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Father Merrin, played by Max von Sydow, approaches the MacNeill home in Georgetown, from 'The Exorcist' (1973) directed by William Friedkin.

100 Best Catholic Movies

By • Catholic Online • 12/9/2014

It's regrettable that Catholic educators have yet to regard cinema as an important artistic tradition, one that should be studied along with literature, painting, theater, and music.  The advantage of studying film is its relative youth, having been born only a little over a century ago. ...

Our image of John is as the austere ascetic, the odd fellow who lived in the desert eating a strange diet and thundering to Israel about repentance. We forget the happiness that was associated with his birth and the happiness which accompanied his prophetic life and vocation.

John the Baptist is our Advent Teacher on the Way of Happiness

By • Catholic Online • 12/7/2014

Advent is a reminder of the road along which we walk this Christian life and vocation. Bernard was right. We live in that intermediate time between the first and the second comings. We are to be changed by the first and to prepare ourselves- and the world in which we live- for the second. ...

Pope Benedict XVI

Advent Catechesis: Pope Benedict XVI on the Benevolent Plan of God

By • Catholic Online • 12/7/2014

He came into the world, becoming a man like us , to bring His plan of love to fullness. And God demands that we become a sign of his action in the world. Through our faith, our hope, our love, He wants to enter the world again and again He wants to shine His light in our night. VATICAN CITY ...

St Bernard of Clairveaux

Advent Homily: St. Bernard on the Three Comings of the Lord

By • Catholic Online • 12/6/2014

We know that the coming of the Lord is threefold: the third coming is between the other two and it is not visible in the way they are. The first coming was in flesh and weakness, the middle coming is in spirit and power, and the final coming will be in glory and majesty. WASHINGTON (Catholic ...

St Ephrem of Syria, Deacon and Doctor

St Ephrem of Syria: Keep watch - He Will Come Again

By • Catholic Online • 12/4/2014

To prevent his disciples from asking the time of his coming, Christ said: About that hour no one knows, neither the angels nor the Son. It is not for you to know times or moments. He has kept those things hidden so that we may keep watch, each of us thinking that he will come in our own ...

St Gregory Nazianzen

St Gregory Nazianzen on the Wonder of the Incarnation

By • Catholic Online • 12/3/2014

The very Son of God, older than the ages, the invisible, the incomprehensible, the incorporeal, the beginning of beginning, the light of light, the fountain of life and immortality, the image of the archetype, the immovable seal, the perfect likeness, the definition and word of the Father: ...

Alessandro Manzoni (1785-1873), the Italian novelist, whose masterpiece, I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed), began the tradition of what can be called the 'Catholic novel.'

100 Best Catholic Novels. Or, How to Buy a Catholic Library for Christmas

By • Catholic Online • 12/3/2014

I welcome any controversy that may ensue from this list; in fact I will be disappointed if no one takes me to task. I'm always anxious to learn of titles I don't know, or have forgotten, or should know better, or be reminded that my own certainties may be unfounded.  WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic ...

Las Posadas - a Catholic Hispanic Tradition

By • Catholic Online • 12/2/2014

The Posadas are not to be confused with a mere Christmas party.  Instead, the Posadas should be seen as a religious event.  CORPUS CHRISTI, TX (Catholic Online) - What is a Posada?  This is a question that a lot of people ask as we prepare to celebrate Christmas.  The tradition ...

In Advent, we remember that we are living in the interval between the already - that Christ has come - and the not-yet - that He will come again

Fr Randy Sly: Advent is a Time for Preparation

By • Catholic Online • 12/1/2014

Some see Advent as a Little Lent. However, the focus is very different. It is a season of hope filled expectation and preparation for a coming of the Lord. We are called to "clean house" and make room for the Lord in our lives. However, like most gifts, we do not really appreciate its ...

Each year, as the Church recalls this mystery, she urges us to renew the memory of the great love God has shown us.

St Charles Borromeo on the Season of Advent

By • Catholic Online • 12/1/2014

In his infinite love for us, though we were sinners, he sent his only Son to free us from the tyranny of Satan, to summon us to heaven, to welcome us into its innermost recesses, to show us truth itself, to train us in right conduct, to plant within us the seeds of virtue, to enrich us with ...

Great Christmas Gift Ideas