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Deal W. Hudson, Ph.D, is president of the Pennsylvania Catholics Network and former publisher and editor of Crisis Magazine. He is the Senior Correspondent for Church and Culture and a contributing writer for Catholic Online.

Dr. Deal W Hudson on Why God Became Man

By • Catholic Online • 12/4/2013

With the Incarnation, the good news of deliverance and redemption entered the human field of vision, made available to even the most depraved of minds. The Word becoming present to the senses and through the senses to the mind transfigured  human existence. The way of knowing called Faith ...

Fr. Randy Sly on Advent as a Time for Reflection,Repentance and Renewal

By • Catholic Online • 12/2/2013

As Advent comes each year, I like to reflect on how I have lived with respect to my life of devotion and service. Am I availing myself of the Sacraments? Am I praying, reading the Scriptures, and spending time in personal formation? Am I becoming the salt and light to the world that I am called to ...

Advent is a time to get ready and to build up the hope within our hearts for the promised coming of Jesus Christ! We do this by repenting of our sin, renouncing our wrong choices, and emptying ourselves of ourselves so that He can come and take up His Residence within us - and within the Church which is His Body.

Prepare the Way for the Lord: Why We Celebrate Advent

By • Catholic Online • 12/2/2013

This Sunday, Advent begins. In a western culture where the influences of Christian traditions are waning, many ask why we even celebrate Advent. It is helpful to know our Liturgical history in order to explain what we do to those who may inquire. But even more importantly, it can help each of us to ...

Rick Santorum's The Christmas Candle

By • Catholic Online • 11/21/2013

Set in the Victorian English countryside, The Christmas Candle is based on the novel by epic Christian author, Max Lucado. An Advent legend full of tradition, nostalgia and faith, it is destined to win a privileged position in both your family's annual Advent traditions and Christmas ...

UST Worldview.

University of St. Thomas Houston Launches Catholic TV Programming

By • Catholic Online • 9/6/2013

​University of St. Thomas is expanding its reach with premium Catholic TV programming to all Catholics and non-Catholics in the Houston and surrounding viewing area.  With the blessing of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, St. Thomas will launch UST Worldview, an inspiring TV series ...

St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City is a wondrous testimony in the midst of one of the great cities of the world.

A Layman's Plea for Tolerance of Catholics

By • Catholic Online • 1/1/2013

For all those inclined to revile the Church and what it stands for, practicing Catholics like me have a humble request - attend any mass at any time at any Catholic church in the world.  It won't take more than an hour of your time, you won't be asked to convert, and I can promise you that the ...

When God takes possession of the soul, it knows it has found something great, something worth dying for, although this possession at the same time remains shrouded in mystery. It is as if a great Light floods in, enabling the soul to finally open its eyes, seeing for the first time the true meaning and purpose of its life; it then understands it has tasted a Love never-before imagined, never-before experienced. The whole world, in that moment, is transformed into something different, something new.

A Question For The Christmas Season: Do You Want To Become A Saint?

By • Catholic Online • 12/31/2012

Who and what is a saint, and why should anyone want to be one? Is it in any way important to think about the saints? What do their lives mean for our lives? Given the nature of our modern, hyper-energized and technologically advanced world, are they still relevant today? On the other hand, could ...

The Holy Innocents being slaughtered

Every Leader Supporting Abortion is Herod, Every Child Killed a Holy Innocent

By • Catholic Online • 12/30/2012

Every child killed by voluntary abortion is a Holy Innocent. Every leader who supports this killing, implicitly or explicitly, carries on the evil actions of Herod. On this Feast of the Holy Innocents let us summon a new resolve to bring an end to the slaughter of the holy innocents in this ...

St. John left behind three attributed pastoral letters, The Revelation and a glorious Gospel. Tradition has it that the Apostle continued to encourage the faithful by constantly repeating 'Little children, love one another' until he died in A.D. 100 at a very old age.

Fr. Sly on the Feast of St John in the Octave of Christmas

By • Catholic Online • 12/27/2012

John was included in the inner circle of Christ's followers. He was present for the miracles, healings, the transfiguration and the teaching ministry of Jesus from the beginning. Even at the cross he remained while others fled, standing next to the Mother of God, whose care was entrusted to him by ...

St Stephen, Deacon and Martyr

Feast of St. Stephen, Proto-Martyr, Calls us to Reflect on the Gift of Deacons

By • Catholic Online • 12/27/2012

Sadly, some Catholics who see themselves as traditionalists have a problem with those of us ordained to serve as Deacons. I have only one thing to say, adjust. Either the Church made a mistake, or you have. Most of us have much in common with you. We are older men, committed to the Magisterium of ...

Great Christmas Gift Ideas