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Mary, the Immaculate Conception, Points the Way

By • Catholic Online • 12/8/2009

You and I may have to struggle to see through this glass darkly for now, but we can learn from Mary how to keep one eye on eternity. CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Catholic Online) - December 8th has been on my mind for many weeks now. I don’t think this feast day has ever been on my radar screen so intensely ...

He loved us first

By • Catholic Online • 12/2/2009

A discourse 'On the Contemplation of God' WASHINGTON (Catholic Online) - Truly you alone are the Lord. Your dominion is our salvation, for to serve you is nothing else but to be saved by you! O Lord, salvation is your gift and your blessing is upon your people; what else is your salvation but ...

'This Sunday we begin, by the grace of God, a new liturgical year, which opens naturally with Advent, a time of preparation for the Lord's nativity'.

Pope to Faithful: Welcome Advent with Hope, Prepare the Way for the Lord

Zenit News Agency • 11/30/2009

'The Lord Jesus came in the past, he comes in the present and will come in the future'. VATICAN CITY ( - Here is a translation of Benedict XVI's address before praying the Angelus at midday with pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square. Dear Brothers and Sisters! This Sunday we ...

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The Season of Advent

By • Catholic Online • 11/5/2009

Each year, as the Church recalls this mystery - that Christ, who came once in the flesh, is prepared to come again. She urges us to renew the memory of the great love God has shown us. WASHINGTON, D.C. (Catholic Online) - Beloved, now is the acceptable time spoken of by the Spirit, the day of ...

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St. Irenaeus: Born of the Virgin, Emmanuel

By • Catholic Online • 10/10/2009

'God is man’s glory. Man is the vessel which receives God’s action and all his wisdom and power.' CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Catholic Online) - One of the great early defnders of the ancient Catholic Christian faith, the Bishop of Lyons, Irenaeus is best known for his work entitled "Against Heresies". This ...

Catholic Online

St. Ephrem: Keep Watch -- No One Knows the Hour

By • Catholic Online • 10/7/2009

'Though the Lord has established the signs of his coming, the time of their fulfilment has not been plainly revealed.' CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Catholic Online) - The deacon Ephrem is a Doctor of the Church who wrote in the 4th Century. This excerpt is taken from the Office of readings for Thursday, Frirst ...

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The Holy Father's Vespers Message in Nazareth

Catholic Online • 5/15/2009

The wonder of the Incarnation continues to challenge us to open up our understanding to the limitless possibilities of God’s transforming power. NAZARETH (Catholic Online) - We present the teaching given by the Holy father during the Vespers service held in Nazareth: Benedict XVI, Vespers ...

In the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches, the clergy often lead the faithful to rivers and entire rivers are blessed!

Theophany: The Baptism of the Lord and the Christian Vocation

By • Catholic Online • 1/9/2009

“When Thou, O Lord was baptized in the Jordan, the worship of the Trinity was made manifest... O Christ our God who has appeared and enlightened the world, Glory to Thee." CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Catholic Online) - In the Western Church we end the Christmas season with the Feast of the Lord’s “Baptism in ...

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Pope: On Orthodox Christmas and Gaza Violence

Asia News • 1/7/2009

Pope Benedict XVI sends his greetings to Orthodox communities and speaks of the “disarming meekness of love”. VATICAN CITY (AsiaNews) – Christmas by Eastern Churches, the violent armed clashes in the Gaza Strip and the abducted children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are some of the ...

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Epiphany – The Manifestation of Christ is Needed Today

By • Catholic Online • 1/6/2009

Epiphany means “the showing” or the “manifestation.” On this feast day the Church remembers when the savior was revealed to the Gentile world in the coming of the magi. WASHINGTON (Catholic Online) - As Catholics in America, we currently celebrate the Epiphany (“manifestation”) of the Lord on the ...

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