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Egor from Izbhtzybvva, AK US
Wow now that you say it like that I'm even more waiting with excmtient for my book to arrive, I so cant wait, you looked like you had so much fun with the naughty crafters that day, you go girl, hee, hee.And you studio looks so gorgeous, I would love to create in a room like that just beautiful! But I must ask you where do you get those letters from the one's spelling out dream?, can't get them anywhere here in Melbourne, Australia, and would love to buy some to spell out my girls names.HugsKirstie

Beatrix from Gaeblrdnkznavkzaw, RI US
Hi John Paul. My name is Lori and I blog at My blog is prvatie to family and friends but, I did share this site with them. I really appreciate your emails and enjoyed praying the St. Therese Novena. I look forward to the next one!God Bless, Lori

Shailesh from Dharwad, II IN
I pray that the Joy of Christmas fills everyone with Joyous spirits. For those whom this season is far from joy, especially those in the most desperate of situations. Lastly for our Parents and my love to be happy, peaceful and in good health.

Jakara from Chicago, IL US
The North Face Coat
Mp3 Player

E.sahaya Valan Anistan from Tirunelveli, II IN
Hai friends, Happy christmas and Happy New Year with the name of jesus to you all...

Towanda from Chicago, IL US
I wish for a full desktop computer system with a 4 in 1 printer, copier, scanner, fax. I wish to give my children what they want. An Ipad, Playstation 3, a 3DS for my 6 yr old son, another 3DS for my 5 yr old daughter, a Xbox Elite, clothes and shoes for all my children. I am a single mother with no help from my Ex husband and I,m on a fixed income and this is very hard for me to give them what they want. This is the fourth christmas that my children can't get what they want. Please help me please

Tynna from Chicago, IL US
this is a long shot, but i really need a toy box and a bed for my daughter, times are really tough for us right now

Jose from Phoenix, AZ US
a bike , xbox 360, xbox 360 games for boys, clothes shirts:L adults bottoms: 36 adults, shoes size:11 adults

Brianna from Phoenix, AZ US
a bike, a baby alive, a set of monster high dolls, clothes and shoe tops;4T bottoms:4T shoes:6 little kids

Juan from Phoenix, AZ US
a bike, toy cars, clothes size shirts: 4T bottoms: 4T, shoe size: 8 little kids

Sheila from Phoenix, AZ US
Justin Bieber watch and backpack, Ipad, air jordens size: 61/2, niece pre. teen clothes size tops:m adults bottoms: 6 adults, bike

Serena Dayton from Kearneyville, WV US
My husband was just diagnosed with liver and bone cancer a month ago. He went to the doctor for a back ache and in one day our world was turned around. We are strugling in every aspect of life from spiratual to financial burden. We've been taking care of our 4yr grandaughter since birth and would like some help with her christmas. Thank You so much for reading.

Alexis Gunartt from Niles, IL US
My dad just passed away nov . 14 my father has 6 kids 36 years old an healthy but things happen & we can't answer why?
But my daddy always bought grandma a gift and this year money is going to be hard so I was wondering if it was possible to get my grandma a t.v she doesn't have one & that's what she was hopping for this Christmas year .

Natasha Hurtado from Belle Isle, FL US
As a single mother of 6 kids who just escaped a domestic violent marriage of 18 yrs we are in need of a van that can transport all 7 of us since at the moment we have an 1994 stick shift car that only sits 5 therefor we can not go out together in a safe manner to family events such as church and school activities. Thank You

Andre from Woodbridge , VA US
Hi I am 8yrs old and bijaan and kamron are my autistic brothers. My name is a.dre a.nd I love puzzles, bouncy balls, all art markers, playdough. Thank you so much

Bijan from Woodbridge , VA US
Electric. Race carr track, creator lego, markers. I am 11 yrs old and I have. Autism. Thank you a.d god bless

Patricia from New Port Richey, FL US
That my daughter and grandaughter come back to the church and that my grandaughter receive her first communion.

Jennifer Mackles from New Orleans, LA US
we are a family of seven, 5 kids and 2 adults. we are struggling because, my youngest has to see plenty of doctors and different therapy's. some of them medicaid does't even pay for. son 10 size 14, son 8 size 12, daughter 7 size 7, son 4 1/2 yrs. size 6, and a daughter that is 3 1/2 yrs. size 8 (elastic). they are normal kids's that like to have fun. for my youngest educational things, because of her autism, adhd, ocd, and developmental delays. thank you and happy holidays.

Judy from Aurora,, IL US
My chidren would love for me to get healed soon..and theyre wish is for school clothes...juan,jacob,veronica,daniela wants a little washer an dryer (so cute)..adriana wants a barbie house..and amelia and yasmeen would love clothes

Judy from Aurora, IL US
My chritmas wish list is that i get healed from my back soon so i can start providing for my seven children..and that my case is taken in consideration so dat i can get somme type of wormans comp before christmas i have been on medical leave for 2 YEARS NO PAY.. BUT IT WOULD BE A BLESSING..IF I GOT THAT WISH..SINCERLY,JUDY

Tunisia from Yonkers, NY US
Greetings to all who reads this. I am a mother of 2 boys ages 3 & 4. My 4 year old is into any and everything electronic. He has seen the commercial for the leap frog learning tablet and tells me "ooh mommy I want that". He is also a HUGE Thomas the train fan... ANYTHING Thomas is fine by him. My 3 year old is into educating himself. He likes challenges and books that he can learn and play at the same time such as a wipe and write type of book. He too likes Thomas the train thanks to his big brother, and little tablets for toddlers where he can learn letters and numbers or a story reader. Myself now hmmm lets see... I ask for nothing but a little help with giving my kids what they want. Thank you for reading my wish list. I thank you in advance.

Kelly from Linden, NJ US
I wish to become pregnant this Christmas with my first child. We have been trying for hears. Please lord hear my pray and bless my husband and me with a child.

Mariaben from Iloilo City, PH

Shondale from Covina, CA US
I just got married (July 9), and I'm 47, with no children. I wish God to give me a miracle pregnancy with twins, a boy and a girl, and that they are born healthy.

Derla A. Ando from Philippines, II PH
Happy Birthday JESUS!
I wish this Christmas hoping that all my Papers will renew, and my dream house come true, Jesus thank you for everything your always be there for me and my family specially my Son.
I hope by next will back to my country,,,
Thank you so much Jesus Christ!!!

Grace from Labuan, II MY
1. to get a's for all my hard work in my second semester.
2. to see my family all together.
3. to go to church every day.
4. to see Jesus...beside me every day.

Henny from Kota Kinabalu, II MY
I wish that my very special one will have a good happy life and healthy all year around. Be blessed forever more.

To my family. May the joy come to our home. Peace and good will.

I want hot toys! :D

best wishes.

Dominick Dubois from Chicago, IL US
My son is 1 year old. Due to prematurity and health issues he has had a rough but blessed year. Some things that he needs for this Christmas season is a coat (24 months or 2T), some boots size (4.5), a hat, scarf, and gloves set, some music toys, a wagon or riding toy, a truck, and some books.

Ethel Kontuo from Accra, GH
I wish all my wishes come true

Anton from Davao City, PH
1. to be reunited with my Desiree forever and ever
2. A new race setup for future downhill longboarding races.
3. a one piece leather suit

Scheherazade from , US

Alexis from Brighton, CO US
I wish to get my 3 year old daughter some new clothes, I can't afford clothing for her, not even enough money to shop at the 2nd hand store. I ask God to protect her and myself, And I know her Daddy is watching over her from heaven as well. God bless to all!

Mary from New Glasgow, CA
Peace to all

Acunetix from San Francisco, AL AF

Nancy from Abuja, NG
to be a better christian and to be married and a mother by this time next year,very healthy too.

Kimberly from Nettleton, MS US
I have four kids an I need a little help getting Christmas this year. Their ages are 17, 16,14 and 11. they shoes clothes, coats and few toys. Please help me with this wish for them.

Teela from Clinton Township, MI US
Well I'm a single mother and I just recently lost my job. My daughter and I just moved into our new home and we still don't have any furniture or bedding. Plus my daughter really need clothes for winter

Ahamefula Francis Izuchukwu. from Owerri, NG
What i really wish is for God help me find what my vocation.
And i also wish that God will to aid of countery & family and for my elderly one's for God to help them get what is good in life. And for my parents long and the good things life that will them give us their kids the best in life.And for my young ones good health & God's plans on the to come to pass.That all i want from God.

Sylvia from Bridgeton, MO US
Jaylin Rose 10 years old(11-1-1999) would like any game that can be played on his PlayStation2. He wears a size 12 and needs several clothes. He wears a size 6 shoe. Jasmine Rose 12(10-28-1997) would love lots of costume jewelry and needs a size 11 womens jeans and a size medium womens tops. She wears a size womens 9 shoes. My grandkids are in need of lots of clothes because I am unemployed and my daughter is doing her best to pay our bills with her paycheck and that is very tuff on her. This is actually my first time to ask for assistance. My daughter and I sacrifice our needs for the children.

Luanne from Albuquerque, NM US
I wish for peace for my Father with his illness, for peace for my family in dealing with his illness as well. I wish prosperty for my boyfriend and his family as well as for our businesses. I wish for a safe return for military as they are deployed and as they return to their families

Marie from Ryadha, II SA
i wish the great lord helps me find my soul mate.God fearing &kind. i also wish to do up my new Apt. leave my job under God gidence. amen

Maria from , HU
Merry Christmas! I am a mother with 2 adorable sons and a housewife living here in Hungary. I am filipina and my husband is hungarian. I always wish that one day me and my brother who is now living in Phoenix Arizona with his family and also my sister, that someday somehow we could met and see each other. Its almost 8 years or 9 we never got a chance to met. Eventhough we are too far away from each other, I just keep praying for our health and never forget what our parents thought us to pray and the good values as a human. I love you God and you know how much you meant to me... I always feel sad when Christmas here is approaching cause it reminds me of my family back home when we're still together but my 2 angels filled me up with love and loneliness.. Just wishing i know someday it will.. come..

María from Medellín, II CO
Mi primer deseo es que en el mundo entero hallemos la PAZ, la Justicia y Equidad entre los pueblos.
Que no haya más abortos, ni más guerras, ni más terrorismo ni más narcotráfico, que todos trabajemos en unión hacia los más necesitados.
Para mis Hijos pido que el Espiritu Santo los ilumine y me los guarde de todo mal, que les de salud y trabajo, que permanescamos unidos en el amor. Pido para mi salud, trabajo y también mucha prosperidad en mi vida.

Joannes Nicholas from Nairobi, KS KE
i thanks the almight father for the gift of live to enable me see this christmass season again, i have i firm believe in him. For mother mother thank you very much for accepting to give birth to ur saviour and through you intersession i ask you to bless me in order to get a well paying job so that i may assist all those people who are suffering expecially during christmasss season.

Elizabeth from , II GB
I pray for a peaceful and joyful advent for my family and friends and for a Blessed and Holy Christmas and a truly wonderful 2010. I pray that Christmas will touch the following hearts:
. Non-believers, that they may find the love of God.
. The lost, that they may find their way again.
. The sick (in mind and body), that they may be healed.
. The hungry, that they may be given food.
. The poor, that they may be lovingly provided for.
. The war-torn countries, that peace shall return once again to them.
. Addicts, that they may be healed of their addictions.
. Families (especially those who are not loving and giving towards each other and/or those who are not united).
. The lonely, that they may feel loved, wanted and needed and make true lasting friendships.
. The youth (especially those who do not follow Christ or any spirtual path),
. Abandoned babies and children, that they may be loved and given families to look after them.
. The dying, that they may not fear death but instead experience loving, holy and happy deaths.
. The homeless, that they be given shelter and warmth.
. The abused, persecuted, dejected and despairing, that they may be filled with hope, love and God's graces to overcome their pain.
. And finally, those poor people who have no-one to pray for them. That God may love and take them under his wing.

George from Bayside, NC US

Christina from Frankfort, KY US
1)a closer relationship with God 2) to be back in college 3) a better job 4) to be doing volunteer work 5) to continue to lose weight and to be able to keep it off 6) to continue to be doing well mentally

Mary from Detriot, MI US
I wish that my friend's grandpa get well and keep his strength from his cancer his 2 time going thorough it hope he come's home for Christmas .

My 2 friends also that has cancer may they have the strength to fight it and to be rid of it for good.

My friend to have a strength in there marriage and be happy and not to fight over silly things .

For those who lost there job may they find another and those whom are sick to get well those are hungry and homeless may they find food and shelter .

I dont want anything i just want my wishes for everybody else to come true and listen to.

Marie from Sahuarita, AZ US
Hello, I actually have 1 wish and that is for a TV/DVD player. We don't have one, and we would like to sit together all 7 of us and watch a family movie together.

Thank you,

Marie & Family

Seasons Greetings

Jennifer from Makati City, PH
I wish for world peace, miraculous healing of many sick people, conversion of many souls to pray the Holy Rosary & the chaplet of Divine Mercy daily, complete faith & trust in the Holy Trinity and the consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus & the Immaculate Heart of Mary that the world be safe & protected from evil spirits, evil souls, untoward incidents & accidents & natural calamities.
May we all thank God for the coming of the Savior's birth on Christmas Day to always pray for others well-being. God Bless.

Celine from Sharjah, II AE
Please pray for Christopher Lopez 48 years of age, suffering from Cancer of the muscle.
Thanks and God bless.

Andre Budianto from Jakarta Selatan, ID
Dear God,

I hope for a better remuneration and appreciation of my job.

Wish mine be reflection of your kindness and love to the people.
Well, if the girl choose another, I should be happy for her better life. Hope our friend will love each other.

Wish our life full of blessing and thankful.

I don't know about the future, but I believe your planning of God's will be the best. Wish miracle in my lifetime.


Mae from Sengkang, SG
I wish to thank God for His love, companionship, guidance, mercy & forgiveness. The Lord has sustain me with the abundant grace. Although, I'm suffering in great bitterness, facing endless stream of financial & marriage issue and struggling to juggle in loneliness, I affirm that He will not forsaken me.

I also very much thankful to Mother Mary for helping me to persevere & endure.

In the midst of joy, I wish all the destitute, sick, lonely & trouble ones with find comfort in God's love & peace.

Tan Kok Siang from Malacca, MY
I wish my dreams will come true which is songwriter singer cum businessman
I wish i could stay away from my previous dark life and could turn it into light with a new chapter of life
I wish i could found a girlfriend by the year 2009.

I wish i could able to buy the books that i want to buy for self-learning and self-development.

I wish to participate in the socities/clubs to expand my circle of friends and learning and development,

Kevork from Aleppo, II SY
i have so many wishes this year
1-i want my love back and dont do silly things to me and we never be sad of each other again.
2-i want to graduate my univerity with very good marks , and my brother 2
3-have a big income
4-good helth for my dad and mom
5-i want to my litle puppy be always happy with me.

Jcs from , US
I wish for strength in our Faith in God and the wisdom to follow the path set before us knowing that we are a Child of Most High God and he has promised to Love, Protect and Provide for his faithfilled Children. Through the good times and the rougher yet learning times....may we know that this is Truth. Amen

Dolores from Waldport, OR US
For the donations that we need for December bills, as well as enough to fix our computer power supply so we can put our station ID's back on air, and some to help get our non-profit status. We are so gratful for all the donors and helpers that we have had, and for Mary, Our Lady of Good Remedy always helping us. Our station is KSHY-LP 94.3 FM in Newport, Or. broadcasting EWTN, a beacon for our coastal area. God bless.

Mary from Mesa, AZ US
Need FOODS, Clothes winter coat boot size 9.5 personal goods, janes gloves stocking , a bed and sheet, pillows and money to help pay room mate rent utility bills gas, light, water, trash, phone.
Thank you and God Bless!

Rob from Slo, CA US
I wish that my kids develop a deep, abiding gratitude for the lives they live, and that this gratitude show on their faces as they attend Sunday's Mass--instead of the grumpy frowns I see so often.

Ac from , CT US
I will be able to pass my written board exam tomorrow.

Karen from Rotorua, II NZ
i wish for peace all around the world,i wish my father was here to see me, as he passed to a better place 12yrs ago but it doesn't make it any easier, and i really wish my recently departed gran annie parfitt ,who was more like a mother to me,to be with me and see how im getting on,i really wish i could speak to her again when i have troubles and things on my mind,i wish i could hear her laugh again,and her good old irish wise cracks,and i really wish you can say a prayer at mass for her,my family and i have been to the vatican twice and she was not able to come due to age and illness,i hated seeing her suffer but her faith stayed with her till her last breathwhich i applause and to many stray but she didnt,i really love and miss her and my father he was only 45 when he passed ,i wish i could have one more hug and talk with them.

peace be to all,and have a very merry christmas

Michell from Petaling Jaya, MY
I just hope I can get a decent job and earn a good living , so that I can get out of my present work-place; where I am being ill-treated by my manager and all the other co-workers. I hope God will shed his light on me. I do hope that I could start to continue with my post-gradute studies and pass with distinction and if it's God willing, hope to get meet a guy who is God fearing, faithful & caring and get married soon


Patricia from Santa Maria, CA US
i would like peace with my family! i wish i could somehow help my family undo there problems! please would you send me some tips! i hope GOD will contuine to guide you in his holy spirit! may you have a wonderfull advent and christmas!

Antonio from Orlando, FL US


Brooke from Mesa, AZ US
I wish that my husband can find and maintain employment so that the stress and struggle for my family may come to and end this year. I pray that my children continue to grow happy and healthy. I also ask that the relationship between my husband and I may come back together, with the near death of our infant son in January of 08' I have become a distant person and he has become a very defensive and angry person and we have grown apart and I so very much want to be the people we were. I want to have love with my husband and I want the anger he always has towards me and the other children to go away. I just want peace this year.

Olivia from Olive Branch, MS US
I want a laptop, a i-pod, marly one of my grammys puppies who is a mix not a pure breed, a pet betta fish that will last a long time, the twilight series volume 1,2,3, and i also want a telescope that i can use see mars, pluto and venus and i want a 57 inch flat screen.

Patricia from Santa Maria , CA US
I want a ds, ipod, cellphone [iphone], scooter, pictionary man, battleship, visa card, plasma tv, an apple laptop, a wii with mario cart, theater sound system, piano, dj set, a puppy with food provided and a bed for it.

Ifeyinwa Favour from Lagos, NG
I wish my brothers God's favour and divine connections. I also wish that God will take away this present sorrow in my family and put laughter onto our lips. I wish my husband to be God's upliftment and His favour at this xmas.

I wish all the youths and the needy happy xmas!

Susan from Lewiston, ME US
I wish that our Bishop in Maine would stand up and really teach Catholism in our Church. I always wish for a miracle to happen with our new president-elect that he finds every life valuable--from conception to natural death.

I also pray for my family that they find work throughout these hard times--for the new babies coming into our lives--for our elderly parents' health and for a closer relationship with God. Oh! and a miracle for my daughter-in-law who has progressive MS.

C H Mutale from Lusaka, ZM
I wish to have a happy blessed marriage and that my husband can stay faithful to me and leave all the other extra marital affairs.

Kris from , NZ
What I'd really want is that I find my vocation and get to live it out as God wants it to be.

Trevita from Hubli, II IN
I just wish that my mamma's & dada's worries be gone forever. That my brother's find wonderful god fearing wives and for me to be able to be with my love for the rest of my life. Nothing more than this.

Margaret from Sauk City, WI US
My "wish" list is for everyone to feel the spirit of Christmas this year. To feel God's love in their life no matter what the circumstance.

Merry Christmas!

Rose from Cebu City, PH
I wish and pray that I will be able to visit the Marian Shrines such as Our Lady of Lourdes, Fatima, etc. in God's own good time.

Lay See Yeap from Penang, II MY
hope my dream come true........I can set up my foundation in Dec 2008

Sara from Dallas, TX US
Here is the Top 10 list I found online. I want a Playstation and a Electric Scooter. Check out the list of top 10 Christmas toys 2008:

* Barbie Dolls
Every girl's favorite, Barbie Doll is coming in a variety of stylish designs. Keeping ahead with the modern times, the Barbie Doll has undergone a thorough change in looks and is a perfect gift for a young girl.

* Elmo Toy
The Elmo Toy comes with specific tickling points and breaks into a hysterical fit of laughter when tickled there. It is an amusing toy that a kid is bound to enjoy. It is one of the hottest toys for Christmas 2008.

* Gas / Electric Scooter for Kids
This is an excellent choice for giving as a gift to a young kid. An electric scooter is very useful to go to school or just roam around the neighborhood and your kid won't stop smiling when he gets this gift.

* GI-Joe Toys
Who does not love GI-Joe toys? Gift a set of GI-Joe toys to a kid and see the wide grin lighting up the entire room!

* Karaoke Set
Sing along your favorite tunes with a Karaoke set that is yet another popular toy for Christmas in 2008.

* Lego Toys
Lego toys are a very popular choice for giving as a gift to a kid. Lego has been a favorite with kids since a long time and its refreshing new range will surely thrill your kids this Christmas.

* Playstation
The name speaks for itself. This 32-bit console game is a hit in the market and a very hot toy for Christmas 2008. Liked by kids and adults alike, this is a one stop entertainment for all.

* Puzzles
An all time favorite gift, one can buy puzzles of different varieties, starting from the ones that are solved by very young kids to the ones that are solved by an entire family.

* Remote-Controlled Toy Car
Every kid loves to have a remote control in their hands that runs a plush looking toy car. Get this one for your kid this Christmas as it is a very hot toy for 2008.

* Roboraptor
Need I say more? A classic robot in the form of a fierce looking dinosaur is immensely popular among kids, which makes it a much demanded gift.

* Xbox 360
This popular videogame console by Microsoft is sure to be a hit with not just your kid but with your entire family. The awesome line-up of games of Xbox 360 is sure to make kids really happy this Christmas.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas