49
I believe that global warming is not a 'critical' issue that needs to resolved by harsh laws that take away our freedom and liberty. We have the choice to take responsibility for our actions and prevent global warming. As Catholics we are called to be stewards of what God has given us. The way the laws are being set up under 'environmental saving' are the start of a social/communist view that entraps one to government and loss of freedom. Throwing money at the problem and forced laws are not the way to solve this 'issue.'

Bill March 11, 2008 09:13:10
The issue of "Man Made Global Warming" is science and not religion or politics, which Al Gore and his followers would like you to believe. This is "science" and therefore the debate is not over. There is too much evidence to the contrary to pull the plug on debate. It is the arrogance of those who follow like sheep on this issue that makes them think that they can control the weather. Who decides what the temperature of the earth should be? If you applied the use of the Scientific Method in this debate you would be unable to prove that man made global warming exists. Unfortunately the main stream media, along with certain powerful politicians and others, have an agenda, the agenda being to control more and more of our lives. For those in the science community it is their paycheck. Unfortunately the public does not do their homework when it comes to challanging those proponents of anthropogenic global warming and accepts everything the main stream media tells them as unbiased fact. They need to check out web sites like and see the other side of this science. The politicians in both political parties who are falling prey to this hoax are simply trying to be politically correct so as to not offend their misinformed constituants. Too much of this issue is based on inaccurate and inconsistent climate models and thus create a "climate of fear" with their highly inflated projected temperatures and sea levels. Mr. Gore, so far, has refused to actually debate this topic. I wonder why.

We do not have a "planet emergency" but we do need more long term studies before we bankrupt this country by spending money on programs that do absolutely nothing to control the earths temperature.

Michael March 3, 2008 11:40:47
Dirty earth and air could cause many problems including many diseases that we could not solve. Animals, insects, plants and others would be gone.

Matt March 1, 2008 18:48:20
I would like them to stop wasting any more time on this so-called crisis. The current research indicates that there is no such thing as man-made global warming. Rather, there is a natural cycle of the Earth warming and cooling based on the Sun's solar activity. All of the signs that were used to demonstrate that global warming was taking place have all reversed this year due to an extremely cold winter.

john March 1, 2008 03:24:16
it has been said by many warming is a crock!!!! 400 scientists are meeting who agree and their conclusion should be as valid as , say. the expert al gore...what a hoax!!!!

Anthony March 1, 2008 00:02:06
This planet has been altered by man since the Industrial Revolution. Roger, why don't you stick your mouth on the back of a muffler of a car while it is running. Ignorance if beliveing that "human" is innocent of emitting green house gases into the atmosphere. They way the earth is warming naturally and by the rapid rate of "human" caused Carbon dioxide; the earth is radically be altered from it's natural process or cycle.

Roger February 28, 2008 15:06:39
Yes, the planet is a precious gift which should be taken care of. However, Pope Benedict has stated that the current frenzy over global warming is purely used to get votes for politicians. If we believe that we as humans can cause global warming, we have neglected the power of nature and the fact that GLOBAL WARMING IS A NATURAL PROCESS OF THE EARTH AND NOT CAUSED BY HUMANS. We should find alternate sources of fuel because fossil fuels are running low, but not because we are destroying the earth. If you buy into this then you are all ignorant fools.

Marc February 27, 2008 12:57:45
The planet is out most precious possession, given to us by God. It's our responsibility to look after it, but so far we've been reckless and abusive with its resources and ecosystems. We need to change our ways now, before it's too late! The United States, being perhaps the most powerful nation in the World, should be leading the way in finding cleaner power sources and cleaning up our environment. Petrol and diesel fuels need to be replaced by alternatives such as hydrogen, the cleanest fuel possible (its product being pure water).

If we don't act soon, the costs will be enormously greater in years to come when it's too late.

Stíofán February 21, 2008 11:03:24
“Pollution of air and water threaten more and more the delicate balance of the biosphere on which present and future generations depend and makes us realize that we all share a common ecological environment.”

Pope John Paul II the Great

You see, even our late pope realised the detriment that we have caused our environment. No matter how you slice it, whether you believe in global climate change or not, we are harming our environment in many, many ways. We don't even need to go as far as talking about global climate change to realise that we must address our environmental degradation. The 1970s was a very positive era, but since the 1980s we have stopped caring. Environmental regulation and responsibility has almost completely peaked. We must do everything we can to protect the environment for our children. Any Catholic who does not support environmentalism is in a grave state of denial and not in line with Church teaching on the environment--Eden.

It is clear, we must treat God's Creation the same way we would with human life. I think what this comes down to is that many of you are politically blind. You've used ideology to block out the Truth. One must first look at our world and at what the Church teaches and then and only then formulate a political statement or belief. Otherwise what you are simply doing is listening to what other groups of people are saying without internalising the realities.

Aaron February 15, 2008 14:28:06
I think the media should stop being completely one sided on this issue. You ask a GW supporter what the evidence is and the arguements on the other side, you will draw a blank stare. They don't know, and neither does Al Gore, he's found his money maker and attention getter, and he's going to exploit it. Read "Unstoppable Global Warming", it's very insightful.

john February 12, 2008 13:45:58
honesty...present both sides ie.. the Artic is losing ice, the Antarctic is growing admit that science is not whats involved here...its about control!

Melanie February 11, 2008 09:21:27
As catholics, we are given the the duty to steward and protect this wonderful gift, earth. Our greed and our desire for convenience should never take precedence over our responsibility to safeguard this planet and all of god's creatures.

Anthony February 9, 2008 10:51:17
This earth has cycles larger than the yearly seasons. There are records of climate change before the Industrial Revolution. We have pollluted our earth but I beleive our effect is imeasurable compared to natural causes. Solar activity is not as steady as many assume, sunspots emmit more uv radiation which will heat the earth and these ar erratic and unpredictable.

Dennis February 8, 2008 20:11:55
In this day and age, everyone thinks they have to be able to explain everything. The climate has changed since God created the earth. Have humans affected the rate of change? Maybe. But how much? Is it measurable? Are "end of the world" radicals playing this to their advantage? Most definitely. Carbon Credits? Give me a break.

john February 8, 2008 14:39:34
This seems to be a new religion to take away our freedoms and make a lot of people rich, this whole thing is a hoax so the government can control our lives. Now the science is saying we are in global cooling,and alternate energy is causing more global warming, leave it to the scientists not the government.

Franco February 8, 2008 04:47:33
Scientists aren't risk takers, Politicians are. Politicians are concerned about now, not later, especially when it comes to their terms in office. Scientists have nothing to hide and no reason to lie, politicians do. The pass the buck mentality is rampant; that being said, during our life time we hear the terms "Global Warming, Green House Effect, Polar Ice Melting". During our children's lives they will hear terms such as drought, extinction, global emergency. During their children's time it will be common place to only have polar bears living in Zoos, and to have increasing flooding in coastal cities. I pray we don't destroy this Eden that God has created for us.

Noël February 7, 2008 09:39:10
It would be a big step forward if the United States and Europe will work together do develop biological gasoline and of course an engine.

Budot January 21, 2008 15:54:43
The immediate concern i ought to suggest would to be that congress should addressed and press the government even harder so that kyoto protocal be rectified. Otherwise what is being behind the curtain?. Climate change is real, it has already occured in Indonesia, where thousand of people were killed by the Tsunami, hundreds if not thousands perished due to harricane Katrina, and many other instances of floods and droughts taking place in the African content. Some thing must be done and it should be done starting with United States, the super power of the world, if the dangers of global warming are to be lessen. Iam a graduate student of public administration in U.S.A.

Michael January 17, 2008 09:56:43
I don't believe we need legislation to address global warming as I don't believe we have a global warming issue. The planet is, no doubt, warming. I believe everything I have ever learned about the evironment is a complete reputiation of the concept that human activity could change global temperatures. This concept has been passed off as science but cannot pass the common sense test. There are many professors and scholars that disagree with this concept but for some reason there is a group of people that insist that it is human activity that is changing the global temperature. The planet has experienced ice ages and warming cycles since the dawn of time. Why is this cycle any different than any of the others the Earth has experience in all those years. There was a bunch of kooks back in the 70's saying that by the end of the 80's we would all be wearing gas masks because of air pollution. I thought it was bunk then and think this stuff is much the same. I have lived on the the water for the past 20 years and our shore line has not moved a bit. The polar ice pack has shrunk back thousands of miles and my shore line has not moved. If the ice in your glass melts, you glass does not over flow because the ice displaced the water before it melted. I think a lot of the believers of this stuff have never left the city. They should drive across the country and see how big it is. I spent 24 years in the Navy and drove many times around the Earth and the shear massive size of the oceans with crystal clean water and perfectly clean air. I think many people can't get their arms around how big this planet is and relatively small the urban areas with significant pollution are. Additionally, these plans to "fix" the problem by applying restriction on America. The United States is one of THE CLEANEST countries in the world. I have seen it first hand.

Sandi January 16, 2008 09:56:33
I would like to see that policy makers and the public are educated about the facts about Climate Change.

Please see the following site "The Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change, which is based on unbiased scientist findings about Climate Change. "The IPCC was established to provide the decision-makers and others interested in climate change with an objective source of information about climate change. The IPCC does not conduct any research nor does it monitor climate related data or parameters. Its role is to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the latest scientific, technical and socio-economic literature produced worldwide relevant to the understanding of the risk of human-induced climate change, its observed and projected impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation. IPCC reports should be neutral with respect to policy, although they need to deal objectively with policy relevant scientific, technical and socio economic factors. They should be of high scientific and technical standards, and aim to reflect a range of views, expertise and wide geographical coverage (, 1/16/07)."

According to the The UNFCCC Website,, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, "Some scientists have doubted the scientific basis of the Kyoto Protocol, claiming that there is not a clear connection between increases in GHG emissions and climate change. The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), launched in the course of 2007, put an end to that discussion. Prepared by scientists from all over the world, it placed the reality of human-induced climate change beyond any doubt. It is politically significant that governments endorsed the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report by consensus, making it a solid foundation for sound political decision-making (, 1/16/07)."

One may read the text of the Kyoto Protocol at (1/16/07).

The Environmental Literacy Council site at has further information on the Kyoto Protocol and Climate Change.

Eunice January 11, 2008 17:56:09
I would like to see "qualified"scientists opinion explored as to the facts of"who" or" what" is the cause of global warming before emission restrictions are enforced. I think the talk about the credit or transfer of carbon footprints is cause to think the issue isa more political than realistic search for a solution - if unbiased research shows global warming is caused only by our lifestyle.

Sandi January 1, 2008 12:57:59
Bill indicated on 12/21/07 the same mistaken belief that I heard on talk radio 1/31/07 that Global Warming is a liberal left concept. Having been a biology student and secondary life science teaching student as of 2005 and a Catholic, I disagree because in the biology, earth and astronomy science classes I've completed at the college and university level, I've learned that global warming is understood by scientists as a theory based on masses of scientific evidence, taken by independent scientists and others who statistically calculated their data and had their data and statistics examined by other scientists who found it sound. Global warming is not a political argument but a scientific argument. As a Catholic, I am supported by Catholic Social Teaching that requires us to support the common good of ALL people and act in ways that protect our environment and the people and living creates God created. This includes reducing greenhouse gases and thus global warming by turning to renewable, sustainable energy sources such as solar, wind and water sources and other alternatives such as hydrogen fuel cell automobile sources. As Catholics we are called to protect God's creation for it is good.

Bill December 21, 2007 07:49:01
Global warming is just one more attempt by the flaming liberal left (NAZI) Democrats to shove their hatred of the liberty given in the U.S. Constitution for normal Americans to think and act for themselves. Just look who is behind it all. Gore, Boxer, Finestine, Etal. These are the people who would run your lives on a day to day basis from Washington D.C. if they could. They don't we can run our own lives, but need their direction! I would not believe anything they say. If they said the sky was blue I would look out side before I would believe Them.

susan December 18, 2007 17:43:28
I think people should remember the whole "Global Warming" thing is just theory. Remember it is NOT proven yet. Yes I think it would be great if people start taking responsiblilty with the care of the earth but don't make it a law to recycle! It seems to me it is almost turning into a religion-Remember church and state there is a separation. Some of the older folks out there may remember the "Global Cooldown" in the 70's. So why do people take THEORIES as Gospel is beyond me. If you have a fact no one believes but theories are another thing. The sky is not falling so quit it already!

Francis December 16, 2007 23:09:41
The global warming is a theory,however, i believed that people should pay more attention to what going on now. The masive ice ages are melting and islands in the Pacific Ocean are sinking.

Steve December 13, 2007 17:43:06
We are not teaching, or learning world history any more, or more people would realize how the same people 15, or less, years ago were sure we were entering a new minor ice-age and were preaching the same doom and gloom. It's all about the "Jim Jones syndrome" as far as I can tell at this point. Wise up and be a good stuard of all God has given each of us, DON'T GIVE SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS MORE POWER OVER OUR LIVES.

James December 5, 2007 21:05:57
Global warming that is leading to climate change and destruction of habitats around the world is real. Global warming, tropical rainforest deforestation, oil spils and many other enviormental disturbances are direct consequences of human activity. We have an obligation to use what God has given us responsibly and respectfully. God has filled our world with an abundance of specialized habitats and species, both plant and animal that are paramount to finding new and amazing ways to improve our lives. Cures to existing diseases , new forms of energy etc. We need to protect what is left of any and all unique and prestine enviornments and see the true value in them. I am confident that we as servants of God will do what is just, and do what we can to be enviornmentaly conscience as we are of all things.

john December 5, 2007 04:20:13
In the 1970s it was global cooling that was the big issue now its global warming I think this is just another way the socialists in congress want to gain more control over our lives. It seems the only story we have heard is mr. gores why can't we hear the other side of the story? it seems those scientists have been not been able to give their side.

Larry December 2, 2007 02:33:44
Global warming is really happening on Earth... And it's really happening on Mars. It's cyclical, and it's primarily driven by solar cycles. The Weather Channel founder recently said the man-made global warming "science" is a scam. He's not the first climatologist to call it what it is.

I'm all for finding alternative sources of energy, and keeping pollution to a minimum, but not because of the global warming scare. There are plenty of valid reasons for doing so without creating a fictitious crisis. I also concur with another poster who said Congress needs to prove they can fix "simpler" problems, instead of trying to control the temperature of the Earth.

C'mon, let's spend our time, effort and money on real, solvable problems.

Theresa November 29, 2007 17:15:22
The earth does go through natural cycles of warming and cooling (as Bob and Clint say). However, the human-induced change in the composition of the atmosphere (increased CO2) is beyond what is seen in the recorded history of the earth (paleoclimatic record extending 650,000 yrs). The human race is not being a good steward of this amazing planet God created and certainly not treating the planet with respect (and I'm certain not part of God's plan for Earth).

When it comes to forces legislation, I am torn. I do not like "the government" dictating my life, especially because their "solution" or approaches are largely ineffective. But will we collectively do what is good for the planet without political "motivation"?

Bob November 24, 2007 16:49:56
The warming of the earth is a natural thing. Sure we may be speeding it up but I think they are making it worse than it is. And what's with these carbon vouchers? Sounds like a load of you know what to me.

Kevin November 23, 2007 05:02:10
I think Global Warming is real and is happening now. How we are affecting this process, I am not sure. We know the earth has always gone through cycles of change....and apparently that is part of God's plan. Should we panic? No. Leave it up to God. Should we be responsible and take care of the earth ....(recycle, etc)...yes. As Catholics, we need to take responsibility ....take care of each other and the earth.

Clint November 21, 2007 13:34:35
Here is the way I see it. We know that the earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling. We do not know for certain that man is causing the current warming trend. And please don't tell me anything about scientific consensus. Since when is a bunch of people saying "Because I said so" considered science? So, trying to keep the earth from warming when it should be warming would be going against God's will. Let's keep the earth clean. Let's look for a cleaner source of fuel not because it is the political "it" thing of the month, but because it is the responsible thing for Christians to do.

Brett November 20, 2007 19:59:40
I am saddened that so many Catholics seem to reject the science of global warming. I am not sure what they think the vast majority of the world's scientists have to gain by pulling off such a huge scam. As far as I can tell, our treatment of the world God has given us is an integral part of a gospel of life. We don't need to pretend that because the right-wing has the abortion question right that conservative politicians are necessarily in line with our Catholic faith on other issues. Catholicism teaches respect for creation. When lack of attention to this important question can lead to the suffering and death of millions of human persons we need to take the same kind of stand we take on other life issues.

Steve November 14, 2007 16:53:32
Before they tackle global warming, I'd like to see congress accomplish something more mundane like balancing the budget or social security's finances. I don't believe anything significant can be done to slow global warming and the entire issue is a political fraud against industry.

Erik November 12, 2007 14:28:42
How unfortunate it is that global warming has turned out to be a political issue. Regardless if you believe global warming is real or not, it doesn't take a genius to see we are destroying the planet with polution all in the name of capitalism and greed. Do you think God wants us to destroy his creation by spreading toxic fumes into the air and polluting the water?

Don November 12, 2007 08:54:56
GW is an issue made up to further the ajenda/fortunes of the promoters of same. Congress should not deal with it at all. They should get back to running this country the way the Founders wanted it done as laid out in the Constitution.

bobby November 7, 2007 21:37:42
I would like the Congress to embrace, and promote developing countries' ability to use conventional energy sources such as oil and gas. They should avoid imposing CO2 emission restraints in international development. At this point, it cannot be said that man made CO2 causes global warming. Until then, let the poor develop a standard of living commensurate with ours. Godspeed

Ben November 7, 2007 18:08:44
Nothing! The cult of global warming is a farce. The planet has always gone thru cycles and always will, without man's help. This legislation is just another excuse to shackle the planet and it's people with more oppressing laws!

Del November 7, 2007 13:39:06
I know many people are confused because there exist scientist who do not believe global warming exists, but I should warn you there are also scientist who refuse to believe that the world is round. These scientists have a club called the flat earth society. So if you want to be blind then don't believe it, but don't be surprised when you are proven wrong just like those who thought the earth was flat were proved wrong. I think that the environment is important and should be addressed on every level including global warming.

DA November 6, 2007 06:41:53
It seems that a few here have bought into the "man made gobal warming" hype. Even though this is just a theory and there are scientists who disagree it is being promoted as actual fact. In the 1960's and 70's Paul Erlich and other so called scientists scared everyone with their ideas of population control and the coming "ice age" caused by carbon dioxide. Millions of people would die from starvation in the US and the world. Many scientists agreed the earth was cooling and plant life would die because the sun would not penetrate this carbon dioxide shield. Now in a few short years we have gone to the other extreme of "global warming". This time however there are big profits to be made by the U.N., politicians and scientists.

Yes we all should be good stewards of the earth, by recycling, not to be wasteful and greedy. How many cars, big houses, T.V's,computers, I-Pods, games do we need to be happy? Shouldn't God come first in our lives? I think Congress should concentrate on important issues like abolishing abortion, euthanasia and destruction of the embryo, passing legislation to define marriage between one man and one woman and not being wasteful of the U.S. citizens money and most important-a return to God for the U.S.A.

David November 3, 2007 18:35:10
I would like to see a policy that includes more solar, wind and water power as well as Nuclear power. In addition I would like to see the CAFE standards increased for miles per gallon, cars at least 40mpg, trucks/suvs 30mpg and big rigs 20mpg. Greater research into Hydrogen fuel cells and tax credits for homes and small business that use solar power.

dave November 3, 2007 18:16:18
I'd like to see legislation that punishes Al Gore for creating an industry out of man-made global warming. Something that would explain his alarmist views as a bunch of hocus pocus.

Kory November 2, 2007 06:50:17
A policy that focuses on wind and solar as viable alternatives to so called "clean coal." Biomass is a band aid at best. We also need to recognize the damage that mass agriculture, particularly animal based is doing. We are called to be stewards of creation, its time we answered that call.

roger November 1, 2007 19:45:55
What was the cause of "global warming" at the time the ice age warmed up? CO2 from dinosaur flatulence of course... (sarc.)

Romano November 1, 2007 10:36:25
The global warming hysteria is quickly becoming the world's most popular religion for those without real faith. It is filling an ugly void for those without a loving appreciation of God and the natural, and sometimes turbulent, system He has put in place.

Mary November 1, 2007 10:22:20
What was the cause of "global warming" at the time the ice age warmed up?

nikos November 1, 2007 08:05:38
what is hapens with are blue planet is pretty bad. this affects us all. unfortunatelly we are to blind to see how close the end is. we do not care of anything, we don't care of our selves, we don't care of our children, we just don't care... this is sad... really sad. we may live the last days of our lives. how sad this is... we destroyed everything and we keep doing that. i ask my self for how long God will accept our behaviour, for how long will walk on this planet, a planet that offered us all. i hope will be able to save EARTH from destruction. Without Earth the univers will be empty, we cannot let that haepen. if we don't do this for ourselves we should do it for our future children.
LET'S SAVE OUR PLANET our precious gift.

Kramo November 1, 2007 00:24:04
This is just a power grab by elitists' to take more of our money. How did the ice during the Ice-Age melt?. I don't think there were any factories back then.

D October 29, 2007 08:35:51
Ha, this sort of lunacy is the very I denounced Catholicism, of course it's real, there is not one scientific fact to prove it isn't, even George Bush openly accepts it. To say it's not real is ingorance at it's worst.

Look at the facts they don't lie. They're based on long studies. They cannot be rubished, now show be the proof against it? God said so 2000 years ago did he??

Pauline October 25, 2007 17:52:55
Global warming is a joke. I grew up in the 40's and have experienced many seasoanl changes. Pray to God and most of all, keep your head on straight and don't fall for Al Gore's muck.

jackson October 24, 2007 13:06:59
I believe we should pass many bills involving the warming of the earth, known as global warming, and the abusive escapades that we have endowed upon our our planet. Whether or not man's subversive actions in the misuse and disrespectful disregard of our planet is the cause of this event that sits at our doorsteps. We should, as members of our magnificent world, be partakers in preventig any more pollution of earth and its universe; the destruction of many species of creatures that roam this planet in any way, shape, or form; where all have an equal fate,but different outcomes. We must not reiterate ourselves in debating "if this is global warming and whether it is serious enough to take action." This imperative issue must be dealt with immediately before we decide to condone this matter again. The world is speaking to us, through the conflagrations of Southern California, the extinction of a dolphin species within China, hurricanes in the East Atlantic, and tsunamis of the islands in southeast Asia, December 26, 2006. The eradication of the earth is at hand and those who answer your questions equivocally will all realize that they should not have withheld the truth; they will wonder if something could have been different, if our world would have been saved , if we had done something better for ourselves and our world. The place is dying can't you see? We will enervate the world and deprive it of its natural resources, and our children(if we last long enough, or adapt to a survivable state?) will have only the reminiscent ofour great soceity and how it fell from its steeple of imperious rule over the earth. The relevancy of our desire for oil will be no more for we will have there won't be anybody or anything left. Stop the ignorance, save the world

Perry October 24, 2007 05:57:39
Why can't we find a candidate that cares about all human life? One that supports the environment and is pro-life? One would think that these ideas are one and the same.

Catherine October 23, 2007 10:21:14
I do not believe in global warming as our greedy government professes it. It will be used as a ruse to TAX THE BRAINS out of the American public. There is NO WAY to stop the earth's proces, and we the people DID NOT CAUSE the change. God has more to do with this event than the world is willing to believe.

Tim October 22, 2007 16:28:57
Global Warming HAH, HAH, HAH it is all a scam du. I mean if you are a practicing catholic then you should know to love life and to waste time worry about global warming. I mean come on now if their was such a thing then what's the point of the war because according to congress we are going to die from global warming why kill ourselves in war, I mean this is just ridiculous.

Hugh October 22, 2007 09:04:42
The effort will only hurt the poor and those who do not have a voice. Global warming is a natural phenonmenon that has occurred numberous times. The assumptions and radical scare tactics are economically driven by Gore and his likes who aim to profit from the panic.

We do have a responsibility to protect the planet, but the avenues pursued by this legislation and other punitive "solutions" are not the answer.

Mary October 19, 2007 01:13:07
Global Warming needs another spokesperson. Al Gore makes me turn away from Global Warming ,if it is a problem. He is unbelievable.

Stíofán October 18, 2007 18:12:53
You know, some of you are quite wrapped up in your religion to wake up and see the Truth before you. Quit pretending that God will make good just because He is God. God also gave us choices, choices to kill our selves and others, choices to create technology or not to create it. He gave us a brain and eyes, use them. Don't sit there idlelessly and say everything is going to be all right. For the very reason He gave us free will, we can destroy the creation He has given us. That will be our punishment. So, if you have true faith, stop pretending to ignore the realities around you. Stop listening to the Republican party and think for yourself. Ultimately, I think many of you look at your faith through lens of politics and not the other way around. We must all stop that and form our ideas and ideology on science and faith instead. I know once you have, you will neither be a Republican or a Democrat, but someone with respect for God's creation. A respect for: the environment, human life from birth to imprisonment to natural death, family, and the social justice of humanity. These are the tenants of Catholicism, which together equate to love. These MUST be our policies as Catholics, not the policies of the national parties.

JC October 17, 2007 20:04:47
Global warming is a bunch of baloney. No man, group or country can destroy the planet. Only God can. It's that simple.

Jozef October 17, 2007 15:37:55
Global Warming is helping satan to lose the battle.

Frank October 16, 2007 19:00:35
Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing. It's one of the biggest hoaxes ever pulled off. Think about it folks, Fifteen or twenty years ago the same people who are ranting about global warming were sounding off about Global cooling and the coming of the next ice age.

God made a most wonderful, living, breathing place for us to live. It is infinitly beautiful if you will just stop and really look for it. Man has done his best to mess it up but we will not destroy anything that God has created unless it be his will.

The politicians and hypocrites in Washington and all across the world that are beating this issue to death need to take a good look in the mirror and their hearts. They are the same bunch that wants to remove the words " One Nation under God." from our Pledge of Allegiance.

The same people who are trying to remove God from everything. Apparently from their lives as well.

I do not for one moment belive that our God is an idle God . He has his hands in everything we do. Don't believe the hype about global warming. Trust me I live in an area that is more than two feet behind on rain fall and extreme heat this year. It is all his will. He will take care of me and you and everyone else. He's just that awesome. Keep smiling the angels are watching :-)

Mike October 16, 2007 07:56:45
I don't believe in the Global warming theory as it is advertised. The world is always changing, good thing too, or we would still be in the last ice age. Of course nature should not be abused but the enviromental movement is turning into a pagan religion. We need a little common sense here. The world is always changing, we have to adapt to the changing of the world. We can do that, but we can't change the weather.

Stíofán October 11, 2007 09:14:55
Climate change is something that my generation must deal with because the previous ones believed that resources were endless and did not value God's creation as it should have. Instead, consumerism and exploitation was sought. We must do all we can to reduce our ecological footprint and change our way of life. Climate change is not the only reason we should care, we must protect clean water, the air we breathe, and stop destruction of ecological systems if we are to produce generations beyond us. At the rate of extraction and exploitation by our economy alone, this world will be empty of resources in no time. That is NOT a theory.


D.S. October 11, 2007 04:59:50
The forces of nature grow worse, year by year. As man starts to defy nature more and more, nature will have reprocussions on it inhabiants. Hurricane Katrina is one example, as we start to kill the Earth more, the Earth will start to hit back harder and harder; choose wisely what you do to this plantet. God left it in are hands to take care of it, and so far we are screwing it up. Farewell.

kwf October 8, 2007 09:59:04
As stewards of creation we are called upon to protect the Lord's handiwork. Thus, we must rise to the challenge to defeat the ills of the earth, one of which is global warming, in accordance with Gospel values.

karl October 8, 2007 09:17:05
"Global Warming is a one sided view on this issue and there is no room for views that disapprove the theory." - Kind of like the theory of god? Stop being a hypocrite.

jasper October 5, 2007 01:37:05
Its getting worst!

dan October 1, 2007 05:38:18
I think the current global warming scare has some truths to it, and is a very real thing, but ultimatley it has been over exagerated and it is a politically motivated scam. I think it is our responsibility as christians to be good stewards of this earth God has given us.

Janet September 25, 2007 09:13:16
Global Warming or climate change is a scam to introduce socialist global goevernment. The Climate is always changing. Greenland was green for a few hundred years; wild grapes grew in New Foundland;the Romans cultivated grapes in England. I cannot believe that the Pope who I respected has bought into this nonsense.

Temperatures have been declining in the Southern Hemisphere for the past 30 tears. The Antaric ice cap has never been so extensive. it snowed in Buenos Aires for the first time in 90 years.

The Catholic Church is becoming more and more leftwing and politically correct. Here in Brazil CELAM preaches Communism. I am beginning to think I will have to find another Church!

Deanna September 23, 2007 10:57:43
I would like to see some kind of tax break or incentive for people who ride their bike or use public transportation. I think that it could save us all money in transportation costs and health care costs. If you move more you are more healthy.

Joellen September 22, 2007 11:39:27
I truly believe it is another way for the democrat party to use global warming as an excuse to raise taxes and promote government control socialism.

We, as intelligent beings, know when we are causing harm and in most cases, could do our own to correct the situation. But of course the democrats use this to exploit and profit for their own benefits. I wish people would spend as much time as they do on this on the MOST HORRIFIC ACT OF ABORTION AND NOW THE EVER INCREASING INTENT ON CLONING AND DESTROYING OF THE PRECIOUS EMBRYO!

Bud September 18, 2007 19:20:18
I would like to see that the US Congress believes that the Globe was Created by God, Who has infinite Intelligence.

Joyce September 18, 2007 12:34:14
Global Warming is a one sided view on this issue and there is no room for views that disapprove the theory. How egotistical can we be to think that in this universe that GOD created, that we human beings could destroy what he has taken time to create. Shame on us.

Akinmoye September 18, 2007 07:40:43
Its very bad.

JIll September 13, 2007 16:49:11
I think polititians and the government do more harm to this world than we regular humans could ever be responsible for. There are too many fingers in the money pot on this one to truly figure out what is causing global warming if anything. I think this is a political fad that will burn out before the earth does.

Susan September 13, 2007 08:42:16
Ummm, without that earth you claim is being worshipped, there won't be "innocent" human beings to defend!!! To suggest that we as humans have little or no effect on the environment around us is absurd!

jmaria September 13, 2007 07:13:55
It is killing many and destroying many families. We pray God help us...

Rob September 13, 2007 01:22:10
Changes in our climate are a fact. Anyone why says it is not so is lying, or not paying attention. The read question here is not if, but why. I think that there is more going on than simply humans doing what we are doing. But being that our science is limited, as well as out life-span and recorded history, its hard to factor in other courses at this time. LIberal or not, Gore raised some good points, reguardless of what her personally does. (and he does do his share to ease what he sees as the problem the best was that he can). But this is not about Gore, or anyone else. Its about our responsibility to the Earth that God gave to us. I find it sickening how a Catholic of all people can just make excuses for keeping up a lifestyle that is going to hurt a lot of people. Thats just flat our selfish if not sinful. People, and that inclused Catholics in the US are nothing but spoiled brats. They want what they way, when they want it, or they will stomp their feet, stick their bottom lips out, and pout. Life does not center around people in the US and what they want. There are others to factor in. But, I suppose that it centers all around money in the end. Just the Bible says, money is the root of all evil.

Deborah September 9, 2007 13:31:37
"Man made" global warming is only a theory. There are scientists who disagree but to listen to the media and the liberals like Al Gore, anyone who disagrees is a nut or ignorant or both. I think we all have an obligation to recycle, be energy saving and not to pollute as much as possible. I do not believe hypocrites like Al Gore or Hollywood who continue to use more energy than any average American and then preach how we are to live. "Carbon off-sets" are ridiculous. You can use as much energy as you want as long as you plant a tree? I believe that the earth does infact go through cycles of heating and cooling but it has more to do with the sun than anything else. Other planets also have become hotter. These global warming alarmists also think we need abortion to control population because people are the "aids" of the earth! Seems like they are more concerned with worshipping the earth than defending innocent human beings.

Monty September 7, 2007 20:56:15
Nothing! We can't even predict the weather so why should I believe all the hype. This could be natures course.

Justina September 7, 2007 11:51:37
How quickly we forget that in the 1970s scientists were afraid that the world was slowly cooling...amazing that in a mere 20 years they changed their minds!

Audrey September 6, 2007 20:18:23
First off, we are in serious trouble. I know that a lot of people tend to dismiss Global Warming as part of some liberal agenda, but seriously guys, we need to start paying attention.

Sure, God is in control. But he also gave us Free Will. The will to choose to act, or as we're doing now, not act. This is a time for action. We're destroying the gift God gave us---the environment.

It's excess that's the real problem here. We're denying there's a problem so we can continue on this world wide shopping spree.

We need to start thinking about humanity as a whole---yes, everyone, Christians and non-Christians alike.

We can't keep turning to fossil fuels as out energy source; there's only 100 years worth left, at the most.

We need to decrease the world's human population. I don't know how, and really, there is no right answer. If we keep increasing as we do though, in as little as 20 years over 1 BILLION people will live in deep poverty. Only a fixed amount of biota can live on this planet at a time. Do we want only humans, or the beautiful gift of diversity god gave us?

These are just a few of my ideas. I know this is a touchy subject for a lot of people, but we need to stop surrounding ourselves with opinions and face the facts. Yeah, I know a lot of people don't like the "liberal-ness" of this issue. But this shouldn't turn us away.

I'm a devote Catholic just like the rest of you, but I'm also an environmental scientist. Trust me, the scientific data is Scary.

This is a problem we can fix, together, one Church, one humanity.

Warren September 6, 2007 18:39:27
Global warming is the religion of the left. I would like to see real science. Most scientists don't agree, but are not allowed to contribute. 15 years ago the same crowd worried about global cooling.

Sean September 6, 2007 10:20:35
I would like to see speed limits reduced backdown to 55 or 60 mph.

jason September 6, 2007 04:48:00
Everyone has taken this issue way out of wack- it is all a hoax in order for our government to have more control of our lives - and to take more of my hard earned money through taxes.

Janet September 5, 2007 16:26:14
Has anyone drawn the parallel that 'global warming as man's doing can be juxtaposed with the condition of his soul in the decay of morality? Mix that with the expression that 'hell has been turned up a few degrees,' the problems are world wide and the conclusion? We are going to truly have hell on earth and we have done it to ourselves.

realist September 5, 2007 12:32:26

Catherine September 5, 2007 07:55:50
There is nothing we can do to stop global warming because it is a natural trend that this planet has been going through since it's exsistance. Humans DID NOT start this process. It would be a waste of money to invest millions to try to stop an earthly cycle that we have NO control over. We can however try to live in harmony with nature using common sense in our daily lives. It doesn't take millions of our tax dollars to do this! Al Gore is spewing hype! Enviromentalism has become another religion that to the likes of Al Gore, and it will be a way for the government to try to control the people. Just maybe....God is allowing these earthly changes to get our attention! Does humanity actually think it can influence the earth to stop it's natural process? Are we actually THAT ARROGANT? MAYBE GOD IS IN CONTROL.

Trevor September 4, 2007 16:14:03
It seems people are twisting this into a political issue. Primarily, people here are generally right-wing politically. So when Al Gore (a Democrat, left wing) speaks of something, they ignore the issue that he's trying to warn about, and rather want to smear him to wash away all his other political ambitions. Forget about all his other ideas. This idea is about saving humanity from a risk that, so far, has strong evidence to suggest that we may be the cause of. And yet, if Pope Benedict would have said that God came to him and told him that global warming was real, many people here would change their tune, merely because it came from a different person. Look at the issue - not the political party or man behind it.

Patty September 3, 2007 15:48:07
I am a Catholic, daughter, sister, friend, and environmental engineer/Chemist. There is evidence that since the industrial revolution the earths climate has been directly related to the amount of pollution that we all emit through our activity. God gave us the capability to understand science and gaves us the responsibility to be stewards. Climate Change is real and we are affecting it.

Tim September 2, 2007 20:44:44
If this was the start of the ice age the media would be blaming our society for that too.

Loretta September 2, 2007 18:37:54
I do not believe there is any global warming. It is the media who is sending this message. God is in control and we are not in danger. We are in danger of losing many souls who do not believe in God. That is what we need to focus on!

Todd August 31, 2007 16:19:07
Global warming is a media generated hysteria that has now been adopted by the government to keep us sheep in a frenzy so we don't notice the massive encroachments on our freedoms. The more people who are indebted to the government, the longer it can continue to abuse our constitution. The new segment of people who are now nursing at the public expense are the scientists who are filing for grants to disprove, or as the government and media would prefer prove that global warming is human generated. I think pride comes before a fall.

Bob August 31, 2007 15:57:40
Earth is not the only planet that experiences global warming and cooling. Recently, scientists studying Neptune found that it is also now experiencing global warming. Human pride is leading many to believe that we are so important that we can cause or stop global warming.

Dale August 30, 2007 18:42:49
The day we belive that we can control what GOD has created we have lost. But... then look around to what's going on in our world, we have lost and I for one am packed and ready to go home!

Judith August 29, 2007 22:14:17
I think we need to stop playing God and let God be God. We can not begin nor stop global warming. We can take care not to waste things, throw trash out the windows, respect life of all kinds especially the unborn, look at the creation that God has given us as a gift not right. But I do not believe we can cause or stop global warming.

Derek August 27, 2007 19:19:45
An acknowledgment of the 18,000 children that die worldwide daily from hunger, a situation that could be remedied by industrialization in the third world were the world's policies not so restrictive of it.

Denise August 27, 2007 08:00:35
We have become so egotistical in our modern day society. Thinking we have the power to control the earths tempature is amazing to me. While it is true we have been dominion over the earth and we must be good stewards of it, we can not and do not have the godly powers to control such an important aspects as the warming and/or cooling of the planets. God is still God. God is still in full control and while eating the fruit in the garden of Eden may have given man a knowledge of good and evil -- it certainly did not make humanity god.

Jim August 23, 2007 03:53:13
The earth warms up, the earth cools down. This has been the pattern ever since God created the world. The Socialist/Communists have been looking for a cause to scare the population with, in order to control them and our wealth, since the Soviet Union fell to those horrid capitalists. Not being able to handle the idea that man should truly be free, they jumped head first into the environmental and animal rights movements. Now they have beat the drum long enough, that humanity, not being part of nature, is bad, and is ruining the world for all of God's true creatures. The movement has grown some legs. My hope is that they will over play their hand to show their true side, like the illegal aliens did with their huge rallies last spring, demanding rights not guaranteed them, and turn the public away from this false god of global warming.

Stewart August 22, 2007 13:57:57
In short the earth is warming up, the further north you travel the more you will see its effects. It doesn't take science to realize that all the ice that was once in the arctic is no longer there. The cause is debatable, but we certainly aren't totally innocent. Regardless even if we aren't responsible for this, we are still called by God to take care of his creation, and that includes doing what we can to lessen the burden of commercialism on the planet.

Steve August 22, 2007 08:57:59
David, I am taking your post and substituting a few words. Tell me what you think of this. David - May 21, 2007 16:03:56 Religion is a global scam to get humans to give money for certain agencies that promote their agendas and provides jobs for people who are in on this religious scam. Religion has always run of cycles. We may be in an age where the organized religion is dying and this so called theory of Armageddon is probably not preventable.

Timothy August 21, 2007 12:49:37
NOTHING... Global Warming is nothing but a hoax. There is not one single page of "proof" pointing to a human cause to something as vast as global warming. The weather patterns of this planet run in cycles. The gas/polution from one volcanic eruption will and has caused more "harm" to the planet than the entire industrial revolution to presnt. It is a money making/scare the people to gain control scam, nothing more.

Kenneth August 20, 2007 08:50:44
Nothing! I would like to see the legislation killed. Global warming is a money-making sham! Only 5% of meteorologists accept it. Why are we again allowing such a small group to direct our lives and spend our tax dollars?!

Larry August 19, 2007 06:40:44
Whatever happened to global cooling? Thirty years ago THAT was the rallying cry. We're seeing the Earth go through one of her many cycles and we are contributing little to it and even with the draconian measures some would like to place on us we could do little to effect it.

Darlene August 18, 2007 17:20:36
Well, first of all I don't beleive in left wing or right wing. I think they should do away with this crap. Far as global warming, I think Gore should not get an award, he is not a scientist. If he can't comply with being energy effient then he is a big hypocrite, lives like a king, ain't never giving up his private jet. He turns my stomach so does Hillery. You didn't ask me about this part but I am so disgusted with the senate the goverment. When are they all just going to work together. Newt is the only sensible person here. No one listens to someone who is right.

James August 16, 2007 19:02:24
There is know reason to believe that human activity has anything to do with global warming. This "warming" -- less than a degree in the last century -- is insignificant. Sunspot cycles explain it better.

Frank August 14, 2007 13:20:52
Umm... I think the science can not be conclusive. Its so minute in the greater scope of thye history of this world. It's all a theory. Therefore theories must continue to be studied. We must never make "theory" gospel in terms of the reverence some show toward it. This is just an opinion... So whatever you'd say, don't quote me in being fact.

Lazi August 9, 2007 07:06:37
People need to stop talking so much and start doing something. We live in a society that everything is disposable. Telling society to conserve and stop polluting the environment because of future consequences wont do. People now and days live in the here and now. What affects them now is what is on their minds. Being global friendly is not too convinient for most people. This is sad but true. Some would prefer to throw out their plastics than to rinse them out and recycle. I think to attack this problem we need to impose penalties on those who are not environmentally friendly. And give incentives to those who are. Believe me if it starts hurting peoples pockets, things will change. But you need global friendly alternatives that are affordable. It seems to cost more money to build a global friendly home? How SAD is that. How many congress members have global friendly homes and life practices, but they sit there and preach about global warming.

Steve August 8, 2007 08:45:30
Being that global warming is also occuring on Mars and the fact the the sun has been getting hotter suggests that there is little we can do to stop this. The current incarnation of the democratic party is flying this banner for the uninformed masses. Unfortunatly there is less science than truth, and more sensational hot air behind it all.

Katherine August 7, 2007 14:02:27
Global warming has been way overstated. Contary to what Al Gore has said there is still debate over what is causing global warming.

Lo August 7, 2007 14:00:19
Scientific observations have shown a steady rise in CO2 levels. In fact the CO2 levels at present are higher than any of the CO2 cycles within the past. CO2 may not be the cause of earth's warming, but the CO2 cycles have abandoned the normal cycle. The breaking of environmental cycles only hint at the kind of global irregularities that will be experienced. We can change some aspects of our lives now, or we can let people experience consequences that exceed the cycles of world's past ages.

Dan August 6, 2007 19:25:07
Oh, yeah....carbon credits anyone?

Dan August 6, 2007 19:23:45
Religious creeds begin with the words, "I believe..". Science states facts. Be very careful when you hear someone talking about science and beginning their statements with the words "I believe".

I think that with the global warming epidemic there are two issues - first is it happening, and second what is the cause. The first is easily proved or disproved by science. The cause however is truly an unknown. In fact, the culprit most often blamed for global warming, CO2, in fact has very little influence on the greenhouse effect when compared to water vapor. Do your homework and you'll see that the climatologists who study these things are not blaming CO2. Most studies show an increase in temperatures overall, but I have not read of anyone out of the political arena who has studies showing that humans are causing it. In fact, many studies show that cyclical variations in temperatures are to be expected and this is not out of the ordinary. Do any of you people remember studying ice ages and mass extinctions? Do you really think human activity had anything to do with it?

I think that when the smoke clears on the global warming scare we will see this for what it is - a political movement on a global scale.

Lisa August 5, 2007 19:50:38
Scientists are not absolutely right about one is, but it is irrational to discount REAMS of well thought through and researched evidence that is agreed upon by thousands of people of all faiths, creeds, and cultures that say it has been proven that we are in a pivotal time of global climate change. Just because you don't want to take the time to read the proof and THINK about it doesn't mean it's wise to discount it out of hand. These diverse people have no political motive and are from all over the world! Cynicism and denial are foolish.

David August 5, 2007 13:44:09
I think the Pope in his divinely inspired statement to assist in kicking off the Live Earth event, said that global warming is a REAL issue and our choices; personal, politcial, etc are ultimately a reflection of how we respond to God's call (I paraphrase). In short the Vatican sees it as a concern and we MUST respond by defending God's creation and being good stewards of it. To deny Global Warming's exsistence is pushing us inn back to the days whence the notion the Earth was flat was accepted. This is not a liberal or conservative issue, really, but the conservatives admitting to its reality means having to use their hearts, minds and God's words to make a MORAL decision.

Magdalene August 2, 2007 02:17:05
I believe global warming is real. Not enough historical information? Will by the time we gathered enough, it would be too late? Not enough evidence? Oh my God. Look around and watch the news. There are evidences all around! The climate is going out of her way! Perhaphs it is also true, we can't control or do anything. However, it probably won't hurt if we keep in mind the pointers and just try to keep the green house gases low. Just think for the children of our future. The only hope we've got lies in our prayers.

Greg August 1, 2007 16:00:57
Hi Everyone, I don't believe that we have enough historical information to determine if this is a real problem or if it's just a natural cycle that the earth is going through. Recall that at one time the earth was covered by ice - maybe we're still in that meltdown phase. I believe that God gave us the ability to look at our world and react in a rational way. When the time is right, we will discover the true cause of what is happening. As noted by many, this tends to be a political football that is thrown in which ever way someone needs to score points. We need to respect this beautiful earth that God has given us. As such, anything we can do to improve the way we treat it is worthwhile. We just need to make these changes in the way He intended us to make them. In my opinion, that is working with facts and prayer, and not by reacting to whatever the 'hot' political topic is.

Mary August 1, 2007 15:35:42

Lauralee August 1, 2007 14:37:10
Nothing, I do not see enough evidence that global warming is or will occur. Humans have always throught they were so important as to be able to control the earth. Just step back and see an earthquake, a volcano, or any form of nature and tell me you can predict or control, no way!

Cathy July 31, 2007 20:01:06
Global warming is a sci-fi version of the Emperor's New Clothes. It is another attempt by the population control minded people to prevent human life and to make money on environmental businesses. Meanwhile the real environmental problem is the poisoning of people and our environment by birth control drugs. Politians who scare the public with unproven, untrue global warming theories don't really care about us. They really have an agenda to eliminate us and make money while they're at it. The gullible public are selling themselves down the river to the global warming environmentalists, politians, and the drug companies that manufacture human pesticides, ie., birth control chemicals and gadgets. My advice is to "be fruitful and multiply." Don't believe these arrogant, selfish, greedy people. Trust in God. He knows what is best for you. After all, He created you.

Vance July 31, 2007 17:23:24
I agree with Mary. The BBC aired a show on this subject. I found a link to this video: it also contains links to the next parts.

Gabriel July 31, 2007 08:20:45
I believe that the theory of global warming is a hoax. The laws pf thermodynamics state that everything gets worse not better. So would not it make more sense for the Earth to be cooling off?

Paul July 31, 2007 06:01:59
The US should not only sign the Kyoto Protocol but be seen to be championing its implementation in a renewed global cooperation to improve our environment for the better.

Mary July 29, 2007 12:47:35
I think it's a bunch of bunk being used for political means by the Liberals. Even though there are scientist that refute this - the Libs still insist it is true - and this is one area where I disagree with any politian on, be they of any party - even mine!!!!

patrick July 28, 2007 11:08:08
I feel that anywhere in the ionsphere. There are always spasmodic emissions that cause nuances inline transmission. Therefore as I said to some, pray before you bray. The concept is enveloped in the greenhouse effect.

Gilbert July 28, 2007 01:20:26
Thirty minutes ago I was watching Al Gore on Oprah! What a joke the all thing was!! How much did he get for flashing freely those five items (light bulbs & filters etc) for us to buy to start saving the planet? It's, once again, all about politics & money. That’s all! Nothing genuine here! Do we really think that we (little human being) can possibly affect the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere significantly enough to cause Global warming? Give me a break! One big thunderstorm or one little volcano erupts... here goes a few thousand tons of Co2... Who Al Gore & his scientists think they are kidding? Who will believe this rubbish…? Then again, Millions of people in the world today think that G W Bush is crazy...I think he nailed it right on the dot...World Islamization, Muslim radicalism and terrorism MUST BE STOPPED NOW before it is too late...The pseudo Global Warming and everything else for that matter are low priority, and can wait; let God take care of that. The Planet is His NOT ours; we are only tenants and He is an excellent Landlord! Don’t we worry; He sure will take care of his planet. Bush is so RIGHT, he has a difficult task and needs our prayers... not our constant critics! And I am not even American... Only a good man and a decent human being!

M.M. July 26, 2007 17:59:28
Beware! Since Global Warming is spun as a "Global" problem, the UN would willingly take control of the situation (contrary to the catholic principle of subsidiarity). We ought not share or give the UN any power or control.

andrzej July 26, 2007 13:01:24
It is NOT REAL!!! because if the world was warming up then of course the ice burgs would thus cool the oceans and cooling the world. Second is if Al Gore is such an environmentalist then why does he drive an suv have a private jet and next time ask him when was the last time he recyled something . The scientist have found that every 20 thousand year there is an ice age so it is a cycle but the ice age was more important so not much time was spent on heat so what says there cant be a heat age and do we really want to interfear with mother earth.

john July 26, 2007 12:45:56
First lets admit that there is considerable doubt about the so called disastorous effect that the fiction movie by Al Gore (internet inventor) portrays. The nature of your question is a dead giveaway of your bias many scientists and intelligent people doubt the severity of the so called global warming people.

Christine July 26, 2007 03:46:06
I would like to see more awareness increased via public education as to ways that people can reduce their personal evironmental footprint themselves. I would also like to see recycled water in toilet flushing. Mostly, to do with global warming, I would like to see increased awareness and more care directed at the environment from people of all ages. We have to work to clean up this earth of ours for both our future and the life of future generations. God wants a happy planet full of happy people. Lets not throw away what he has given us and lets look after what we have left. It is not too late.

Ed July 25, 2007 09:31:16
The issue of ACTUAL global warming needs to be taken from the hands of self-serving politicians and be placed in the hands of qualified experts. Let the experts separate the facts from everyone's personal agenda. Give the politicians scientific facts to work with , rather than Hollywood types and "has-been" politicians with their 'chicken Little' agenda. Lets face it.... in the end...SCIENCE ALWAYS WINS!!!

Letti July 24, 2007 11:52:13
Serious restrictions on fossil fuel emissions and pollutants pouring into the air from manufactories must be enforced. Auto makers and industrial plants must move forward quickly on solving these problems or know they will face dire consequences. You don’t believe in global warming? Well, how about natural resource preservation, holes in the ozone layer, and polluted waterways? Wake up congress, this is our country and we must protect it and it’s your job to help. Please do your job.

Nita July 20, 2007 17:42:13
Wake up people! Global warming is real. Ice is melting, oceans are rising and land is being covered by water. We humans were given the earth to live on, we must take care of it. Denial will not help the situation. Fuel emissions from cars, and industrial plants that release toxic chemicals in to the air are some of the reasons for global warming. Lets set some guidelines so our grandchildren will have a place to live an breath.

Ruth July 20, 2007 05:56:23
Global changes! The human factor continues to dump harmful chemicals into enviorment. Time for all of us to get our green on. By Ruth of the Sunflower State.

Amy July 19, 2007 12:43:44
Global warming is a hoax. That should about sum it up. If there is climate change, it is due to weather patterns that have been in existence since the Earth was created and will be around long after we are dead. Whenever it is unusually hot, the media claims the US is the reason with SUV's and our way of life. Whenever it is unusually cool, nothing is said. I really hope Pope Benedict and the rest of the Church doesn't buy into Al Gore's phony claims.

PETER July 18, 2007 02:09:35
Jesus Christ is The living God and our Mother Mary is our Catholic Church. There is no need to think about the USA elections. Keep praying so that The MERCY OF CHRIST will show the path thru THE BLOOD AND WATER which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus.

Michael July 16, 2007 10:50:37
1. Point out that public opinion on global warming has been formed by a lot misinformation, hype, and lies. Much of the misinformation has come from hollywood, environmentalists, and the media. They are not concerned with truth, but their own selfish agendas. The public has been duped. We need to take care of our environment, but making decisions based on anything but truth is bad policy. A commission of opposing views should research global warming claims to screen for truth. 2. Put global warming in perspective. 4,500 babies a day (1.6 million per year)are aborted. Let's stop paying for abortions, and use that money for legitimate environmental issues. (win - win).

Sue July 15, 2007 11:03:32
Psalm 102: 25-27 (NKJV) Of old You laid the foundation of the earth, And the heavens are the work of Your hands. They will perish, but You will endure: Yes, they will grow old like a garment; Like a cloak You will change them, and they will be changed. But You are the same, and Your years will have no end.
How arrogant it is of humans to think they have the power to control the earth's climate ... cleaning up the environment is a way to honor what God has created, but celestial warming is occurring throughout our planetary system, through no fault of man's activities.

Bryan July 14, 2007 11:08:34
I would love it if we stopped being sheep and blindly following the "global warming herd".
We are talking about a rise in temperature of less than one degree in 100 years. If anyone can remember the 1970's, ALL the scientists were convinced that global COOLING was the problem. Now, just 35 years later, the whole world is 100% conviced that it is global warming and (of course) mankind is the culprit, primarily the United States.
Want to get an alternative (and scientific) view? One not influenced by an off the radar politician desperate for attention and the left-wing loons og the liberal left? Try this link and make up YOUR OWN mind.
Try to be open minded and don't be a blind sheep being led around by the nose.

Mike July 13, 2007 21:23:04
Utter stupidity.

Tristram July 11, 2007 19:57:21
Use nuclear power.

Paul July 10, 2007 14:21:09
I have a lot of friends who work at the research university in our town, and if there is one thing I've learned about research science it's that they take their time and are VERY careful with what they say....especially if they are publishing it. I think Catholicism is a church that wants to make sure that no matter what life thrives on Earth. I don't know what could be more important than insuring the safety of the Environment that God has given us. Without a proper can life persist?

d.yates July 10, 2007 11:04:10
It is the new home of the Communist party. How do those people think they can control the is another religion and will go away as soon as the 08 elections are over...and wait for another day.

karon July 10, 2007 10:53:33
As far as global warming being a "religious" concern, it is not. Global warming is an earth concern. If you have lived here on earth for awhile, listened to the news, paid attention to the weather and/or have remembrances of how our environment use to look like you will know the earth's atmosphere and climate is changing. You don't have to call it global warming, you can call it changes in the earth's climate or just another climate-era. Whatever you call it, just know that it is change. It's not a false God, it's not a hoax, it's not a lie. There is too much evidence to the contrary. Changing of the earth's climate began when human beings hunted certain animals to extinction messing up certain eco systems. The change has continued with trash, pollution,distruction and abuse of our earth. Climate change doesn't have to be a "scare" it doesn't have to be a concern, but, it is a fact not matter what you call it.

Theresa July 7, 2007 15:46:58
As far as global warming goes I believe that it is just another distraction to us; just like the Y2K scare. Somehow I see that some of our leaders or those who have power behind their name try to distract the American people and those around the world to take our eyes off the most important issues that are the most pressing and harmful to us at this point in time so that they do not have to take repsonsiblity for what is truly important. In the same sense I truly believe that it's very important that we take care of this planet that God gave to us by whatever means we can. If there is anything that we need to do to preserve our planet it's important that we try to come up with the alternatives to do so. Although we can do all we can. There is also things that will happen to our earth that we have no control over and it's just a part of nature. Those are the things that we must certainly use the knowledge that we have and pray about. When we change things against God's will, it is then when we are playing God. In conclusion I think that that is not to be our only focus. We also have very serious moral issues and other important issues that are in need of our attention. With the abortion rate rising,the threat against traditional marriage, stem cell research, not to mention the war, and those who are homeless, and starving around the country and the world. Our focus should be on all of these and not just to pray about them but to pray about how God wants us to do our part in our daily living out the gospel so as to follow his commandments, and his will in these particular issues. Then we will begin to ulimate that of which is destroying our planet, our bodies, families and most importantly our souls.

Luis July 6, 2007 12:58:10
Global Warming is a false religion. The "pope" of Global Warming has based his church on lies and half trues. There is no room for discussion and dissent. Global Warming is not the greatest threat to the world today. The threat we face is from the harshness of Abortion, Islamo-Facist Terror and the rise of Communism in places like Venezuela and in Russia, these things are the real Global Warming.

Tim July 6, 2007 09:13:32
Measurements of the earth's temperature are difficult and some argue the recent readings are even unclear because of uncertainty in the measurement technique. Even if we accept the temperature is increasing, there's no good scientific basis that it is from man. We must be good stewards of the environment but any action we take to address global warming must be founded in common sense and good science, not junk science and politics.

Maureen July 5, 2007 15:10:19
First of all, I would like to see THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE documentary shown in all Catholic schools and parishes so that Catholics everywhere can get another perspective on global warming and self-syled saviour of the world, Al Gore. Secondly I would like Catholics in media to remind readers that global warming and cooling has been going on for billions of years and that even if we humans did everything the Gores of this world would have us do to reduce our greenhouse gas emission the difference we would make would be 0.7 percent. God is in charge of the changes to our climate - we have to adapt while uses our resources well. There are pluses and minuses to all changes, hot and cold. Read

Raymond July 4, 2007 17:29:01
Global warming is a hoax! It is but another attempt by the population control advocates to make us accept their philosophy. Our bishops have been duped into involving the Church in an issue about which they have no knowledge.

esal July 3, 2007 18:33:28
God wants us to be stewards of the earth. We need to work harder to demand: non-gasoline powered vehicles, factories which eliminate pollution, solar/wind/clean power generation, clean water protection, etc. We must not allow political leaders to continue to argue we can't afford these changes.........WE CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO!

Patrick July 2, 2007 18:05:37
A man sat on the roof of his house during a flood and prayed to God to save him. A neighbor called out from a taller house and invited him to swim over. "No" he said, "God will save me." Later a boat came along and they invited him to come with them. "No" he said, "God will save me." As the water was up to his neck a helicopter arrived and lowered a rope. "No" he said, "God will save me." The man died – swept away in the flood. When he got to Heaven, he stormed up to God and demanded, “I was a faithful man, always did the right thing. Why did you not save me?” God answered: “I sent you your neighbour, a boat and a helicopter – what more did you want?” God does not generally fix our problems through miracles; it is very, very rare. God uses people, the human intellect or collective goodwill. If the scientists are telling us that we need to change the way we dump CO2 into the atmosphere - we need to listen to them. They’re God’s helicopter. If we do not, we are as stupid as the guy on the roof.

Glyness June 30, 2007 20:52:55
So Congress thinks it can "legislate" a change in the earth's environment, does it? And that the American people need them to tell us what to do? While they're worrying about the types of lightbulbs we buy and the cars we drive, we're depopulating ourselves right off the planet anyway. No one but us and the white Europeans care anything about this issue, and we're a dwindling minority. Congress is fiddling while Rome burns.

Ray June 30, 2007 09:45:11
Back in the seventies we we worried about global cooling. If people think our actions can control the earths environment, they should pick a bible and study. They may learn something about God's power. Put faith in your lord.

Jean June 30, 2007 07:03:15
Global warming is not due to CO2 emission.

Burtt June 29, 2007 19:40:06
Global Warming is a political ploy by the radical left. This is yet another example of save the environment, kill the unborn. Since when has human life become less important than vegetation? I do believe that the environment has been overused, but this is simply climate change. A natural cycle of the earth exasserbated by our overuse of the environment. We need to realize that climate change must be dealt with, but we cannot forget this country's greatest crisis, it's loss of its traditional values. In Jesus and Mary - Burtt S.

Monica June 29, 2007 15:17:00
Global warming is a real threat to the planet, and likweise to its inhabitants-- that's us. it's a huge problem caused by laziness and oversight--taking for granted easy resources, wealth, unimpeded access to convenience. It is not nearly the most glaring damage we have done to the inhabitants of the planet. civil rights abuses-- abortion, human trafficking, slavery of all sorts, genicide and bigotry top the list. most of those abuses have found a comfortable home here, in the United States. I strongly suspect that if we would repair those intentional abuses, God would more abundantly bless our efforts in areas of resource management, emissions reduction et al. If we insist on putting the cart before the horse-- heck-- if we insist on forgetting the horse altogether, then tougher guidelines on emissions, re-trippled research into renewable energy sources-- all that conventional wisdom should be followed. Personal conservation techniques are relatively futile, but it's nice to be less of the problem, if i can't be more of the solution.

Chris June 27, 2007 23:11:31
I think there should be educational programs in all levels of public (and private) education from kindergarten on up so children can grow up understanding global warming as a fact of living in today's world and not a fiction or rumor. Blessings, Christopher.

Max June 27, 2007 06:03:20
Global warming is a political ploy by those who have accepted it based on very little data. It is political in the sense that people in power want to increase their power by telling us what to do and how to live and what to purchase and also whcih countries are to blame - such as the U.S.A.. The earth has gone through warming and cooling cycles since its beginning without the assistance of humans. There are many scientists who disagree with humans as the reason for any above average warming of the earth, if in fact it is above average. These scientists are being kept silent in the mainstram media.

Tom June 26, 2007 10:24:02
It is a hoax. Period.

Virginia June 25, 2007 11:58:45
Think about the Earth as your home instead of a resource center. Respect the nature and environment, we are part of it, we don't own the planet. Educate the people, especially the youth. We can live a simpler life and still be happy, or even happier. Global warming is not the only issue, think about environment, the overwhelming garbage we produce everyday, the hazardous byproduct, pollution and new deceases, deforesting and animal extinction, famine, poverty and war, and too many to go on the list. All these issues are interwoven. It is no longer a 'Me Me Me' era, let's start thinking about the well being of each other.

Aaron June 24, 2007 10:43:41
We are not hurting the planet, we are hurting ourselves with the pollution we spew from furnaces around the world. No one wants to live in an age without power so what to do. Our best option with the continued need for more power is nuclear. I promote having these power plants created all around the world to supply us with cheap power that can be used to create hydrogen to power cars as well as electricity to power everything else.

Brian June 23, 2007 14:53:46
I think Global Warming is a real threat to our planet. I understand, to those that say, God made our planet and He sustains it for us. But to those I say, yes, God made our planet; however, we have been destroying it ever since. It is our duty, since this planet belongs to us, to do everything in our power to save it for the generations to come.

Sonja June 22, 2007 13:12:07
Think very large cycles, dear ones.

Patrick June 20, 2007 20:00:08
Nothing. Anything Congress tries to do will just hurt each and every one of us. Global warming is the new battleground for the communists and their newly found co-conspirators - big business with new profit centers in their sights. Global temps are controlled primarily by the Sun. End of story. Stop meddling now!

Brendan June 20, 2007 11:49:38
Global warming is likely an issue that needs to be dealt with; BUT as far as 'environment' goes, waste worries me more: I wish congress would address recycling issues first. Another one is biodiversity and its decline. I think these two issues should have greater priority but they are swept under the table in wake of the global warming hoopla.

Al June 20, 2007 07:26:43
Global warming is a colossal hoax perpetrated by miscreants who discovered that they could enrich themselves with this nonsense. Remember the global cooling hoax of 30 -35 years ago.

Julie June 19, 2007 16:31:30
Global warming is indeed a very critical issue that needs to be addressed not only by the government but by EVERYONE on this planet. Global warming is a worldwide problem and ALL governments and ALL people should be very concerned and participating on the future environment. Al Gore has taken the bull by the horns and I believe is waking the American people up from dreamland. By the same token, I feel our religious leaders have the responsibility to guide the people to realization and take responisibility. After all, God created Earth for mankind to inhabit and each one of us has free will given by God to nurture and keep the elements of the earth from destruction and ruin. The human race has quickly advanced on the exterior but have we advanced in the interior? We must be in tune with ourselves and with the world. So, by humbling ourselves and warming our hearts more each day is by far better than this global warming problem we are facing. Solar heat is becoming more common but really needs to be more affordable. Air pollution (air poison) should be another concern because our skin breathes all the chemicals, poisons, toxins and who knows what else and therefore is capsuled into our bodies. Once the poisonous air is in thre is no escape hatch. Then the war begins with our cells and in turn cancer may win. I have lived in the Southwest desert for 25 years and believe me I have lived with ferocious heat that seems (and feels) more hotter each summer. Less rain which has caused the Water District to push the water conservation movement. Lake Mead is at its all time low. So anyone out there insisting that there is no climate change or global warming problem, they better wake up from their fantasy dream. One day they may wake up with no water...

Maximillian June 18, 2007 12:27:52
Although consumption has decreased, the US still has an avarous appetite for red meat from cows. Cows produce a tremendous amount of methane gas that is non-contributory to the envirnoment. We need to transform our culture to consider other meats such as goat. Countries such as China and South Korea do not follow strict environmental laws that we have in the US, yet we still look the other way and continue buying their manafactured products. If their economy depends on our consumption, then we need to make sure they get with the program and stop polluting the air. Lastly, Brazil continues to dismantle the rain forests. This vegetation is vital to transforming carbon dioxide to oxygen. We need to incentivize Brazil. In the US, we're looking for corn. For gasahol, why don't we focus on using sugar cane--it yields so much more sugar than corn. Let's really promote and use nuclear energy. It's ridiculous that we continue to allow coal plants to exist in the US and we build new plants that are powered by natural gas.

Robin June 17, 2007 13:37:18
Pope Benedict recognizes and acknowledges global warming as a real problem. He is fitting the Vatican with solar panels to cut down on energy consumption and gases. He has called on everyone to be aware of the global warming problem. Which of you who are writing these "hoax" messages is calling the Pope wrong?

Shawn June 16, 2007 10:47:55
I didn't think there was anyone left who was so backwards that they didn't "believe" in global warming?! What is not to believe? The proof is in at the Earth's two poles (and quickly moving to the middle) and in our more wild weather patterns. It is a shame that some Catholics have adopted a "Republican" only view and try to drag the Church into its platform instead of Gods. I'm thankful we have leaders who talk about this issue. We need to take care of the earth given us, and we have a lot of ground to make up...

Cheryl June 14, 2007 16:29:56
The effects of Global Warming are happening around us whether we see them or not. God gave us this magnificient place to live and to provide for us. It is our responsibility to respect that gift and take care of it. My carrer is in environmental clean-up and if everyone could just see some of the things that I have there would be no doubt in anyone's mind that the human race is slowly destroying their surroundings, intentionally or not. Global Warming is just one effect of this behavior. Some people say that it is a conspiracy to raise taxes, hinder the economy, etc. but what is not yet fully apparent is that our full dependance on items like fossil fuels will only cost us more in the long run. There are of course natural cycles of climate change but our activities will also play a part. If we want to keep the way of life that we have we will have to make small changes now to prevent larger changes in the future. The next time you get a chance sit in a park, by a beach or lake, or even in your own backyard and just think what it would be like without being able to enjoy those things.

Mike June 14, 2007 06:05:34
This is not an issue the Federal Government should deal with and, furthermore, an issue that the Catholic Church should not touch. It seems as though the Church is trying to make up for its perceived persecution of science for the past several hundred years by overcompensating and embracing virtually every scientific study that's not a direct affront to human life. This is an equally dangerous position and an opportunity to make the Church look foolish again in regards to science in generations to come. The cyclical pattern of warming and cooling is standard for the earth. In fact, there's no such thing as a "normal" temperature on this planet. As such, this eliminates any "control" data by which to test variables and reduces the whole of man-made climate change studies to junk science. But heck, while we're at it, maybe the Government should do something about the receding ice caps on Mars too. I'm sure the only thing that could possibly cause that is man-made CO2 emissions, right?

Kimani June 14, 2007 05:55:50
Global warming is real, not a hoax, no matter what nature does to itself. We mankind have senselessively contributed much to it than making it a better place to live. We need to use more of renewable energy and plant more trees even to areas where we think its impossible.

Bob June 12, 2007 16:57:54
I would like our Government not to address global warming. It is not a real problem, only a political ploy to limit economic growth and increase taxes.

tim June 12, 2007 09:14:40
I think glodal warming is very bad. It is just killing our world. The stupid government has to step up and get their lazy selves up and do something about it. We are just killing our children and grand children. So thats what I think.

John June 10, 2007 13:11:46
I beleive the world is going through a natural process of warming and cooling. I also beleive any reasonable means of protecting the environment should be made.

John June 10, 2007 13:10:42
I beleive the world is going through a natural process of warming and cooling. I also beleive any reasonable means of protecting the environment should be made.

joshua June 7, 2007 21:08:29
Being on a Christian website the best approach to Global Warming involves "living simple as doves." Perhaps, global warming is a call for the western people to wake up to the suffering we are causing millions around the world through our use of fossil fuels. In so many ways it drives everyone into slavery. And us americans dont even remember how to grow radishs...we must become more self-sufficent, and once again reunite ourselves to each other and nature. Stop argueing over global warming and just do as God has asked and through away your riches.

Vincent June 7, 2007 18:21:56
Global warming is a myth just like the evolution myth. Genesis contains literal history things that really happened. The Earth was made in six days. This is the teaching of a Pope and the concenus of the Church Fathers. Yes, the Earth is warming up because the sun is putting out more enery. The climate was warmer during the medival warm period then came the little ice age. Forty years ago they were predicting an ice age. America is a selfish nation which needs to cut back on consumption but CO2 emissions are not the real cause. Why don't we get rid of the UN which wants to take over the world and is controlled by dictators. The Church should be the guiding light in the world not the UN. The Church should reevaluate its dealings with the UN. The UN wants there to be global warming to give it more power. The UN has funded the climate studies with the intent to prove global warming. I want to see the UN dissolved. It seems to me that the UN was probably started by Freemasons or is based on a similar philosphy.

tim June 7, 2007 15:08:49
keep al gore's picture and comments off the site. he has no credibility. we need to find facts about the truth, not manipulations of statistics in order to bolster a particular point of view. these problems come from both sides.

Josephus June 7, 2007 09:26:02
Global warming (caused by CO2 emissions) is a false prophecy. By being a Catholic, it is my duty denouncing it!

Cynthia June 6, 2007 07:25:53
I am so embarrased by my fellow Catholics who think that global warming is a hoax, someone's political agenda. Just when I think I have heard the most ignorant comments, someone comes along and tops it. I am not a big Al Gore fan, but hats off to him, and may God forgive us for detroying this beautifull planet.

Paul June 6, 2007 04:38:32
Global warming by exhaust emissions is the invention of scientists appointed by politicians to increase taxes on the citizen. How are these politicians going to deal with the emissions from volcanos, which have been more active in the last 50 years than in the previous 150.

Bob June 5, 2007 14:06:25
1. The correct and undisputed term is Climate Change. The earth, the entire solar system for that matter, is always undergoing climate change. 2. It is undisputed that currently the earth is is experiencing a warming period. (It appears that other planets are also experiencing warming too.) 3. Whether this warming is caused by man or even by other earthly factors is suspect and requires further study. 4. However, I believe there is much more that man can do to conserve, reduce, re-use, and otherwise become a better steward of the environment. Let us err on the side of "human causation" and resolve to become more responsible.

Scott June 5, 2007 11:23:41
I think we are spending too much time and money on an issue that has no real resolution. If in fact there is actually a warming of the earth, it is a cycle that, as humans, we can not control. Let's conserve where we can but I think the scare tactics are unwarranted. There are issues that we, as humans, can actually have an effect, such as hunger, homelessness and hatred. These things are things that with love and work we can correct. Let's spend our time and money on those things.

J. June 5, 2007 06:55:43
Centuries ago, the church persecuted an astronomer for saying that the Earth revolved around the sun. Now we have a movement bent on spreading misinformation concerning global warming. Fact is the majority of scientist say that global warming is real and the rich Bushie's don't want their oil company CEO's to spend millions upgrading there refineries to control emissions. Bottom line: the neo-cons want you to believe that global warming is a lie so oil companies and the automobile industry can save money.

Glenn June 5, 2007 05:43:17
Maybe the global warming is completely natural. However, how can you put tons and tons of anything, like carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere and it not have an effect?

john June 4, 2007 16:56:53
Why did they call Greenland Greenland? At one time it was farmland. The earth changes. I think global warming is strictly political and the cost to the American people is going to be a burden. To many global warming supporters, it is a religion. Why have not we heard the other side of this issue. God will take care of His Earth.

Max June 4, 2007 16:10:55

Kent June 4, 2007 13:31:43
I think it's a bunch of Bull. We've had Global warming and cooling before without a neer do well politician riding on the coat tails of this non issue! I'd like to hear a politician argue as forcefully for culture of life issues!!!

Brandon June 4, 2007 12:07:40
If you asked any scientist not on the payroll of an oil company they will tell you that global warming is completely real. And by the way, just because Al Gore made a movie about it doesn't mean it's his idea, and the facts shouldn't be discounted regardless of who is saying them. There are plenty of other places to get information about the topic that have nothing to do with Al Gore. To my knowledge there is absolutely no proof that this is a very small part of a very large cycle so I would be interested to see where you read that.

Sarah June 3, 2007 16:34:40
Is it not abundantly scientifically proven that this is merely a very small part of a very large cycle? The sky is NOT falling, Chicken Little. Get a life.

Thomas June 3, 2007 09:32:04
In order for Al Gore to paddle a canoe in his year 2000 presidential election campaign "ad," a reservoir in the then drought-stricken New Hampshire was emptied as the stream otherwise was all but dried out. Al Gore's mansion of some 10,000 square feet of interior space must demand a lot of fuel to heat or cool thus producing a great deal of carbon dioxide. So much for ecology. It is getting ever warmer on Mars and even hotter on the Sun. Of course it is also getting warmer here on the Earth.

RICHARD June 2, 2007 14:49:05

flora June 2, 2007 12:51:12
My definate answer to gobal warming is ask the Pope and you will sure get the most reasonable from one whose office is devine and very close to God as He is the one (God ) who had made the world and who can be ever close to him as the pope. Please do, he will answer your question.

James June 1, 2007 17:55:53
Global warming, if indeed true as the scientists say, is the greatest natural crisis to face humanity since the flood. Even if it is a natural phenomena we human beings aren't being particularly helpful. Excessive waste, inefficient and unnecessarily large-sized autos, and polluted lands and oceans are all things that I think degrade the gift which God has given us and are proof of our needless want through materialism and impiety through our lack of consideration for others in our public spaces.

Joe June 1, 2007 06:38:01
There is no doubt that we should all be environmental stewards, and search for positive ways to tend 'the garden' we have been granted in this time. Unfortunately, some politicians and activists have created a false religion out of twisting little known histories of weather events and called it Global Warming. We should all be asking the bigger question which is "What is Gods will and plan for us?" We should be searching for what God wants for us to do for the betterment of his kingdom. He has a reason for everything and allows what he allows. We should move upon our faith to understand his will. It is vanity to think that men are in control of climate. He gives us all and all is from him. God doesn't make junk. I highly doubt that he would allow us to destroy in full his beautiful creation of the earth and all of its vast life. There was a time that men poluted the earth with sin...GOD took care of the social climate by cleansing it with a flood. We are fortunate to be living in this time after the new covenant, since he has paid the price for our salvation on the cross. If we look to the cross, we will find the answer together.

raymond May 31, 2007 21:56:42
Global warming is a good idea. It is much too cold for me.

MARY May 29, 2007 20:50:59
It's an Al Gore and company made up catastrophe that he's getting rich from, just like Bill Clinton is making 500,000 a year of private income a year from a telemarketing company that targets seniors. Sometimes I think greedy politicians are the scourge of the earth.

john May 29, 2007 13:57:52
Why is greenland called greenland? at one time greenland was farmed and they have found churches and houses so I feel God will take care of His earth He created I think this whole thing is political and it is just another way for us the tax payers to pay for another government hoax. there are two sides and the other side has been silenced.

Jason May 26, 2007 12:12:02
I think it is all a hoax. The earth has gone through countless warming/cooling cycles. When one wants to see the glaciers melting when they watch icebergs breaking off of the ice sheets, which, by the way is normal, they are going to see glaciers melting. Come on, tell me this. When the global warming scientists can accurately give a forecast for June 27, 2017 in Victoria, Tx, then I'll listen. If not, take a seat, gentlemen.

john May 25, 2007 22:09:42
Global Warming is the last weapon introduced by the population controllers. First they started with the so-called over-population myth from the time of thomas malthus. Remember the "beast" in the Revelation is Godless. People worldwide thru the Catholic Church must move to counter this ravaging "culture of lies and deception" which is now being pushed by al gore and company for us to worship their new goddess named "mother earth".

Glenn May 25, 2007 09:29:56
A agree that the over all climate of the plant is changing in relationship to the past 50+ years of collected weather history. The problem I have is that Mr. Gore and his group seem to be blaming people for the problem. Nature (earth/GOD) can change everything real quick with a couple of earthquakes and larger volcanoes. I believe we should act as good stewards and help the earth and our fellow man. But , to blame man for global warming that is a stretch. The has cooled and heated up over the many the years. And is change "good or bad". Change bring us opportunity. Many critics are mentioning sun spots and solar flares up. Maybe some one should look into that.

Gary May 23, 2007 22:18:53
Seems to me that the people touting Global Warming due to human influence don't respect the forces of nature. Earth is a gift from God & our temporary home. We have an obligation to respect & keep our home clean. While I believe we could do a better job of taking care of our planet, to say we have a significant role in influence nature is arrogant.

Joe May 23, 2007 08:13:17
I don't doubt that the earth is warming but I, too, believe that this is a cyclical weather pattern. Scientists can't accurately predict what the weather will be next week. Also, ask the scientists what happened to the 2006 hurricane season that was supposed to be so bad. If a couple of large volcanoes blow this year or the next couple of years, does that nullify the global warming and put us into global cooling? I think most of the predictions are a SWAG!

Anonymous May 22, 2007 18:20:13
Global warming should be recognized this earth is a gift and should be taken care of. However issues like Codex and the FDA should be taken care of first because our entire food supply should not be governed in the manner they wish to govern it. Food is healing power and also a gift from God. I do believe that it was given to us for a reason and that we should not be giving up our food freedom to pharmaceutical companies.

David May 21, 2007 16:03:56
Global warming is a global scam to get government to give money for certain agencies that promote their agendas and provides jobs for scientist who are in on this global scam. The world has always run of cycles. We may be in an age where the world is warming and this so called theory of Global warming is probably not preventable.

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