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Pope Benedict XVI leading a Global Prayer Vigil for all Nascent Human Life

Protect, Love and Serve Life! Pope's Homily at Vigil of Prayer for All Nascent Human Life

By • Catholic Online • 11/29/2010

We have a great theologian in the Chair of Peter, Pope Benedict XVI. He led a global prayer vigil for all human life in the womb. It is worth prayerfully reflecting upon as we enter into Advent and the mission of the Church to defend human life. In speaking of ...

Our Lady of Advent symbolizes the call of every Christian to bring forth the Living Word into the world

To Begin Again: Advent as Invitation. Season of Preparation, Season of Hope

By • Catholic Online • 11/29/2010

During Advent we are invited through our liturgical readings and practices, to clear away all that entangles us and open a space in our hearts, our homes, our relationships and our lives, for Love Incarnate to be born again.Why do Christians celebrate Advent? SNOWQUALMIE, WA ...

Wednesday, First Week of Advent - Let the word of the Lord come to us

By • Catholic Online • 11/28/2010

This middle coming is like a road that leads from the first coming to the last. At the first, Christ was our redemption; at the last, he will become manifest as our life; but in this middle way he is our rest and our consolation. WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) - We know that the coming of ...

First Sunday of Advent - The twofold coming of Christ

By • Catholic Online • 11/28/2010

At the first coming he was wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger. At his second coming he will be clothed in light as in a garment. WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) - We do not preach only one coming of Christ, but a second as well, much more glorious than the first. The first coming was ...

But Whatever Gain I Had, I Counted as a Loss for the Sake of Christ

By • Zenit News Agency • 11/28/2010

The Christmas liturgy will speak to us of the "holy exchange," of the "sacrum commercium," between us and God realized in Christ. VATICAN CITY (Zenit) - Here is the Advent homily Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher of the Pontifical Household, delivered in the Vatican in the ...

Monday, First Week of Advent - The season of Advent

By • Catholic Online • 11/28/2010

Each year, as the Church recalls this mystery of Christ's coming, she urges us to renew the memory of the great love God has shown us. WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) - Beloved, now is the acceptable time spoken of by the Spirit, the day of salvation, peace and reconciliation: the great season of ...

The Advent season gives us a fresh opportunity to look at our lives and deepen our relationship with the Lord Jesus who has come already in humility and will come again in glory.

1st Sunday of Advent: Wake Up! Happy Priest on Preparing for Christmas

By • Catholic Online • 11/28/2010

Most of the world did not notice Jesus' first coming.  We need to stay awake and notice how he comes to us each day.  What about those special graces that come to us each day?  What about those amazing opportunities that he gives us each day to love him more and more.  When we ...

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The Birthday of the Lord is the Birthday of Peace

By • Catholic Online • 11/11/2010

For this is true of any believer in whatever part of the world, that once he is reborn in Christ he abandons the old paths of his original nature and passes into a new man by being reborn. CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Catholic Online) - We present a sermon of Pope St. Leo the Great, a Doctor of the ...

Catholic Online

The Word took our nature from Mary

By • Catholic Online • 10/1/2010

The body of the Lord was a true body: It was a true body because it was the same as ours. Mary, you see, is our sister, for we are all born from Adam. CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Catholic Online) We present an excerpt from a letter of St. Athanasius, considered one of the champions of the Council of Nicea ...

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A Christmas Reflection on Suffering and Trust

By • Catholic Online • 12/31/2009

When some cross presents itself in our life, let us not fear; for the All-Powerful Child has plans for those whom he loves; plans of such unfathomable beauty and wonder. GLADE PARK, CO (Catholic Online) - Christmas is upon us; the Child has arrived; his presence brings inexpressible joy to those ...

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